Where’s the Ultra-Multi-Purpose Chameleon Thrive Theme?

Take a look at the current state of the WordPress themes marketplace and you quickly come away with one conclusion: if you want to sell a premium WordPress theme, it should be ultra-customizable. In fact, it should appeal to everyone and be suitable for every type of website imaginable.

​With Thrive Themes, we are deliberately not getting on board with this trend and here are the top 5 reasons why not.

Traffic vs. Effective Traffic

Today's video is about a certain kind of website optimization that can provide a big but almost invisible benefit to your business.

What you'll discover in the video is a distinction between how much traffic you're theoretically getting and how much (useful) traffic you're really getting and it's a distinction that is partially lost to your web analytics tool.

Watch the video to see exactly what I mean.​

Thrive Themes Now Feature Content Builder Page Templates!

In everything we do at Thrive Themes, we always give high priority to speed and convenience. We know that a feature left unused - because it's too time consuming or complicated - is no better than not having that feature at all.

That's what the previous post was about and it's also what today's theme update is about. Watch the video for a quick tour of this much-requested feature:

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