Build Extensive Quizzes Faster With the New ‘Duplicate’ Feature

Stephanie K   58

We knew you'd get up to some cool stuff with Thrive Quiz Builder, but we seem to have underestimated just how creative you’d get...

This is a look inside the Thrive Quiz Builder questions editor from one of our customers. With more than 100 different questions sprawled out over multiple branches. This is quite the creation.

This definitely impressed us. But it also made us realize something;

If all you overachievers out there were going to insist on building such monstrosities, we’d have to make the workflow a little easier. 

A few of you reached out and told us exactly what you needed:


The kind of quizzes I want to create are psychological test type quizzes, which tend to have the same options all through the questions (for example, "agree," "disagree," and "neutral," that kind of thing). And with those kinds of tests, questions can often run as long as 20 or even 50.

So my question is, can you make it possible for us to be able to duplicate the options across across questions, instead of having to write them out afresh each time?

Ayomide A

And we listened.

1-Click Question Duplication

We’ve added a duplicate question feature, so you can quickly and easily make copies of a question and its answers.

This is helpful in situations like the one above, where you have a lot of 'yes/no" or agree/disagree" answers. You can just duplicate a previous question and change out the question text.

Complex Quizzes Just Got a Lot Easier to Make

The duplicate feature also makes life easier if an answer to a question excludes more than one result.

Say you’re doing a ‘what is your necklace style’ quiz. At the end you recommend a selection of necklaces based on their results.

If your visitor indicates they get rashes from the metals in cheaper jewelry, you want to make sure their results don't include any low cost metal necklaces.

The problem is, you want to ask them all of the same questions in terms of what style they prefer.

For this, you'd want to create a branching quiz:

You can basically create two copies of the same quiz, but one side only reveals results that don't include metal, and the other side includes all possible results.

How to Duplicate a Question

To use this new feature you just have to hover over the question you want to duplicate and click on the duplicate icon:

Make sure you've updated to the latest version of Thrive Quiz Builder to access this new feature.

Is this feature going to be helpful for you? Have you come up with any crazy and complex quizzes like the one above? Let us know in the comments below!

by Stephanie K  March 17, 2017


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  • i would be great if we get to know the statistics for each answers. Did thrive quiz builder implement this?

    • Hi Syafiq,

      This is already a feature in Thrive Quiz Builder (and it’s incredibly helpful for audience insights!).

      If you go into the quiz report and select ‘Questions’, you’ll see what percentage of quiz takers selected each answer. For a walkthrough on how to do this, check out the knowledge base article here.

  • Hi Stephanie, This is very helpful. I have been in touch with the Thrive support team on this and really glad this has been implemented.
    I am keenly looking for the functionality of entire quizzes being duplicated, too. And these being downloaded to be used in other sites I own as all this currently needs to be done manually. I’m sure these helpful features will, too, be implemented.
    TQB is absolutely awesome and really well thought-through. And the Thrive support team has been very forthcoming with addressing questions etc.

    • Hi Sameer,

      I had exactly the same feature request for the team 🙂 So rest assured it’s on the list! Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you’re enjoying Quiz Builder.

  • Great work!

    Can’t wait for those two features though:
    – Multiple answers possible
    – Free text entry

    Those two things would make the quiz builder a nice survey tool as well 🙂

    • Hi Denis,

      We’re dedicated to making Thrive Quiz Builder the best quiz platform possible. We try to focus on making the best plugins for their specified purpose, rather than making them overly complicated to fit all possible purposes. I do have a solution for you however, you can use Thrive Ovation as a means to collect text survey entries, or Google Forms (and embed the form on your site). Hope that helps 🙂

  • What a great way to save time! I’m making my first quiz at the moment and would really value being able to change the colors of my quiz to match my website. Also I tend to make personality type quizzes in Word first with the same order to match each category type and in that case it would be awesome if there was the option to randomize your answer’s order just like in Typeform and Playbuzz. Thanks for all the efforts you’ve made until now with this fabulous plugin!

    • Hi Abigail,

      Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear your starting out your first quiz. I’ve added your notes to the feature requests!

  • Phew – that duplicate feature arrived just in time – thanks!

    Also, here’s a suggestion for a future feature: the ability to have the quiz return more than just one result, so someone can say be mostly a runner, but 2nd choice a swimmer. Because life rarely comes down to choosing just one thing…

    • Thanks Matthew,

      I’ll add your suggestions to the feature requests. And I agree about the duplicate button arriving just in time. I think I’ve already used it about 20 times since it came out!

  • Thanks Stephanie, this is really useful!

    Another thing many of us would find useful is putting Voters on scale. For example, if one question has one answer valued with 5p, the other with 3p, and so on for all the questions and their answers, at the end, it may be like this:

    0-15p Type A
    16-20 Type B

    I hope this was clear enough. 🙂

  • The feature we’d like to see added is the ability to segment your result by ranking the answer questions
    So for a personality type quiz.
    eg each answer has a rank, say 1,2,3,4
    Each persons answer would consist of a top score for the total questions and then a 2nd, 3rd, 4th highest score

    The result could be 60% personality A, 30% personality B, 5% C, 5% D

    • Hi Graeme,

      I can see how this would be useful, especially for the personality quizzes. I’ll put it on the feature request list. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  • Actually, I’ve find a solution to what I mentioned previously in the plugin – intervals. 🙂 What is the other thing that could be really useful is option to copy quizes and A/B test quizes. For example Quiz With Opt-in Gate VS Quiz Without Opt-In Gate.

