How to Add Tracking Scripts to All Thrive Architect Landing Pages at Once

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Updated on April 9, 2021

We've added a convenient new feature in Thrive Architect that solves a problem you may have had with our landing pages, up until now. Adding scripts like the Google Analytics tracking script or Facebook retargeting pixels to your Thrive Architect landing pages, was not always easy: some 3rd-party plugins successfully insert the scripts on our landing pages, but many don't.

To make things easier to manage, we've now created a landing page script manager as part of Thrive Architect. With it, you can choose what scripts to add to all landing pages without needing any 3rd-party plugins.

Check out the video to see how it works!


There is a slight UI update to how you can add scripts to your landing pages. 

Analytics and scripts in the Thrive Dashboard is now available for landing page AND theme level scripts (when using Thrive Theme Builder).

You'll have to tick a box to insert scripts only on landing pages. 

The fully updated step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

To find the new script manager options, log in to your wp-admin dashboard and go to the Thrive Dashboard:

In the main Thrive Dashboard view, you'll now find this Landing Page Script Manager:

Click on it to get to this view, where you can add, remove, edit and toggle your scripts, as, well as determine in what location in the page's code they should be inserted:

If you have any questions or feedback about the feature, please let us know by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  March 20, 2018


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  • This is a very necessary and usefull feature because it is very common to forget add the scripts by separate in each langin page.

    God Job team.

    • Right now, it would load the scripts twice on those pages. We are discussing the possibility to add a feature that clears all the individually added scripts, in case you have many of them and want to transition to this script manager instead.

      • Thanks Shane, such a feature would be exactly what I (and others) are looking for! I would advocate for the following:

        Instead of “clearing” or deleting all scripts from existing thrive pages, could you instead make this a “disabling” or “suppressing scripts” feature. This way, in case something goes wrong, one could recover.

      • Great solution Juergen. I’m with these guys in that I love the new feature but to have to go back and find all the old scripts feels like a big job. Especially when it’s not obvious from the WP interface whether a page is a Thrive Landing Page or a Theme Page. Having scripts fire twice would be a nightmare.

      • Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll see what we can do, regarding this.

  • Awesome feature and really needed! 🙂
    New theme mentioned once again in the video, can you tell us something more? Is it far away?

    • Hello Christopher,

      We built this feature because not all such plugins successfully manage to insert the scripts in Thrive Architect landing pages. So, if the tool you are using is adding the scripts successfully, you don’t need this. But if there are some scripts that aren’t being loaded on your landing pages, you can use this feature for them.

  • Great but I still need few plugins to add the scripts on the rest of the pages… If i remove the plugins, I don’t have the scripts on all pages and if I keep the plugins my scripts are triggered 2 times on landing pages…

    So, I think I will start using this feature only when you release that new theme.

    Is the theme coming soon Shane?

    • Hello Ion,

      If you use other plugins to add scripts, you can check which of those scripts are successfully loaded on Thrive Architect landing pages. If any are missing, you can add those in the script manager to “fill the gaps”.

  • Hello Shane,

    Great feature! thank you for it.


    1- Maybe I misunderstood, but how do you selectively use this feature to add the scripts at once only for certain Thrive Architect Pages and not all of them?
    If I could get all pages displayed on a list, I could pick the ones I want to add the scripts on.

    2- May I also use this tool to add the scripts on pages that have not been built with Thrive Architect?

    I hope to make sense, If I don´t then I apologize.

    Thanks for your attention.

    • Hello Luis,

      1) That’s not an option, no. You can add scripts to be loaded on all landing pages using this feature or you can add scripts indivdually to pages. There’s no inbetween option.

      2) No, this only applies to Thrive Architect landing pages. For all your other pages, there are various 3rd-party plugins for managing tracking scripts.

      • Hi Shane, what is the difference between a Landing page built with Thrive Architekt and a normal “content” page bulit with Thrive Architekt? Is it correct, that the skripts will be include on all pages (and posts), that will be built with Architekt?

      • This script manager is only for pages using a Thrive Architect landing page template. Our landing pages “ignore” your normal theme setup and pages almost entirely, to make them as fast and lean as possible. This is why some plugins that insert tracking scripts don’t insert them in our landing pages, but they do work for normal posts and pages.

    • It doesn’t have any features beyond inserting the code on your landing pages. For more advanced stuff, I recommend using Googe Tag Manager.

  • Really awesome, that helps a lot. Now will be much easier and faster to work with those scripts and not forget some page without them.

    Thanks Shane, you guys rock.

  • Any suggestions for adding the lead pixel code to your TY pages? I suspect just add the script manually on the pages that require it.

  • When you say “landing pages” are you referring to any web page or does it have to specifically be designated as a landing page?

  • Hi Shane,
    This update is groovy for the scripts that need to be the same on all landing pages.

    What about scripts that are page specific though? How do we add scripts individually to pages?

    For example: we use OntraPort for checkout and each upsell lander in a flow needs to have it’s own specific tracking and next event script.

    Another example: each product lander needs to have it’s own product specific reatargeting pixel.

    Thank you!

  • Hey Shane. As always, this is impressive. One question…. I’m a newbie to this game. Do you have a guide to know which script goes where? Like does FB go only in header? Google Analytics only in body? And will your “predictor” know by default? Thanks.

  • Thanks, Shane, that’s really helpful. As a lot of us are building our websites with Architect (not only landing pages) but also other pages it would be helpful if we could select exactly the page where the pixel is fired. For example, I want my “lead” pixel from Facebook only fired on my Thank You page. That might be something to consider? That would make the “Tracking Code Manager” plugin redundant 🙂 And we all love when we can use fewer plugins. Appreciate all you’re creating for us. Spread the Love.

