Open Ended Questions and CSV Export Now Available in Thrive Quiz Builder

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Updated on December 30, 2019

You've asked, we listened... 

We've added the ability in Thrive Quiz Builder to:

  • Ask open ended questions
  • Export your quiz data 

This truly makes Thrive Quiz Builder the most powerful quiz building tool for WordPress!

Check out the video to discover how to use the new features.


Open Ended Survey Questions in Thrive Quiz Builder

Up until now, you could use multiple choice questions to create a numeric, percentage, right/wrong or category quiz which is perfect for email segmentation and a fun way to engage with your audience.

But sometimes, you want to give quiz takers the power to speak their mind and that's where open ended questions come in.

Used in combination with the advanced branching logic that Thrive Quiz Builder provides, you can collect precious, in-depth data about your audience.

Let's take an example:

John Doe, Expertise Vendor

I'm an expertise vendor. I offer online marketing consultancy services for e-commerce websites and I recently created an online course to serve those who want to improve their online presence by themselves because I can only take so many clients.

How can I use a quiz to segment leads & sell both my services and my online course?

John Doe

Expertise Vendor

Well John, you're lucky because I created a step-by-step video tutorial showing exactly that!

  • Discover the 2 questions to ask BEFORE starting to create your quiz (1.15 min)
  • Which Quiz type to choose based on the answers you gave to the 2 questions (3.24 min)
  • How to use answer based tagging to segment your leads (5.53 min)
  • How to ask the right open ended questions and use branching logic (9.14 min)
  • How to take your quiz to the next level with specific answer based results pages (15.19 min)
  • How to connect your email opt-in forms with your email marketing provider (19.29 min)
  • How to analyze and download your results (24.55 min)
  • What an email will look like in your email marketing service (25.55 min)

Resources mentioned in the video:

What do you think? Ready to start using quizzes for your lead generation?

Don't have Thrive Quiz Builder yet? Get it now!

by Hanne  August 21, 2019


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  • OMG… Thrive Themes does it again. You guys never cease to amaze!!! Thanks for these amazing upgrades 😉

    You mentioned in the video that you can link answers with my email marketing service via tags… can you explain further how that is done? (or have I missed something somewhere?)

    Thanks Hanne & Team – I’m so proud to be a Thrive Member! (Will you ever be creating any Thrive merchandise – like shirts or mugs or something – hehehehe – I want some?!?)

    • Hi Megan,

      In the second video on this page (within the content) I show you step by step how to create a quiz and apply tagging.

      Hope that helps!

  • Are we able to add people to different custom audiences for FB advertising based on the answers they give or the final landing page?

    • Yes Nic,
      You can add the custom HTML element to the dynamic content and add your pixel code in there. That way it will only be loaded when the dynamic content is loaded.

  • When will design and layout features be possible for the questions. Right now there are only 3(?) different styles to choose from. I would like the full editing features from Architect to be available for quizzes

  • It could be interesting three important improvementes: First one the possiblity to create a quizz for sending all the answers your autoresponders (included open ended questions) like is possible with typeform . // The second one the posibility of customizing the styles of the questions as much as possible so that you can integrate it with the style of your website (like ramit sethi does on his page . // The third one the possibility that the user can go back to see the questions he has answered in case he wants to modify an answer and not have to perform the test from scratch

  • This is awesome Hanne. I’ve spent much of the past 5 years helping businesses gather voice of customer feedback from their customers. I’ve also taken Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method certification and his method is predicated on asking open-ended questions to discover the needs of your audience as you enter new markets, etc. These are very welcome additions to the Thrive Quiz Builder.

      • But can we put the visitor into different buckets? At the landingpage I will ask one question with multi-choice. If they answer 1, I will tag them #1 and send them to salespage #1. If they answer 2, I will tag them #2 and send the, to salespage #2 and so on.
        Is it possible with quiz-builder?

