Thrive Architect Improvements & Small Feature Additions

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Continually improving and updating our products is part of our core philosophy at Thrive Themes. And whenever we add a major new feature or template, we announce it in a new blog post.

However, we also keep adding smaller updates and improvements that may not warrant their own blog posts, but that you should know about, nonetheless. In today's video, you'll discover the latest crop of such smaller updates we've made to the Thrive Architect editor & landing page builder for WordPress.



Here's a brief summary of the improvements that are demonstrated in the video:

  • How to select and move multiple elements at once.
  • The new "more tag" element.
  • How to embed YouTube playlists.
  • Improvements to copy-pasting from Google Docs.
  • Twitter character limit updated to 280 characters (for social sharing buttons and click-to-tweet element).
  • Usability improvement with the scroll position in the editor sidebar.

Our development team continues to work on updates and improvements, both big and small. I can't wait to show you what's next, in a future update!


by Shane Melaugh  January 5, 2018


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  • Good Job team , there is a feature that i think is very neccedary in thrive architecht . Is about Countdown in mode responsive . When You see the countdown in your smatphone the text of days , hours , minutes and seconds are not shown which means that is not a completely power of scarcity . For example This not happen in optimitzepress plugin . i would Like you incorporate this feature yo the plugin . Thanks , Greeting from spain .

    • Thank you for your comment, Juan. We will be improving the way the countdown timers scale and add that improvement to a future release.

  • Looking forward to universal elements! Since you first mentioned developing it, I have come up with more and more uses I can use it for.

    I create 4-5 versions of each of my landing pages for different paid traffic sources and having the ability to make one change and have it roll out to all pages is huge!

    Split testing is another thing that can’t come soon enough… I’m excited!

    I’d like the ability to have “content reveal” elements automatically reveal for return visitors. This is crucial for VSL page conversion rates with time-triggered “Add To Cart” buttons

    Also, the ability to trigger “content hide” timers would be cool. Thrive Ultimatum isn’t flexible for me and my call to action box designs.

    One last little thing on the wishlist… More countdown timer design flexibility like adding gradients to the “squared” style countdown.

    Also on my OTO upsell pages, I often use 14-minute countdowns to boost conversions…

    It would look way nicer to have an easy option to remove the “Days” and “Hours” completely.

    And hey…

    How about some personal award or something for longest, most demanding comment? πŸ˜‰ haha

    • Thanks for your suggestions, Derek! Out of that list, the shared elements are probably what we’ll be able to deliver the soonest.

  • This is a huge waste of time. You need to make the Architect UI more compact like it was before in Thrive Content Builder. The “FAT” blocky UI in Architect is extremely cumbersome and literally takes 3x more clicks/time to take the same actions as before. Love you guys but you need to fix this – or create a “Mobile Mode” for those unfortunate souls who are editing websites using their mobile phone and might find a blocky fat layout better for accuracy of tapping.

    • Yeah… no.

      You may have gotten used to the TCB user interface, but even if you personally prefer it, you have to remember that because of the way that UI was designed, it was impossible to make mobile previews and mobile editing happen.

      We are working on improvements that lead to less scrolling, but we’re not going to go backwards to a TCB-like design.

      • Yes you are right, there are excellent merits to the new UI …but less scrolling while using anything in the sidebar would be a major improvement.

        I look forward to what you come up with.

        Also note, the new paragraph styling mini popup (bold, italics, links,etc) which hovers inline near the text being edited… it needs to be displaced by say 50pixels. As it is right now it covers the immediate surrounding text and makes paragraph editing annoying because we have to move our active cursor away from the focal point just to read and know what text to edit in the same sentence and adjacent sentences (lines above and below).

        I’ve been inside Architect every day for the past many weeks since it’s been released.

        Keep up the good work.

  • Multi-Select and edit would be an excellent feature.

    Especially for buttons. When I have 10 Buttons on a page and want to change the color, for example, it takes a lot of time now.

  • thank you for the updates!

    After many issues after upgrading from TCB to TA now I have become used to using the new editor and solving upcoming issues when editing pages built with the TCB.

    For the sidebar editor I would find it much easier to work with it, if the different editing sections weren’t toggles, but accordeons. Means when I open one tab the previous opened tab will automatically close. This way I always only have the actual section open. This would give me much more orientation and overview and means less scrolling.

    I don’t know if this hits your way of thinking the editor, but I think it would make my editing easier.

    • Hello Birgit,

      Thank you for your comment! Making the sidebar panels act like accordeons is something we’ve tested as well. It adds many clicks to the workflow and is often not easier to use than the current solution. We’re still working on and testing different options.

      • Hey Shane, A simple “+” and “-” fixed to the top or bottom of the element panel to expand all or compress all would be a great addition.

  • Glad to see the Youtube playlists, I just need to see Parallax support and I will move back from Beaver Builder, I am really hoping you release a new magazine theme at some point, I tried yours and the bugs made it impossible to use, which was a shame as I really liked the theme a lot.

    • Thanks for your comment, Rico! Parallax isn’t a high priority for us at all. Can I ask why it’s so important to you?

      The reason it’s not important to us is that it’s basically something that slows down loading speeds, but adds no real substance.

  • Nice. However, any news or even a release date regarding the built-in split-testing feature (e.g. testing complete pages A/B)? Thanks.

  • Thank you for the improvements. One suggestion is to please increase the thickness of the scrollbar of the editor sidebar. I use the trackpad on my laptop and it sometimes is a bit difficult to position it on the thin scrollbar to drag it up and down.

    • Hello Kevin,

      Can I ask why you try to click and drag the scroll bar? It is meant only as an indicator. The idea is that you use a two-finger gesture on a track pad or a mouse wheel to scroll.

