Your Conversion Tracking Possibilities Just Expanded Inside Thrive Leads

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Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Tracking conversion events on a website is a big deal for any serious online business.

So big in fact that Thrive Themes has made it a primary focus to build as many data and conversion tracking features into our plugins as possible.

But tracking conversions on your site is just the beginning. You should also have an easy way to integrate important conversion tools (like your opt-in forms) with platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

To help you do that, we just upgraded our Custom HTML element so you can now track more sophisticated conversion events from your opt-in forms in our lead generation plugin — Thrive Leads.


You can now embed tracking scripts like Facebook pixels and Google Analytics code directly into your lightbox opt-in form states. 

That means you can now use a switch state action as your conversion event!

Interested to learn more? Keep reading to see exactly how this new Thrive Leads feature can help you boost your conversions...

Advanced Tracking Scripts In Thrive Leads — Before

Of course, you’ve always been able to setup conversion tracking scripts in Thrive Leads, but were limited to placing your scripts only on actual posts or pages.

That meant if you wanted to track signup conversions through Google Analytics or Facebook by using their tracking scripts, you were forced to create a lead generation form that redirected subscribers to a custom URL where the tracking script was embedded:

The "Redirect to Custom URL" post opt-in action used to be the only option you had for deploying Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking scripts with your Thrive Leads lead gen forms. You would embed your tracking code on the page you redirected to. 

After a visitor subscribed, they would be redirected to this new page (usually a Thank you page) and this would fire the tracking script.

Ultimately, this limited the available post opt-in action choices for advanced users.

The New Conversion Tracking Feature in Thrive Leads

So what can you do now that you couldn’t do before in Thrive Leads?

You’re gonna love this… you can track lightbox switch state actions as your conversion event!

To do this, you just insert a Custom HTML element within one of your Thrive Leads lightbox states so that either the loading of a default lightbox state, or the action of switching to a non-default lightbox state executes your tracking script.

Let’s take a look at how simple it is to actually set this up on one of your Thrive Leads lightbox opt-in forms...

Inserting the Custom HTML Element within a Thrive Leads Lightbox

So you’re ready to put this new conversion tracking feature into action, huh?

Well okay then. Let’s start by loading up a multi-step lightbox template in Thrive Leads to show you how it all works.

Here’s a screenshot of a simple 2-state lightbox from our “Round Image” template series:

The "default" state for one of our Thrive Leads opt-in form "Round Image" templates.

Notice that this first or “Default” state is just a simple lead generation form offering a freebie to visitors if they sign up to your list.

Setup Option 1: Placing Tracking Scripts on Default States

Now, if you want to, you can drop a Custom HTML element directly onto a default state and then paste your tracking script in that. But if you do that, the code will execute whenever the lightbox loads — even if your visitor doesn’t convert and simply closes the lightbox.

There may be a few use cases for placing the tracking script on a “Default State” like this, so it’s there if you need it...

...but more likely, you’ll want to use Setup Option #2:

Setup Option 2: Placing Tracking Scripts on Non-Default States

So say your visitor follows through and subscribes to your list through the lead generation form example I just showed you.

Here’s what the next state in the lightbox would look like — a Thank You state:

A Thank you "non-default" state you can setup within one of our Thrive Leads opt-in form "Round Image" templates.

This non-default state — called “state 1” in the editor — is where you’ll most likely want to place your tracking scripts since visitors won’t be able to load it unless they actually subscribe to your list (a.k.a. the conversion you want to track).

Here’s what your opt-in form will look like within the Thrive editor window once you drop the Custom HTML element onto the Thank You state of your lightbox:

A Thank you state with the Custom HTML element added as viewed from the Thrive editor view.

Now, because the Custom HTML element does mess with the positioning of your other elements on the form, take that into account when building out your design. 

The addition is minor and only takes up the space of the "No preview available." Custom HTML element area on the front end view (not the actual length of your tracking script): 

The view of the same Thank you state shown above, but as seen from the frontend that your visitors will see.

You can also play around with negative margins to help eliminate the design interference of your Custom HTML element, but notice how the actual tracking script is invisible when displayed on the frontend to your visitors.

Note: If you just place normal text within your Custom HTML element without the proper HTML tags, the text will show up on your form!

How To Embed Tracking Scripts within Your Custom HTML Elements

Are you ready for this, ‘cause it’s super simple!

Once you add a Custom HTML element to the lightbox state of your choice, an “Insert Custom HTML into the Page” setup box will appear:

This is what the "Insert Custom HTML into the Page" lightbox will look like when it appears after inserting your Custom HTML element.

You with me so far?

Now, if you did add your Custom HTML element to your default state, then the only thing you’ll have to do is add your tracking script — there won’t be any other options available to modify.

However, if you added your Custom HTML element to a non-default state, then you’ll have to choose the moment you want your script to fire from a small dropdown menu first. Your options will be to fire the code:

  1. On page load — your script will be executed/loaded immediately when the Thrive Leads form is loaded on the page.
  2. When the visitor views the state — your script will be executed/loaded anytime a visitor does something on the page that makes the non-default state active.

