Sensitive Niche? We’ve Got New Testimonial Templates for You

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In the last update we added an option to remove the image capture box from your testimonial capture forms.

But this led to another problem.

That gray circle guy was making it impossible for imageless testimonials to look nice on your website.

​You know who I mean.


←That guy.

He’s the guys no one invited to the party, but he always turns up anyway.

You asked us for a way to kick him out...

Thanks again for all the insights! On another note . . . please create some "no image" options for some of the Ovation templates . . . . please!!! :=)


And we listened.

In the latest update of Thrive Ovation we’ve designed multiple imageless templates in a range of display formats.

Now if you have a sensitive product or service, or you’ve imported testimonials from another source and don’t happen to have images, you can still have beautifully designed testimonials throughout your site.

Finally, no more anonymous gray circle guy getting in the way of your social proof!

Make sure to update your Thrive Ovation Plugin in your WordPress Dashboard to get access to the new templates.

We hope you like the new templates, and if you have any questions or feature requests, leave a comment below!

by Stephanie K  November 17, 2016


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  • (1) Thanks for the new templates. They’re really useful, because as an alternative to “testimonials”, they can be repurposed as “mission statement”, etc.
    (2) I suggested to Shane on his Thrive Ovations webinar last month that this feature be added: an automatic notification whenever someone fills out and sends the testimonial capture form (so that we can immediately respond). Shane acknowledged the value of this type of alert and promised that the Notification feature in the Thrive Dashboard would be updated ASAP . Has this been done yet?

    • Hi Stan,

      We’re working on that feature at the moment, so hopefully it should be ready in one of the next few updates 🙂

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