Hey Drip CRM Users: Your Lead Gen Integration Has Been Upgraded!

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Updated on December 30, 2019

Do you use Drip CRM combined with Thrive Leads for your email marketing?

If so, we've got an important update for you!

We recently improved our Drip API integration to make sure you now have 4 important new features to supercharge your email marketing abilities. You can now:

  1. Add tags to your lead generation forms
  2. Customize your form field shortcodes
  3. Collect custom event fields and values 
  4. And can add Thrive Quiz Builder answer based tags to all your quiz questions!

With these new features, you can now create much more sophisticated email marketing automations through your Drip CRM dashboard.

Watch the video above and read the post below to get all the details on exactly what’s changed and how you can leverage this new automation focused feature power!


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Setting Up Your Drip CRM API Connection with Thrive Themes

The basics of connecting your Drip CRM account with your Thrive Themes tools hasn't changed.

But if you're not familiar with the process, here's how to get it done fast.

First, click on the "Manage Connections" button from within the API Connections box located in your Thrive Dashboard:

Within your Thrive Dashboard, find the API Connections box and click the "Manage Connections" button.

Next, start setting up your Drip connection by clicking the "Add new Connection" icon and select "Drip" from the dropdown menu that appears.

In the Drip connection box that shows up, you'll need to enter 2 pieces of account information to complete the setup:

  1. Your Drip Client ID and...
  2. Your Drip API Token

The Drip connection box where you'll enter your Drip account information to complete the API setup.

Once you enter your account keys into the connection box and click "Connect", your lead generation forms inside Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and Thrive Quiz Builder will then be able to send new subscriber information over to your Drip CRM account.

Locating Your Drip Account Information

To find your Drip account Client ID number and API Token, first login to your Drip dashboard.

Find your Client ID number within the URL of your Drip CRM dashboard:

Your Drip account Client ID number is located inside your Drip dashboard URL. 

To locate your API token, click on the 3 dot icon at the top right of your Drip dashboard and then select "User Setting" in the small popup that appears.

Scroll down to the bottom of the "User Info" page that loads to find your API Token:

To find your API Token, 1) Click on the 3 dot icon at the top right of your Drip dashboard, 2) Click on "User Setting", 3) Scroll down to the bottom of the User Info page that loads.

Yup, it really is that simple to connect your Drip CRM account in the Thrive Themes dashboard!

Read on to see how easy it is to connect your individual lead generation forms to Drip so you can collect all the new subscriber info you need to start creating powerful email marketing automations within your Drip dashboard.

Connecting Your Thrive Themes Lead Generation Forms with Drip

Note that the lead generation form connection process is the same whether you're using Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads or Thrive Quiz Builder. The screenshots below showcase the workflow in Thrive Leads.

Once you have a Lead Generation element loaded in your Thrive editor window, do the following:

  1. Click on the Lead Generation element, then...
  2. Click on the "Connect Form To Service" text that appears in the left sidebar:

Start connecting your lead generation form to Drip by 1) Clicking on the lead generation element in the Thrive Editor, 2) Then clicking on the "Connect Form To Service" text that appears in the left sidebar.

In the "Connect with service" popup lightbox that appears in your Thrive editor window, select the Drip option that now appears for you and click "Continue":

Select the Drip option that appears in the first "Connect with service" popup lightbox step.

Next, customize all the details your lead generation form will collect to send on to your Drip Account:

  1. Choose either "Add to Campaign" or "Record Custom Event" from the first dropdown menu. Note that the "Record Custom Event" option will allow you to setup custom event parameters for more advanced Drip CRM automations.
  2. Choose a Campaign from the second dropdown menu that's already been created in your Drip account dashboard. The Campaign you select is the list your new subscribers will be added to from this lead generation form.
  3. Type in any tags you want new subscribers of this form to get. If you want to add more than one tag, use commas to separate them.
  4. Finally, modify your Drip First Name Field and Last Name Field shortcodes (if needed) and then choose either Single optin or Double optin from the final dropdown menu. Selecting Double optin means that new subscribers must confirm their subscription after signup:

Setup the details you want to collect from your lead generation forms for your Drip account.