You’ll want to select the second option if you’re trying to track the conversion through a lightbox switch state action.

Finally, just insert your tracking script in the “Type or paste HTML code below” area and click save.

And that’s all there is to it!

You may have more complicated tasks to complete on the Google Analytics or Facebook Ad side of things to get your custom conversion tracking working, but your Thrive Leads lightbox form will ready to go.

Need more help with this feature?

Check out our in-depth "How To" article on how to use the new and improved Custom HTML element over in our Thrive Knowledge Base.

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you at a point where it’s time to take your analytics game to the next level with advanced conversion tracking scripts?

If so, give this new Thrive Leads conversion tracking feature a try and let us know what you think!

P.S. You might have noticed that this is an improvement to the Custom HTML element, which means that this is available in Thrive Quiz Builder too. If you want more information on what that’s all about and how to use it, you can visit this Thrive Knowledge Base article.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article where we'll discuss how to use this new Custom HTML feature to make your quizzes an even more powerful online marketing tool!

by Matt  January 18, 2019


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  • Great new feature! How could this work with Google Tag Manager? Many people use GTM to consolidate all of their tracking / conversion pixel code.

    • This is the same thing I was thinking Chris. This is great for one off tracking and I can see this being used with some of our smaller clients. For larger or more experienced clients that use GTM it would be great to know how to get this to work.

      • Hi Mical, I think you could insert something like this in the Custom HTML widget:

        window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
        ‘event’: ‘new_lead’

        And use this event as a trigger for some GMT tags

  • I usually use an onclick event element to the submit button to track conversions as an event in GA. So what kind of code do I enter in the Custom HTML to track conversions in GA?

  • Cool! Thats a good and useful feature. If you could enable this feature also for the default state I would be really happy. Because then I could insert a facebook pixel which fires when the lightbox is visible.

    • Good news Nico because you can already do this!

      If you embed the Custom HTML element on your default state then your script will execute when the lightbox loads.

  • This is a great step in the right direction, thanks for adding!

    Would love to have the ability to define conversions as button clicks (that lead to a separate page) as an alternative option to switch states or opt-ins.

  • This is a cool development, but there’s a conversion component of Thrive Leads that is still missing that I requested a while back — and I remember I wasn’t the only one.

    I want to be able to define a button click as a conversion within Thrive Leads.

    For instance, I’d love to have a ribbon with only a button that leads to a page. Every time that button is clicked, I’d like to consider it a conversion event and that it be tracked as a conversion in Thrive Leads.

    Unless, of course, there’s already a way or a roundabout way of doing this that I don’t know of…

    • Martin, I think GTM can track button clicks as conversion events. You need to give the buttom a CSS ID and then track the click of a button with that ID on your domain. I can’t explain more, but google should have more help on this.

    • Hey Martin, thanks for your comment. The button click conversion event tracking is on our development roadmap. So many new features to develop… so little time. ;-p

      • Hoping this is coming soon. Being able to track conversions in ThriveLeads is SO important and we really need the ability to track the button click as the conversion.

  • How interesting to see this today! I just figured out how to do something similar myself last week in Quiz builder. I embedded the tracking script in the Results page of the quiz. This as needed because there is no separate Thank You page after the quiz.

    • Hey Gregory, so Part 2 of this article is going to cover all about how this new feature applies to Quiz Builder. Look out for that in the next week or so!

  • This is a great feature. You definitely need a video to walk through this feature.

    I’m still waiting for you guys to allow us to use thrive leads to track other types of action as a conversion in the thrive forms dashboard. I use thrive leads as a way to push people to certain pages on my site or external urls. It would be great if thrive leads provided different types of conversion like this to be tracked and not just opt in form sign ups. Because may of us are using it for more than just opt ins and now have to use work arounds to track conversion like internal and external page visits.

    • Cheers Eddy!

      A video walkthrough should be added to the post in the next few days.

      Additional conversion event tracking features like button clicks is on our development roadmap so it’s on the way… will just take some time to deliver.

  • How can I add a thrive theme opt in form to drip email campaign? I have the Drip enabled as the email provider. Each state is linked to Drip. Thank you

  • Very nice step forward. Also count my vote for button clicks as conversion events.

    Please keep the marketing features coming. I love the design stuff, but the marketing functionality needs to keep pace with other tools.

  • Is it possible to trigger a facebook custom event with a “on click” ?

    I tried to add it to the source code, but I saw that the button has another name and I didn’t want to mess the things.

  • There is one thing I really miss from Thrive Themes – the API integration with WooCommerce, so that I can sign people up for my store directly from a Thrive Leads form. This would also make a lot of different payment options available.

  • Hi, could you tell me approximately when will be available the ability to define conversions as button clicks? It’s a very important feature. Thanks

  • “You with me so far?” Uh . . . no . . . I have no context for the preceding or following instructions. I don’t know where you are in the thrive interface. That seems like an important detail.

    • Hi John,

      Sorry about that, I added an image that shows you where you can find the different states in Thrive Leads, hope that clears things up.

  • Any idea why the script type is text/template? javascript can’t fire. How do i insert a script type text/javascript?

  • {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}