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How To Create a Category Based Silo Structure with Thrive Theme Builder

Want to transform your boring, outta-the-box WordPress Category Pages into highly engaging Silo Pages?

Then watch the video to learn all about the conversion focused Silo Page templates waiting for you inside Thrive Theme Builder.

You can also read on to see how deploying these unique templates on your WordPress site will help you create a clear website silo structure so you can take your Category Page designs to a whole new level...

How To Sophisticate Your Email Marketing with Custom Fields

Lead generation is such an important part of any online business.

When first starting out, your main focus is simple: grow an engaged email list by capturing as many names and emails as fast as you can.

But as your business matures, you realize there’s more to email marketing than just collecting emails...

In fact, there’s all kinds of sophisticated automations you can create with one of the advanced email marketing tools that help you better segment your subscribers and boost conversions.

But in order to pull that off, you need the ability to collect more sophisticated types of data.

Sounds intimidating, right? Don’t worry.

Thrive Architect makes it easy to collect that more advanced data on your lead gen forms so you can start building those powerful email marketing automations.

Are you ready to learn about the different types of data you can collect, when you should deploy them inside your lead generation forms, and how to make sure that info gets passed along correctly to your email marketing tool?

Then keep reading...

How to Build Conversion Focused Category Page Templates with Thrive Theme Builder

Let's talk about your website's Category Pages...

They can make it much easier for your online readers and customers to find the content they're looking for.

But WordPress is notorious for making it difficult to customize Category and Archive Page Templates the exact way you want them to look.

Thrive Theme Builder has changed all that.

Watch the video to learn how you can now create conversion focused Custom Archive Page and Category Page Templates easily using the visual drag & drop editing power of Thrive Theme Builder.

Use Smart Call To Action Templates to Boost Your Conversions

What must EVERY sales page, landing page, homepage or blog post have if you want a conversion focused website?

That's right.

A Call to Action (or CTA for short).

And in this post, we're going to show you the difference between 2 conversion focused CTA template types inside Thrive Architect. Then we're going to show you when, where and how to use them so you can start boosting your conversions fast.

Ready to dive in? Here we go...

Optimize Your Site Speed Performance with Thrive Theme Builder

Get THE BEST Theme Builder for WordPress!

Thrive Theme Builder single-license & multi-license purchase options now available!

WordPress is often notorious for creating slow websites due to plugin bloat and out of control images.

But let's be honest...

Whether you're a blogger, online course creator, coach or affiliate marketer — you must ensure your site loads fast if you want to run a successful business in 2020 and beyond.

That's exactly why we built the Site Speed Optimization Panel inside Thrive Theme Builder so you can achieve the 80/20 of site speed performance — in just a couple of clicks.

Watch the video to learn how quick and easy it now is to get blazing fast site speeds for your website using Thrive Theme Builder's new Site Speed Optimization features...

How to Create a Conversion Focused Website From Scratch – In Under an Hour

When it comes to creating a conversion focused website for your online business, you need to do more than make it look nice.

That's because, if your website can't convert new visitors into fans, subscribers, customers or clients... who cares how good it looks?

So to make sure your website keeps conversion focus prioritized from the beginning, we created a Website from Scratch tutorial video to help you rapidly build a WordPress site that turns heads AND convertsusing nothing but Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect.

That's right, Thrive Theme Builder is now publicly available for either single or multi-license purchase. It's also included as part of our insanely valuable​ Thrive Themes Membership.

Watch the video above to see how you can create a professional looking, conversion focused WordPress website, in less than 55 minutes.

Your 5 Step Strategy To Create Better Content Faster

Who doesn’t want to create better blog posts, faster

Consistent content creation is a big challenge for solopreneurs and if you want to publish quality work at a pro pace, then building this skill should be one of your top priorities.

So in this video post, we’re going to teach you a 5 step content creation process that uses 3 of our flagship Thrive Themes products (Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads) to not only help you create professional looking blog posts more rapidly, but help grow your email list too!

The method you’re about to learn relies heavily on leveraging the rapid implementation power of templates across these 3 tools, and by the end of this post — you’re going to going to be a pro at all of them.

Ready to get started? Let's go!

Master Your Landing Page Designs with These 7 Thrive Architect Hacks

It’s hard to describe how powerful the Thrive Architect content builder can be when it comes to creating landing pages for your online business.

Whether it’s a homepage, sales page, squeeze page, or ultimate guide, the design firepower Thrive Architect gives you is hard to beat.

But because there are soooo many features at your fingertips, it can be hard to appreciate all the lesser known tools that also offer some serious design bite.

That’s why, if you’re a Thrive Architect user who hasn’t had time to learn its full compliment of capabilities, we decided to put the following list of feature hacks together so you can quickly expand your Thrive editor repertoire.

Keep reading to learn 7 Thrive Architect feature hacks you can start using right now to meaningfully level up your landing page and blog post designs.

One-Click Import and Export Your Quizzes in Thrive Quiz Builder

You've worked hard to build an online quiz that converts using the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin for WordPress.

How great would it be to translate the success of that that quiz to other websites as a template — but without having to build it from scratch all over again?

Well, with the latest version of Thrive Quiz Builder you can now use our single-click export and single-click import feature to quickly copy your successful quizzes onto as many other websites as you want.

Watch the video to learn just how easy it is to now import/export your quizzes across multiple different websites if they use Thrive Quiz Builder....

Take Your Business Online with This 3 Step Strategy

Regardless of what your actual business is, just imagine for a moment that you own and operate a yoga studio that relies entirely on in-person classes for income.

Depending on where in the world you live, at some point during February to March 2020, you woke up one morning under a social distancing lockdown forced to shut your studio doors... indefinitely

At that moment you thought to yourself:

“Oh sh*t! How am I going to make money and pay my employees? How will I make rent next month? Will I go out of business before I’m ever able to reopen my doors again?”

As all these scary questions began shredding your psyche, you finally took a deep breath and realized that there’s a way for your business to continue. But it requires a pivot... a complete move from offline to online services.

Although you may not run a yoga studio, you probably do run a traditionally offline company and this article is here to help you take your business online.

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