Import/Export Feature for Custom Landing Pages in Thrive Architect

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Updated on September 23, 2020

Since the release of Thrive Architect, we've started rolling out new templates and tutorials on a regular basis and we've gotten a very positive response from our users.

One of the features available in Thrive Architect is the option to export custom designed landing pages, so you can import them on other websites. So that's exactly what we created!


Watch the video for a quick demonstration of the whole process. You'll see how you can load a landing page, make custom changes to it and then apply your very own landing page on a different website.

Quick Thumbnails for Your Custom Templates

To make a quick screengrab of your new template , I recommend using one of these tools (both free):

Usually, I zoom out on the page, so that I don't have to resize the image after taking it. Simply press the Ctrl key and use the + and - keys or the scroll-wheel to zoom in and out in your browser.

We hope you enjoy this feature! If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

For help with the use of this feature or technical issues, please let us know in the support forum.


by Shane Melaugh  February 13, 2018


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  • Shane, you guys have outdone yourselves….again! Thrive gets better and better every day. In a world of vendors that seem to disappear shortly after purchase, you guys keep throwing benefit upon benefit on your customers. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much, Mark! I know what you mean about the mysteriously disappearing vendors. Had a few issues like that myself as well.
      At Thrive, we’re far too busy building more features and products to disappear, though. 🙂

  • Hurray! I’ve been dreading having to copy and paste a couple of customized and time consuming landing pages one step at a time.

    I was ready to clone an entire site and then delete all the pages down to the landing page to avoid doing this.

    You made my day Shane and team! Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for adding new features. I’m a relatively new member, but it shows me that I made the right decision buying ThriveThemes.

  • Really cool feature! I’m a new annual member with multiple websites and I was just wondering if I could import a custom LP template. I was about to go to the forums and knowledge base to find out to go about doing it when I received your email informing us of this. It’s like you’re reading my mind! Thanks, and this is why I chose as opposed to your competition, you guys are constantly innovating and evolving. Great Job!

    • Thank you very much, Ronny! We love doing the mind-reading thing around here, as you’ll see with more future updates. 🙂

  • Great feature. But it would have been even cooler if you can export a standalone page that can be uploaded using FTP to any server that didn’t have thrive themes installed. I would love to be able to build landing pages for people using thrive themes and then be able to upload them to a server.

    • Hi Eddy,

      That goes quite a lot further than what we’ve done here. I can’t promise that we’ll ever go in a direction like that.

    • The new features are awesome – I appreciate all that is happening with the great tools at Thrive.

      I agree with Eddy though, I would love to see an export to html feature also!!

      There are times when you really don’t want a whole WordPress installation, especially when you have a high traffic page.

      It would be super handy to be able to export a landing page to html so that the page could be used stand alone. It would save server resources, when you have a high traffic campaign going.

      Please, please, pretty please consider this feature request! Thanks Shane 🙂

  • It’s pretty amazing to see how much value and new features you are putting into an already great product. This saves so much time and just being able to pull up ready made custom templates is really awesome and will cut serious time of website development. Awesome work guys!

  • Hey Shane, it’s not Christmas yet, isn’t it!
    Great work, I’d like to suggest a higher membership fee 🙂
    Thanks for your never ending passion in making WordPress the best CMS.

    • Thank you very much for your motivating comment, Christoph!

      Higher membership fees are coming soon (not for existing members, though).

    • Thanks for your comment, Gary. Jing is a great little tool. A bit slow, sometimes, but definitely a great tool to have.

  • Great new feature! One day earlier would have been even greater. 😉
    I saw the option, but didn’t know how to use it.

    I now managed by copying the HTML-code from the Content Builder on one site to the CB on the other site. I was happy anyway, because although I had to make some ajustments (mainly to the colours), it saved me a lot of time.

    But this is much, much better!! So thanks!

  • Well done, Shane, Paul & the whole Thrive team. Been anxiously waiting for this one for a while, so great move on your part. And thanks for all the constant improvements and additions you keep rolling out – that’s rare and a credit to your high standards.

    • Perhaps that is “in the works”. I notice that was registered by Shane a little more than a year ago. In the meantime, we could use some file sharing site that includes thumbnail images.

  • This feature was the one thing I preferred about OP2 vs. TCB. Now TCB has the export/ import feature I am well chuffed 🙂
    Just to confirm, this could be any custom page built and saved using TCB right? It doesn’t have to be a landing page, does it?

    • Thank you very much, Scott!

      The import/export feature only works for landing pages, as we only have information about the entire page when you’re using a landing page. When you’re editing content in the content area of your theme, we can’t export all the related information for that page.

