Introducing the New Thrive Dashboard

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When we started Thrive Themes, our goal was to provide WordPress themes and plugins with a focus on marketing and conversion features. As we started building more tools and features for you, we realized that there's a greater goal we need to work towards... and today, we unveil the first step towards this greater goal.


One Dashboard to Rule them All

An immediate benefit of the new Thrive Dashboard is that there's less clutter in your WordPress admin area. We're not quite there yet, but we're moving towards the goal of having everything Thrive related under that one single menu item in wp-admin.

However, that's just the start. The bigger reason we created this Thrive Dashboard is because our goal is to provide you with an entire, cohesive suite of marketing tools for your WordPress website.

We envision a future where you no longer need to create a fragile patchwork of dozens of plugins from as many different vendors, struggling with compatibility issues and limited feature sets. Instead, we want to provide tools for all the major marketing tasks for your online business. And they won't only be cross compatible, they will also talk to each other, so that you can apply intelligent actions in one tool based on things that happened in a different one.

Like I said in the video, the dashboard is only a first small step in this direction. Over the coming months, we'll be extending this dashboard for you and you'll see our vision gradually come to life.

For now, let us know what you think of the new changes!


P.S.: To learn more about some of our changes, you can read about the new API integrations dashboard.

by Shane Melaugh  January 20, 2016


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  • Love the vision – Thrive is already so far ahead of everyone else in this respect (integrated features and release of new enhancements) so I’m expecting great things.

  • You guys are awesome. I hope all the great improvements you make will always be included in the price for customers who purchased TCB and Thrive Leads.

    • Thank you, Giovanni! We’ll keep providing free updates to existing customers, yes. For totally new functionality and new products, you’ll have to be a Thrive Member to get them at no extra cost, though.

  • One direct I’d love you guys to take on is something similar to deadline funnel.

    In terms of evergreen expiring links, timers that display the same stuff on all devices etc.

    I don’t know if this is something you’d ever do but I think it would be so great as thrive tool

      • This is great news Shane! I also feel the need for a timer plugin. If it its from Thrive, then it will for sure be the best out there!
        As always, super happy to be a customer. Thanks for being awesome 🙂

  • Great update Shane and team! It’s very elegant, much more streamlined and organized, and just makes plain sense. Good move! Bravo on the release and this post as well. Very professional. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  • Shane, you’re awesome. Enjoying the communication, management, professionalism, execution, and customer experience. Can’t wait to update my plugins. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you, Chad! I’m just as excited and looking forward to introducing the next additions that are coming for the dashboard. 🙂

  • This is a great update and I love it. Thank you!

    I have been wanting to ask this for a long time …. and here we go: I have been using a pricing calculator plug in on my website and I really do not like the way it looks and works, especially on a TCB page. Would consider adding something similar to this: It would work really well inside a TCB page.

    • Thanks for your comment, Felix.

      Looking at the example, I think this would most likely be part of a form builder plugin. This is something we have on the roadmap, but it’s pretty far down the line. It will take a while before we get around to building something like this.

      • Thanks Shane. Good to know you have thought about it even if it is far from being implemented.

  • Shane, thank you for the heads up about these updates.
    I’m extremely impressed with you guys there at Thrive Themes, you guys, and gals (you too Hanne 🙂 ) rock!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work, I’m hooked.

  • LOVE it! I saw this yesterday and was thrilled with it! SO exciting.
    I have officially canceled 3rd party landing page accounts. #ThriveOnly

  • So Exciting! I have become a ‘Thrive Exclusive’ provider.. I do branding/web design for individuals and small businesses and this is why I will only use Thrive for Client Projects!! Thank you Shane! I see your vision and it is definitely needed!!

    • Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you very much. And of course, we aim to make your job easier and better as we add more to the Thrive toolbox. 🙂

  • Just when I thought I’ve seen it all you guys take ThriveThemes up another notch. These continual improvements only confirms my decision to purchase your product as one of my best financial and business purchases of 2015. Keep up the awesome work ThriveThemes Team.

    • Thank you very much, Alfred! That’s high praise and we’ll continue working hard to live up to it. 🙂

  • I think I see where the Thrives Themes team is going with this and I loved it. Thanks Shane! Just the process of having it in one central dashboard and being able to license all products in one entry, is already a huge time saver. Excited to see more!

  • Hey Shane, Awesome improvement as always.

    I have what I feel would be a great idea for you.

    I use the CTR theme as you can find here:

    Now, let me tell you. I’d rather not use it because I can’t customize it hardly at all and I can’t use it with your content builder.

    Here’s why. It’s an adsense theme that rotates the ads to stop ad blindness. It works really well, the CTR’s are super high.

    So, if you could ad an adsesne function to your content builder that would be beyond awesome.

    Here’s what my request would be.

    You make so that it would place adsesne in the hot spots and change the ad placement each time it refreshes to help with ad blindness.
    But, this way it would work with your content builder and I would be a happy camper.

    You could make the ad boxes accept any code including opt in and that way we could get our opt ins or other ads right in front of them too.

    If you do this (I hope) them be sure to include the adsesne link strip ad that’s 728 X 15 that kind of sits up above the content like a nav bar. It converts really well.

    If you need to see a site with the CTR theme on it just email me, I’d be happy to show you one.

