New Thrive Leads Feature: Open Opt-In Forms from the Navigation Menu

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With the Thrive Leads plugin, you already have almost limitless possibilities for building your mailing list. And with today's update, we've added one more: you can now open "ThriveBox" opt-in form overlays when a visitor clicks on a link in your navigation menu.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to do.​


The one-two punch combination that's demonstrated in the video uses the "click magnet" feature that we recently added to all of our themes.

This link highlight feature is something we can only do in our own themes, since the styling of navigation links is up to each individual theme. The basic feature of opening a ThriveBox on click works with any WordPress theme.

Let us know what you think of this latest feature addition by leaving a comment below!​


PS: If you can not find the "ThriveBoxes Menu Trigger" it is probably hidden in your screen options.

Click on "Screen Options" when you're in the "Menus" menu and check the box in front of "ThriveBoxes Menu Triggers"  

by Shane Melaugh  December 23, 2015


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  • This was so great I have 10 leads after 2 hrs implementing it. Before, you created this post I played around the plugins the other day and tried to have thrivebox on my header menu. Before, the only thing You can do is to redirect your visitors to other page. Now dream comes true! Thanks!

  • I appreciate the fact that Shane and the Thrive team continue to make Thrive the ultimate conversion and list building tool on the market! Thank you Shane and the Thrive Team and Happy Holidays!

  • I think I have been programmed to expect a new goodie from Thrive themes at the end of each week and you guys certainly do not disappoint! Love this new feature. Thinking back this past year, Thrive Themes is easily in my top three indispensable tools and definitely number one for service, new feature development and pure joy to work with! I have no idea how I found you guys, but so glad I did. Look forward to what 2016 brings!

    • Thank you for your comment, Chik! I hope you won’t have withdrawal symptoms if we don’t have a new feature one week. πŸ™‚

  • Shane you all never cease to impress. I bought the whole package to start and online business and I am so glad I did. It has saved me money on many of your competitors and has gotten rid of the horrible WP interface. The drag and drop method and templates have been invaluable. Then you added more and more features. Just wanted to drop you a line and say THANK YOU!

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Dwight! I’m very happy to see that our products have made such a big difference for you.

  • Fantastic feature…I’ve been using TL with a Genesis theme for months now, but these features are so good I will probably put in the extra time and switch to FocusBlog or perhaps Minus. All I’m waiting for is Thrive 2.0, really…btw, do you guys have a rough estimate for the launch date?

    Now, about this feature: the first thing I’d do is probably test it against the sidebar opt-in widget, which takes a lot of space over the fold and tends to become invisible after the first two-three times you see it. How should I run that test in TL?

    I would also greatly appreciate any other ideas about how this can be put to use, both from you and other commenters.

    Merry Christmas everyone πŸ™‚

    • We don’t have an ETA on Thrive 2.0 yet. It’s too early to tell. All I can say is that we’re working towards it and it will very much be worth the wait. πŸ™‚

      Since the navigation menu item is a ThriveBox, it can’t be tested against a widget (which is in a Lead Group). It’s a limitation due to the integration with the WordPress menu builder.

      The best way to test this would be a cohort test, where you measure the conversion rate of the widget for a period of time and then switch to the menu item and measure that for a period of time.

      It’s not ideal, but it can give you a rough idea of how performance compares.

      It’s important that both measured time periods are similar, without special promotions, holidays etc. to interfere with conversion rates.

      • I was afraid you might say that (about testing) πŸ™‚

        But I didn’t think you would say THAT (about Thrive 2.0) πŸ™
        Last time I heard it was expected for the beginning of 2016.

        I have no doubt it will be worth the wait, but since I have a website to refurbish, I need to ask you: will 2.0 introduce such radically innovative features that I should just wait for it before I invest the time to change the website theme etc? I mean, it’s not like I don’t have other productive things to do, and it’s working ok at the moment, just not as snappy and as smart as it would be on Thrive.