  • so happy about the youtube playlists – is there any way to use that but have something other than the first video in the playlist show up by default? Thanks!!

  • Love the updates! Quick question — Can we get a fix for when we are trying to ad a drop shadow to text. RIght now if we add a drop shadow it gets rid of the original font color, grey’s it out and doesn’t allow it to be changed.

    • Hello William,

      It sounds like you’re describing a conflict or issue specific to your site. I could not replicate the issue you describe. Please post in our support forum so our team can take a look.

  • Any news yet on when the new theme will be available? Is this likely to be in the region of weeks or months away? Since you announced it I have been putting off major changes to my child theme as I’m hoping the new option will be a better solution. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Lorraine,

      We are working to get it done as fast as possible. It’s definitely going to take more than just weeks, though. I’ll post an update when we have a specific release date. As of yet, we don’t.

  • Hello Shane,

    I really like the playlist feature. The improvements are all great!

    I’m wondering if you have plans to build a membership plugin that will work with Thrive Themes. It would be an awesome addition.

    Thanks to you and your team.


    • Hello David,

      Yes, we do plan to build a membership plugin. Eventually. There are already far too many poorly executed membership systems available and we don’t want to add to that list. That’s why we will take the time needed to really make something great.

  • Hi, I was wondering how many of Thrive’s Architect design elements like content boxes and others are AMP page friendly?

    I recently noticed that some items in web pages may be rendered poorly in AMP pages when checking the. (Note: I’m speaking generally, not necessarily referring to Thrive. This seems to be an issue for many shortcode/front end editors.)

    This appears to be an area that page builders will need to be aware of to create pages that appear well when AMP versions are selected by the reader. I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned in Thrive specifications.


    • Hello Marty,

      And AMP page needs to be rendered following a specific set of guidelines and as far as I’m aware, no page builder is currently AMP compatible. AMP compatibility is on our to-do list, but I can’t say yet how soon we’ll be able to start on it.

      • Hi, Shane. I’m also very interested in AMP compatibility. Also I want to know if there are any tricks to reduce code to text ratio with Thrive Architect. Thanks! Love your product.

  • Is there any way you could make the playlist feature optional to show the actual playlist side panel by default rather than the toggle in the corner?

  • Yo Shane!

    Thanks for the updates, I did have one in mind for you though . . .

    When you pop in image elements into a page or post it always tries to make you pick the image.

    If you copy an image element, Thrive doesn’t mind and it leaves you be, but then as soon as you try to move it, it makes you pick the image again.

    Every time you move it!

    Now this isn’t always an issue, if you have your images ready to go. But I often get my words together in Docs and then paste them into Thrive.

    Then I will place my image elements and make a batch edit of all of the images and upload them together, last.

    I might be the only backward [email protected]@^& who does it this way around, but it is a pain in the arse for me, haha!

    Anyway, I love Thrive and the Team here are always quick to help me out with any issues with the software, I would love for this ‘Pick Your Image Now’ thing to be removed when moving Image Elements around the Page or Post.

    Thanks mate!

  • Hi Shane,

    I’ve been using TCB for years and I’ve to say Thrive Architect’s UX is kinda horrible.

    Because you guys decided to group everything in ACCORDION design.

    I think Accordion design only makes sense when there are fewer elements such as Elements and some simple settings.

    However, for the configuration of an Element, things get really horrible.

    We have to scroll so much to find a ‘section’ such as ‘Layout and Position’, click and then another accordion populated, scroll again to find settings we want.

    I hope you see where the problem goes. It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

    I strongly believe TAB is the better UX option for a complex UX as TA.

    While TCB has many limitations, but the TCB’s UX was the right thing to begin with.

    I was rather frustrated whenever need to deal with TA now due to the hassle additional steps.

    And I ended up spent longer time creating a page than I used to be with TCB.

    Please have a review and ask for users’ votes.

  • Feature suggestion:

    The multi-select only applies for moving it around due to the potential different elements selected together.

    What about this, if multiple elements selected are the same elements, allow the option to edit their settings?

    This is especially useful when we have multiple Call-To-Action buttons on a page, let’s say 3 buttons.

    For now, we have to edit the 3 buttons, one at a time for the same exact same style we want them to be.

    The settings of style should also be applied only to the modified style such as ‘font size, color etc’, but URL of the buttons could be different or anything that we haven’t ‘multi-select’ and modify.

    I hope this makes sense.

    • Hi Alfred,

      These were released shortly after this post. We’ve got a new post and video up, about those new elements. πŸ™‚

  • These are all great. I was going to embed a Google form on my site that has a questionnaire on it. Any plans to have a plugin for something like that (survey or questionnaire)?

    • Hi Ed, we do not have an official link but all feature requests that are made here or on the forum get logged πŸ™‚

  • Shane, A quick question: Any update on the availability of a ‘global widget’ We’d love to include a small call to action (email sign-up) on every page — as we feel the content, not just landing pages, will drive our traffic.

    btw: I’m really enjoying hearing all the new features in Thrive Architect. As a marketer, not a developer, I really feel like you’re giving us a lot more control over how we talk to the public. (I love developers, but sometimes we ask the impossible. You make the impossible a lot easier to do on a deadline :> .)

    • Our new “symbols” feature will be included in the next release and can be used as a global widget. πŸ™‚

      • Excellent! I’ll look forward to seeing that — and the video tour that I’m sure is also in the works. Appreciate the really quick reply!

  • Love to have an AMP compatible feature in the ThriveThemes one day! Besides that, the overall of the plugin is awesome. Keep using this plugin daily!

  • Unfortunately, Copy Paste from Google docs does not work. I spoke to support today. They said it is working. But not for me. Unfortunately, I must have run out of support time.

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