Make Your Site Smart With Global Fields

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Making a conversion focused website is one thing... Keeping it up to date is a whole other beast.

How confident are you that you can quickly change your address or phone number EVERYWHERE on your site? 

If you're like most entrepreneurs, your answer is probably: "Not very!" or "That would take me a couple of hours."

That's the exact problem we're solving with Global Fields.

Watch the video for a full tutorial on what it is and how to use it!


Your Data Centrally Stored

In order to use global fields on your site, you need to enter your data (you'll only have to do this once!)

Go to Thrive Dashboard >> Smart Site

From there you can fill out the existing fields and add additional ones if you'd like.

Call the Data With Global Field Shortcodes

Don't worry, you won't have to copy/past shortcodes! We've made it extremely easy for you to insert them.

Whenever you want to insert Global Field Data on your page, add a text element and click on the "insert shortcode" button located in the font options top bar.

There you'll be able to select the group and the field you want to insert on the page.

You'll immediately see the right information on your page and now you'll be able to style it exactly the way you want.

Add Global Field Links to Elements

But what if you want to link an icon, a button or an image to one of your Global Fields? You can do that too!

Add global field link to element
  1. If necessary, click the "add link" toggle to turn it on.
  2. Select the dynamic link option
  3. Select Global Fields and then the field you want to insert.

Of course, in this case, the text of the Global Field will not be displayed, but the link will be applied.

What Makes Global Fields Different From Symbols?

Good question!

The big difference between Global Fields and Symbols is the styling options.

In a Global Field, only the information gets stored, not the styling of the information.

This means that you can add a Global Field in different spots on your website and style each instance to match the page but when you change the information, all styling will stay and only the text or link will change.

A Symbol stores information + styling which means that you can not have 1 symbol with different styles applied. 

Pop quiz time!

If you want to add your address in your landing page footer, on your about page and in your terms and conditions page you would use a...

Global Field

If you want to add a "Guarantee box" to several sales pages and have the option to change the guarantee conditions centrally you would use a...  


Great! Happy we agree.

Global Fields & Smart Landing Pages

Global Fields are part of Smart Landing Pages.

When you load a Smart Landing Page template, you'll see that our designers already inserted certain Global Fields on the page (such as social links, disclaimer links, etc.).

This will make life even easier for you! Now, when you customize your landing page, starting from a Smart Landing Page template, you already have your basic information on the page.

Such a time saver, right?

But that's only one of the 6 features that make these landing pages so smart! Check out the other features here (my absolute favorite is the color algorithm!)

Which Global Fields Will You Use?

Now it's your turn, let us know in the comments below how you'll make the most out of these Global Fields. Found a smart way to use this feature? Share it with the rest of us in the comments below.

by Hanne  August 14, 2019


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  • Always thinking to make the experience better, faster and less annoying that other page builders! Kudos to the Thrive Themes team

  • Global fields I will be using:

    The social profile links for now.

    But I hope to see support for dynamic data/custom post types/custom post fields in architect.

    • Yes there definitely is 🙂 We’ve started with this based on the templates we think are best but if you have a specific one in mind, please do let us know!

      • That’s good news.
        I’m thinking of all of them! 😉
        Seriously though, I guess start with lead magnet and sales pages, as they’re most likely to be used by most people?

        Another thought: add a content template (sorry, forgot what they’re called) with the relevant smart content fields already in place, so we can add them quickly into our pre-existing pages?

  • Nice feature! Can you remove the “required” field though? Ex: Address line 1 and Zip/Postal Code. Or is there a reason I’m “required” to provide these? Thanks!

      • Yes, I have the same issue. We are in Germany. Addresses are written in a different order than in the US: Street, House number, Zip Code, City, Country. So if you would remove the required field, we could adjust it so the address fits the German standard.

  • This “Make Your Site Smart With Global Fields” article is literally superb and the feature is super amazing thanks a lot thrive themes for this Global Fields Feature.

  • Hello, I would like to use the global fields in my html-designed emails. Are there also HTML-compatible shortcodes for the global fields? Greetings Bernd

  • {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}