        Thank you and keep up the great work! It is really, well, relaxing, knowing that you are building this thing into a complete system that one can always count on.

  • Awesome. You’re slowly killing the need for Leadpages. In fact, since I design all my own landing pages, I was only using my Leadpages account for Leadboxes. But now that I have Thrive leads, I’m seeing less and less use for leadpages.

    • Thank you for your comment, Kevin! Glad to know you’re getting good use out of the Thrive Themes products. πŸ™‚

  • Wow Shane, this was an awesome feature. I have already implemented it on my site and it looks really cool and most likely will improve conversions.

    You can see it here:

    I use optimizepress so I am using a CSS hack to highlight the menu item.

  • Awesome man! I’m a new customer here but I gotta say I’m VERY pleased with the plugin and its features πŸ™‚

    thanks a bunch!

  • Shane, this is a super new feature — it’s one of those features that I never got upset about you not having, but now that you do, I’m excited about it. Great work.

  • Really love your product and how much you keep adding to the functionality. I was able to replace so many plug-ins and themes I had all over the place. Thank you! Can’t imagine what else you can come up with everytime.

  • I love this. A brilliant Christmas gift. I tested it and had a conflict. Before I used the Uber menu-plugin. But when I turned that off, it worked very well. Shane, you’re one of a kind. Merry Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas, Shane and the Thrive Themes team! You guys consistently amaze me and I honestly look forward to your emails every week. Your updates, tips, and posts are always full of value. I’m seriously thankful that I invested in your products because you guys smoke the competition every time!!

  • Damnit Shane. You and your team.. you did it again!

    Thank you so much for a great product. The best thing i did was buying Thrive Leads.

    btw. I dont know, but you have to find a way to be more visible. Every podcast i listen to, they always mention your ‘competitors.’

    You deserve way more attention and customers. crowd. The product is so good already and you keep implementing perfection.

    I wish you all the best for conquering the world. In the meantime i will work as an ambassador for you.

  • I’ve been a satisfied customer for more than a year now. Since then, essentially I only have 2 (yes, only two!) plugins for my WP site:
    – the Thrive Themes Package
    – MemberPress: a membership plugin

    That’s it! I never really need another one. Less time focusing on the WP technical issues. More time to focus on what really matters: the clients and customers!

    Thank you!

    Merry Christmas everyone! πŸ™‚

  • All I can Say Is WOW!! Shane. Thank you for forward thinking and innovation. Keep on bringing the enhancements and additional features. Love how you are setting a standard and raising the bar in so many areas. Blessings to you and your company!!

  • Shane, I just spent a couple days trying to figure out how to do exactly this!! As usual, y’all rock! Thanks for this great feature, and keep rockin.

  • Every week or so its like Shane went through the hundreds of “buy this widget” emails I get, took the best one….and improved it a year into the future. Your blog is my marketing bible. Thanks beyond words.

  • Truly adore your item and the amount you continue adding to the usefulness. I could supplant such a large number of modules and topics I had everywhere. Much obliged to you! Can’t envision what else you can think of every time.

  • Can you change the wording or label to say something other than Thrive Box? For example, can I change it to Free Report or some such?

  • Having recently purchased this plugin this was exactly what I was looking to do.

    So far I’ve had to set the target to “blank” so that my lead gen page opens in a new window but that puts a bit of a “speed bump” in the way, because it’s a completely different page opening.

    Really like Thriveleads as the next best thing was leadboxes from leadpages but that’s a bit overkill and I didn’t want another subscription just for that.

    Thriveleads integrates with Infusionsoft perfectly aswell.

    Happy user.

  • Shane you are amazing. This is such a useful product and I am going to recommend it to my friends for sure. Are you also coming up with new products?

    • Thank you very much, Kim! We are working on new products as well, yes. I will provide an update about the products in development in the coming weeks.

  • The software comes with a host of predesigned opt-in form templates, A/B split testing tools, analytical and conversion metric tools, and much more.

    In my opinion, it is the complete email list building that every blogger or online business owner should have in their toolbox.

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