New Opt-in Form and Landing Page Templates and a Complete Icons Set

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Santa is coming early this year...

In this article you'll discover our biggest templates bundle yet AND the free set of icons that goes along with this bundle.

Curious? Let me show you!


Thrive Leads Opt-in Form Templates

It's been a while since we released new Thrive Leads opt-in forms so I'm thrilled to show you these new templates!

Thrive Leads templates set 054

Set 054 available in Thrive Leads 

In the Thrive Leads templates cloud you'll now find a new set called "Set 54". We've added new templates in the following opt-in form types:

  • Ribbon
  • Slide-in
  • Widget
  • Lightbox
  • Screenfiller
  • Scroll Mat

Many of these templates are 2-step opt-in forms. This means that people will have to click a button first (this is a micro-commitment) before seeing the actual sign-up form.

On these forms, you'll have to edit both states of the form (the default state with the button and the next state with the sign-up form).

You can see how to do this at 2.23 min in the video.

A New Landing Page Set: Icons

In the same design style as the Thrive Leads opt-in form templates, we've also created a new landing page set. This will allow you to match the landing page with the opt-in forms on your site.

Icons Landing Page Set Included in Thrive Architect

This set contains:

  • A one-step lead generation page
  • A 2-step lead generation page with a lightbox triggered on click
  • A special offer page with a video and a countdown timer
  • A short text based special offer page with countdown timer
  • An expired offer page with lead generation
  • An expired offer page with a new offer

You can see the full set (and all of our other landing page sets included in Thrive Architect) right here.

But That's Not All... I Promised something HUGE: Free Icons Set

Okay... We went a bit overboard. We're also giving you hundreds of icons for FREE!

No strings attached. Simply download the zip-file. Unzip it on your own computer and use these icons in ANY project you like (the only thing we ask is to not sell these icons.)

In order to use the icons, upload them as images in the WordPress media library.

Free Icons Set - Comes in 6 different colors

All of the icons above come in 6 different colors (yellow, red, green, blue, teal and purple) and in 2 sizes.

This will make it super easy to create opt-in forms and landing pages that match your brand!

(Clicking this button with start the download of a zip-file to your hard drive)

And if you need some more design guidance, we had our designers write out the color codes that match the different icon colors... This document is included in the zip-file and will allow you to make the right color combination every single time.

Designer Color Guide - Included in the Icons Zip-file

As you can see, the combinations are almost endless!

Love it? Share it!

If you love this templates bundle and these free icons we would really appreciate you sharing it with your friends... After all, they might like some free icons too!

by Hanne  November 24, 2017


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  • Hello , Hanne , nice video

    Ok in the post you explain that we have many new icons to be able change the colour etc and there is a way to download the icons inside the post.

    I know to be able use the icons in my web site you have to do something tha is explained here :

    The problem is that i am trying to do all the setps and i am not able to do it when the icons are new and does not belong to icomoon page y

    ยฟCould you please make a video explaining al the sets to have to do for adding that new icons to the website because i am not able to do it and i guess many people either.

    • Hi Juan,

      While these are icons (as in designed illustrations) they are actually just images. So you load them on your site as images (not as SVG icons).
      Just unzip the file on your computer and upload them to your media library and use anywhere on your site.

      • Thanks i understand , but is possible in a future make a video with my proposal I would be very apoligize. Thanks, greetings from Spain.

  • Another awesome release, Hanne – thanks very much! Plus, your timing is always spookily aligned to what I’m working on. Very clever…

    • Yeah, I first asked our designer to give them (just so I could demonstrate in the video) but when I saw the document I thought it would be a pity not to share ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you like it Detlev!

    • I toI appreciate the color codes. Thank you, Hanne, a na your Thrive team. You guys always go above and beyond. I’m so grateful Gina and Jack told me about Thrive Themes. This is one of the best Internet investments I have ever made.

  • Beautiful! Thanks so much Hanne and the ThriveThemes team.

