New: Monitor & Tablet Styles for Embedded Videos

Shane Melaugh   55

Updated on January 7, 2020

A while back, we added one-click video frame styles to the responsive video feature in Thrive Content Builder.

The feature was well received and in the comments, we got a few suggestions for additional styles that you'd like to add around your embedded videos. In today's update, you'll see the 4 brand new styles that we added, by popular demand!


What do you think of the new styles? Let us know by leaving a comment! And if you appreciate the frequent product updates, help us out by sharing this post.


by Shane Melaugh  April 12, 2016


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  • I like this style much more than the previous ones, it gives it a better-looking layout and looks more enticing.

    Great work guys!

    Oh! before I forget, I’ve got a suggestion for a feature.

    This suggestion is for the “sharing buttons” on the content builder.

    I’d be great if you guys added a share it with buffer option.

    Keep up the great work and have a great day!

    Jonathan Nuñez

  • You guys just keep bull dozing your way past the competition (as if there is any!).

    I followed suit with another one of the members here, and will only use the Thrive Suite exclusively on my sites and clients sites. It keeps it clean, efficient, and beautiful for sure.

    Definitely going test these new design templates on my next set of posts. Great marketing, great products and a great team you got there Shane!

    -Bob Blanchard
    Owner & Creative Consultant
    My Sensible Team, LLC

  • I love the regular updates. Here is a question: Would you consider to add an interactive feature like quizzes, surveys, or questions which allow for segmenting users into different lists or channels?

  • Hi Shane,

    Starting to run out of superlatives to describe not only your awesome updates and products as a whole, but also how you listen to your customers’ feedback and implement their suggestions accordingly.
    Much respect to you and your team!

    • Thank you very much, Mark! We are lucky to have many active members who give us feedback and make great suggestions (you can see several examples in the comments right here)!

  • Thanks for such a great update Shane. The only problem with the video is that it can be easily downloaded (right click and save as…), especially with self-hosted videos.

    Can you update the plugin so that it can help protect html5 videos from being stolen please? For example, disable a right click on the video…

    This would be a great update because it helps a lot of people who have a membership site protect their contents from being stolen.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hello Hung,

      That’s an interesting suggestion. I hadn’t considered this before, but we’ll look into it.

  • Here is my feature wish-list for Thrive Themes. I want to know what other users think about it.

    1. One place to edit all fonts, right now its not possible. Always we need custom CSS + default WP theme customize screen settings.

    2. One place to control spacing, padding throughout the themes.

    3. Conditional Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Settings for Thrive content builder. A lot of times headlines don’t scale well especially if they have longer words.

    • Hello Raj,

      Those are all excellent suggestions. If you are using one of our themes, you can manage the fonts from Appearance -> Customize. But we do want to extend this feature in the future as well.

  • Your team keeps knocking it out of the park. Thrive plugins are pretty much the only ones I’m always confident to recommend to recommend to all of my clients – makes my job so much easier AND gets great results for their businesses. Kudos and thanks for your innovation and commitment to building fabulous tools! Now to get my own site updated with Thrive… 😉

  • Glad I am rollin’ with ThriveThemes. I am still learning my way around WP, but your all-in-one platform and the related support makes me glad that I am back. Wasted tons of cash on Envato and others — home to stay.

  • Hi Shane

    Love it so much this new monitor and tablet style as it i believe are designed based on apple iMac and iPad. Look great.

    Agree with Bob B quote below
    “Great marketing, great products and a great team”


  • You guys make things so easy for me. Now heading off to change some of my application websites to use the great feature!

  • One word Shane: Awesome. I’ve been with Thrive since it launched and I recommend it to all my clients – and elsewhere too! More strength to everything you do.

  • Hi Shane,
    Just noticed this addition when adding my latest vids to a post yesterday and went WOW – Holy Cow – Thrive Themes just keep the good things coming 🙂
    Best thing ever done for our business was become an early member of Thrive Themes.
    Cheers Alison

    • Thank you for your comment, Alison! I’m very happy to hear that everything we do has been so helpful to you.

  • Thanks, I have another suggestion as well. Could you build a image container combined with text? Because right now I have to do it with columns or the wordpress content container if I have a small image with a long text… In columns I have so much white space and with the wordpress container the styling is sometimes a bit different or at least harder to change! 😉

    Would be great if you could integrate that! Thanks

    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Can you show me some examples of page layouts that you’d want to achieve with a feature like this?

  • Very SEXY, thank you!

    You offer so much updates and useful tools for your clients.. I dont know another online-marketing-website-tools company with more value giving.

  • Very nice. I also would like to protect my videos from being downloadable. Also how about the ability to store and retrieve them on Amazon S3 without having to make them public first.


    Mike Murphy

  • This is indeed a great update Shane… Love the spirit of your team and you… Looking forward to even more exciting updates…

  • Would love you guys to do expiring evergreen links, and such things like Deadline Funnel (but with better looking countdowns) 😀

  • Wow this is great! Thanks…

    One question…Are you planning to add full screen video background feature for squeeze pages?

    Would be awesome!

    It’s the one thing missing here.

    Otherwise thanks a lot…

    • Hello Jama,

      Thanks for your comment! In the near-term, we don’t have a feature like that coming. However, it is something we have on the longer-term product roadmap.

  • One more thing..

    Dean P is right on the money!

    Deadline Funnel (but with better looking countdowns)…


  • Love these new styles, Shane. Great stuff. Thanks also for the tip on the content container which enables you to size the responsive video. I was trying to do that just the other day and couldn’t work our how to do it, so that was very helpful. Has anyone asked about having an audio player which you’re able to insert at any point within a post? That would be really helpful. I know you can insert one at the beginning of the post, but I often need to insert it in post! And on that very subject, where should I be raising these improvement suggestions?

  • Hi Shane aand crew, love all that you do – my top wish – TCB to allow the same tools to edit my headers. I use different images for various categories and they are like new logos for each. Trying to dupe my html site over to WP – see burleighphoto com thanks for your hel and great tool and marketing knowledge

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