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Introducing: Live and Effortless Table Building for WordPress

Out of the box, WordPress doesn't offer you any way of creating tables, unless you're able to add the code for them yourself.  This is quite a big shortcoming, given how popular table functionality is. Of course there are a few plugins out there that help you build tables using the WordPress platform, but they all have one big problem in common.  A problem that we've just solved with the latest version of the Content Builder. Read More

Now With Niceified Image Galleries

WordPress comes with a built-in feature for displaying galleries of multiple images. In the latest version of all available Thrive Themes, we've just added a new feature that makes galleries all kinds of better and nicer looking. Take a look at this short video to see this new feature addition in action: Read More

Easy Responsive Video Embeds on Your Site!

Adding a video to your site is quite an easy thing to do, especially if you use a site like YouTube or Vimeo to upload the video. The tricky part is getting that video to work the way it should, when your site is responsive... Check out the video below to see how this problem has been solved in Thrive Themes and how we've added in a couple of nice bonus features to give you more control over videos you add to your site: Read More

Headers & Navigation Improved (+ New Tutorials)

In the latest Thrive Themes update, you'll find two major new features that give you more flexibility for configuring the style and behavior of your header and navigation area. In all Thrive Themes, you now have a choice between two header layouts and you can activate a "floating navigation" options. Check out this quick video tutorial, to see how the new features work: Read More

Blazing Fast Images

We are excited to release our latest Thrive Themes update, which will provide a significant speed boost to any pages on your site containing images. And the best thing is: this feature is fully automated and despite how much of a difference it can make, you'd be hard pressed to ever notice it.

Exclusively for theme club members, Thrive Themes now automatically optimize every uploaded image, using the web's best image optimization and compression engine.

Meet the Thrive Social Buttons

In the latest update to our themes, we've added a new social sharing feature. It adds a set of mobile responsive social media buttons to your site.

At first glace, that's neat, but nothing special. But there's more to this feature than meets the eye. What you get with this feature isn't just any old collection of social sharing buttons:

All Thrive Themes Polished Up

Today, I'm happy to announce an update release for all our current themes (FocusBlog, Luxe, Ignition & Minus). The update includes a series of fixes, several new features that we added based on user feedback and two new short codes that give you even more flexibility for creating post and page layouts.

Watch the video below for a quick tour through all the new features:

News for the Coming Weeks

The non-beta version of Thrive Content Builder and our Thrive Themes membership are fresh out of the gates and the Thrive Theme team has spent most of the last two weeks on customer support. After a huge influx of new customers, the dust is now starting to settle, so in today's video update, I want to give you a quick overview of what's to come in the following weeks. Watch the short video below, to get up to speed: Read More

Version 1.27 – Mirror Your Brand with Custom Colour Feature

Before I forget - Happy New Year!

I'd like to introduce you to a new feature in Thrive Content Builder that will make your lives much easier if you're trying to build pages to match brand colours for your own site or for sites of your clients.

One of the things that you fed back to us after the initial launch is that you wanted to be able to customise the colours of the elements (content boxes, testimonials, call to actions...) in order to make them match the colours of your brand.

Well, I'm pleased to say that now you can.

Meet Our New and Improved Content Editor!

As an early customer of Thrive Content Builder, you've undoubtedly noticed that we've added new features and new elements at a rapid pace. This unfortunately led to some problems with the editor interface. As pretty as it was, there was just not enough space for all the buttons and controls we kept adding.

To remedy this issue, we created a completely new design for the editor. And while we were at it, we looked through all of the suggestions we'd received, with your suggestions about how to make the editor better and implemented as many improvements as possible.

Today, we are proud to present the result: