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Feature Requests & the Future of Thrive Themes – an Open Letter

If you take a look around this blog and at the emails we send to subscribers and customers, you'll notice that we keep asking for your feedback. Be it in comments on our posts, discussions in the support forum, or surveys, polls and more.

In today's letter, I want to give you an inside look at what we do with all this feedback and give you a glimpse at our development plans for future products and features.​

Like the previous open letter, this is an open and raw exchange from me to you. Think of it as sitting across the table from me, having a conversation about Thrive Themes.​

7 Hacks to Unlock the Hidden Potential of Thrive Content Builder

However long you’ve been using Thrive Content Builder, you’ve probably realized how easy it is to use for creating web content.

Buttons, columns, tables, even complete landing page templates, all flow onto your webpage like magic.

Yet, you're merely scratching the surface of this massive toolkit.

You know that one button whose function you never really understood? Or the pile of knowledge base articles that you know exists, but never got around to reading?

You have this tingling feeling that Thrive Content Builder is much more than its basic functions.​

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface?

Join me for a dive deep into TCB. Let's unlock some of that hidden potential, shall we?​

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