Thrive Quiz Builder Just Became Even More Powerful for Email Segmentation

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Since the release of Thrive Quiz Builder, we've been adding new features such as the Right/Wrong Quiz and the possibility to copy quiz questions, but there was one much requested feature we weren't able to implement yet... Until now!

The possibility to add email tags based on each answer.



Since making this video we've added MailChimp, ConvertKit, KlickTipp and Drip to the list of supported tag-based email services.

You might also notice that the editor looks different, this is because Thrive Visual Editor has been replaced by Thrive Architect. 

For up to date tutorials, please check our Thrive Quiz Builder knowledge base articles.

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Question: Do you have plans to be able to assign autoresponder platform tags based on answers to questions?

I would love to retire what I'm using now for Thrive Quiz Builder, because your support is stellar and your products are all so robust.

Michael D ,

Connecting active campaign tag to each answer (not just result) would be really valuable.

Kristian ,

Nice addition. I'd like to be able to tag an Infusionsoft contact record based on what answers the user picked. This is the main feature missing for us.

Tom Nunamaker ,

Thank you for the reply, Hanne. I did watch that video. It allows me to tag folks at the end, as you describe. However, I want to tag them based upon the answer to each question.

Nick Liberati ,

Why Tags?

Several email services such as Active Campaign, InfusionSoft or Aweber use tags to allow you to do advanced email segmentation

You'll have the possibility to start specific follow-up sequences based on the tags that are added when someone subscribes (or when a contact record gets updated).

How To Use the Tagging Feature?

For a full tutorial with screenshots, click here.

  • Update Thrive Quiz Builder to the latest version.
  • Go to the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard and create a new or edit an existing quiz.
  • In the questions editor add or edit a question and switch the tag toggle to the right.
  • You'll now have the possibility to create a tag for each answer.
  • Make sure to add an opt-in gate or an opt-in form at the end of your quiz.
  • Connect the opt-in form with InfusionSoft, Aweber, Active Campaign, Drip or MailChimp  through API.
  • That's it! 

We hope you like this new feature in Thrive Quiz Builder!

Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

PS: Did you know you can now also get notifications when someone completes a quiz?

by Hanne  April 26, 2017


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  • Thank you Hanne. Another excellent move! I will be using this to gather intelligence and segment people in a more granular way according to their position in the marketing funnel for one of my clients. In this way, we can be much more specific and personalized than simply using categories.

  • Hi Hanne! This looks awesome. ConvertKit is tag-based, but sometimes it has issues with externally-created tags. Do you know if this works with ConvertKit?

  • Hanne, thanks for sharing this video! Your English is great, however we like to say CATegory here in the U.S. 🙂
    Wondering if this feature works with ConvertKit. Also, wondering if the reader is already on my list, could he/she be tagged without an opt-in?

    • Hi William,

      I’ll try to remember for the pronunciation, can’t promise anything though 😉

      For the moment, ConvertKit is not supported yet.
      And without opt-in this would not work. So if somebody is already on your list and opts-in again, the information would be updated. But they would still have to opt-in again.

      • Hanne, I love watching you more because you mispronounce “category”. 😉

        And thanks for the great tagging feature.
        I will have to see if it works with AgileCRM’s tags and segmentation features.

      • Hi Andre,

        For the moment it works with InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign and Aweber 🙂

  • Hanne,

    Just so you know: In English, the word “category” is pronounced “KATA’gory” not “Ka’teg’ory.”


    • Hi Dan,

      Because we have to start somewhere 😉 and we did so based on the demand. Now I’m counting votes.

  • This feature does NOT work with MOST email services.
    Here’s how you can easily make it work for ALL email services:
    (Topic has been closed)

  • This could be really useful in the near future. I’m just getting started using the quiz builder. I watch anything Hanne sends out. Her accent is awesome. I could listen to Hanne talk all day

  • Hanne, this is a great addition. Being able to tag makes it possible to segment and send more targeted messages. I am going to be using this to better segment my weight loss / fitness website so I can build different funnels for women and men. I think this will really help.



