New Post-Optin Options in Thrive Leads

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Updated on January 7, 2020

Wish your visitors could opt-in to your email list without leaving the page?

You asked, we listened.

We extended the post-signup action options in Thrive Leads to make this possible.



Amazing feature Shane! I'm a new customer and I love Thrive Leads.

Simple question: is there an option to avoid redirect and reload the page after a lightbox opt-in?

I would like the lightbox to simply be closed after entering an email address, without redirect to thank you page and without page reload.

An option to add here would be much appreciated πŸ™‚

Thank you!

Mario Z

Hey this is awesome... however, what would be EVEN BETTER and more relevant would be to get your on-page (embedded) optin forms to submit in the background without redirecting, just give a success message. It really throws people off to be redirected after optin.

Jesse C

Hi Shane, was the ability to redirect to a state on optin ever added? I don't want my subscribers to leave the page, I just want them to see a confirmation message that the requested ebook/video etc has been sent. I don't see where or how to do it but hoping that functionality exists πŸ™‚


Dawn Ortiz

We've received many more requests along these lines, so we added two new post-optin options in Thrive Leads.

Take a look at the video to see how they work.

What Happens After They Sign up?

When you connect your opt-in form to your email service via API, you can manage what happens after the signup from within Thrive Leads.

Up until now, you already had 2 options in the Actions After Signup menu:

  1. Reload the current page
  2. Redirect to URL (to send them to a custom thank you or confirmation page​)

The two new options you'll find now are:

3. Show Success Notification (formerly: 'Display message without reload')

4. Switch state

Post-signup options in Thrive Leads

Show Success Notification (formerly: display message)

When you choose this option, you can customize a text message that will be displayed in a small message box at the top of the screen. The message will automatically disappear after a few seconds.

Success notification setup

If the visitor opted in through a lightbox, screen-filler, slide-in or Scroll Mat, the overlay will automatically close.

success notification

That means the visitor will get a confirmation message and the screen will be cleared up for them so they can continue reading where they left off, when they saw the opt-in form.​

​Switch State

This option is only available for opt-in forms with more than one state. Instead of redirecting to a different page, you can change the content of the opt-in form itself, immediately after a successful opt-in.

Switch state after a successful optin

This means you can show a success message - or even a download link - directly in the opt-in form.

While the "Display Message" option allows you to customize the text of the success message, the "Switch State" option gives you complete freedom. You can customize the success state of your form to contain any text, images, media, links etc. that you want.​

How Will You Use It?

How do you like these new options? Please let us know in the comments below!

We're also interested to know what ideas you have for putting these features into use on your own site.​

Note About API Integrations

The new features are available right now, in the latest version of the Thrive Leads plugin. For these features to be available, you have to integrate via API, to one of the many services we connect with.

If you use an HTML form integration, the form itself will dictate what happens after signup and that's not something we can change.​

by Hanne  August 19, 2016


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  • Do I like this new feature??? I LOVE IT! It’s exactly that I needed, and had my visitors complaining to me about. In fact, I implemented it yesterday and I didn’t even know it was a NEW feature!!!

    My only suggestion is to increase the message time on page, it goes away WAY too fast. But now that I know I can do the same thing via another state, i’ll just switch to that method.

    BTW the reason I desperately needed this is, my site is 100% video content, so before when the page would reload, it would restart the video to the irritation of my visitors.

    Thrive = Problem Solved!

    • Ow yes indeed, never thought about the video reloading thing! And I already logged the time the message is showing as a tweak for a future release.

  • Hey, this is really awesome.
    However, I have a question about tracking conversions.
    If we use this is there a way to fire a specific conversion tracking event? For example, using FB pixel or other software?

      • May be it can be possible if you add a stage and then to this stage you add custom HTML, and add the conversion scripts. but i you need to check that the 2nd stage doesn’t actually load with initial page load.
        Maybe Hanne can tell us about that.

      • No because those fire on page load so if you want the pixel to fire you would need to use a Thank you page.

    • Hi Dennis,

      If you want to fire a script to track conversions you’ll still need to send people to a specific page after signing up.

