Introducing Leads Export: Easy Backup & Manual Processing for Your Leads

Shane Melaugh   24

Since the release of Thrive Leads, we've added many API integrations to make the plugin compatible with a wide range of email marketing and webinar platforms. This is great for passing on new leads to external applications where they can be processed.

In the latest update to the plugin, we've added the new "Leads Export" feature, which gives you new options to process and backup your leads directly from your own site.​


Everything you see in the video is available right now, in the latest version of Thrive Leads. We also plan to further enhance this feature with an option to automatically notify one or more email addresses when a new lead is registered.

Please Note:

Leads Export starts working from the moment you update to the latest version and will list all new leads recorded from that point forward. It cannot retroactively show leads that were generated before the update.

If you have any questions or feedback about Leads Export, please let us know by leaving a comment!​


by Shane Melaugh  November 11, 2015


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  • This is a great feature! There’s only one problem: none of my leads are showing up in it. The leads show up in the reporting section of Thrive Leads, but not in the export feature even when I set the date range to the last 12 months.

  • Another awesome new feature from Thrive! I’m totally spoiled by these consistent upgrades and enhancements. You make my life so much easier and enjoyable, thank you!

    PS. I love the “Questions behind the scenes”!

  • We installed thriveleads today and I created a form to test out the leads export feature because we use Pardot and you don’t integrate with them yet (hopefully you will at some point).

    I filled out the form with my email address a few times now and nothing is showing up in the leads export section of the tool.

    Again, the problem is with new form submissions not showing up in Thriveleads leads export section, not submissions before this.

    Can you help?

  • I’m manually processing leads at the moment and this will get the job done.
    It will be way better with “email notification” with the lead info contained in the email. I’m currently using the mail poet plugin with this to capture lead info for the time being since I can’t find another way to capture it without using a service like mailchimp or the others. thanks for this!

  • I am a recent new purchaser of leads and landing pages. Impressed but missing the core simplest of capabilities in my opinion.

    Really wishing for an option to select which would email the leads out as they come in, unique email addresses per form. Plus also having them save here like they are in the demo.

    Very similar to the way a traditional form mailer works like contact form 7. We have multiple unique people to get some form submissions and not others, importing these into an email marketing program is of no value.

  • Missing a really important feature that another user brought up. Really wishing for an option to allow the leads to be emailed out immediately as they come in, with unique email addresses per form. We are a business and it is vital that we get our leads ASAP and that it is done automatically.

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