    • Just update the plugin to the latest version (you can do this directly in the wp-admin plugins list) and you’re good to go!

  • Shane, there is one thing that I miss from Thrive Content Builder that would make it truly amazing. Right now, it is the absolute best way to easily build individual pages. But it doesn’t lend itself to being a full website builder, for this simple reason: There is no “page type” structure. Let me explain what I mean:

    The process most website building companies use is to
    1) Create wireframes on paper or some wireframe program
    2) Build “page types” based on those wireframes
    3) Create page instances based on those page types

    For example, let’s say I want to have a page type called “Feature Page Type”. Based on this, I build 10 “Feature Pages”.

    In the future, if I want to change the structure of my “Feature Pages”, I can then simply edit the “Feature Page Type”, and all 10 of my feature pages will be changed accordingly.

    This addition, although a pretty big change in the structure of your software I would imagine, would take it to the next level and make it compete at an enterprise level. I hope you consider this suggestion. Let me add also that I still love Thrive Content Builder, the only problem is that I want to be able to use it as my full website builder tool and not just build individual pages, and this would really let me do that! Thanks

    • Hello Yusuf,

      The use you’re talking about here would be in the domain of a theme more than landing pages. That’s what page templates in a theme are about.

      I’m not sure if it’s reasonable to extend the functionality of TLP to this degree. At that point, we’d have a CMS as a plugin for a CMS.

      Also (and this is my main concern), to make this really flexible, it would have to have a ton of options and it would turn into a developers-only kind of tool, which isn’t what we’re aiming to do with TLP.

  • This is a very useful and time saving new addition. Just a week ago, I submitted this feature as a request and now it’s here. I’ve been developing for 5 years and Thrive provides the best in class products. You’re spoiling us Shane 🙂

    • That’s what we do, Tim. 🙂

      I’m glad we could provide a much needed feature for you, with this update.

  • Wow Wow Wow !!! I can’t believe how awesome are you and your product. You are spoiling us and making us lazy. hahaha lol.

    Thanks Shane and team for this awesome update. I am curious to know the answer of two questions

    1. Is there any new plugin you are thinking to release it (if you have any plan for it). If the answer is yes than i am looking towards it.

    2. When we are able to import and export the blog page or other page (excluding Landing page) as it is on other site (if possible).

    You guys rocks !

    • Hello Sanjay,

      Thanks for your comment!

      1) We have many plugins lined up, yes. 🙂
      We also have several large improvements and changes to existing plugins planned. There will be at least one new plugin release this year and many more updates.

      2) We have a plan to enable “content templates” and when we create those, we will probably add an import/export feature as well (assuming we can make it work, technically).

  • Hi Shane,
    I’m using Thrive Themes Version 1.101.11 on a Mac with the latest OS. The export does not appear to be a zip file, and therefore won’t import onto the new site. Is this a known issue ? Thanks.

    • Hello,

      You can’t import a template from just any website, but you can re-create almost anything you see on any website, using Thrive Landing Pages.

      • Wait, is there a way to do this for normal pages you’ve customized? I just realized the page I want to save and replicate is not a landing page, it’s just a regular page I’ve customized using the TCB…

  • This is outstanding! I used this feature today. Worked flawlessly.
    Thank you for continuing to push for excellence, and delivering on it!

  • Awesome new feature – thank you!

    I would love to see an export to html option in thrive landing pages. There are times when a full WordPress installation is not feasible for just one page.

    If there were an export to html feature, a stand alone page would solve the server load issues at high traffic times.

    Please please, pretty please consider this feature, Shane 🙂

  • Such amazing, innovative products time and time again from Shane and his equally amazing, innovative crew. One of the greatest things about Thrive Themes products is that they’re constantly chipping away how much time it takes to implement their ingenius ideas!

  • Sounds like a great feature. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I have the latest version and the export feature is not there. There is an import feature but that’s completely useless without the export feature.

  • Hi Shane, you response to @Yusuf H makes sense; however, I wonder if it would be possible to allow page elements, for example, a CTA with button to be saved as re-usable template? As it is, only entire pages can be re-used on another page or site. Just something to consider; we noticed Beaver Builder provides both page and element level templates. Thanks, TCB is awesome 😉

  • Hey Shane,
    Any progress on providing the ability to export/import regular pages that were edited with the Content Builder? I’d appreciate even having the ability to export individual items that are on a page. If it’s not imminent, can you clarify what’s different about a page that was NOT started from a landing page template originally? Thanks!

  • This doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have all the plugins and am using the minus theme. I created a page from scratch (didn’t load a landing page template). I can save the page as a template but can’t seem to load it from anywhere.

