New Multi-Purpose Ribbon Templates in Thrive Leads

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We've added a new set of templates to the Thrive Leads plugin, which combine the "ribbon" or floating bar display style with a 2-step opt-in process.

Watch the video to see the different ways in which you can make use of these new designs.​


The new designs are available right away, through the Thrive Template Cloud.

How do you like this new addition? Do you have suggestions for what you'd like to see next, in Thrive Leads? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  July 19, 2016


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  • Shane – Love the new addition!

    Can you add the function that when the Lead Button is clicked, the lead box (with or without your video) can open “on top” of a vendor’s product landing page (showing underneath) with your affiliate link attached. Then after the box is closed, the visitor is now viewing the vendors product page in full and carrying your affiliate link with them?

    Thanks – Linda Rae

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

      This has come up before and we’ve decided against creating a feature like this for two reasons:

      1) iframes (which is how what you describe is done) can cause problems with the checkout process on a site.

      2) I wouldn’t want people to iframe my own site like that, so I won’t build a feature that lets me do it to other people’s sites.

  • Looks great! Can these new ribbons be set such that users have the option of closing the ribbon if they no longer want it to display?

  • Fantastic Shane! – Thanks for the new additions. It’s great that the lightboxes have been pre-styled to match the ribbon and I love the fact that we can remove the event and link straight to another URL – perfect for any use.

  • Great update, Shane! Question. Do you think ribbons perform better than pop-ups? I’m going to run a split-test, but wondering what your thoughts and past data show. Seems to me they are more unobtrusive and still get the job done. Keep them coming!

    • Hi Chik,

      It doesn’t matter what I think. πŸ™‚

      Like you say, you can really only find out by testing and it will be different on different sites.

      In general, our testing has shown that more “annoying” lead gen forms perform better. So I would expect a screen filler to do better than a ribbon. However, different form types can also be useful for different purposes. I would use a screen filler for building my list, but not for advertising a special offer or an affiliate product, for example.

  • Shane – You’ keep surprising us with you and creative ways to capture leads and engage our audience. These are fantastic – I can’t wait to dig in and start using them! THANK YOU!

    • Thanks for your comment, John! I can’t take the credit for all the stuff our team is producing. I’m just the guy in the videos, at this point. πŸ™‚

  • Wow, these new ribbons are looking cool! Thanks!

    Also we are expecting more landing pages on “Review” topic!

    Btw, Shane, I want to inform you 1 imp thing regarding TCB,

    Even though our templates supports “pagination” feature,

    we are unable to break/split the long post created by thrive content builder into 2 or 3 pages, so please add the feature “pagination” to your TCB plugin!

    • Thanks for your comment, Katerina! Always good when you can get the same result with fewer plugins.

  • Hi Shane and the TT team! Great work ….. again! You guys just keep providing more and better products for us …. thanks a lot. How about a fully functioning and unique TT Membership plugin …. I’d love that.

    • Thank you very much, Mike!

      I hear ya about a membership plugin. I can’t make any promises, but it’s an area that I’m looking at very closely.

  • YES! I’ve been waiting for this!!! I was getting frustrated trying to create this style of two-step ribbon on my own. I’d love it if Focus Areas worked the same way, so that you could link a lightbox with a button. Thanks for all the hard work, guys πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment, Jennifer!

      Focus Areas are quite outdated, compared to our other products and features. The good news is that we will be bringing along a big improvement to those as well. πŸ™‚

  • Dammit, Shane, every time you write a blog post about a new feature, I divert an hour or so to testing it out when I should be working on something else. The result was great, though, thanks!

  • Clever as always Shane! What an impressive new addition to the Thrive library! I think this will certainly increase my optins! Thank you for that!

  • Shane, I’ve been following you since the days of your Video Marketing Blueprint course and Webinar Eclipse. Like you, your products have grown into a formidable force in the marketing industry. You have set the bar very high, and rightfully so. Especially in an industry that is plagued with hit and run softwares from a particular red & white forum and a particular “zoo”. I bought your agency license and never looked back. Here’s Wishing your team and you evergreen success and recurring profits πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you very much, Sabarudin! It means a lot to me to see people who’ve been with me since the early days. I can’t say how much I appreciate the support!

