The Next Step in the Evolution of Thrive Architect

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In the latest version of Thrive Architect, we've included a brand new feature that will become central to how our templates and landing pages will evolve in 2019: global button styles.

Check out the video to see how this feature can save you a lot of time and to discover the possibilities global styles and global colors will open up in the near future.


The New Style Panel

Update Thrive Architect and you'll find this new Style Panel in the sidebar, when you select a button:

Here is where you can save the styles you've applied to a button as a Global Style. You can also click on the style selector to apply any previously saved global styles to the current button:

When you are currently working on a Global Button, you will also see the relevant options in the style panel:

  • Edit Global Style
  • Unlink Button
  • More: Rename & Delete

The logic of how you can save, apply, unlink and edit Global Styles on a button is the same as you're already used to from our Global Colors and Symbols features.

For detailed instructions on how all of the Global Style features work, watch the video above and read this knowledge base article.

The Start of Something Big

With Global Colors, Global Gradients, Symbols and now Global Button Styles, we are building the foundation of something big. Something that's never been done on WordPress before.

All of these features have the goal of helping you customize and personalize pages, funnels and even your entire website, without having to do the same things over and over again.

It's about creating your site, your way, in as few steps as possible. And it's about rapid implementation and iteration, so you can keep improving, without every step being a huge redesign project.

We'd love to know your thoughts about this new feature and about the direction we're heading in. Let us know by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  December 18, 2018


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  • Ever since the introduction to Symbol and subsequently Global Color, Header & Footer, the global Button is no doubt another awesome
    new feature!

    Never a sense of regret to be a Thrive member for more than a year now!

  • I LOVE IT! …but I am getting a little scared though, Shane. Just last week we had to go through and modify a lot of buttons on one site and will be doing the same on other sites soon. It’s like, you saw my pain and answered my prayers!! LOL

    ALWAYS Brilliant updates and, without exception, Thrive is the very best tool in my kit. I enjoy using it daily 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, Kevin!

      You’re not the only one facing these struggles, for sure. The timing may have been uncanny for you. 🙂

  • I think most of us are thinking, “So, where’s Theme Builder?” and how does this release relate to that?

    Also, it would be great if Thrive Architect could be opened up a bit to external developers so we could make our own widgets. Right now, the current set feels limited.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jonathan.

      Theme Builder is still in progress and the functionality shown here is, of course, an important part of it as well.

    • That’s what we were going for, yes. It will be even more awesome once we start rolling out templates with this functionality built in. 🙂

  • Awesome, Shane! A brilliant addition to Templates and Symbols. I can’t wait to see where else Global Styles show up in the coming months.

  • Great job! This makes editing several instances of elements across your whole site much faster. Great addition to symbols, which are also very handy. Nice to see how Thrive keeps innovating, good job!

  • A real time saver! I just need to find the time to “learn” it and then use it everywhere. Am praying for the update that says you can just beam this into our brains…

    • As we move forward and build this into our templates, there will also be less learning necessary. At least, that’s one of our goals.

  • Great Development. I like the “global” direction as well. It will make it easier to have better coordination of the look of pages or even a whole website.

    • Yes, that’s what we’re aiming for. Having good design consistency makes a site much more professional looking and we’re building the tools to make that possible for anyone, without having to learn CSS.

  • Love this feature, Shane! I absolutely love everything about Thrive Themes including the communications and your invitation for our feedback! Thanks for all you do!

  • Thrive continues to respect the DIY solopreneur, who doesn’t want to be a web developer and has sizable time constraints. These little time savers really add up and your ongoing commitment to simple, timesaving ‘hacks’ is noticed and greatly appreciated, Shane, et al.

  • I have been waiting for a WP page builder to implement class based styles for a long time. Can’t wait to see the theme builder you’re working on.

  • It’s like you are engaged in a faustian struggle to recreate the platonic idea of the visual content manager. The visual content manager as it was in the mind of God at the beginning of creation.

    Any news on the faustian struggle that leads to the release of Thrive Theme Builder 1.0?

  • I love anything and everything thrive… Can’t get enough. Both the products and the integrity with which you run your business. Thank you for this and so much more. Can’t wait for the new theme builder. Any updates on that timeline?

  • Great new factor! I am sure many will find this video useful. If your web page is going to have lots of buttons this ​makes so much sense. Thank you Shane!

  • This is awesome! The only thing I wish is that now with Global features, I have to go back and update all the buttons I currently have all over the website. I own 5 different websites, so this will take quite some time. Same with content templates I wished were symbols.

    I wish there was an easier way to update current buttons and content templates into these symbols or global functions.

    For us that have been using thrive for a while, its a problem we face when something cool and better gets updated. We have to go work on all the stuff we previously worked on.

    But, otherwise, this is great Shane and the Thrive Themes Team! Thank you for your hard work and continued dedication to advancing your tools!

  • It’s a great feature but not really ‘global’ until we can easily change the colour of footers.

    As a non-developer It’s the ONLY thing I find really frustrating about Thrive Themes (that and the forum which is not searchable in ‘private threads’ so I can’t find out how to do the css change to the footer. Can you knock up a quick video on this please so we can change our footer colours easily? Or am I just looking in the wrong places?).

    Or could we have a workaround to customise the default theme colours by having a ‘white’ option, so at least there is less of a colour clash with our new global colours?

    Or will the answer be in the Theme Builder I’ve seen mentioned in the comments?

    Everything about Thrive is very Mauricio Pochettino except for this – it’s much more Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

  • Awesome update! I build also with Divi but thrive was my very first all in one stack and so happy with those new updates. Is it possible to use global setting with time/date settings? I want to show every month 3 new deals on my website and want make them in advance. So a 3 column global pricingtable would be amazing:-)

  • More good changes, thank you.

    One particular addition I would like to see on the actions list would be having the ability to make sections on a page to disappear after being displayed for a certain length of time.

    Particularly if you want people to take action within a time frame (evergreen), and then having the button or link vanish when the timer reaches zero.

    I have been through all the tutorials and cannot see any mention of this option. If anyone knows how to do this within Thrive Architect then I would appreciate knowing how to do this. 🙂

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