      • Yes! You can tag them per answer and you can use the dynamic content on the results pages to show specific content based on the answers. You can see me do it in the second video in the blog post (the step by step video) at 5.56min for the answer based tagging and at 15.23 min for the specific results pages and I show you at the end (25.55 min) what this looks like in the email marketing service 😀

  • I’m so pleased to see open-ended questions being added to Thrive Quiz Builder.
    Along with the obvious benefits for segmentation, this means I can now survey my readers without having to resort to third-party tools like SurveyMonkey.

  • Hi Hanne. This is a great new development. Many thanks. I have used Quiz Builder on a natural health products website and it has helped the client enormously in getting to understand what people actually know about certain aspects of their health so we are better able to address their needs in language that they understand.

    The open ended question is one we are thinking of adding in to a personal development website quiz where we have asked a series of searching questions about people’s attitude to life and, while they are focused on these issues, an open ended question will create a great opportunity to open a conversation about the relevance of one of these issues to the participant, after the quiz is done.

    One thing I would like is the ability to add in an email and name field within the quiz rather than the separate opt-in gate, so that people can ‘voluntarily’ give their details for the list, rather than feeling trapped into doing so in order to see results.

    • Hey Lewis, thanks for sharing!

      That’s why I actually like to put the email form on the results page rather than as an opt-in gate.
      One thing you could do is make the opt-in gate less “aggressive” so make is very clear how people can skip it (which is an option in Quiz Builder) and what the value would be they’d get from subscribing.

      • My current surveys are by invitation only, and I already have their permission, so I used a thrive lead box to confirm/link their name and email address on the splash page. Although it would be better if I could just pass their name and email address through a link to the survey and not ask them for their contact information at all.

  • Hi Hanne,

    It looks great however I have not used a Quizz so far
    because I wanted to add one of these as part of my FB Ads.

    I was told last year that all quizzes are not permitted in FB platform.

    Otherwise they would close your account.

    Please advise if that is true.

    Secondly, if it is not, can I make an Ad with
    an invitation to a quizz but hosted in my web page?

    Please advise beacause I do not want to jeopardize my account!

    Thanks in advance,


    PS I’m sure many people are concerned about FB rules on quizzes just like me.

    • Hi Carlos, this is the first time I hear about Facebook ads and quizzes being a problem.

      So I would suggest you ask Facebook about this…

      In any case, if you build a quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder, it would be hosted on your own website, not on Facebook.

  • Omg,. This is fantastic., now I can get rid off that desing unfriendly gggg forms (grap) and use my favorite tool as survey and pain point collection before the course creation, ofcource in apprentice…

    The best day ever in this week…

  • Hi,

    I’m really pleased Hanne, that you added this feature. Many of my clients need this more than traditional quizzing. Thanks again.

  • Hi Hanne, where can I see a example of a Quiz built with Thrive Quiz Builder? I would like to see the actual final result, the appearance, responsiveness, etc. of the Quiz, in the same way that a website visitor would see it.

    Also, a 2nd question, in the FAQ it says that “currently 12 is the maximum number of results categories for each quiz”, what exactly does that mean? (I want to understand if the type of Quiz I’m thinking of for my website is doable with Thrive Quiz Builder or not). Thanks

    • Hi Dario,

      I don’t think we have an example quiz I can show you right now. For the results pages, you can build them exactly the way you want so that shouldn’t be any issue.
      For the categories, this means that you can “only” have 12 categories. So let’s say you want to have a quiz that tells people whether they are a “beginner” “intermediate” or “expert” this would be 3 categories.
      Or if you have a quiz about Harry Potter characters, you could maximum give 12 different characters.

      Just to be clear, this is not a limitation on the number of questions, just on the number of result categories.

  • Thank you for the new contribution. Now it would be great if the answers from the new survey could also be tagged with my provider Klick Tipp. I’ve been waiting for this for about one to two years. When will this be possible? Then I would be super satisfied

      • great thanks, but I can’t tagging a free answer from my user. That would have been important because otherwise I don’t know what he wrote… do you know what I mean?

      • Hmm no I don’t actually… The tagging happens on question level so you wouldn’t know what the user writes anyway so would be hard to tag them…

        Am I missing something?