    When everyone else is saying “buy this,” without even bothering to explain what “this” is and what “this” will do for me, you presented this beautiful gift to us on Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

    Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes. Love you, guys!

  • I hope there are more local focused landing pages soon. So many of your sets are designed for list builders. I love your tools but having some more LOCAL offer landing pages would be amazing.

    • Hi Briyan, the templates are available through the plugins. The icons are images so those you would still have to download (and upload to your own media library)

  • Great Addition… Can these be loaded into the backend thrive so they are available to add directly without having to download and upload? Just a thought/idea

  • Great new icons! Thank you. And also great new Landing page templates. I’m not clear on where to go to get the new Thrive Leads templates. It says above that it’s Set 54 in the Thrive Leads templates cloud, but I’m afraid I don’t know where to find the Thrive Leads templates cloud. Can you please let me know? Thanks.

    • Hi,
      When you add a new opt-in form (like a ribbon) you’re presented with templates. You’ll find set 54 in there.
      So simply create the new opt-in form you’d like and you’ll see the template there.

      • @Hanne, hi
        I can’t figure out how to access this new set of opt-in forms. I have only Thrive Architect for now. Could you please explain step-by-step where exactly I should go to find these new light boxes 2-step optin forms? Thank you.

      • Hi Alla,

        The opt-in forms are for Thrive Leads, you need Thrive Leads in order to access them.
        For Thrive Architect, you have the opt-in form that comes with the landing page (the 2 step lead generation page) when you load this page you’ll find the lightbox under “Thrive Lightboxes” in your WordPress dashboard.

      • I also was looking around trying to find the thrive leads templates cloud when i stumbled across this thread … so i created a test thrivebox to check it out and i was able to find set 054. I expected that when i chose 054 it would open a set but it only selects one form for me …. no set …so i’m confused. screenshot
        also i find the whole thrive leads thing a little confusing …. lead groups, lead shortcodes, and lead thriveboxes. hoping there would be a tutorial video right there on the dashboard to explain the difference

      • Hi Brett,
        You selected a lightbox (a Thrivebox is a lightbox) so when you select set 054 is shows you the lightbox that’s included in set 54.
        If you want a ribbon, you go to a lead group and add a ribbon, then you’ll be able to select the ribbon design from set 54.

        Let me try to clarify the difference between these options:
        1. Shortcodes: this is when you create an opt-in form that you show with a shortcode. It should only be used if you have a specific opt-in form on a specific page. If you want the opt-in form on multiple pages, you would use a leadgroup.
        2. Thriveboxes: If you want a lightbox to pop-up when you click on an element (such as text or a button) a Thrivebox is the way to go.
        3. For any other use case, create a lead group. Lead groups will allow you to show different opt-in forms on you website or on specific categories etc.

        If you haven’t already, I suggest checking out the Thrive Leads Quick Start video. It will help you to get the most out of the plugin!

  • These are really nice icons, Hanne. Thank you.

    What would be even better is one of the colour sets in svg format.

    That way we could edit the colours in a vector graphics package to use our site’s own colours. I assume those files already exist, so that would be super.

    • Hi Mike,
      These are images, not SVG files. But you’ll see the Illustrator files are included so you could easily change the color to match your site.

  • Excellent. There was no black friday discount and the reasons are more than explained and well founded. Shane and the thrive themes team always surprise us. As Shane says, they are always adding something of value and this is proof of that.
    There is no such thing in competition. In my case, I have learned more in 2 months from having thrive architect than I had learned with other plugins. Every post in a way to learn and thrive university is undoubtedly my favorite.
    Thank you, Hanne.

  • Better than ANY “Black Friday, Next Friday, This Day” sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all rock socks. Hugs&Blessings. MamaRed.

  • I was thinking if Thrive Themes Membership could be the right fit for me but with this kind of stuff definitely it is ๐Ÿ˜€ In the next few days I’m gonna change from Divi Themes to Thrive Themes.

