11 Best Elementor Alternatives to Build a Stunning WordPress Website

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Updated on March 26, 2024

Looking for the best Elementor alternatives, so you can build a solid WordPress website for your business?

You've come to the right guide.

We've created a list of 11 best Elementor alternatives you can use to build a beautiful website that also generates leads and sales.

Ready? Let's dive in.

What to Look for When Finding the Best Elementor Alternative

When looking for an Elementor alternative, it's important to ask the following questions:

  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Is this WordPress plugin easy to use?
  • What templates does this tool have to help me create an impressive website design?
  • Does this plugin offer design modules or blocks I can use to enhance my web pages?
  • Are there conversion-focused modules (or elements) available to help generate leads and sales?
  • What integrations are available and is this WordPress plugin compatible with my theme?
  • What does this page-builder plugin’s pricing look like?

This list sums up each plugins strengths, and some of their drawbacks where applicable.

Your goal should be to find an Elementor alternative that meets your needs and helps build an impressive WordPress website for your business.

11 Best Elementor Alternatives: Find the Best Plugin for Your Website Design

The options listed below are 11 of the best. They vary in price, features, design flexibility and more -- so you'll need to read through each one to find the best Elementor alternative for your WordPress website.

1. Thrive Architect: Conversion Focus for Marketers & Business Owners (Build Websites That Convert)

If you’re a marketer, business owner, or agency, you don’t just want a tool that will help you create a nice website — most of the tools here can help you do that.

But if you want a website building tool that will help you build a website that contributes to growing your email list, increases your average number of sales, and puts your brand ahead of the competition...

Thrive Architect is the WordPress page builder plugin that’ll get the job done.

What You’ll Love About Thrive Architect

Focus on what matters most — growing your business. Thrive Architect takes care of the website building, freeing up your time to connect with your audience and bring in those sales.

Everything about this tool is designed for rapid implementation, high performance, and conversion-generation.

You get access to a powerful, user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and focused, pre-designed templates to create your business pages fast. No BS. No coding.

Don’t have time to sift through 1000+ options? You don’t have to worry about that here. Thrive Architect provides enough design freedom to build a unique website for your brand — without overwhelming you.

You look. You find what you like. You set it up. Just like that.

Screenshot of Thrive Architect sales page

Say Goodbye to Wasting Time Trying to Figure Things Out

The problem with a lot of page builders is not that they’re bad, no. If anything, almost every option we’ve listed is a great tool for WordPress, including Elementor.

The problem, however, is a lot of these tools overwhelm you with too many design elements, templates you might never end up using, and an interface that isn’t as user-friendly as you hoped them to be. And that’s because they’re better suite for people who have time to tinker, explore, and create a new version of their website every day.

That is not you.

You’re a business owner who has a mission — find your audience, build relationships with them, and turn them into customers.

The Tool that *Works*

Every Thrive Architect feature exists to serve that purpose. From flexible layouts for you to tailor to your preference, to a set of fonts that have been tried-and-tested for readability. Because why would you need a fancy font no one can read?

Our tools are intentional, giving you a roadmap to selling and growing your business.

We might not have complex animations, or other tools that sound great but don’t move your bottom line — but you get all the elements you need to take your sales from four figures to six.

Some of these cool features include:

  • Social media buttons for easy sharing

  • Illustrated lists to showcase your products or services' key features and benefits

  • Testimonial blocks to highlight glowing customer reviews and win your audience's trust

  • Call-to-action blocks to make your site visitors take immediate action

  • Hero sections to catch your site visitors' attention and immediately inform them of a current offer

  • Smart pricing tables to impress your visitors and convince them why your products or services are worth the money

  • ...and so many more.

Everything you need to create a stunning, conversion-focused website.

No need to code. No complicated pieces to put together.

We started using Thrive a few months ago and are beyond impressed. As the owner of a digital agency I’ve noticed an increase in conversions since we switched and I continue to be impressed with pretty much every aspect!

Philip Shaw


Thrive Architect's pricing starts from $99 per year.

SeedProd is one of the best alternatives for new WordPress users (bloggers, freelancers, non-profit orgs, etc.) who want to set up a simple site without any hassle.

What You’ll Love about SeedProd

  • No-code, beginner -friendly visual WordPress theme & page builder  
  • Template library with ample selection of pre-made templates
  • Able to integrate with most popular email marketing services

This website building tool provides you with all the pre-made templates you need to create a custom WordPress theme and all the pages you need for your blog, online store, or business website. There are templates for every industry.

And to make designing and running a website even easier, you also get to use a simple drag-and-drop editor to customize your templates and make them your own.

Screenshot of SeedProd Sales page

You’ll find page templates for all parts of your website, including:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Webinar registration pages
  • Checkout pages
  • eCommerce product pages
  • … and so much more

If you want to add extra functionality to your website, you can easily achieve this with SeedProd’s large selection of integrations.