  • Well I’ve got some critical notes. First, to streamline a survey one would like to give the participant the option to select more than one multiple choice answer. But that still isn’t possible, although I’ve seen quite some requests in the knowledge base for the possibility to select 2 or 3 multiple choice answers. And second point, is that there is no ‘back’ button available for going back in a survey if you by mistake made a wrong click / choice. One would think that this would be a basic function in a quiz or survey … So you all might be really excited, I still can’t use the tool for a professional survey … it just lacks the options and basic functions I need. Hope that these issues will be added in a new release, because I really want to use the quiz builder.

  • I’m so thrilled about the open-ended question feature in Thrive Quiz Builder. This is a game changer when it comes to knowing how your customers truly feel in their own words.

    You guys have always come through with great improvements based on Customer Feedback and it’s appreciated.

    Thanks Hanne & Team.

  • Is it possible to get survey results per each responder? Like their Name, Phone number, email address, survey answers etc

      • Partially yes. I was wondering if results can be sent to Google Sheets with zapier in real time, as they come in.

        Also can you redirect quiz takers to different landing pages depending on their answers? For example people with good credit being redirected to lander 1, people with poor credit to lander 2 and so on.

      • At the moment that’s not an option (but it might be something we’ll look into in the future).

        You can’t redirect people to different landing pages, but you can create completely different content to show to different people.
        So yes you can show different content to people with poor credit then other people but technically this is shown on the same page. (You can see me do this in the second tutorial in the blog post).

  • YES! This is exactly what I was hoping Thrive Quiz Builder would do when it was first released. Open ended questions are so valuable for marketing research, but also for lead capture that leads to a follow up call so salespeople have enough info for more meaningful conversations. The addition of the open ended questions feature means I’ll be using quiz builder on every site I build. Thanks!!!

  • Hi Hanne, this is a great new feature on top of a great old feature 🙂

    My prospects and customers come to me – in most cases – with one of 7 problems/situations/concerns… but often more than one in some order of priority.

    They come from all walks of life, but will respond to paid ads, which target their main concern… their hot button, if you will.

    When they arrive, however, they may have more than one specific concern, and so with the quiz I can identify their other priorities, other than the primary one in the ad that they responded to.

    The quiz feature will allow me to segment them in an obvious way, but the open-ended questions will allow me to begin a conversation to search below the surface for the real cause or reason for their response. God willing, this will lead to being able to meet their deeper needs.

    Thank you for this innovation.

    God bless you

    Stephen Barrett
    New Zealand

  • I was using Gravity Forms to create “conditional logic” survey’s and assessments people could take and they could get their results immediately. It takes quite a bit of effort to create these. I’m wondering if you think Quiz could do the same thing more efficiently and quicker to create a score for them when they finish the assessment. Could I do this using the weighting feature as well to give them a score? It would be great if I could do all this inside Quiz. Here is a link to one of the Assessments if you would like to see what I am trying to accomplish…only this one doesn’t give them a score in real time.
    thanks for your input…I’m excited about building something using this tool. BTW, the website the quiz is on is built on Thrive Theme Rise using Architect.

    • Hi Blaine,

      On Quiz level it seems like a simple multiple choice quiz. I’m not sure what happens on results guessing this sends people to certain products?

      With Quiz Builder you would not have the “date” and “signature” option.

      So to be fair, I can’t promise you you can do the exact same thing.

  • You guys are amazing!!
    Thank you so much for this feature!

    Finally I can get rid of google forms.. awesome! ????

    Life is getting easier because of you one more time…

  • Hello,

    I already use the 14 open questions to gather testimonies with Thrive Ovation. Is there a big difference between Quiz and Ovation to build an open question survey ?

    • Thrive Ovation is perfect if you want to easily display that information, if you want all the questions on one page and if you only want open ended questions.
      And also if it works, why change it 🙂
      Quiz Builder allows for the combination of multiple-choice and open ended questions and for having the tagging with your email provider. It’s just a different use case but both can gather interesting information about your audience.

  • Hi Hanne,

    first and foremost thank you guys a lot!

