Thrive Themes Features & Development Timeline

New Feature

New: Easy Jumplinks & Smooth Scrolling

A jumplink or an anchor link is a link to a target that is located on the same page.  You’ve always been able to add jumplinks in Thrive Architect by adding an ID in the HTML attributes section… but it wasn’t very user friendly. That’s why we now made it easier than ever to add jumplinks to your site. Check out the video tutorial above to see how to use this new feature to your advantage.

Make Your Site Smart With Global Fields

Making a conversion focused website is one thing… Keeping it up to date is a whole other beast. How confident are you that you can quickly change your address or phone number EVERYWHERE on your site?  If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your answer is probably: “Not very!” or “That would take me a couple of hours.” That’s the exact problem we’re solving with Global Fields.Watch the video for a full tutorial on what it is and how to use it!

New Feature

Thrive Architect Feature Update: The Mega Menu

 A while ago, we released the new and improved Custom Menu element in Thrive Architect.  This means that you can create stunning navigation menu layouts, that are also mobile-friendly and super easy to customize.  However, in the latest release we cranked it up a notch… We made it possible for you to create large, gorgeous looking drop-down navigation menus for your Landing Pages, built 100% with Thrive Architect! Meet… the Mega Menu.

New Feature

How to Use the New & Improved Custom Menu Element in Thrive Architect

We’ve released improvements to the custom menu element in Thrive Architect and in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get the most out of them. We’ll take a look at how to create mobile friendly navigation menu layouts, how to edit your menu styles and how to use the group editing feature.

New Templates

New Online Course Sales Page Template Available in Thrive Architect

When it’s time to sell your online course… you need a high-converting sales page.  As part of our continuing dedication to help you sell more, we’ve just released a brand new sales page template specifically designed for selling online courses. It’s incredible! You’ll find step-by-step copywriting instructions, an editable box-shot, a sticky call-to-action button, beautiful module boxes, an “About the Teacher” section, dynamic pricing tables and more! And it all follows our research-backed sales page structures and blueprints. Watch the video and read on to see how it works!

User Access Manager Addition to the Thrive Dashboard!

If you’re the owner of a larger website to with multiple writeres, editors, etc. this is for you… We’ve released a new feature that allows you to easily manage user roles permissions for the Thrive Themes products that you have installed on your WordPress website. 

The Best Online Course Plugin Gets Even Better: Thrive Apprentice News

If you want to create an online course on your own WordPress website, Thrive Apprentice is the perfect tool for you! Our design and development teams are constantly adding new features to this plugin… So buckle up and let me take you through the latest additions to Thrive Apprentice!

New Feature

New Audio Element: Rapidly Display Podcast Episodes on Your Website!

You’ve recorded your latest podcast episode, spent hours editing it and now finally it’s online for everyone to hear…  But how can you get a maximum of exposure on your site to your latest episode? Adding it to a blog post is a good start (and you can do that with Thrive Architect and the new audio element) but that’s just the beginning! In this post, you’ll discover 2 innovative ways to show your latest episode to as many visitors as possible, combining the new audio element with Thrive Leads.

Coming Soon New Templates

Start Collecting Leads Even Before Your Site is Ready with a Coming Soon Landing Page (With Templates)

You bought your domain name, set up a hosting account and installed WordPress. Technically, you have a website… but you don’t have any of the actual content ready yet. Luckily, while you’re working on getting that conversion focused website up and running you can already start collecting leads. Let me show you how to do this with the new Coming Soon landing page sets included in Thrive Architect.

New Feature New Templates

The Table Element Gets a Fresh Set of Templates!

What’s new in Thrive Architect?  ​Along with our new Fancy Dividers, we also added a bunch of new templates to the Table element! Watch the video to see how cool the new Table element templates are, as well as learn how you can now create your own product comparison table!


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