The Perfect Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketing

A growing mailing list is the cornerstone of a successful online business and very popular way to monetize a mailing list is through affiliate marketing.

Depending on how you do your affiliate promotions, they can be highly effective or they can be a total flop. Check out today's video to learn 4 proven affiliate promotion strategies & see the template examples that go with them.​


The templates shown in the video are all available in the latest version of Thrive Landing Pages.

Bonus Guide

I've created a bonus guide that you can unlock right here. It explains the 4 affiliate marketing strategies these templates were made for, as well as exactly why they work and what to do to make them work best.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the new templates that go with it!

​In the video, I mentioned an example of how I use the "Resources" type template in my own business, as an opt-in incentive. The template we've added in Thrive Landing Pages is based on the testing we did with this funnel. To see the example, you can opt in here.

As always, if you have any questions or any feedback, please leave a comment below.


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is one of the co-founders of Thrive Themes and in charge of marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.


Hi Shane, great post. I like the new pages.

Unfortunately, the social sharing unlock feature doesn’t work well through Facebook on an iPad or in Safari on an iPad.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    Sorry about the issue with the sharing buttons. I’ll send you an email with the PDF.

Thor Reply

Just started looking into affiliate marketing, so this is very timely for me. Brilliant addition the the already large section of landing page templates. What I’m wondering about, is if I need to expand on the disclaimer page template generated with Thrive Themes to be FTC compliant (as an affiliate marketer), or if I can use it as it is?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Thor,

    You should never use the disclaimer page as it is. Like the note in the page generator says, you have to make sure that the content is compliant with whatever jurisdiction applies to you and if you use the template without further changes it is virtually guaranteed not to be sufficient and could get you into a lot of trouble.

Antonio B Reply


Excellent work as always … great contribution, thank you and I will start using these templates immediately to my promotions

Shane, I really liked the effect of circle and then full screen, you do with your webcam image …

You could tell me what software you record your videos (I guess Screenflow or Camtasia) and how to do this effect please, I would love to learn that trick

In advance thank you very much Shane

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Antonio,

    The effects in this video were created using Premiere and After Effects. The screen recording was done with Camtasia.

Paul T Reply

Excellent addition to the Thrive product line up….. and very well explained… thanks!

Hi Shane,

Absolutely love this! Another plugin I won’t need (review plugin), and beautifully designed affiliate pages.

Pretty sure one of the first reviews I’ll be doing is for the Thrive products. What if I can’t think of anything negative to say about you guys? Maybe I can pick on Paul? ;)

One question for you: Any chance of having the possibility to add half-stars for the reviews?

Great job and thank you!


    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello David,

    Half stars are already possible. Just enter a value with a decimal point and it will show correctly. You’re not even limited to half stars, the stars work with any number in the first position after the decimal point.

Mark J Reply


Is it possible to use a landing page template – but – have my sites normal sidebar?

I love some of the page elements in the landing pages and would love to use them in normal pages and the quickest way – without trying to recreate them – is to use the landing page, add the sidebar in and then tweak to my liking.

Is this possible?

    LEE H Reply

    I’d also like to know this but for my header on these landing pages, using a TT theme.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Mark,

    We plan to create content templates like that in the future. We need to make some changes to the Content Builder and the themes before this will work correctly, though.

    sanjay s Reply

    I am also interested to have this kind of content template on post.

      Shane Melaugh Reply

      Hi Sanjay,

      That’s a feature we have on our development roadmap.

Albert Reply

I’ve spent over $3000 in internet marketing tools/edu, by far Thrive products are the most valuable, impactful and inspiring ones I use. PS I am NOT an affiliate! Lol

    Kim George Reply

    Hey there Albert! My sentiments exactly. Recently switched to Thrive Themes for my site and I could not he happier. This is such a fantastic product!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thank you for your comment, Albert! I’m happy to know that you’re getting so much value out of what we do.

Great timing. I was just looking at review plugins yesterday. This is the perfect solution.s

Janice G Reply

I thoroughly enjoy your training videos and the templates Thrive Themes provides. I always learn something new and I truly appreciate how easy you make it to achieve excellence.

These are simply brilliant additions to my affiliate arsenal – this is why I LOVE Thrive themes!

Angela W Reply

When I opened my email this evening and it was from you about the new “Affiliate Marketing landing pages,” I was so excited. You just made my day !

Jeremy N Reply

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing and creating such amazing products. Keep up the great work. For some reason the BONUS Guide didn’t open/reveal after I shared it.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about this issue. I’ll send you an email with the bonus report.

Thanks Shane that’s really good.