    Great Update (csv-download) that makes us consider to switch from GravityForms to QuizBuilder for eLearning-Assesments.
    The only thing I currently wonder is that it seems like the specific users (and/or their email) that have completed a quiz dont get included and/or even listed on neither the users dropdown-menu or questions dropdown menu at the bottom (This only speaks of 3 visitors, though I tried the Quiz with a freshly generated subscriber user).

    Am I missing something here or is that not yet included?

    Best regards to Switzerland!


      • Thank you for the insight, but what else is the (Reporting) dropdown menu “User” with the column “E-mail-adress” and the button “anonymize results” good for? Would E-Mail adresses here only appear, after an optin in the end of a quiz?

      • Yes indeed and if you don’t want to store the data on your site you can use the “anonymise results”

      • This export functionality is ok, but with out the capability of including the user name and email address in the reporting it is not very useful. it is odd that you can generate a window with the user information and the test results, but cant include all of that information in a csv export for all users?

  • Hi Hanna- This is awesome. How can I segment my users when they sign up for a lead magnet like does. I know I can use the self segment option on a lead magnet, but I was thinking if I could use thrive quiz to achieve the same result?

    When they click on the optin button, I show them a quiz instead and then send them to the download page after getting them to fill out a couple of questions.

    would you recommend that?

    • Hi Zaid,
      You can:

      – Use the dynamic content on the results page and add the opt-in form in there this means you have different opt-in forms for the different results so you can segment them with tags, per list, heck you can even send them to different email providers if you wish 😉

      At the moment we do not have the option of the opt-in form BEFORE starting the quiz. But you can have a opt-in gate before the results.

      So the flow would be:

      Take this cool quiz ==> Sign up to see your results ==> results/download page

  • Hi guys,

    I appreciate the new features. Thanks!

    However, it would be great if the result could be emailed.

    I will give you an example:

    Potential customers come to my site looking for web design or SEO service.

    They will make a quiz so that I can get a better understanding of their needs before I contact them.

    But I need explicit consent (GDPR) to contact them via email or phone, so I will need a checkbox for that too.

    Therefore it would be great if TQB could email the result directly to me.

    Please take a look at this live example here:

    This is an addon for Contact Form 7 and that’s exactly what I want for TQB.


    • Hmm I see… That’s almost more a Contact Form feature… We’ll have a look, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to add this.

      • Maybe you could forward it as a feature suggestion? It would be great! Anyway, thanks Hanne!

  • Hello Hanne, thanks a lot. I just add that we were expecting two options: possibility to chose several answers in the same question (the “multiple choice option” is in fact a “single choice option” – think to “What are the 3 main reasons for you to…”: not possible); a possibility to publicaly share the results (often people want to know about that) and graphs. And others, in a view to obtain teh best quiz of the market. All the best !

  • Hello, thanks for the article.
    I’m just testing the open end feature of the Quiz Builder with my provider klick Tipp.
    Here I noticed 2 things:
    1. do i see it right that it is not possible to tag free answers? If I make a survey and would like to know a free answer from my user, this should also be tagged!
    2. the rest works but additionally I always get a number as tag for example: 279563320. This is then also in my user’s klick Tipp in it…
    How do I manage to tag an open end form if I want to read the answer by klick tipp?

    • Hi Martin,

      We didn’t add tags to open ended questions because you do not know what people answer…
      How would you tag them if you don’t know what they type? How would you see this to work.

      About the number, that seems like a bug/conflict of some sort. Can you please open a support ticket about it? So we can have a look.

      • Thanks for the answer.
        That’s exactly the goal when someone does a survey and writes a free answer that I see what he wrote. There must be a way to tag here. Right now I use Wufoo. There the form what the prospective customer has written is transferred then on click tip directly. But I would prefer it over Thrive because I use everything there and get along better!

      • You will be able to see the full answer in your WP dashboard. But there is no way to send that full answer to Klicktipp (still not entirely sure if that is what you want to do though)
        A tag is usually 1 word that will allow to segment your list, not a whole bunch of text…

      • Hello, Hanne,

        but that’s exactly what I want.