    • Thank you for the suggestion, Frank.

      In the coming months, we won’t have the capacity to extend the feature like this. However, you can still insert specific scripts manually on specific pages, as shown here.

  • I have a question Shane, first thank you for the update, now what if i want to set a different script based on events for example:

    For a general facebook pixel i can use this tool, but if i want to trigger an event based pixel from who subscribed then this would become not so handy, or am i missing something?



  • Shane, what about when you add different events on different landing pages? Example – Tracking a “purchase” event as opposed to a “lead” event on a thank you page. How will this work with the new tracking code?

  • Yes, yes, yes! Thank you – that was SO needed and is such a great update.

    Quick question: how come you don’t (just) load Google Tag Manager (GTM) and put the other scripts (ActiveCampaign etc. inside that?)

    • You can do that, yes. In fact, if you use DuracellTomi’s GTM plugin, you don’t need to use the Landing Page Script Manager at all. It’s one of the plugins that inserts scripts successfully in our pages.

      The downside is that then you have to deal with GTM, which isn’t exactly beginner friendly.

  • Hi Shane, This seems great for Google Analytics but for FB Pixels I’m confused: I want the PageView pixel on EVERY Page including all my Landing Pages that I build w/ Architect. AND I also need to add a second FB Pixel conversion code on the Thank You pages. Where would I add that extra piece of tracking code?

    I’m not seeing the custom scripts box in the Architect Builder any more. I only see Customer HTML and custom CSS? What happened?

    • Hello Wendy,

      Our landing page templates basically ignore your normal theme page stuff, to make them as fast and lean as possible. That’s why, when it comes to tracking scripts, there’s a difference between Thrive Architect landing pages and your “normal” WordPress posts and pages.

      For scripts you want to include on every page on your site: add these scripts either with a native plugin or with a header/footer script plugins AND add them in the Landing Page Script Manager shown in this post.

      For scripts you want to add only to a specific landing page, you can follow these instructions.

  • Shane, just off topic… I’m always impressed with the picture quality of your videos. I remember you saying once you used the Panasonic G6 /G7 camera. Is that what you shot this video with?

    • Hello Rohan,

      This video was shot on a Panasonic GH4. I also use a G6 and the image quality difference isn’t really apparent, especially after it goes through YouTube compression. I still definitely recommend the G6, which can be had very cheaply second hand, these days. G7 looks very competent as well. I think for any camera of this caliber and above, the lens you use will make a greater difference than the body.

  • This id AWESOME!

    Is there a specific reason you didn’t implement AC tracking as a tag in GTM? Was it just to show that one can manage a bunch of scripts right in Thrive?

    • Hello Alex,

      Yes, I just added several tags to show what it looks like. If you use GTM, then you can install every other tag through GTM.

  • Is it going to be possible to use this feature on all blog posts (as well as landing pages) in the future?

    Need that for retargeting 🙂

    Otherwise top job. Thanks.

    • This is what will happen in our new theme, yes. It will use this same dashboard, so you have just one place to manage all scripts for your whole site.

  • Sounded great in theory. But broken.

    Whenever I keep trying to add the scripts, as soon as I navigate away from Thrive Dashboard > Landing Page Analytics & Scripts… they disappear. I have tried numerous times.

    • Hello Robin,

      We haven’t seen any other instances of this problem. Could you please open a support ticket so our team can help you out?

  • Why aren’t Landing Page scripts and theme scripts merged into this feature in one place? Usually we need the same scripts for all posts, pages and landing pages (except heat tools for example).

    My suggestion is to handle all scripts in this great script manager, and put an other switch (besides “Inserted in Landing Pages”) that’s called “Inserted in theme posts & pages”.

    • This is a backwards compatibility issue with our old themes. When we release the new theme, script management will be unified.

  • I’m the little bit confused. are you saying the Google analytics script I added to the theme by myself won’t work for the blog post when I use Thrive Archetech to create new post?

    • The script you add in the theme settings works on all your theme pages, blog posts, custom post types and so on. The scripts you add in the Landing Page Script manager is added to pages where you override your theme with a landing page template.

  • Good stuff. In the case of AdWords/Bing Ads etc where you would want to track a conversion goal on a thank-you/confirmation page, is there an option to add a page-specific goal.

  • Does this tracking code also integrate with “thrive leads” – for example, you implement the facebook pixed and it will add tracking to your landing pages and your thrive leads for conversions?

    • No Jesse, this is only for pages, not for opt-in forms. (But it would work if you send people to a thank you page after signup)

    • Hi Ralph,
      I think you mean in the dashboard (in Thrive Optimize you cannot enter tracking codes).
      The difference is that the theme settings get overridden when using a landing page. So if you want tracking on landing pages, you need to use the method described above.

  • I just found this feature, which is amazing. I have one question.
    How can I exclude some pages to install the script/ pixel?

    Because there are different industry’s landing page on my website, for example, my customer’s landing page. I do not want to make my FB pixel confused, and collect the wrong target audience.

    Thank you very much, Shane.

  • Active Campaign says to add their tracking script to the footer. In thrive dashboard scripts it only has header and before after body options. Will this work and where should I put the script?

  • Hello and thank you for the video.
    In the video, one of the GTM script is before but when I am setting it, it’s written to paste after body oppening tag. Should I paste it as in your video? Why is not pasted as After ? Thank you

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