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8 Fundamental Web Design Principles for High Converting Websites

From web designers to marketers, customers to CEOs, everyone has an opinion on web design.

That's what makes the web so diverse and interesting!

But your design strategy can't rely solely on personal opinions while hoping for the best. Sure, your website will be creative, but will it be effective?

Today we'll show you how your website can be both, using the underlying principles of great web design.

9 Ways To Use Toggle Elements To Boost Your Conversions

Much like a magician, sometimes it’s wise not to show ALL of your content cards to online visitors at once.


Because in some content scenarios, it’s more useful to reveal your content instead. 

In fact, strategic reveals can even be used to boost a particular conversion goal or make your content more engaging for readers.

But just like it is for a magician, presentation is important. So if you want to make your content reveals look professional, nothing makes that easier to do than the Toggle element inside Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder.

Want to learn 9 ways you can start using our Toggle element to strategically stage clever “Ta-da~!” moments within your own WordPress content?

Read on to see us reveal them all one... by... one…

9 Specialty Plugins You Can Delete After Installing Thrive Theme Builder

Plugins are one of WordPress’s greatest strengths…

...but install too many and they become a big weakness.


Because although plugins quickly expand your site’s functionality, Frankenstein-ing several incompatible plugins together can slow your site down, create security issues and even cause your site to break.

That’s why limiting your WordPress tool stack to the fewest possible plugins is always a great strategy when it comes to protecting the health and speed of your website.

And with the release of Thrive Theme Builder, you now have a reason to eliminate several obsolete tools that you no longer need.

Want to learn which WordPress plugins you can delete once you start using Thrive Theme Builder?

Read on to get the full plugin body count...

How to Create a Conversion Focused Website From Scratch – In Under an Hour

When it comes to creating a conversion focused website for your online business, you need to do more than make it look nice.

That's because, if your website can't convert new visitors into fans, subscribers, customers or clients... who cares how good it looks?

So to make sure your website keeps conversion focus prioritized from the beginning, we created a Website from Scratch tutorial video to help you rapidly build a WordPress site that turns heads AND convertsusing nothing but our Thrive Architect + Thrive Theme Builder tool combo.

That's right, as of 2 March 2020, our revolutionary Thrive Theme Builder is available exclusively to  Thrive Themes Members.

Watch the video above to see how you can create a professional looking, conversion focused WordPress website, in under an hour.

Is Thrive Theme Builder Right for Your WordPress Website?

Let’s be honest...

The first thing you had to do when setting up your WordPress website was pick a theme — and chances are it didn’t live up to your expectations.

That’s probably because it not only looked “meh” after activation, but it never gave you the ability to customize important features like:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Core page templates
  • ...just to name a few

So what can you do if you’re tired of having theme envy and are still struggling to achieve the website your online business needs?

Well, an innovative new theme solution — made specifically to help solopreneurs like you — is launching on March 2nd and this video post is going to give you the exclusive details.

Want to see if this new WordPress theme building tool is right for you and your website?

Keep reading to learn more...

WordPress Themes vs Theme Builders vs Page Builders: Here’s the Difference

If you’re building a conversion focused website on WordPress, then you know there’s a ton of content you need to create.

Blog posts, a homepage, lead generation pages, an about page, sales funnel pages… just to name a few!

On top of that, there’s all the little — but critically important — details you don’t want to forget to take care of including your headers, footers, author boxes, and more.

Writing all the copy for these different types of content is difficult enough on its own...

...but then having to overcome the technical hurdles to get everything to look right is even harder!

Until now.

That’s because there’s two powerful WordPress tools available for online creators like you, developed to help you make your content AND manage all the technical intricacies:

Theme Builders (like Thrive Theme Builder) and Page Builders (like Thrive Architect).

What’s the difference between these two types of builders and how can you use them to create and manage all the different types of content on your WordPress website?

Read on to find out...

How to Create Visual Content That Engages Readers — WITHOUT Photos

Of course you know that great images help make your content more engaging.

But what should you do if you can’t find the right photo or don’t have a designer on staff to help make any graphics for you?

It just so happens that there are several awesome tools available to help you bridge that visual content gap right now if you use Thrive Architect to build your online content.

This post is going to walk you through eight of them so you’ll have plenty of visual bricks on hand to get the job done — without always having to go search for picture perfect photos.

Keep reading to learn how easy it is to drop visually engaging elements into your online content with the Thrive Architect visual builder for WordPress...

How To Find Awesome Free Images & Use Them Like a Pro On Your Website

We’ve all been there.

You’ve worked hard to write an amazing blog post or build a new homepage for your website…

...something your online followers are really going to love.

But now you're faced with the troublesome task of finding the perfect images needed to help illustrate your point.

Of course, you know better than to just swipe any image you find off of Google — you don’t want copyright infringement lawyers to come knocking on your door, right?

And on top of that, you’re already aware that bland stock images hurt your conversions

So how do you find compelling images to use in your online content that don’t cost money and keep you out of copyright court?

Well, this post is going to show you where — and then teach you how to weave them into your website like a design pro.

Ready to solve this visual content woe for your website? Awesome. Let’s get started…

Create a Pro Looking Hero Image Header

I'm sure you've seen them around... Those professional looking header sections with a big "hero" image and a title text on top.

All the pros are using this layout on their website. 

But somehow, when you try this on your own homepage, it never looks quite as professional.

Let me show you step by step how to create these gorgeous looking header sections and how to make them look good on desktop AND on mobile. 

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