      • Maybe it can be possible if you add a stage and then to this stage you add custom HTML, and add the conversion scripts. but you need to check that the 2nd stage doesn’t actually load with initial page load.
        Maybe Hanne can tell us about that.

      • Hi Dori,

        That’s the thing, the state does load with page load so that there is no loading in between states.

    • This was a big one for me too and that’s why I don’t use this feature (I’d love to, but this is too big a requirement to let go of).

      The thing is, even if the developers found a way around and let you load the FB pixel only after the visitor signed up, there are other services which require the visitor to visit a specific URL before they are counted as conversions.

      The only way that I can see around it is that if the URL was loaded in something like an iframe but that’s probably going to be too messy.

      Ya, so this is me … Wishful thinking.

      And for those who wanted this feature, Thrive Themes have done a good job yet again.

  • Hi, what about the double opt in requirements, for example, in Germany? Does that mean I cannot use this feature?

    • Hi Jens,

      This doesn’t change the double opt-in process. The only change will be that instead of sending people to a page that asks them to confirm their email, you’ll
      present a message that tells people to check their inbox for the confirmation email.

  • wonderful! I’d love it if there were also a way to have the thank you let them click a link *if they want* that opens a new page. OR the ability to have the original page load AND a thank you page. I want to give my readers instant access to a pdf but I do NOT want them to lose the page they are on.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You can do this by making a link in the “thank you” state that opens in a new window (like I’m doing in the video). This will give people the option to open the PDF but it will open in a new window so they will not loose the page they are on πŸ™‚

  • Awesome! When Hanne makes the image a download link to link it to the PDF document, how does she create that link (to the PDF doc)?

    • Hey Mark,

      You click on the image and you have the “insert link” option. In this field I simply past a URL that goes immediately to the PDF document I uploaded before hand in the media manager of WordPress.
      So the flow would be:
      1. Upload your PDF to WordPress (you can do this in exactly the same way as if it was an image)
      2. Copy the direct link to this PDF (this will be something like
      3. Insert the image in your opt-in form
      4. click on the image and add the link in the “insert link” field
      5. Check the “open in new window” box if you want the PDF to open in a new window so that people can stay on your content

  • This new option looks fantastic. It’s obviously suited more to single opt-in than double opt-in. I might just have to change the way I do things.

    I love the way that you guys keep introducing new ideas which make me consider the way that I do things.

    • Hi Peter, I’m pretty sure that is not possible. You can use the shortcodes to get the information in the thank you message though.

      • Cool — anything you can link me to with documentation on that?

        Also, if this changes anything, can you get the submitted information when using an HTML form rather than an API form?

  • Awesome!

    One way To try to get the best email even without double optin (so you can give the email download immediately after optin) is maybe send a password for a protected area or protected file to their email (and create a reason for it, maybe chance the protected area password every week).

    Awesome addition!

    • Hi Alexandre,

      This seems pretty complicated to me. I think “forcing” people to give the best email address will never work.
      If they were planning on giving a fake email, it means they are not interested in your content anyway so you don’t want them on your list (and they’ll probably unsubscribe).
      I would put all this effort (of creating passwords etc) into creating awesome content that people actually want to receive so that they give you their email because they WANT to get your newsletter.

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve been waiting on this feature for a while. Now I can attempt to convert from multiple different email opt-in plugins over to Thrive Leads. Looking forward to sharing the new details with my audience as well. Thanks again!

    • Hi Chris,
      Like Shane said, we want to do this right so it sometimes takes a little longer but I guess you can see how powerful this became πŸ™‚

  • Every time you release an update, I can’t wait to see what you’ve done! Thank you for your continued support and improvements to your already awesome product!

  • I also asked for this feature. This is absolutely awesome!!

    Can you please please please bring back the unique and extremely effective feature of Hybrid Connect: smooth fade-in of the option form! In Hybrid Connect I could set a delay, and determine how slow or how fast the form came into view. With that feature I had 6,5% conversion rates. Since it has gone, I only have managed to get max 4% rates.

    I believe the far less intrusive feel you get, when something appears friendly and smoothly, helps ease the frustration of suddenly being confronted with a pop up.