  • Hi, I can’t see the video explaining this feature. Also from the last comments I’m worried if the export HTML feature is still available… This is key in making our choice to purchase. Please let me know if it works and if we can export LP’s to HTML to work as a stand alone on our websites. Thanks

  • Hey! I’m recently edit my Home page using Thrive Theme and Choose a Landing Page Template. On Home page all my menus are disappeared how i can get them back using Landing page.!! Help.

    • We don’t have an option to export to an HTML file. Can you explain the use case for exporting to an HTML file?

      • I agree with Samantha regarding high traffic, especially sites that have lots of plugins (especially membership sites).

        Sure, one workaround is to set up a subdomain that essentially only has Thrive installed – but the HTML would be nice also.

        Another use case is page load speed — sure Thrive landing pages load pretty fast, especially if cached, but a flat HTML loads even faster – especially for mobile.

        Final use case – there are just some folks who hate WordPress but want landing pages… for them, I’d just make the page in Thrive, export to HTML and then install on their non-WordPress sites.

      • Thank you for your comment, Megan.

        I don’t know if this is something that we can fit in our roadmap anytime soon, but I’ve noted it as a request. I do see the utility such a feature could have. 🙂

    • Hello,

      No, this isn’t possible. The problem with posts is that they don’t only have a single post view, they are also displayed in various index views (such as the blog, related posts widgets etc.). Overriding a post with a landing page template would cause some problems in these index views, which is why that’s not an option in Thrive Landing Pages.

  • Using the landing page features in Theme Builder, I have been unsuccessful in exporting a page created by a theme by another vendor to a landing page. Theme Builder appears to have no features that enables us to get to any of the elements in even a plain page from some other the other theme.

    And yet, Theme Builder shows up as an editing option on all of the pages of another theme.

    It appears that Theme Builder creates a layer that is superimposed on an original page created with even the default editor in WP.

    And, within theme builder, it is impossible to save a page from another theme as template. Likewise, it is not possible to export it.

    What”s up here, Shane?

  • Seriously guys? This is awesome! You really deserve more attention for what you have to offer. I’ll be recommending this to anyone making landing pages with multiple sites.

    Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      Yes that still works, but you have to be on a page with a landing page on it for it to appear. So you can either import a blank landing page and start building yours from scratch or you can choose a template, customize it and then export it.

  • helo… I am trying to download the About page as a template for my blog ( from the video you have) and it appears this message… This archive does not seem to be generated from Thrive Visual Editor – unable to find the config file. Any thoughts???

    • Hi Adriana,
      you probably have zipped it by your own, because you downloaded it with Safari. Go and try it with Chrome or Firefox and you’ll get a zip-format directly in your downloads. The difference is that the downloaded zip-file still has some 3MB, while the apple zip only has a couple KB. Somehow the importer of ThriveArchitect can’t handle it.
      Hope this helps.

  • All looks good Shane, good to have export/import, but, i watched your video ten times, and it still doesn’t work for me as per your video! I think you skipped a few steps, thinking we all know what we are doing, anyways is there another tutorial on how to do this, as not having any success, thanks

  • Shane this is an awesome feature! Loving the progress of this. I was wondering if this also works to export and import a page that is not a landing page, but has the style of the homepage style?

    • Hi Kenneth,

      We do have some homepage templates in Thrive Landing Pages, which you can import and export. For content that is created inside your theme and not as a landing page, we don’t have an import/export feature yet.

      • Shane I would also LOVE the feature mentioned above, to be able to save a page created within my theme and import it to a completely new site.. Love TCB !!

      • The feature that I would most like to see in this space is the ability to export a regular page built with Thrive Architect as a landing page template and then of course to build a landing page simply by importing the template and modifying the resultant page. This would save me hours and hours of work.

  • Hello Mike,

    We don’t have an option to retain your theme header and footer on our landing page templates yet. We are working on a header/footer feature to be released soon, though.

  • I don’t get a zip file when I download it keeps unarchiving it automatically and I don’t have the zip file

    • Hello Kenny,

      This sounds like a problem at the level of your browser or operating system. I don’t know what causes this, but you basically have to prevent your operating system from automatically unzipping the file.

  • Can’t import zip file WordPress Multisite is saying zip format is not supported. Any way to solve this? I tried a plugin but .zip is not one of the filetypes? I’m assuming my hosting provider might be able to allow zip file uploads?

  • Hey guys, I just watched this video re export landing page but my Thrive Architect looks different than the video. Did something change in the layout after this video? I can’t figure out how to export my landing page. Thanks

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