    • Whoops just saw this, I replied to your previous comment with the solution 🙂

      At this point you can A/B test Opt-in Gate content, but not having an Opt-in Gate vs no Opt-in Gate. So essentially you’d want to test if it’s more effective to force people to enter their email address to see their results, or to give them targeted opt in offers on the results page.

      Keep in mind this would be testing very different techniques, and while number of email signups would be a metric of testing effectiveness, there are other factors (like the longevity of that new subscriber) that would be different depending on the sign up method. For example, you’re far more likely to have a willing subscriber that will stick around if you present them with a relevant offer they choose to Opt-in to, rather than a subscriber that had to enter their email to get their result.

      But yes I definitely agree with the benefit of duplicating quizzes so you could test big changes over the entire quiz, for example having images in your questions vs no images and seeing if that has an effect on the quiz completion percentage. It’s on the feature list 🙂

      • Thank you Stephanie! Exactly what I was thinking. I would go for the lead quality so it’s better to eliminate Opt-in gate completely.

    • Hi Juan,

      Not at this stage, but this could be achieved with a mix of Ultimatum, Quiz Builder and your email service provider. Might be a good tutorial for us to make actually, I’ll let you know if we do!

  • Stephanie, I would definitely agree with the request about option gate vs no option gate. Your answer (that one would result in a subscriber with more longevity than the other) is one of the reasons why we definitely WOULD want this kind of a test. You might think that the voluntary option is better with more longevity, but that depends greatly on the offer to log in. For my offer to market, you could be wrong. So I would like to test that, and I can’t do that very easily (or at all) if I need to build an entirely different quiz.

    • Agreed Mark, the right option varies widely site to site, industry to industry. Which is why testing is always so important.

  • Great work so far! I’m using another plugin for now because I needed a slider answer option and to be able to categorize questions and report on the scores from the different categories separately. So it would be great if I can make this assessment next time in Thrive! Thanks!

  • Thx Stephanie… very well explained. I like this feature o lot.. Question I have will it also be possible in the future to duplicate quizzes?

    • Hi Johan, at this point in time it’s not one of the features we’re focusing on developing, but I can certainly put your suggestion through.

  • Thanks, Stephanie, and everyone at Thrive Themes! I somehow missed this post and am only just seeing it ten days later, but I’m so excited for this! (That’s my request you showed up there near the start of the article — imagine my pleasant surprise to see it.) This is the kind of thing about Thrive Themes that I love: the way you guys take our requests seriously. Go Thrive!

    • Thanks for the great request! I also had the same request after building my first few quizzes. Hope this helped with the workflow Ayomide 🙂

  • Does Thrive have any case studies from customers about how they used the quiz builder and what results they got from using quiz marketing. It would be great to see some results from real people

  • There needs to be a feature to create sub-categories, that could help avoid making multiple branches from the same question. For example, for a product recommendation, the more questions, the more variety the results could have. It could be very specific, but every branches answer needs to lead to the same questions again.

    EG, Which is your favorite fruit? Apple, Banana, Grape
    What kind of recipe? Cake, Shake, Desert
    Hot or cold?

    Now every result needs its own branch… however, to narrow it down, sub categories could put people into a specific group first (eg, Apples), then sub categories of recipes of Apple cakes, and then hot or cold recipes. It gets far too complicated at the moment.

    • Hi PheroJoe,

      I understand what you mean, this is especially relevant for product recommendations and similar quizzes. We’ll make note, thanks for the suggestion.

    • Hi Russell, unfortunately there isn’t a way to export the quizzes and upload them onto a different site at this stage. I will put your request through though!

  • First day with the Thrive Quiz Builder. Thank you so much for this great plugin!

    Results for the first day:

    1005 Started
    851 Finished
    308 Subscribers
    24 Social Shares

    Cant´t wait for new features (clone entire quiz, setting colours for the questions…)

  • Duplicate the entire quiz… This a critical feature that should be thought of at launch time. Really need thus feature.

  • Many peolpe think that cloning an entire quiz is a very urgent feature.
    Is that planned for a future release? (and when?)

    • Hi Luca,

      It’s something we’re noted and will be on the development list. There’s no timeline at this point.

  • Stephanie K

    I am using thrive quiz so i have a problem with that, is there is any option i have a 3 question in my quize 1 question is having 3 options to select and 2 question is also 3 options to select the 3rd question is having 4 options to select i.e after completing that when a person select 1-1-1 options of the question it redirect to Opt-in Gate here i using dynamic section to display different selected options.

    In the Opt-in Gate i made three dynamic section which i want to display for different options selected but i not working perfectly.

    i.e if a person select 1-1-1 or 1-2-2 or 1-2-1 & all possibility of selection should go to what i build in dynamic section in Opt-in Gate so dynamic element how it goes working in which direction don’t know .

  • It looks like a lot of people have asked if the entire quiz can be duplicated. Is that possible yet? May 20, 2018.

  • Hi. I just installed the Thrive Quiz Builder and have (2) questions:
    1. Can an entire quiz be cloned?
    2. Can I embed a quiz shortcode inside a lightbox?

  • Hi,
    I’d love to be able to change the colors and maybe even some of the sizing for the boxes. Is there any way to do this? Being able to change the layout would be great, too – but the colors are the most important to match the rest of my theme. Thanks!

  • This is a great feature!

    Is there a way to randomize the quiz questions? Many times I do not want the quiz questions to be in the same order each time it is taken.

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