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How to Reverse Column Order With Thrive Content Builder (and Why You’d Want To)

In the latest version of our Thrive Content Builder plugin, you can now reverse the stacking order of columns.

After reading the above sentence, you're either already excited about the feature or wondering: "why would I want to do that?"

Check out the video to see a simple example of how this feature helps you make better mobile layouts (plus: a teaser about what's coming next for TCB).​

New Thrive Leads Integration: MailRelay

Many of you asked for it and we're happy to give it to you! Thrive now integrates through API with MailRelay.

MailRelay is an advanced email marketing platform and in the latest version of Thrive Leads, you can now integrate your opt-in forms with it in a few clicks.

Check out the step by step tutorial.

New Feature: Notification Manager

I know, I know: "notification manager" doesn't sound very exciting.

But when you see what we built this for, you may just end up doing a happy dance after all.​

For example, what if you need to notify someone by email whenever a new lead signs up on your website? Or what if you want to be notified whenever one of the automated A/B tests in Thrive Leads or Thrive Headline Optimizer has come to a conclusion, without having to remember to check manually?

With our latest feature upgrade, you can take care of these as well as many other notification scenarios. Check out the video to see how it works.​

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