  • Shane, love the simplicity of design but with the multi-usefulness of function. Thanks for continuing to provide new ideas for lead capture. You guys are the best.

    • Hello Ian,

      You can think of it as being a layer above your whole website. Placing something above or below the menu would require theme level control, but this is a feature that works with any WordPress theme. So, the ribbon just sits on a layer above everything else, so that it doesn’t matter what theme is running underneath it.

  • I love Thrive Leads – and its statistic reports!

    2 Questions:
    1) With which type of Thrive lead do you achieve best optin results ?
    2) When do you implement such a Thrive Lead (optin box appears on view port) used in this article – don’t know how to set this up and see statistics in the marketing report:

    • Hi Tom,
      The answer will probably not really surprise you… You have to test to find the best one. But I can tell you we’ve seen very good results with the multiple choice lightbox.
      To have an element show on view port there are two options:
      1. If you’re using a lead group and an in content or post footer element you can set this in the trigger settings
      2. If you’re using a shortcode you can use the TCB event manager to have the element show up on viewport

  • How have you set up this little survey optin on this page here (landing page, email list, web design) where I guess I would get different email funnels – Great stuff – Please explain -Thx Tom

    • Hi Tom,

      That’s just a Thrive Leads lightbox using the multiple choice feature. You can build this manually or you can use some of the pre-designed multiple choice style templates. We’re also working on some more templates in this style, by the way. πŸ™‚

  • Excited to see these Shane. I’ve had some trouble using Thrive Ribbons previously (too big and required css to make them like Hello Bar), but these look awesome. Can’t wait to use them!

  • Nice feature! Would love to see you develop a membership site platform. I’ve tried them all and each one has something I love but is missing something I really want. I know you would create a killer platform!

    • Hello Betsy,

      I feel the same way about membership solutions. Please don’t hold your breath for us to create one, though. Even if we do, it will be a big project and not something that will become available soon.

  • Hey Shane, great work as usual. Is it possible to add the ribbon on existing pages. I want to remove some of my optin pages to this

    • Hello Gerald,

      Yes, the ribbons are part of lead groups in Thrive Leads, so you can have them displayed anywhere on your site, based on the targeting options you set (e.g. all blog posts, all posts and pages, specific pages etc.).

  • Nice work Shane and TT team πŸ™‚
    Question completely off topic…what microphone are you using on your desk Shane? The audio is sounding crisp and so very sweet!

  • Hi Shane,
    I would love for you to have something like the new ribbon templates but for making different headers – not just with logo at left or above – I want totally customizable – I wish to be easily be able to duplicate the type of headers I use on my html site – let me know what you think. Love all the stuff you all are doing.

  • Suggestion: Please consider adding a word counter somewhere in the Content Builder to show how many words are in an article.

  • Shane, your videos are so slick and so awesome. What or who produces them for you? Is ‘Thrive Video Producer’ the next plugin? πŸ˜‰

    • Hello William,

      I’m afraid this can’t be pluginized. The videos are the result of careful lighting, camera setup and a very talented video editor, who’s on the Thrive team.

  • Wow, these are beautiful. So funny…about three weeks ago I was exploring hello bars and decided against another plugin. And here they are! There’s so much in Thrive I thought, I’d prefer just to optimize how I’m using it. So I’m glad of that decision.

    I haven’t yet gotten into Ultimatum but it’d be cool to be able to use these like widgets – so it only shows to the person who it pertains to whether it be a prospect or an individual subscriber who’d be going through an evergreen sale.

    I just have to say I feel so lucky to have found Thrive – simplifies my life!

    • Glad you like the new templates, Susan! πŸ™‚

      Ultimatum already has an option by which you can show evergreen campaigns only to a sub-set of your visitors, after they trigger a campaign to start.

