Introducing a New, Rapidly Customizable Landing Page Set

Shane Melaugh   63

We've released many highly specialized landing page templates, such as this set for creating online courses, these pages for product launches, or this set of pages for marketing your podcast. In today's new template release, we're going back to basics and bringing you a highly customizable set of multi-purpose landing pages.

Check out the video to see just how quickly these landing pages can be edited to match your own style and brand.​


Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing pages have been replaced by Thrive Architect, which now has 268 pre-designed page templates and you can preview them all in our landing pages gallery.


We hope you like the new release! As always, if you have any questions or thoughts to share, just leave a comment below.


by Shane Melaugh  May 17, 2016


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  • Would love to see a set of landing page templates that follow the basic “product launch” model of launching 3 marketing videos, then having a 4th video that is the sale video…that you of course launch over the course of 7 to 10 days or so.

    Thanks so much, you guys are doing amazing!!!

  • I love you guys soon much! The Value in the theme is amazing but add to that all the stuff you guys bring out and changes you made since joining – I am one happy customer, I recommend you all the time! You took from wordpress hell to wordpress joy!!! So exciting to see what you will come up with next!

  • love your stuff Shane. I recently outsourced my site design and maintenance. they do not have squeeze page capability (and don’t have ThriveThemes)….since I no longer can use your WP plugin, can I have them redirect a link from my site to a Thrive Landing page – (I used ThriveLeads when I was managing my own site via WP and love it). Thanks!

    • Hi Renee,

      Yes, a redirect could work. However, maybe installing WordPress in a subfolder or on a sub-domain would be more suitable for this purpose. That way, you could display landing pages on your site and for your visitor, it wouldn’t even necessarily be noticeable that the landing pages are running off of WordPress and the rest of the site isn’t.

  • Very nice Shane, Is there also a feature to make stellar blogposts with awesome templates? Formatting and design blogposts is very time consuming. When I make the blogpost catchy with TCB elements its more shareable I’have noticed.

    • Hello Alexander,

      We’ve got a blog post on the topic here. We don’t have any ready-to-use templates for this yet, but we plan to add something like that in the future.

  • These are awesome. The one thing I’d as to make them even more customizable is the option for video backgrounds. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Nat. An overhaul of all the background options is something we have in the pipeline.

  • Another winning set – and I hadn’t even seen the Landing Page Settings option before! Brilliant as usual.

  • I was just creating a page today and I just wanted something really simple. This looks so easy I think I’m just going to create the page the way I originally wanted!

  • Another highest quality marketing product from Shane and the Thrive team! I’m looking forward to being an affiliate for Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Leads. It’s almost too good to be true the value here! Got to share.

  • Nice one Shane…truly you and your team are absolute ‘pixel junkies’ when it comes to clean and bold design. Really appreciate the effort the team are going to here, thanks as always 🙂

    • Hello Samith,

      We are planning to add video backgrounds in one of our upcoming product updates.

  • I’ve been impressed with your frequent updates and training. Now, I’m upset.

    I’ve been using Content Builder effectively for some time. Suddenly in all my sites, including new WP sites, it won’t work. It won’t load or if it does, as soon as I make changes, it fails to load.

    While my CS expired, I thought I’d get an answer because this is platform wide. But nothing from your people. I was considering Thrive Themes for my new membership site, but no longer. I can’t edit my most critical pages, so now I’ll have to junk them and start over. I’m posting this here because it’s the only way to get your attention, I guess. I did look in the Forum and the only clue was the Wordfence Firewall, which I also disabled. Other than that, I can’t even see the rest of the Forum.

    • Hello Tom,

      Can you explain what you mean by “my CS expired”? Generally, you should be able to get help from our support team.

      • Customer service. Since the plug in stopped working all I wanted to know was it due to the upgrade? I tried a new WP site without other plugins with the same result. Nothing would load or I couldn’t save anything. The wheel just keeps turning.

        I’m not paying $40 (for new customer service) for something I may not use again. Besides, it’s not a tech question as much as it is a system wide failure. At least for me.

      • Hello Tom – it sounds like you have a conflict, but we can’t be sure what has caused that without logging into your site and investigating. We can do that, of course, but you’ll need to have tech support access in order for us to do that as your 1 year of tech support has expired.

