6 New Features that Make Thrive Architect Easier & Faster to Use

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In the last two updates that we released for the Thrive Architect plugin, we included several new features and usability improvements.

Here's a quick tour of these new features, so you can get the most out of the plugin and build your content and pages even faster.


Here's a quick summary of the improvements:

1) Background Image Positioning

When you add a background image to a content box or background section, you can now choose how to align it:

The blue dot represents where the background image is "anchored". This alignment option is especially important for mobile responsiveness. For example: if you set the anchor point to the top left corner, that means the top left part of the background image will always be visible. The parts of the image towards the bottom and right will disappear, once the visitor's screen size is too small to accommodate the entire image.

2) Click Outside to Save

Whenever you are adjusting settings in an options box (the boxes with the dark background in the sidebar) you can apply those changes by clicking the green "Apply" button. The new improvement is that you no longer have to click this green button to apply the change. If you click outside of the options box, the box is closed and the change is applied.

You can use undo (Ctrl + Z) to revert the change or click on "Cancel" to close the box without saving the change.

3) Improved Drag & Drop

Every element that isn't a text element can now be dragged from anywhere. That means you no longer have to use the "drag handle" on the outline of  the element. You can just click and drag anywhere inside the element to initiate drag and drop.

4) Alt + Drag to Duplicate

If you've used professional screen design tools, this feature is one you might already be familiar with: hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and drag & drop and element.

Instead of moving the element to the new location, this will create a duplicate of the element in the new location. This makes building layouts that feature a lot of duplication faster and more convenient.

5) Improved Button Options

We've cleaned up the options for the button element. The new layout looks like this:

Notable changes:

  • Button size slider has been replaced with pre-set sizes.
  • It's easier to add an icon to your button.
  • The button icon can be edited directly, as a separate element. This opens up many new design possibilities.
  • The "divider" option has been removed. You can still add a divider, for example by adding a side border to the icon.
  • The options take up less vertical space than before.

6) New Vertical Alignment Options

When adding a column layout to your pages, you've always been able to choose vertical alignment for the content inside those columns. Many of you have been asking us to make such alignment options available outside of columns as well.

In the latest version of Thrive Architect, you can choose top, center and bottom vertical alignments for content boxes and background sections as well.

Please note: vertical alignments are incompatible with the "float" attribute. If you want to float elements, you need to place them in a container that doesn't have vertical alignment applied.

That's the overview of our latest set of updates. Many more are in the works and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you soon!

What do you think of these latest improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  October 24, 2017


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    • Amen . I want some CPTs in my Thrive Themes, as I need a couple of standard content boxes etc. And so a Themer like a solution.

      Explicit support outside of Thrive’s ecosystem. Explicit support for video post types that Thrive people don’t build.

    • Me too! I am currently building my marketing site with Thrive and my membership site with Beaver builder for this reason, but would MUCH prefer to keep everything in the Thrive universe… I’ve spoken with Amir from Toolset just this past Friday about them doing a custom integration with Thrive Architect. He said they are VERY happy to do it right away – they will put in the work but need a clear go ahead and from Thrive/Shane. I’ve submitted a more detailed request/proposal just yesterday in the Thrive Architect Support ticket system. Feel free to add your thoughts and votes to it there Henrik!
      Shane – any thoughts on this?

      • Thank you for your input on this topic, Dylan! I will talk to our developers about this. It’s mainly a question of resources and priorities. We have an unlimited amount of work already, so it’s really a question of how much resource something like this takes and where it fits in our infinite to-do list.

    • Thank you for your suggestion, Henrik. And also everyone who replied here. This is really valuable feedback for us to get.

      In general, we are open to allowing extensions and 3rd party tools for our products. I will talk to the team about this, to see what this would involve and how it might fit into our roadmap.

  • Shane, you and your team continue to deliver and exceed expectations. Thanks for your continual delivery of value!

  • All of these changes seem great. One improvement I would like to see is more control over videos used as background images. They don’t seem to work properly with Safari in regards to videos going backwards, starting midway through or running well past the point I wanted them to run too.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Tony. We’ve got some improvements for video backgrounds in the works. I agree that currently, there are still some things about the feature that aren’t ideal.

  • Wow, can Thrive Architect get any better? Knowing the dedication of the staff at Thrive Themes, I suspect the answer is absolutely.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Hey Shane,

    I was using Thrive for one of my clients and I was really happy to see the changes coming.

    The background image positioning is always helpful. For non-techie people, it can be pretty hard to do such things.

    Like the buttons.
    Looking for more upgrades.

  • Some of these improvements have me saying ‘Oh YAY!’ out loud to myself 🙂 Thank you for always moving this fabulous set of tools forward!

  • Nice updates and good video overview! Shane, you do a great job with video content. Under Construction, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode would be nice features to add. I use those with another page builder. Thanks

  • DANG! As always, you guys just keep making the amazing even better!
    Love these new updates. ESPECIALLY the “auto” save!

    So…when are some new Themes coming?

  • Thanks for improvements.

    Requests for interface improvements:
    1) For me the scrollbar within the architect tools is a bit too hard to hit on a laptop while working on a train with trackpad. Hit or miss a lot…
    Would like option to make it a little wider or something easier to select.
    Or if there was a key combo to scroll up and down without selecting.

    2) Also I can’t scroll to see the top and bottom of a content box, or similar, when it extends outside the current view. Because if I click to scroll it deselects. So I would like to be able to have some way to lock that in while I scroll. So I can tell which elements are included and which arent.