  • Hi Shane,

    I’m having trouble with my first ribbon. We used to have some static HTML as an opt-in at the top of all of our website pages (excluding landing pages) that was included in the theme header file, but have just converted this to a ribbon.

    However, no matter what selections I make in the “Display Settings” for this lead group, I can’t get the ribbon to show on individual blog posts, or “pages” rather than “posts” aside from the home page and blog listing page.

    Any thoughts?

  • Shane, I’m trying to add one of the ribbon opt-ins to my homepage. I really like them!
    But, unlike your example which is fine, when I click to customize the text of the opt-in the button menu box covers the text I’m trying to change. If I can’t see it, I can’t make the change. How can I get that button text box to drop down a little?

    • Hi Angie,
      In the upper left corner you can see a cross when you click there you can drag the menu option to wherever you want on the page.

  • I’m really blown away by the whole Thrive Themes system, Shane. It’s pretty complex and there is much to study, but it’s definitely the best WP system out there.

    One of the wonderful (and challenging) things about Thrive Themes is that there are often different ways to create similar effects. For example, I set up my first ribbon as a Focus Area (like in the Performag theme demo above the post “How to Cut the Stress from Your Workplace”).

    At the time I was wondering how to get a lightbox to pop up but I couldn’t achieve this via the Focus Area. But luckily I found your article today which has shown me *exactly* how to create eye-catching ribbons with lightboxes.

    I find that it’s useful to document each learning step so that I can continually build my understanding of Thrive Themes.


    Well, because the one weak area in Thrive Themes is the documentation.

    So many important tips are buried in the forums or in articles like this one.

    It’s a good idea to build your own ‘compendium’ of Thrive Theme tips and information by noting each step of your way, detailing exactly what you did by using screenshots and showing what the outcome was.

    Leaving that aside, I’m excited to be part of this Thrive Themes family and love the fact that you are so innovative, Shane!

    Keep on going – we are all cheering you on!

    • Thank you for your comment, Mary!

      The sheer amount of things that can be done with our tools and trying to make everything easy to understand is one of the things we still struggle with. We’re constantly working to A) make our user interfaces more intuitive and B) create more educational material to help users understand all the possibilities.

  • What you’ve done looks amazing. The clean look, the options…super! Wanted to vote for an additional option, too. Could code be written to incorporate a ribbon within the content of a page? For example, as a visitor is reading and enjoying the content, it might be good incentive to optin as they come across a ribbon while reading.

    • Hello Anannya,

      There’s no best template for blogs. They are basically all suitable for blogs and it depends more on the style you want and which template works best for your market and offer.

  • Great work, thank you!

    I am curious if these ribbons can display above the navigation, without hiding it. I believe this is the way the mailchimp plugin displayed the top bar and I really liked that. So there would be no X to close it.

    I am also noticing the height on the ribbon templates I am trying are all very thick, and when I reduce them to the minimum they seem to stay that way which is a bit confusing.



    • Hi Joshua,
      You can delete the close “x” from any template if you want to keep the ribbon and play around with padding and margins (use the breadcrumbs on top to check the different elements) to reduce the height of the ribbon πŸ™‚

  • Great stuff, but how do I create two different ribbons – one with a bottom position for mobile and one with a top position for desktop?

  • Here’s one thing I just don’t understand about Thrive Leads. Let’s say I want to implement a sitewide ribbon – meaning it gets shown on every single page and post. Let’s also say that I have 10 different Lead Groups.

    The only way to have this ribbon sitewide is to create it 10 different times, for each Lead Group? And every time I make a change, edit it 10 different times?

    I understand Lead Groups are convenient for testing opt-in types against each other, but right now I can’t perform such a simple task.

    Am I missing something?

  • Hi, I am just discovering these opt in option. So I wanted to create a Ribbon (2 way just like you) but when I open template, I for some reason dont have the cloud template option only saved templates and optin templates any idea what I can do?

    • Hi Sven,

      This sounds like a caching issue. Can you empty all your cache (if you’re not sure how to do that, we have a tutorial here) If the problem persists, please open a support ticket so that our team can check out your site.

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