New Feature: 2-in-1 Connections for Email Marketing & Email Delivery

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In the latest version of the Thrive Leads plugin, we've made an improvement that makes integrating with email marketing and transactional email services a bit more convenient.

If you're wondering "what the heck does that even mean?!" watch the video for a brief explanation.​


Currently, the following services in our list offer email marketing and email delivery features within the same product:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Sendinblue
  • Sendgrid
  • Mailrelay
  • Mailchimp (requires a premium account)

Note that the setup process for activating the email delivery component is different for each service. In some cases, it's very simple and in some cases, it's a bit more involved. Please refer to the documentation of the specific service you're using, to get the setup right.

To learn more, here's a post about why email delivery services matter.

If your email marketing service is not listed above, don't worry. You can still set up reliable email delivery from your site by using a dedicated service. Providers such as Sparkpost, Mailgun and Postmark offer very generous free account levels for this purpose.

You can see a full list of email related services we integrate with on our integrations page.​

by Shane Melaugh  November 15, 2016


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  • So Should I subscribe to an email delivery service like sendgrid instead of using OVH or wordpress to send mails ?

    Thank !

  • Hi, thanks for all the great work. One quick question, do I lose out if I need to use an HTML form rather than an API connection, or do all Thrive features work with both? I can’t currently use API because I need a custom field in my form. This is for a normal signup with ActiveCampaign and nothing relevant to an email delivery service. Thanks!

    • Hi Paul,

      When you use the HTML form integration, you can’t control what happens after the signup (options like the thank you state are not available). You also can’t use an HTML integration for the content lock feature and you can’t use HTML forms for Signup Segue links. Those are the disadvantages the HTML integration has, compared to API.

  • I’m using Thrive Leads and Thrive Ovation. In order to utilize the 2-in-1 functionality using SendGrid, in addition to following the instructions in your video, is it necessary for me to install and activate the SendGrid WordPress Plugin? The SendGrid documentation is unclear about this, only indicating that “SendGrid’s WordPress plugin replaces WordPress’s default wp_mail() function by using either an SMTP or API integration with SendGrid to send outgoing email from your WordPress installation”.

  • Shane,

    So, even if Thrive Leads does not yet have API integration with SendBlaster email marketing, can I still use SendBlaster by pasting HTML into the Thrive Leads forms?

  • Hey Thrive people, do you guys have any plans to create an email marketing platform of your own? Something like a SAAS or even a self hosted solution like mailwizz or sendy? I would really be interested in seeing something like that from you, thanks!

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