A Year in Review

Saying that 2020 has been an interesting year would be a severe understatement… Just about NOTHING went as planned. But while the world has been turned upside down,  we’re proud of the progress that we made at Thrive Themes and we want to take this opportunity to look back and highlight the biggest accomplishments of 2020.

If you’re new to Thrive Themes, we hope this will show you the effort and dedication we put into improving our products to serve our customers and if you’re a longtime Thrive Member you might just discover some cool features you missed previously.

Sounds good?

Let’s have a look at the highlights of 2020



  • Freelance Digital Marketing Guide
  • Parallax feature in Thrive Architect

While working hard behind the scenes at getting Thrive Theme Builder ready for launch, we shipped some cool improvements for Thrive Architect such as the Parallax feature and published a super in-depth guide on how to become a freelance digital marketer.



  • Toggle Element Rebuild
  • Tabs Element
  • Dynamic Text Control

This year, we focused a lot on improving existing elements and making sure that those elements are the best out there, so you can delete unnecessary plugins from your site.

In February this included the toggle and the tabs element.

We believe solopreneurs should have the same options as big companies to improve their conversions. That’s why we develop features that would normally be considered “enterprise level” and add them to our tools.

An example of this is a feature we added in February: Dynamic text control. Which allows for advanced personalization on landing pages.  



  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Shapeshift Theme

2nd of March was without a doubt the highlight of this year because we finally launched Thrive Theme Builder and the companion theme Shapeshift.

Thrive Theme Builder is unlike anything available on WordPress at the moment… It allows full front-end visual editing for every detail of your WordPress theme: headers, footers, sidebars, blog list pages, blog templates, page templates and more!

Originally, Thrive Theme Builder was only available for our Thrive Members and to help them make the transition from one of the legacy themes to Thrive Theme Builder, we published a free course: How to Switch Your Website to TTB.


Unique Websites

built with TTB in the first month


Existing Websites

built with TTB until today

See Why These Customers Chose Thrive Theme Builder For Their WordPress Site

Avinash K It's really good. It is so easy to use and looks extremely professional. No need for external website developers. If your content is ready, your whole website will be done in a few minutes. Thank you Thrive team for creating such wonderful products.

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Justin R

To put it in a word...Brilliant! But the first word that came to mind is BadAss...I'm not a fan of plugin bloat insanity. My take on Thrive Theme Builder > You good people just hit a bases-loaded walk-off Homerun...For me and every other Thrive Themes tribe member!

aamirah b

This is really good insight, as I've used a few plugins as mentioned. So tired of buying themes then adding plugins, loving the new Theme Builder! My daughter laughs at me every time I say Thrive Themes is all I use for WordPress. Awesome job.


I just want to say WOW - the new Thrive Theme Builder is amazing!!! I am so impressed. It's literally solving all the problems I had before.

Cinda R Love it! I'm not a websitegeek but built my website with lots of pleasure and love with Thrives. ✨✌❤️️

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Volker H

As a former AVADA user I recommend to get rid of this...theme. it takes a bit of effort but you save more than this amount of effort in the future and you get an excellent support.
Most of the migration effort will be the deletion of the avada syntax.
Due to the ability to use templates and symbols in Thrive Architect you can migrate very efficient.



  • Helping Solopreneurs Take Their Business Online

Most of the world started to go crazy by the end of March and so we took a break from our usual publishing schedule and instead focused on helping solopreneurs take their business online.

Shane published a 3-part "Better Online Events" mini-course:

And we published a tutorialized case study.  All of which hopefully helped solopreneurs pivot while the world went in lock-down.



  • Thrive Theme Builder Became Available for Everyone

In May we launched Thrive Theme Builder as a standalone product. This was accompanied with full step-by-step video courses such as:

Your First WP website (to build a 1 page website quickly) and 

How to build a personal branding site from scratch.



  • Audience from Scratch Course
  • Lead Generation Custom Fields

Having a website is a good start. But having a website that attracts an audience is better… That’s why in June we launched the online course: Audience From Scratch.

In Audience from Scratch, Shane teaches his step-by-step method to building a website that attracts a loyal audience of fans ready to buy.

On a product front, we finally saw the contact form and lead generation form come together, opening up a whole new world of possibilities including checkboxes, dropdown selections and radio buttons.



  • Thrive Theme Builder integration with WooCommerce

In July, we launched the first version of the WooCommerce integration for Thrive Theme Builder.

Making it now super simple to build an e-commerce site that looks how you want it to look.



  • Table of Contents
  • Header Transition
  • File Upload Feature

Remember how I said we are focused on revamping our existing elements and making them best-in-class?

The August release was no exception including the improved table of content element, advanced header transitions that allow for conversion focused headers and the file upload feature for our form element.



  • SEO Sprint Course
  • Improved Search for Help Articles

In September we relaunched SEO sprint: the only SEO course made for busy solopreneurs.

We have hundreds of help articles on every single feature of our product but unfortunately these articles were hard to discover. Moving over to a better platform now allows for improved search and for immediate feedback so we can keep everything up to date and make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the help they’re looking for.



  • Official Facebook Group
  • New Social Follow Element
  • WP Login Screen Branding

Many customers and fans asked us for a better way to interact with each other and exchange tips and tricks, so in October we launched the Facebook group.

And also based on feedback, we improved our social follow element, added a feature that allows to replace the default WP login screen with your own branding and published an in-depth tutorial on mobile editing.



  • Thrive Apprentice Improvements
  • New Countdown Timer Element
  • Sales Page Blueprint Course

In November, we started with the first “big” improvement for Thrive Apprentice that we needed in order to lay the groundwork for everything to come… We also completely revamped one of the most important elements when talking about increasing sales conversions: The countdown timer

In synched with Black Friday, we released a new online course called Sales Page Blueprint: The Only Course on Writing Sales Pages You’ll Ever Need to help solopreneurs write non-sleazy sales pages that convert.



In total we released:

new features

blog posts

new tuni courses

And are happy to celebrate thousands of new customers who joined the Thrive Themes family in 2020.

Thank you!

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