In the third step, select what fields you want your lead generation form to show, collect and send on to your Drip account:

Setup your form fields (Email is required, but Name and Phone Number is optional).

Finally, select your Post Opt-In Action by clicking one of the options in the last "Connect with Service" popup lightbox screen.

In Thrive Leads, you have 4 options to choose from:

  1. Reload the lead generation page
  2. Redirect to a Custom URL
  3. Show a success notification like: "Success! Thanks for signing up!"
  4. Switch popup states if you're using a Lightbox opt-in form (note that this fourth option is only available in Thrive Leads):

The last step: select your Post Opt-In Action. Thrive Leads Lightbox forms offer the 4 options shown above where Thrive Architect only offers the first 3 options.

For Thrive Architect lead generation forms, only the first 3 options are available to you.

Now click "Save" and your lead generation forms are ready to start collecting new subscribers and send the data over to your Drip CRM account!

Integrating Drip with Thrive Quiz Builder & Answer Based Tagging

Like I mentioned above, you can also connect your Thrive Quiz Builder lead generation forms to your Drip account.

The way to do this is identical to the Thrive Leads walkthrough shown above, but here's what's different...

First, you'll usually place your lead generation forms on the "Opt-in Gate" step of your quiz structure, but you can also include them on your Splash and Results pages if you need to:

You'll usually place your lead generation forms on the "Opt-in Gate" step of tour Thrive Quizzes.

Now, when it actually comes to connecting your lead generation forms to Drip from within Thrive Quiz Builder, the only difference is that you have just one Post Opt-In Action to choose from: "Go to next step in quiz".

The only difference to connecting lead generation forms to your Drip account in Thrive Quiz Builder is that you only have a single Post Opt-In Action to choose from!

That's right, all of the other campaign, tagging, custom form field and custom event shortcode options are the same to what I showed you above.

Just select the single Post Opt-in Action and click "Save" to finish.

TQB Answer Based Tagging for Drip Users

Now for the moment Drip users have been waiting for since we launched Answer Based Tagging as a feature in TQB back in 2017 for our ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft and Aweber integrations:

Answer Based Tagging in Thrive Quiz Builder is now up and running for our Drip integration too!

Here's how simple it is to set up Drip tags on your TQB Quizzes. First, find the Questions area of your Quiz Structure in your TQB dashboard:

Click on the "Manage" button in the Questions area of your TQB quiz.

Then, when you create each quiz question, simply 1) activate the "Tags" slider and then 2) apply any tags you want to your answers:

In the Edit Question lightbox that appears when creating a quiz question, 1) activate the the "Tags" slider and 2) apply your tags to your answers. A maximum of 5 tags can be added to each answer.

Now, when a visitor completes your quiz and becomes a subscriber, those unique answer tags — as well as any lead generation conversion tags you set up — will be applied inside your Drip campaigns:

Your Drip Campaigns can now receive TQB quiz Answer Based Tags associated specific subscribers!

With this awesome new feature, you'll be able to achieve much deeper segmentation in your Drip subscriber lists!

Using Tags & Custom Event Fields in Your Drip Automations

Now that you can apply conversion tags, TQB answer based tags and custom event fields to new subscribers — directly from your lead generation forms — you can now go hog wild when it comes to creating new email marketing automations in Drip.

Now that you can add tags and custom event fields to your new Drip CRM subscribers, you'll be able to use them as Triggers, Decisions and Actions in your Drip email marketing automations.

Not only will new subscribers be added to the exact Campaign you want, but the specific tags and shortcodes your quiz answers and lead generation forms collect can then be used as triggers, decisions and actions within your Drip email marketing automations.

How cool is that?!