    By the way, when are you gonna deliver the A/B test landing pages? I guess it is the ultimate tool in any online marketing arsenal (if you do it no doubt you would become the # 1 WP theme solutions provider โ€”I mean itโ€”).



      • Please let us know as soon as it happens to take our online business to other level! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Thanks in advance,


    • Hey Carlos,
      Jeff here. I have used Divi since March 18, 2015. Divi gave me hope that making a great website was possible without wasting hours upon hours doing coding (I first started with iThemes and Genesis). I was running 2 small businesses and used Divi themes for the websites. Now my main site, is made with Divi, and I use Thrive for lead generation and all the other great Thrive features. Now, Divi is slow, and I can’t get the “preview” on the backend (I’ve lived with it for about 1 year now, don’t know what caused it, and I’ve tried most everything to get the backend preview back). Yes, Divi isn’t truly a front end builder. Divi is not conversion oriented. And it runs on short codes. Thrive is the best builder I’ve found, I’m not a designer, so Thrive can take the lead with some more templates or themes for basic use cases. My site is too big to change now (I only use 4-5 Divi pages, but don’t know if I can change the theme without breaking things), with over 130 almost auto-generated posts and over 100 pages, a wooCommerce shop and about 30 plugins! Best to you.

  • This is really well thought out.

    Not only is this a very nice Icon set, but the whole idea to have better graphics to enhance your site and make it really look professional, is the typical Thrive way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really like this development. Keep adding this kind new features.

  • Thank you soooo much! Your emails are the 1st I open and read ASAP… I love everything you provide to us. I feel so good being a part of your community. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ich bin รผberwรคltigt von diesem Angebot/Geschenk. Leider bin ich nicht mehr so schnell in der Umsetzung und benรถtige noch einige Zeit dafรผr. Doch auf jeden Fall werde ich damit experimentieren.

  • Rrrrr really great set of icons, thank you Hanne , Shane, everyone, you keep getting better and better with every new update : )

  • Another really useful addition to the members area.

    Can you share the names or contacts for your icon designers? Would love to see a set of icons that are specific to my niche

  • So this is probably a stupid question but Iโ€™ve been stuck in this fir months. So if I used thrive themes I would no longer need to pay monthly charges to have a pop up that collects emails? So does thrive integrate with mailchip or another service to collect the names? All of this is new too me so sorry for the uninformed question.

    • Hi Cassius,
      That’s right. If you have a WordPress website, you can use Thrive Leads to collect email addresses with MailChimp or a bunch of other email services.

  • Thank you very much, for me it’s hard to keep all the goodies in one place. De landing pages are within Architect but where can I find the icons and color palette?

    Sometimes I keep it in mind but spend a lot of time when I implement this later.

    Maybe I missed something and do you have a right workflow for me;-)

    • Hi Hendrik,

      You have to download those. They will be in a zip on your hard drive and then you can unzip and upload them to your media library.

  • Hi Hanna, may be I’m too dump to use this gift or this is just a bad joke from your site. I was told be your Support that with the newest update from Thrive Architect it’s not longer possible to add templates from the cloud. (Thrive Leads templates cloud)

    So, how can I use this Template-Set 054 now? The only way is to download the Icons and build a template myself?

    I’m curious…


    • Hi Reto,

      Our apologies, I saw that the support team misunderstood your first question. Let me try to clarify here.
      We have two different plugins (Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect) with different templates. The opt-in form templates (set 54) are part of Thrive Leads, you will not find the templates in Thrive Architect.

      What you will find in Thrive Architect are the Icon set landing pages (and the Thrive Lightbox that goes with the 2-step lead generation pages).

      If you have Thrive Leads installed, you’ll be able to access the opt-in form set 054.
      If you have only Thrive Architect you’ll have access to the icons set landing page.

      Hope this helps

  • Thanks Hanne. How did you make yourself appear in the circle and minimize yourself while you still were demonstrating the use of the application? Is there something in Thrive that make this capability happen?

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