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Creating a quiz from scratch can be a bit tiresome…

Especially if you want to create a feature rich quiz with lots of branching path questions, a cool looking Splash Page and a Social Share Badge that people can share on Social Media after they complete your quiz.

Now with Thrive Quiz Builder, you can duplicate an entire existing quiz with just one click!

Check out the video above to see how you can use this feature in your copy of Thrive Quiz Builder.


One Click Cloning

To duplicate an existing quiz, simply go into your Quiz Builder dashboard, hover over the quiz you want to duplicate, and then select the “Clone Quiz” option:

Hover over the quiz card you want to duplicate and click the “Clone quiz” icon

As the name suggests, this cloning feature produces an identical copy of your parent quiz, with the exception of the prefix “[Copy]” being automatically being added to the clone’s title:

And voila! You have just created an identical version of the quiz with a "[Copy]" prefix added to its title

Why Add a Quiz Cloning Feature to Thrive Quiz Builder?

Although some people like to build their quizzes from scratch, others want a time saving way to rapidly implement new content on their site as fast as possible.

The new Thrive Quiz Builder one-click cloning feature is for those rapid implementation situations when you have an existing quiz that only needs some of its elements modified before it can be deployed on another area of your site.

Such a feature eliminates the tiresome burden of having to build an entire quiz from scratch every time.

Think about it like this...

Say you already have an existing, feature rich quiz that is fully built and succeeding in converting visitors into subscribers. You spent a lot of time creating that quiz and incorporating every conversion optimization and list segmenting feature possible in Thrive Quiz Builder:

A fully built, feature rich quiz in Thrive Quiz Builder

And now you want to create a new quiz for a new purpose on your website, but you want to change the questions you ask and remove the Splash Page:

You can simply remove the Splash Page and modify the questions on your quiz clone instead of building a new quiz from scratch in this example

So, instead of creating a brand new quiz from scratch, you just duplicate your current one, remove the Splash Page, change the questions, and that’s it… you’re done!

It’s much easier to duplicate a quiz and change or remove the elements you don’t need instead of building new quizzes from scratch every time you need one.

Give it a Try!

Whenever you want to create a new quiz, remember the new Thrive Quiz Builder one-click cloning feature and use whenever you can to save time and rapidly implement new quizzes.

And if you haven’t experienced Thrive Quiz Builder in action yet, check it out and you’ll see just how much fun and effective building quizzes for your website can be!

If you have any questions about this feature or have suggestions about a new feature you’d like to see added amongst the Thrive Themes products, let us know in the comments below.

by David Gavrilut  December 28, 2018


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  • I’m yet to use this quiz stuff but it’s a thing i’m thinking of trying next year but can you point me to videos that can help me build it using Thrive theme builders?

    • Could you expand a bit on this idea? Are you looking for videos about the Theme Builder? It is not released yet, so we will only have some content around it in the next months.

  • I attempted to use the quiz builder when it first came out was it wasn’t able to handle anything complexed, just basic routine boring stuff. Is it time to revisit it again or wait unstill it has improved?

    • In my opinion, Thrive Quiz Builder does a very good job at allowing you to create engaging quizzes, without having to go through complicated steps.

      Also, it has really cool and unique features, the Social Share Badge creator for example, which is something really amazing I haven’t seen in any other quiz plugin.

      Or, you can use the Opt-in Gate feature to allow your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, converting them from just participants to the quiz to leads and maybe customers.

      So, I wouldn’t say it only handles boring stuff 🙂

      I’m thinking of doing a couple of videos talking about some of the unique features that you can find in Thrive Quiz Builder and how you can boost your conversions with them. So stay tuned for that 🙂

    • Yes, this might be something that we could build in Leads and in other products, as well, like Thrive Apprentice. I’ve added this as a feature request, hopefully we’ll get to it soon. Thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

  • Very much awaited new feature! Thank you so much. Also, I should say I’m very pleased to see you invest further in TQB. It’s an awesome plugin with some room to grow. What’s next for TQB?

    • Thank you very much for the comment, Oob!

      Yes, I totally agree, TQB has tremendous potential to grow. We have a list of features that we would like to add to TQB, but it’s a bit difficult these days, because most of the focus of the developers is on the new Theme Builder, which is scheduled to go live really soon.

      Did you have a specific option that you would like to have in TQB? 🙂

  • Hello, David. Thanks for the post!

    About a year ago I started using Thrive Quiz Builder on one of my blogs. I used it along with the dynamic content feature to automatically assign leads into the proper email sequence of my autoresponder series, which is great. I do have a question, though. Is the W3 Total Cache plugin no longer an issue for the dynamic content display?

    I remember there were times when my email segmentation quiz would not load, and this was due to the W3 Total Cache plugin.

    Moving forward, I´d like to know if it is possible to trigger a quiz from a button, but not a Thrive Theme´s button, but a Genesis Child Theme button instead. I would also like to know if there´s a way for deeply customizing my quizzes in terms of look and feel, to adapt them better to my brand. If this could be achieved through Thrive Architect, It would be just fantastic. I could start using quizzes again if this is the case.

    Thanks a lot for everything. Have a wonderful new year!


    • Hello, Luis!

      Regarding the W3 Total Cache situation, I spoke with the support guys, and if the issue still occurs, they have a very easy fix for it.

      About the customization, the quizzes cannot be edited with Thrive Architect, unfortunately.

      However, you can very easily link a button to a quiz. Regardless of how you created the button. The idea is that the quiz needs to be placed either on a different page, or on a lightbox or something.

      So, either place the quiz on a page, and then link the page to the button. Or, if you have Thrive Leads, or probably use your theme, create a lightbox, place the quiz in the lightbox, and then link the lightbox to the button.

      Hope this was useful! Happy new year to you, too, Luis!

      • Thank you very much for your reply, David.

        Hopefully, editing/customizing quizzes with Thrive Architect will soon be a feature we can all enjoy. If you could pass this on as a feature request to your development team, it would be most appreciated.

        Best regards.


  • Hi there! I did a clone of a quiz I had created. In that clone I added Opt-in Gate that in the original quiz I didn’t have. After in the cloned quiz I don’t see anymore Splash Page and Result Page, they seem disappears. AND when I go back to the Original quiz I see only the QUIZ and the opt-in page. Here when I try to put again a result page, I try to manage but the message “Item not found” appears. Do you know why?

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