    Thank you, Patrick

    • Thanks for your comment, Patrick!

      I remember using the CTR theme way back when. 🙂
      I think it’s a very interesting concept for a theme and it’s good to know that it’s producing results for you.

      Some form of ad management is a topic we want to take on in the future, but we have many other projects that we consider higher priority, that we’re working on right now. So all I can say is that I’m interested in doing something like this, but it’s unlikely to happen this year.

  • I so pleasantly surprised when I logged into one of my sites yesterday and see the new dashboard. Well done and cant wait to see what it ahead.

    Shane, wondering if the option to be able to remotely hide or give permissions to elements in the dashboard or all together might be in the works? Example, not allowing clients to mess up settings, but give them access to the metrics.

    • Thank you for your suggestion, Chik! Some kind of user access management could make sense for sure. I’ll add this to our feature suggestion board.

  • Thrive are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. I actually stumbled across the Thrive Dashboard while I was searching for the Thrive Leads menu item which had disappeared.

    When I opened it I was like Woah… Game Changer!!!

    Awesome work guys and looking forward to your future releases.

  • Wow! Just the other day I was wishing everything was in one place, and now this! That’s what I call a great company. You guys are certainly ahead of the game. Thank you!

  • Totally awesome as always Shane. I’m so glad you appeared on my radar. I spent so many years learning new ‘platforms’ on WP and none have come anywhere close to what you do and are doing. Never stop!

  • I so totally need this. Not being a developer who is inside WP all the time – it was sometimes tricky for me to remember what does what and where it was. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment, Michelle! It’s really good to get feedback like this, letting us know we’re on the right track.

  • Shane, Love to here your team has one step further, I believe Thrive always is the marketing leader for WordPress editor; I am also introducing my friends using your service, really make a big change to my blog and impress by your team supporting also!

  • Shane, now I have at least two more clicks to get to to thrive leads reporting. That’s definitely not a good change.

    • Some screens are one click further away due to this change. We consider it an acceptable tradeoff, compared to the amount of items we’d otherwise have to place in the admin sidebar.

  • Shane,
    Great news. I love working with your theme already and this is going to take things up another notch. Thanks for all of the hard work you and your team is doing to make our content production and marketing so much simpler and effective.

  • Shane,

    Looking awesome and is definitely a great system you guys are building here. I am loving it for sure

    Being an Infusionsoft user however I am battling with some of the integration and would really like to see some of the integration checked out so it can really work optimally. Give me a shout if you need some input. I have some specifics with webforms right at the moment that I could assist with. passing of data and invisible fields etc

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing and look forward to future developments.

    • Hello Dave,

      Thank you for your comment! I’d be interested to know more about how we can make the IS integration better. I will send you a message so we can discuss.

  • Nicely done! Thanks for all you do.

    ThriveThemes are a game-changer — I can create and optimize sites at blazing speed! Nothing comes close to the feature set you’ve built! Plus, your iteration speed for improvements is over-the-charts!

    In a couple of years, I believe you’ll be able to do a survey and ThriveThemes users will be among the highest earners online, as compared to WooThemes, Genesis, LeadPages, OptimizePress, etc. TT wipes the floor as far as I’m concerned.

    • Thank you, Will!

      We definitely aim to be the fastest and most performance-optimized platform out there. We’ve still got a lot of work ahead to get to our final vision, but I’m very excited to be on this journey.

  • Unbelivable good. It is a pleasure to see how everything grows and thank you for this new feature. Happy to have an agency licences 🙂 My customers and co- workers are absolut 100% content. If there is an issue- Your support is Triple AAA, always fast and top responisble. Thank You Shane and all other from Thrive Thems and much success to you all in 2016 🙂 Jochen Marcus

    • Thank you very much, Jochen. I’m very happy to see that you’ve had a good experience with our products and support!

    • Hello Ronald,

      There are some parts that we haven’t fully centralized yet. But don’t worry, we’re working towards unifying and moving everything to the dashboard.

    • Thanks, Jim! It is a rather huge undertaking, yes. But we have an amazing team here and we have to give them big challenges otherwise they’d get bored. 😉

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately after the update, is a conflict between thriveleads and indeed social locker – another paid plugin, I guess it has something to do with facebook API – I’ve opened a ticket. I

    like the dashboard but I would appreciate a breadcrumb navigation or something on the right side like it was before, to be able from a single click to go were I want.

    • Funny you should mention that, Tudor, because a breadcrumb navigation is one of the things we’re adding in the next release. 🙂

    • Haha, nice! I’m afraid I can never grow a beard as glorious as the one gracing McGregor’s face, though… also, he better not lose any fights, now that you’ve made the comparison. 🙂

  • Hi Shane,

    Keep it up, Shane. This is one of the best investments I’ve made since getting involved with online marketing.

    While Thrive isn’t perfect and I’ve had some issues along the way, I’m happy with the support I get, as well as you folks pushing the envelope to make things better. Congratulations.

  • Hey Shane & the talented people at Team Thrive.
    Love you product. the value of Thrive membership rocks

  • I very nearly unsubscribed from Thrive last week – I am so pleased I didn’t. I am trying to replace subscriptions from so many other programs – the “shiny objects syndrome” is causing me to rethink everything about my Amazon business. I think I will be happy with this and the direction you seem to be going… we are staying connected here – Thanks!