    3) a bit more complicated request, might be a tree view. To see what is nested under these content containers and select those. Maybe this is something that I can just do under the html code/view. Sometimes you can’t tell how things are stacked, especially on the premade templates.

    • Thank you for your comment, TJ!

      1) Is there a specific reason you don’t use a 2-finger scroll gesture to scroll in the sidebar? The scroll bar there is meant as an indicator, not an input device. The idea is that you’d use 2-finger scrolling or a mouse wheel…

      2) Basically the same thing as I wrote above.

      3) We have a plan to implement such a view. 🙂

    • I’d love to know how to do parallax effects on a landing page. Do you have a tutorial on that? (I’ve just searched the Thrive Knowledge Base and couldn’t find anything on it.) Many thanks.

      • We don’t have a “real” parallax effect, but you can set a background image to “static” in the background image options, which will keep it in place as the rest of the content scrolls by.

    • I’m with Roger.

      Love all the new stuff, but my biggest request is for making Quiz Builder functional, as it is currently very buggy. Particularly the dynamic results (the reason for having a quiz 🙂 ), as can be seen in the support forums.

      So +1 for duplicating quizzes, but for a different reason than you might think: backing up quizzes. I have lost a ton of work when Quiz Builder auto-save overwrites dynamic results. Thx!

      • Hi Guy,
        Duplicating full quizzes is something that’s on the road map for Thrive Quiz Builder (but not super high up for the moment).
        If you’re having trouble with the dynamic results I suggest opening a support ticket (because this shouldn’t happen) so there might be a conflict with another plugin/setting on your site.

  • I love the Architect – great work!
    And that´s really great but since the last update static background does`nt work 🙁

    In one of my sites there are 30 pages now without static background…it looks bad…

    I don`t want to make the update now at my customers sites.
    Could you please check that?


  • Awesome improvements Shane. Looking forward to even more tweaks like this. Are you planning to offer any more decoration effects to background sections, such as one might find in other page builders esp. Elementor?

    • I have this request also. Curves are so nice! I used to use curves a lot in visual composer. They also have a cool cloud decoration but I didn’t use it much. The left and right curves and being able to change angle and size would be fabulous!

      • Thanks for your input, Jaya!

        If you like curve, check out the semi-circles decoration we have now and set the width to 100%. 😉

    • Yeah, I think we can do that in the future. For “fancier” decorations, we’d use SVG paths, which is a bit different from the current decorations and only works with solid colors. The cool thing about the current decorations is that you can have ANYTHING on either side of the decoration. Background images, gradients, background videos… you name it. 🙂

  • All good improvements! And the hook email to get me to click through and check these out was great!
    “Have a look at these 6 new features in Thrive Architect and you might understand why I couldn’t wait to send this email.

    My favorite new feature is number 4. What’s yours?”

    • Oh, now that I read that back, I realize that I did a Buzzfeed… wasn’t my intention, but apparently it worked. 🙂

  • Great timesaving improvements! I’d love to see the Font Manager updated. I realize that Google Fonts are available and expanding but as a designer, I also like to work with other fonts that l’ve bought or will buy for my clients. Would be absolutely fantastic!

    • +1 on custom font upload, this would be really useful to webdesigners or bloggers like me who want to use an on-brand heading font!

  • These new features are awesome! Thanks a lot, guys!! 😀

    A feature I would to see in the future is the possibility to copy/paste Thrive Architect elements from one page or opt-in form to another.

    OptimizePress lets you do this with columns, and I find it very useful.

    • Hi Angel,
      For now, the easiest way to do that would be to safe the column element as a content template 🙂 (Then you can paste it on any page)

      • Hi Hanne,

        What about the ability to export content templates from one site and import them into another site? That would be a huge help (or is that already possible?).

      • For the moment only on landing pages (but you can put content templates on a landing page and export that one 🙂 )

  • I’d say #3 is my fav…I was regularly screwing up what I was duplicating ‘cuz I didn’t get the right handle first! Thanks for the updates. Hugs&Blessings. MamaRed

  • These are great updates, thank you! I especially love the alt+drag/drop and the vertical alignment.

    It should be noted that if you do it with text elements that you have to alt+drag by clicking on the actual move icon of that element. If it can be done without conflict, I’d like to see that work the same as image elements (anywhere in the box).

    Also, while I’m commenting, I miss back in the day when I could hold Shift so that the outside of an element (an outside column box for example) would stay highlighted so I could hit the duplicate button easy. For some reason, sometimes it’s super hard for me to get to it because it’ll “deselect” as I move my cursor towards the right corner.
    Hope that makes sense? I’m still on my first coffee. 😉

    Either way, thanks for always improving this. I use it daily 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jay!

      If you click on an element to select it, the controls on the element frame will stay visible as you move your mouse out of the frame. Does that help?

  • Seems that Architect is the flagship plugin & Thrive Themes. Lot’s of love and highly focused updates. And for as new of a plugin this is, the lack of bugs is impressive. I’m super happy to be a client Shane. Great work as always.

    • Thank you, Jason! It’s indeed our flagship product, especially since almost all the other products depend on it for editing templates and such.

  • Thanks a lot! I needed those New Vertical Alignment Options for my website where i had a title in the middle of my background.

      • More and more clients are asking for one page sites, it seems. And it’s important that smooth anchor scrolling option becomes available instead of just a clunky jump.

  • Nice updates! Please add the option to use images instead of icons next to styled list items and also the option to use an image instead of a button in a lead generation element.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Dustin! What’s the use case for using images instead of icons or images instead of buttons?