Now It's Your Turn

Are you a Drip CRM + Thrive Themes combo user?

Give our new and improved Drip integration a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

by Matt  January 11, 2019


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  • Thanks Matt for demonstrating the TQB and Drip’s automations integration! That sparkled a few ideas on my head 🙂

    I don’t use the TL and Drip API integration because Drip will add the subscribers to my list, and I use double optin (meaning, if a new lead hasn’t confirmed their email I don’t want them added to my list – and will the API integration Drip will add them anyway). But the possibilities you showed with TQB look really awesome. Maybe I’ll find a turnaround for the not-confirmed subscriber problem (which Drip has told me is how their API is built).

    • Thanks for your comment Maricarmen! Our Drip integration does have a double opt-in set up feature in it for you. Good luck setting up your automations!

      • Thanks Matt! Yes, it does have the double optin feature, but that double optin only prevents the automations from getting started (until the person confirms). The person will still be added to my list as an active subscriber and then they’ll receive a broadcast (for instance) if I send it to all my subscribers.

        What I need is for Drip to NOT add the subscriber to my list until they confirm. This is not what happens with their API 🙁

      • Good point … Yes, I’d prefer for people to be added to the list only after they’ve double opted in

  • This is great guys. It would’ve been even better if it was possible to add subscribers to workflows as well as campaigns. I only use workflows. At least it will mean not having to create Drip forms any longer.

    • Hi Nick,

      Seems like a workflow can be triggered with either a form or when someone gets added to a campaign, so when you create your form in Thrive Leads or Quiz Builder, you can add the person to a campaign which will trigger the workflow.

  • Hello,
    Thanks for the explainer video. This is a much-needed update.
    But I’m a little confused.
    I don’t have the same options for form fields on my end. I only have email as a unique field in my form and I see:
    Custom Field
    Custom Field Value

    so I entered it like this
    Custom Field: ThriveEmail
    Custom Field Value: email

    Is this OK?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Laura, you’ll have to excuse my limited knowledge with Drip as I’m an ActiveCampaign user myself.

      I think I explained this incorrectly in the post. It’s a custom event field and custom event value for that field you can program in the updated integration.

      These custom events are things you can use in your workflows on the Drip dashboard.

      Sorry for the confusion on my part!

  • You also have an integration with the German email service Klick-Tipp, which is also tag based. Do you also plan to include Klick-Tipp with tag functionality in the future? Thanks.

    • Lars, Klick-Tipp is also in the pipeline…

      To anyone else reading this, if you’d like a KlickTipp integration of this sort, hit the thumbs up button on this comment and we’ll fast track it..

  • I just used this late last night creating a custom optin offer for an interview I was doing. THANKS Thrive People! — And @Matt 🙂

  • It’s great to have the ability to tag people based on individual answers … but … I’d like to simply have the final result, ‘Genius’ in the demo, to be tagged and transferred to Drip … eg to send the Genius specific mails related to the Genius status … not to individual answers.

    This doesn’t seem to be possible … or is there some other way that would allow doing this?

    • Hi Ines,
      I made a video that shows exactly how to do that here: at 15.29 min
      But the short version is:
      – Add the element “dynamic content” to your results page
      – Put the opt-in form in the dynamic content box
      – Now you can simply add a tag per result

      • Okay … we’ve been trying an opt-in gate … and then the results page so far … Is that why it wouldn’t work? … Should we skip the opt-in gate and create the dynamic content including the opt-in right on the results page?

  • Thanks Matt. If I understand correctly… it is enough to in the opt-in element to select just campaign and add tags? Is it necessary first (In Drip) to design campaign, form, and tags? or just campaign? I assume that Drip recognizes Thrives form and tags as entry point and trigger… for campaign?

    • Hi Duric, I believe the campaign has to be designed in Drip (so you can select it from within the lead generation form) , tags can be added via Thrive. Please have a look over this help article.

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