  • Quick Q: Can I send traffic from my email list to a Thrive Quiz to update the current subscribers with the tags, or is it only for new subscribers added via the Quiz?

    • Hi Kristoffer,

      Yes you can, but they would have to opt-in again at some point.
      But when they do, this will update the existing list with the new information.

      • Hanne,
        So here is an idea that puts this new feature on steroids…
        How about adding support for Thrive Quiz Builder to Segue on both the front and back end? It would work like this…
        Send an email to my list in active campaign inviting my list to the quiz. Link actually goes through Segue to pass the email address to the quiz environment.
        User takes the quiz.
        When the user gets to the results page, Segue is triggered to update Active Campaign with the new tag data from the Quiz. Maybe even the quiz result or score, too. No actual re-optin is required.
        These features would allow us to use the Quiz builder to paint a picture of our list…and it is something that no other system currently does, so far as I know.
        What do you think?

        P.s. The front end could be done with a passed URL parameter rather than Segue.

      • Hi Mark,
        I had also thought about the segue link for this purpose 🙂
        But this is not something that’s currently in the development queue… But I’ll add the suggestion! Thanks

  • This is an absolute game changer for me. I’m hoping it integrates well with! If so, I know what I’ll be doing for the next week: building quizzes! Hoping to get accepted to the affiliates program as well so that I can get all of my clients and readers to pick up Quiz Builder.

  • Hi Hanne, thanks for another amazing feature. I see you didn’t have a splash page. How can I do this also? I want people to be able to click a button from my home page and go straight into question 1, on another page (I don’t want it to take up space on my home page, and I don’t want people to have to click twice – once on the home page, and once on the splash page – to take the quiz). Thanks so much, Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      Indeed that’s a good reason not to have a splash page.
      You can either use the “build from scratch” template (that will not include a splash page) or you can simply delete the splash page by hovering over the splash page card in the quiz structure overview and hit the little trash bin in the upper right corner.

  • This is a great step forward!

    Some other features I think would make great additions:
    a) being able to collect open/long form (vs multiple choice) answers in an email service (ie assign answer to a custom field within the email service)
    b) being able to use open answers in following questions (ie open answer becomes a variable)
    c) being able to collect contact details up front (or even along the way) so if the if the quiz is not completed you still have the data in your email service from the answers that were provided before the quiz was abandoned

    Keep doing great things!

    • Hi Simon,

      About the open answers, this is not something we plan on implementing in Thrive Quiz Builder. The reason for this is that Thrive Quiz Builder is made for quizzes, not surveys.
      For collecting the email details up front, I can see how that could be useful. Thanks for the suggestions

  • Excellent upgrade as usual. I can “soon” get away with just ThriveThemes. My vote for Convertkit integration with the new Quiz builder tag feature.

  • Hanne, I think it would be great if you could also assign a tag to the different outcomes in a category type quiz (step 1 in quiz builder). This would remove the need to tag individual questions for this quiz type.

    • Hi Bert,

      You can add a tag to the opt-in form, so this is basically adding a tag to the category when you’re using dynamic content 🙂

      • Sure, but this means you need to make a separate opt-in form for each category (I have a quiz with f.e. 7 categories), which is a lot of extra work + this wouldn’t work (in my current understanding) if you put the opt-in form before the results are shown.

      • Hi Bert,

        I hear you. I’m just making it work for you right now 🙂
        To answer your questions, yes you would need to create an opt-in form for each category and use the dynamic content feature.
        From there you can use the import button to import dynamic content from one results page to another (and copy the content), this means it would only take a few seconds to copy it for the different categories and change the tags on the opt-in form.
        For the opt-in form BEFORE the result (= the opt-in gate) you can do the same by using the dynamic content on the opt-in gate..

        Please know that I did understand and took note of your request 🙂 I just want to make sure that this feature request is not holding you back to create the quiz set up you want!

  • Awesome!!! I was trying to figure out how to do this a week or 2 ago…. All we need now is ability to use FB custom audience using FB Standard Events.. .and this will be the Holy Grail of Quiz Plugins… 🙂