How to Use Thrive Architect to Export and Import Website Content in Record Time

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Updated on August 2, 2022

If you’ve ever had to move individual posts or pages from one website to another, then you know how much of a drag it can be.

As a small business owner, consultant, or content creator handling everything on your own, this process can quickly become tedious and time-consuming, taking your attention away from other important aspects of your business.

In our latest video, Christine shows you how to use the Import/Export Content feature in Thrive Architect to easily move your post and page content from one website to the next - in record time.

By the end of the video, you’ll know how to:

  • Export post and page content from your old website,
  • Save your export as a ZIP file, and
  • Upload it to your new website.

… eliminating the frustration of having to copy-paste text, re-upload images and rebuild content designs when reproducing content on a new website!

Read on to learn more.


Meet the Import/Export Content Feature

The Import/Export Content feature is a handy Thrive Architect tool that allows you to export posts and pages from one WordPress site to another — in just a few clicks.

It's powerful because it eliminates the need to rebuild content element-by-element. The Import/Export Content feature maintains all your content images, designs and mobile responsive tweaks in the transfer — while inheriting the color and typography settings of the new site!

This is an ideal tool to use for:

  • Migrating content during a major website renovation project,
  • Copying content to use as a template, or
  • Creating an easily accessible, already formatted backup of your content in your own archives.

Now, while you can opt for simply copying and pasting a wall of text from one website to another, if your pages contain complex content like lists, blocks, and images - manually recreating these pages or posts will take a lot of time and clicks to complete.

The Import/Export Content tool frees you from this stressful process by helping you save, store, and move your content in a matter of seconds. Less headaches, and more progress!

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the Import/Export Content feature for different pages, take a look at this post from our Knowledge Base here.

Importing Content Has Never Been So Smart!

But, the best thing about this feature?

When you import your page or post content into a new website, the content will automatically inherit the color and typography settings of the new website!

That means after the content import is complete, there’s nothing for you to change, tweak, or fix.

You’ll be blown away by how quick and simple this process is.

Note to Reader:

When we first released this feature, only the page or post content could be exported. Sections like the header, sidebar, and footer would not be exported as they were part of and controlled by a user's website’s theme. But now, you can export an entire landing page - headers, footers, etc. included! You can learn more here.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Importing and exporting your website content doesn’t have to be a painful task, and that’s why we created this feature. Now, you can breeze through the process of moving content between websites, or simply just save your important posts or pages as a Zip file for future use.

In fact, this process is so quick and simple, Christine shows you how to do it in less than 2 minutes! It’s that fast.

Give it a try yourself and let us know in the comments how long it took you.

by Chipo  April 22, 2022


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  • Is it possible to export Apprentice courses and/or lessons/modules? I’m planning to add a sub-domain, and need to transfer some of the same content over to that site. Thanks for all these cool new features!

  • Hi. Do you plan to activate the export of forms from Thrive Leads? It would be extremely useful to transfer a form from one website to another one.

    • Hi Giovanni,

      You’ll be seeing more and better exporting functionality in the future. Thrive Leads is part of the export functionality we’re working on improving.

  • My export zip file was automatically unzipped. I zipped it up and then tried to import it. It failed with the message: This archive does not seem to be generated from Thrive Architect – unable to find the config file.

    • Sounds like you’re using Safari which sometimes automatically unzips files…
      To fix this: In the menu bar, go Safari -> Preferences. In the “General” tab, uncheck “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”. This will stop Safari from automatically unzipping the files.

  • Is the export/import function also working between different licenses of Thrive Architect and WordPress? (if you do work for a client for example)

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