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Hydrogen: Minimalist Web Design Meets Smart Landing Page Technology

Do you need a conversion focused funnel for your WordPress website, and do you need it yesterday?

Then you're going to love our latest smart landing page set (now available inside Thrive Architect) because it's got all the landing page & content templates you need to build sales funnels, lead generation funnels, and even webinar funnels — just to name a few!

And because this set has a minimal design aesthetic, we decided to call it Hydrogen.

Watch the video or keep reading to learn more...

Smart Landing Page Designs to Help You Build Online Course Sales Funnels FAST

We’ve released yet another Smart Landing Page Set for Thrive Architect — specifically for online course creators — to make the intimidating business of actually launching & selling your online courses, super easy.

Keep reading to learn just how fast this new landing page set lets you build sales funnels, upsell funnels, webinar funnels and lead generation funnels.

We even included a few templates to help you build a coaching client funnel — so you can create online courses around the lessons you learn from helping people 1-on-1!

How To Boost Reader Engagement By Adding Progress Indicators to Your Blog Posts

“How long is this gonna take to read?!”

That’s the subconscious question every online visitor asks themselves before reading anything you, me, or anyone has ever published.

And can you blame them?

With so many blog posts, books, news feeds, Netflix shows and YouTube channels out there vying for our precious attention, ain’t nobody got time to do it all.

That’s why most online content just gets ignored (including yours).

So other than putting the extra effort in to write catchy titles, make your headings skim friendly & create eye-popping visuals for your posts, are there any easy buttons you can press RIGHT NOW to help break through the noise and get visitors to keep reading right down to your comments section?

Keep scrolling to learn how you can boost your reader engagement by quickly adding Reading Progress Indicators to your blog posts if you happen to use the most powerful theme builder for WordPress...

Case Study Blueprint Part 2: How To Build Case Study Templates Fast with Page Blocks

You already know how effective client case studies are at converting prospective clients into paying customers…

...especially if you read our Ultimate Case Study Blueprint post that walks you through exactly how to write a case study. In it, we analyzed several examples from across the web to distill the best qualities from each and end up with a step-by-step guide on how to build your own conversion focused case study landing pages.

But sometimes, putting step-by-step guides into practice can be more difficult than you expect, so this post will pick up where the Case Study Blueprint article left off.

Watch the video or keep reading to learn how to create a beautiful, reusable and conversion focused client case study template fast using nothing but the Page Block designs available inside Thrive Theme Builder & Thrive Architect.

Notification Bars: Surprisingly Simple Designs That Make Your Time Sensitive Info Stand Out

When you want to promote a limited time offer or communicate some time sensitive information to your online visitors, what’s the best way to grab their attention and get your message across?

Keep reading to learn how Thrive Leads and Thrive Theme Builder can help you build and deploy a surprisingly simple notification design on your WordPress website — fast…

How To Build Conversion Focused Headers for Modern Landing Page Designs

The rise of hero-image landing page design has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years — especially for personal brands.

That’s because a big, beautiful, screen-width image helps to instantly convey important qualities about your business like its authenticity, integrity and trustworthiness.

But if you display an engaging hero-image on your site’s key landing pages (e.g. your homepage or lead generation pages), is your header doing its part to be a conversion focused sidekick?

Too often, fixed headers don’t perform like they should to keep visitors engaged, oriented on your site, and focused on your most important conversion goal.

This post will help you fix that by showing how to create headers with Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect that are “sticky” and can transition to a completely different design that’s optimized for scrolling.

Ready to learn how your header designs can finally become the loyal sidekick your hero landing pages have always needed? Keep reading...

TQB Surveys: The Deceivingly Easy Way to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want

Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball that told you the exact content your audience wants from you?

Or a tool that helped you better understand your customers and cater to their needs?

Well in this post, we’re going to show you how the latest quiz type now available inside Thrive Quiz Builder can help you do – just that.

We’ll even show you how we’re using this feature at Thrive Themes to customize our LIVE webinar training sessions for attendees, before the event begins.

Ready to learn how to start reading the minds of your audience? Keep reading...

How To Create a Kickass Contact Page Fast with Thrive Architect

Have you ever walked into a hotel lobby that made you cringe? 

Maybe the front desk was a hot mess... 

...or the visible carpet stains and run-down lounge chairs filled your imagination with unsavory images of the rooms. Yuck!

At the very least, you knew the service was bad.

Now take a moment to consider whether or not your website's Contact page is giving a similar feeling about your business to new visitors and potential clients.

If so, then maybe it's time to replace that old carpet and upholstrey with some fresh conversion focused designs.

Ready to build a Contact page that impresses your online visitors enough to stick around and reach out? Read on...

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