    Could you please bring this unique feature back? I have never seen it anywhere else.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey David, glad you like this new feature.
      As for now we have 22 different animation to show an opt-in form, have you tested those?
      We’ve seen that animation can make a slight difference in opt-in rate but that there are far more impact full things to test such as the actual offer and the headline.

  • wow! wow! wow! This is amazing. Thrive Themes never stops to amaze me. I get excited when I see an email from Thrive Themes in my inbox. That just shows you are doing it all right!

  • GREAT, but… πŸ™‚ Can I adjust the delay before the message disappears on it’s own? Right now it seems like less than 3 seconds. Another option is to have an “X” to close the message.

  • Can I use this also in other options of lead forms as ‘Slide In’, ‘Post Footer’, ‘Ribbon’ etc?!…..

  • Oh my gosh I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Honestly guys you’re the very best, I’m SO happy to be a Thrive Themes client!!

    I had asked for this a couple months ago and actually two days ago I posted on a private community I belong asking if someone knew how to do this. I was so surprised to see the email update today that I could barely believe it! It’s like you read my question and replied with this awesome feature.

    Really, thank you πŸ™‚

  • Great addition to Thrive Leads, gang.
    Adding instant gratification for subscribers is always a plus. And these new options apply the feel-good feelings at the critical moment when the prospect can benefit most from getting positive feedback — just after they’ve exposed their precious identify and email address to us!

  • Hanne, thank you love this. can we add to existing option you have set up already, or do we need to make an another option? Not sure. Thanks.

    • Hi Denis, you can just add this to an existing opt-in (I used a new one in the example just to make sure everybody knew all the steps πŸ™‚ )

  • Hanne,

    I just tried it and the thank you message appeared for a second and then disappeared too fast- I didn’t even have enough time to read it…

    Any way to set this message to stick and have a close X so users can take their time, read the message, and close it?

    • Hi Tom,
      Not for the moment (and I’m not sure if we can implement that) but I did already ask the developers to make the message appear longer.

  • This totally rocks!

    Last night I was on a website that had a very interesting post I was reading and then came the pop-up which was also very interesting.

    I was afraid that if I put in my information I’d lose the page I was on, so I had to copy the web url, open a new tab, and paste in the url just to make sure I didn’t lose the page.

    I was thinking to myself, “Man, it would be cool if this website owner new I was already on their list and when I signed up for the pop-up it would redirect me to another page.”

    You guys are reading my mind…erie but very very cool.

    ThriveThemes is seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.


    • Yes we’ve all done that Jade πŸ™‚ Now you don’t have to have your visitors go through that anymore! Thanks for your comment

  • Really a great functionality. I have a question: using the second method – lightbox in another state – I don’t succeed using the name shortcode. I would like to have a text like ‘Thanks Paul for subscribing’ I use the short code [lead_name] but it is not working. What am I doing wrong?

    • Only through API Bjarne, If you use an HTML form integration, the form itself will dictate what happens after signup and that’s not something we can change.​

  • Thats a great new feature here ! Many thx for your time and work πŸ™‚ The only problem here for me is the display time of the message. Its really too short and customers cant read it even if you keep it simple.

  • I already have a lightbox set up and I don’t see an add button for it. Can i change the one I already have to reflect the new features? If so, how?

  • Hi Hanne,

    I have a 2 step light box with an already described state. Can I add another state that thanks my subscriber for joining my list with a downloadable ebook on the screen?


  • Is thrive leads separate from the thrive plugin that allows you to build pages? I have the WP plugin, and it also allows Thrive light boxes, but it doesn’t seem to be the same features, templates interface seen in this video.

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes Thrive Leads is a separate list building plugin.
      You have some basic options in Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing Pages for list building but Thrive Leads is build for this purpose only and takes it to a whole new level πŸ™‚

  • WOW! The Thrive Team has out done themselves AGAIN! I have been waiting for a feature like this for some time. Can’t wait for the webinar!

  • I think someone asked this question, but is this feature included in the Landing Page plugin by itself, which includes the lightbox as well?

  • Does that mean that if i use api with mailchimp i will not continue the double optin process and the register emails forms from them?