Was wondering if there is a way to have those templates on normal blog posts instead of a landing page?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Mahmoud,

    We are planning to create “content templates” like that in the future. We need to make some changes to the Content Builder and the themes before this will work correctly, though.

      Maurice M Reply

      I second that. One key feature Thrive Content Builder is missing is the ability to use any TCB template on a page with a header.

      Including a site’s header on a landing page maintains the “scent” a visitor has (if they’re coming from another page on the site), and lends credibility to the lander. Also, when advertising on Adwords, Google favors landing pages that look like they’re part of a larger site (i.e. pages with a header and navigation).

      Shane Melaugh Reply

      In-content templates are on our development roadmap. There are some other changes and improvements we’ll make to the Content Builder to prepare it for this, but once we release this feature, it will be the best it can be.

Nice tutorial…i have affiliate page about laptops. On my page i have now a price comparison table. In this table the price of 4 shops are displayed. These landingpages offers only one affiliate link. Is it smart for my business to offer only one affiliate shop link?
Whats your opinion ?


    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hi Leon,

    For a comparison review, it’s good to list different options. However, you should ideally still end up with one clear recommendation. The same is true for linking to different shops and differently priced offers: I’d recommend having one clear “winner”, whether that’s the one with the cheapest price or with the best overall service.

Peter C Reply

Good stuff as always Shane. I clicked on the G+ sign, which added, though and no link to pdf appeared.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about that, Peter. I’ll send you an email with the bonus report.

Same here, Shane! Woud you send me the PDF too? I`ve tweeted with the name @mischkonsum. Thanks in advance!

Asli A Reply

Very handsome (and effective) landing pages as usual… A quick question about the landing page format: although you do not want your visitor to get distracted, most of the physical product review pages have sidebars in order to offer or show other options. This landing page template eliminates that option. I wonder these templates could be transferred to another type of page using perhaps the HTML codes. Thank you Shane and your team for being always ahead of our needs…

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Directly transferring the content probably won’t work very well. We plan to create content templates like that in the future, i.e. templates that you load inside the content area of your theme. We need to make some changes to the Content Builder and the themes before this will work correctly, though.

      Sandra T Reply

      Hi Shane,

      Thank you for the pdf. Like Asli I can see a lot of use for these pages and elements in posts for product reviews.
      It would be great if you could make them available either as TCB elements or as “Landing Posts” – i.e. predefined post layouts that can be customised with TCB.

      Shane Melaugh Reply

      Hello Sandra,

      This is a feature that we will add eventually to the Content Builder. It’s very involved to create such a feature, so it won’t be anytime soon, though.

Charles S Reply

Not sure if my first comment went through Shane … Been having trouble with the social buttons as well to unlock the PDF bonus.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about this issue, Charles. I’ll send you the PDF via email.

Michael K Reply

Hi Shane,

Great content! I appreciate all the tips for the different types of review.
BTW, the social share did not work for me either.


Sandra T Reply

Same issue with iPad sharing here. Please may I have a copy of the PDFs too?

Hey Shane,
Thanks for sharing very informative information. this is really helpful and inspiring theme. I get a lots of idea from here.

Vladimír B Reply

Hi Shane, I wanted to report, but the email did not come to me.

Do you have a video tutorial how to create an affiliate landing page and how to incorporate affiliate links and banners in it?

Ermin Reply

I value your guys opinion so wanted your feedback.

So my strategy for my website is to acquire emails in exchange for a free digital guide on a subject. I have a thrive lead scroll mat to acquire emails on my main page. My landing page is a home page that is contend based. I have a preview of my blog posts on there, link to my blog, and some information about myself.

I’ve also created a digital guide that I could potentially sell, but my idea was to sell this paid guide through an email campaign (mailchimp) after acquiring their emails from the free guide I mentioned above. I’d send them to a private page on the website I mentioned above, and that be a sales landing page.

My other strategy is to use those emails and send them offers for certain affiliate networks i’m a part of (relevant for them)

Cheers for any feedback!

Kel Tho Reply

Hi Shane, love thrive themes sooooooo much :-)
After quite a while of taking in all the amazing information on your site this post totally hits the spot for what I’ve been looking for! I’m so grateful to have found it.
With that in mind I need to make a start in implementing it all.
The sole purpose for my site is to sell affiliate products in the way you’ve mentioned above, what is my first step? do i set up the the review page first or do I get a blog up and running with content to establish a relationship with my future readers?
Please let me know i’m feeling stuck :-O
The biggest hurdle for me is actually knowing where to start!

Also is Rise the best theme for affiliate marketing? are there any others you can recommend?
Thanks in advance