You can connect your SeedProd site to WooCommerce to turn it into an online store, or link your forms to any email marketing service of your choice — MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc.

And if you’d like to use this plugin and the Gutenberg Block Editor or a different theme — you can go right ahead and do that — no hassle.

You have four pricing plans to choose from:

Basic: Starts from $39.50 per year

Plus: Starts from $99.50 per year

Pro: Starts from $199.50 per year

Elite: Starts from $239.50 per year

Beaver Builder is a great Elementor Pro alternative for experienced WordPress users who need to build lots of webpages quickly. So if you’re a web designer, agency, or freelancers looking for a page builder plugin that’ll significantly reduce your design time — this is the tool for you.

What You’ll Love about Beaver Builder

  • Drag-and-drop builder that speeds up the design process
  • Wide variety of page-building elements to build impressive sites and pages
  • Can use any plan for an unlimited number of websites

This plugin is easy to set up and you're also provided with an onboarding tour to help you understand Beaver Builder 's interface and tools.

This WordPress page-building plugin comes with a live drag-and-drop interface , which means you can see all the changes you make to your pages in real-time . We call this What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

You’ll find a variety of elements you can add to your website to enhance its functionality – including sliders, carousels, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, and more.

This plugin also provides over 30 professionally designed landing page templates that make it much easier (and faster) to set up your website.

In terms of performance, Beaver Builder’s templates are optimized for speed and are built with clean code — helping you create solid sites for your business and your clients’ business.

Beaver Builder has 4 pricing plans:

Standard: Starts from $99 per year

Pro: Starts from $199 per year

Agency: Starts from $399 per year

Ultimate: Starts from $546 per year

Divi is also considered a great alternative to Elementor.

It’s both a WordPress theme and WordPress website builder from Elegant Themes .

What You’ll Love about Divi

  • Drag-and-drop builder that speeds up the design process
  • Wide variety of page-building elements to build impressive sites and pages
  • Can use any plan for an unlimited number of websites

Divi is known for its stunning website templates and user-friendly visual editor with drag-and-drop functionality .

One of its selling points is the fact that you can build unlimited sites with this plugin. But if you’re a business owner who just wants one solid website, then this won’t be relevant for you.

And while simplicity and ease of use are among Divi 's strengths for experienced WordPress website builders , beginners might struggle with the initial learning curve.

But Divi does offer powerful elements and features you can use to build an impressive WordPress website

Some of 40+ different content elements include an accordion, animations , widgets , pricing tables, an audio player, calls to action, buttons, and more.

If you want access to a form and pop-up builder — and an array of other tools — you’ll need to use the Divi pro plan.

The Divi builder is designed primarily for the Divi theme (which is separate to the plugin) but you can use it on other themes. But keep in mind that you may encounter compatibility issues.

Divi has two pricing plans:

  • Divi: $89 per year

  • Divi Pro: $569 per year

Divi also offers a lifetime plan for both plans — $249 and $729, respectively.

5. Oxygen Builder: For Developers and Advanced WordPress Users

Oxygen Builder is a popular Elementor alternative that’s better suited for advanced WordPress users who really want to get into the nuts and bolts of web design.

What You’ll Love about Oxygen Builder

  • Drag-and-drop builder that speeds up the design process
  • Wide variety of page-building elements to build impressive sites and pages
  • Can use any plan for an unlimited number of websites

It also works best if you have good knowledge of HTML and CSS.

So if you’re a beginner or a busy business owner who doesn’t have time to learn complex tools… this might not be the right WordPress page builder for you.

But while this tool does have a steep learning curve, it provides advanced features designed to help you create an impressive website to wow your visitors.

Oxygen Builder has 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic: $129

  • WooCo: $149

  • Ultimate: $179

6. Brizy

Brizy is a no-code website builder that shares a lot of similarities with Elementor.

Both plugins offer a free plugin, with enough features for you to build a decent WordPress website – and a premium plugin with more advanced features to turn your site into something impressive.

Like Elementor, Brizy offers a drag-and-drop builder, no code editing, fully responsive design, over 100 templates, and more.

But, Brizy is better suited for experienced web designers and agencies; so if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of design experience, this might not be the plugin for you.

Instead, we'd recommend using a plugin that caters to both beginners and advanced website builders like Thrive Architect and SeedProd.

Visual Composer Website Builder is a beginner-friendly Elementor alternative that's designed to help you build a simple WordPress website quickly.

With this plugin, you get a simple drag-and-drop builder, a variety of content elements, pre-designed templates, and other powerful features to create a website you’ll be proud of.