        I understand if you don’t want to spend the money – please also understand that we can’t offer unlimited tech support either which is why all our plugins come with 1 year support with the option to purchase additional support for $40.

      • Still no answer? What’s going on there?My email is [email protected]. The home page was made with CB But now I can’t alter it and will have to begin over, unless I get some wisdom from your people about why I can’t get this to work anywhere now.

  • Soooo Good! I’ve got my head around The Content Builder and Thrive leads and all the other things that i was spinning with and I am loving Thrive themes now— one stop shop, I can stop looking at all the Shiny new things because i have it all here…Mad!! Thanks

  • Hi Shane,
    Thrive team is always working hard to put out these amazing new cookies for thrive fans.
    By the way in the video when editing the page you changed the background image of the landing page with a custom image.
    can you tell me where can i get those kind of background images?

  • Shane, it’s been more than 20 days since I first raised a ticket with support about non delivery of the video training course you sell. I have to cancel my credit card to get my money back which means contacting all my suppliers with the new card number. A massive inconvenience and one I cannot believe you think is okay. I paid you $92 in good faith and have been messed around by your support people. Please contact me to resolve this.

  • Beautiful! I really like being able to make the pages of a funnel look like they match for a consistent user experience. What size should I make the background image?

  • Have you considered extending sets to include style-matched (and possibly ‘content-matched’) opt-in forms, light boxes etc?

    So… I could have a sales page (labour of love), using one of your sets (probably customised for colours etc) , and now for my sales funnel I would need to generate a few companion forms ideally without each one being a new separate design exercise.

    eg, each form might inherent ‘design cues’ from the parent sales page (and possibly some text content / prompts … not sure about this bit!)

    Anyway, thanks for the totally bodacious software!

  • Hello Shane,

    I’m very new to WordPress.. I am an affiliate marketer and have registered a few domains which highlight the product or service I am attempting to market. As an affiliate I have sales copy, images,banners & links to videos with my tracking code embedded into the link which directs viewers to the vendors site.

    The type of site/landing page I am trying to create is a basic one page site/landing page that when opened allows me to play the video of the vendors product/service, capture their contact information and of course some text content. Withing the text content I also will have links and lastly want to be able to have the option that if someone clicks on the video while it is playing it will use my affiliate tracking link to take the visitor to the purchase page which is of course on the vendors site. I am open to purchasing either the builder plugin or becoming a monthly subscriber whichever gets me to completion. Please keep in mind that I am pretty new to WordPress. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. No jokes on the name (Sounds like Jackass)

  • Hi, Shane. This mini landing squeeze page is really awesome for it’s size. This type of compact size squeeze page is conversion friendly. I hope, this will helps us a lot for lead collection.

  • Hi, Shane.
    Your effort is very appreciable as you have brought here such important facts on making landing pages which will be very effectively customized .
    Really this is very perfect and conducive initiative to make attractive landing pages.

  • Wow….definitely awesome set of landing pages. I am already using your plugins to create fantastic landing pages, but this new release is going to help me more.

    Hoping for some more awesome releases in coming time.


  • Hi Shane,
    That’s really good to know that Thrive Themes have released new landing pages for more conversion. I am currently using one of Thrive Themes on my blog, and I am completely satisfied with it.

    Though I will give these new landing pages a try for sure.


  • Well, I would love to try out this New Content Builder …
    I have been using the Content Builder from Thrive and it really did great in terms of the Conversion that it offered.
    Time to try the new Mini Squeez 2… Hope it will do great too.

  • Hi Shane, i want to display posts on my website home page from my subdomain on both i m using thrivetheme and wordpress.

    shamsherkhandotcom is main site where i want to display posts from blog.shamsherkhandotcom

    • We don’t have any geotargeting features in our products. To accomplish this, I’d look for plugins that are made specifically for that, which you can probably use in combination with our products.

  • Awesome Post i have been using thrive from past 1 year i must this is just epic builder you have created for the website. it just made easy to create wordpress website .. thanks

    • Hi Dennis,

      Click on the button and go to the actions and animations panel. This will show you the lightbox that pops-up and you’ll be able to access/edit is from there.

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