        I want to create a survey. Some answers can be answered with Yes or No. Again other answers the prospective customer can enter freely.

        I ask for example:

        what would you like to change to rise in the scale? Tell what about yourself

        And I would like to see the answer then… And not in the WP Dashboard but after the entry of the prospective customer directly with click tip. Do you know what I mean?

        At the moment I do this via the tool Wufoo. it also works there!

        Here is the link to my survey…

      • Other example… I want to have the free answers assigned to the user so I can see what the answer is. Not in the WP Dashboard but directly at the user. Because I can’t see from which user the answer was.

      • Hello, can you tell me a way how I can assign the free answer to the respective user so that I can see it later? not in the wp dashboard but by click tipp

  • Great update to a wonderful product! I was wondering if or when the ability to answer multiple answers in a multiple choice question would be available and to have a hybrid type question. For my business in the leisure travel sector, I’d like to ask a quiz taker to rank their interests for a destination.

    Like “Rank which of the following is most important for your Alaska experience.” Glaciers, history/culture, wildlife, or write your own answer.

    To be able gather the quiz takers priorities as well as capture something I may not have thought of in creating the quiz would be invaluable to me.

    • I second Gonzalo’s request! I was just thinking of a similar quiz structure for my business.

      Gonzalo, what you can do is use the branching logic to accomplish something similar. It won’t be perfect or as clean as ordering a list, but it will allow you to get the job done.

    • Hello,

      Regarding the multipe answers option, I would like to confirm that there is a bug since the multiple choice type is allowing to choose more than one question, but when the quiz taker chooses the first answer the quiz highlights the other answers without letting him continue his choice.

      When this could be fixed please?


      • Hi there,
        I think you’re referring to the right/wring quiz type? We do not have multiple choice option available.

        In the right/wrong quiz, you can have multiple right answers, but the user will only be able to select one.

        So this is not a bug that will be fixed. But I can add your request as a feature improvement.

  • Thanks for the update, I may be missing something obvious.

    When exporting my results to a CSV file, there’s nothing I see that links certain answers to users.

    For example, if I want to speak to a certain user about his or her answers, there’s no way to find their data set within the sheet.

    It seems like a pretty obvious step to leave out so I assume I’ve overlooked something.

    • Hi Liam,
      This has been done out of GDPR concerns.
      In the dashboard (if you haven’t anonymized the results) you can go to user and see the results per user there.

      • Hi Hanne thanks for your reply, that’s what I’ve been doing up until now – viewing the results via the dashboard. It is a pain though when you have longer quizzes with lots of people completing them every day.

        I thought the GDPR concerns all lie with the end user – i.e me, and that if I choose to download and store the data, it’s up to me to meet the conditions, not that Thrive Themes take any risk by allowing it to be downloaded?

        That’s the main reason why I use google forms for quizzes, you can get all the data and contact info for new leads into a spreadsheet with 2 clicks. Such a timesaver.

      • I have the same issue. I already have GDPR permissions from the people that I invite to take the survey. not being able to export the results with their contact information doesnt help me analyze the results or target offerings to them easily.

  • Hanne, thank you for this thorough tutorial! The new open-ended question feature definitely allows for a nice, logical conclusion to surveys.

    One suggestion: you guys should include this tutorial (along with the resources mentioned below the video) in the Thrive University course on Quiz Builder.

  • Hi, I did a quiz with categories and now I need se the results of all categories, becouse is a diagnosis.

    So I need to customize the result sheet for each category depending on the score you gave me in each category and show a message for the ranges you gave me in each. I don’t use the selective result sheet. I can do this with this plugin or I should look for another tool that integrates and let me show the results.

    The number test does not apply because I need categories and separated by topics and I understand that in this type does not let me do it.

  • Any plans to include Checkboxes into the Quiz Builder? I would like to ask my audience what their top 5 topics are out of a list of 20.

  • Hi Hanne,
    can the results of the quiz be AUTO-updated to an assigned Google Sheets sitting in my Google Drive
    instead of having to Export the file manually ?

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