Like Thrive Architect and SeedProd, you get a live front-end experience; which means you’ll see any changes you make to your website as you make them.

Visual Composer also allows you to customize every part of your landing pages – from logos to menus, headers, and even footers.

You can add stylish backgrounds, including, gradients, slideshows, carousels, videos, and more. This plugin also comes with flexible rows and columns for creating grid layouts on your site.

Visual Composer is compatible with most WordPress themes, providing you with countless design choices to pick from. And when you want to switch themes, you won’t have to worry about losing the custom layouts you created.

Pricing starts from $39.20/ year.

WPBakery Page Builder is a WordPress page builder designed to help you build simple landing pages that look good.

Often confused with Visual Composer Website Builder, WPBakery is only a WordPress page-building plugin, while Visual Composer Website Builder helps you create an entire WordPress website.

Considering the fact that most of Elementor's strongest competitors like Thrive Architect and SeedProd are designed to help you build stunning websites that generate conversions… WPBakery appears quite limited compared to them.

But WPBakery does offer a variety of page-building templates and elements to help you get started fast – and with ease.

So if you’re a beginner looking for a simple, easy-to-use Elementor alternative… this could be the one for you.

Themify Builder is another Elementor alternative, and it's offered by Themify. 

This WordPress builder includes a point-and-click editor to customize your site and landing pages. This isn’t as efficient as Thrive Architect’s, or even Elementor's, drag-and-drop feature – so keep that in mind.

Themify offers 40+ professional layouts, which is significantly less than Elementor or Thrive Architect’s library of templates. But the layouts Themify does offer are designed for different niches, so you may end up finding a template that best suits what you want for your business website.

While Themify is limited compared to other page and/or site builders mentioned in this guide, it does work with many themes – especially Themify themes.

This plugin is also free to use, but if you want more advanced features or more design flexibility, you’ll have to pay for the Addon Bundle or Themify BuilderPro — which could become costly.

WP Page Builder is a no code website builder you can also consider when searching for an Elementor alternative.

Like most options in this list, WP Page builder offers a drag-and-drop visual editor for easy building. 

You also get access to 30+ addons to create an interactive website, including buttons, contact forms, social buttons, progress bars, and more.

WP Page Builder also has what they call layout packs, which are pre-designed templates you can customize to create your own unique website. According to their website, you get access to 27 layout packs.

However what each pack entails is not clear.

So as you can see, compared to some of the more powerful options in this list, WP Page Builder is somewhat limited.

But if you're curious about what this WordPress website builder is capable of, you can download the free version directly from their website. 

HostGator Website Builder is a relatively new Elementor alternative.

This website builder is offered as an add-on service by HostGator, which is better known as a WordPress hosting solution

Hostgator’s site builder offers a point-and-click editor, with most of the basic elements you need to build a simple WordPress website

You get access to 100+ templates and a user-friendly interface to help you get started with building your WordPress website quickly.

But if you want to build a more advanced website that’s optimized for conversions, you’ll need to look at a WordPress page builder that offers you more design & customization flexibility


Q: Do professionals still use Elementor?

A: There are many professionals who still use Elementor to build websites for their clients. But if you're an entrepreneur who wants to build their own WordPress website, you might find Elementor to be a bit bloated.

Focus on a WordPress site-building plugin that is beginner-friendly, offers a wide variety of customizable templates, and is affordable as well. We recommend Thrive Architect or SeedProd.

Q: Is Elementor the best page builder for WordPress?

A: While Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress, we wouldn't say it's the best. There are several other options available for business owners that can help them build a conversion-focused website and a thriving online business, including:

  • Thrive Architect
  • SeedProd
  • Beaver Builder

Q: Which page builder is better than Elementor?

A: There are a wide variety of WordPress page builders that could be better than Elementor, including:

  • Thrive Architect

  • SeedProd

  • Beaver Builder

  • Divi

  • Oxygen Builder

  • ...and so many more.

Next Steps: Build a Conversion-Focused Business Website (the Easy Way)

Now that you’ve identified the right Elementor alternative to build your WordPress website, it’s time to start building. 

If you need more resources on how to create a stunning website that generates conversions, take a look at these four, free resources:

Finding the right page-building tool for your website is a step in the right direction.

But to build an impressive website that converts your visitors into paying customers…you need to make sure your other plugins are as good as your page builder

You have two options:

1. Buy a theme and a collection of plugins from different stores & developers...and risk them clashing and even crashing your website…

2. Purchase Thrive Suite, the all-in-one plugin toolkit you need to create a stunning, engaging website that generates conversions. No need to purchase premium add-ons for extra features.

When you purchase Thrive Suite -- at a steal, might we add -- you get access to 9 powerful plugins that turn your site structure into an engaging website your potential customers will love.

Click here to learn more about Thrive Suite.

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