How to Create the Perfect Header for Your Website

Update for March, 2020: With the release of Thrive Theme Builder, you now have the ability to easily create and set custom headers for your entire site, or for specific pages and posts.

Your website's header is one of the few things that may show up on every single page on your website. Add to that its prominent position on the page and it becomes clear: the header is a critical element.

But what does a good header - one for a conversion focused website - actually look like? What should you add in your header? What are the dos and don'ts?

In this post, you'll discover the answer to all of these questions.​

What Sets Our Products Apart: An Open Letter

In today's post, I want to share my reply to a question sent to us by a reader. I was hesitant about publishing this, but I believe it will help you understand where we're coming from and I hope that it might also spark a useful discussion that can help us further improve our products.

What was the question? Basically, someone took a look at our sales pages for Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing Pages and then asked: "Okay, but how good is your stuff really?"

Communicating a Unique Offer – Friday Website Review

There are countless ways in which a website can be improved. In our last Friday Website Review, many of you agreed that one of the best ways to learn is by looking at real-life examples instead of just presenting theory.

So, this week we're back with a new website review, including many small improvements you can make quickly and one major change that can completely transform you website (for the better).​

Content Upgrades: Why & How to Use them on Your Blog

Content upgrades are a way to build your list that suits blogging and content marketing perfectly - and they are all the rage right now.

Should you make use of this strategy as well? And how should you implement content upgrades on your site? Today's video is my answer to these questions. Plus: in the post below you'll find links to the best tutorials and resources you need, to make it happen.​