Our Biggest Templates Bundle Yet With Free Icons Set

Santa is coming early this year...

In this article you'll discover our biggest templates bundle yet AND the free set of icons that goes along with this bundle.

Curious? Let me show you!


Thrive Leads Opt-in Form Templates

It's been a while since we released new Thrive Leads opt-in forms so I'm thrilled to show you these new templates!

Thrive Leads templates set 054

Set 054 available in Thrive Leads 

In the Thrive Leads templates cloud you'll now find a new set called "Set 54". We've added new templates in the following opt-in form types:

  • Ribbon
  • Slide-in
  • Widget
  • Lightbox
  • Screenfiller
  • Scroll Mat

Many of these templates are 2-step opt-in forms. This means that people will have to click a button first (this is a micro-commitment) before seeing the actual sign-up form.

On these forms, you'll have to edit both states of the form (the default state with the button and the next state with the sign-up form).

You can see how to do this at 2.23 min in the video.

A New Landing Page Set: Icons

In the same design style as the Thrive Leads opt-in form templates, we've also created a new landing page set. This will allow you to match the landing page with the opt-in forms on your site.

Icons Landing Page Set Included in Thrive Architect

This set contains:

  • A one-step lead generation page
  • A 2-step lead generation page with a lightbox triggered on click
  • A special offer page with a video and a countdown timer
  • A short text based special offer page with countdown timer
  • An expired offer page with lead generation
  • An expired offer page with a new offer

You can see the full set (and all of our other landing page sets included in Thrive Architect) right here.

But That's Not All... I Promised something HUGE: Free Icons Set

Okay... We went a bit overboard. We're also giving you hundreds of icons for FREE!

No strings attached. Simply download the zip-file. Unzip it on your own computer and use these icons in ANY project you like (the only thing we ask is to not sell these icons.)

In order to use the icons, upload them as images in the WordPress media library.

Free Icons Set - Comes in 6 different colors

All of the icons above come in 6 different colors (yellow, red, green, blue, teal and purple) and in 2 sizes.

This will make it super easy to create opt-in forms and landing pages that match your brand!

(Clicking this button with start the download of a zip-file to your hard drive)

And if you need some more design guidance, we had our designers write out the color codes that match the different icon colors... This document is included in the zip-file and will allow you to make the right color combination every single time.

Designer Color Guide - Included in the Icons Zip-file

As you can see, the combinations are almost endless!

Love it? Share it!

If you love this templates bundle and these free icons we would really appreciate you sharing it with your friends... After all, they might like some free icons too!

Author: Hanne Vervaeck

Hanne knows exactly what companies have ever retargeted her (she keeps an updated file). And when she’s not busy discussing high-level funnel design over cocktails with the equally geeky, you’ll find her discovering a place for the first time

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