New Opt-in Form Templates in Thrive Leads – Fading Images

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Updated on December 31, 2019

Do you want your opt-in forms to pop?

We've got just the thing for you!

Check out the video to see the new opt-in form templates set called Fading Image. These templates combine eye-catching, modern design with every conversion feature you've already come to know and love from our products.

This set is included with your copy of Thrive Leads.


A Template for Every Opt-in Form Type

Screenshot of an opt-in form lightbox made wtih Thrive Leads

Fading Images Opt-in Form Templates

Looking for a widget in the same style as your lightbox? We've got you covered.

When we talk about a set of opt-in form templates, it means you'll find a design for every opt-in form type available.

Available op-in form types are:

  • Lightbox
  • Ribbon
  • Scroll mat
  • In content
  • Post Footer
  • Screen filler
  • Slide In
  • Widget

All these templates are accessible from the Thrive Leads templates cloud. Look for the forms called "Fading Image".

If you're unsure about which opt-in form type to use on your site, check out our Beginner's guide to choosing the best opt-in form type.

Customize to Your Liking Without Photo Editing Tools

"No Photoshop!" 

That was the message our designers received loud and clear. 

That's why everything on these opt-in form templates can be edited with Thrive Leads.

Even better: when you replace the image in the templates with your own, it retains the "modern art" style it has, without you needing to change anything!

No photo editing tools needed.

This makes this opt-in form template the perfect choice for non-designers and time-conscience designers alike.

You can change the image, the colors, and everything else to fit your needs.

Multiple Choice, Yes/No and 2-step Opt-in Forms

Ever wondered how you could have a lightbox that asks a question before showing an opt-in form? Or have a ribbon that opens a lightbox on click?

The answer is: Multiple State Opt-in Forms

In Thrive Leads, you have the option to add multiple states to your opt-in forms. 

This means that you can have a button on your default state and show a lightbox in the second state and all of this instantaneously, without having to reload the page.

To edit, add or remove states on an opt-in form, click on the green plus button in the bottom right corner in the Thrive Leads editor.

Example of the State button in Thrive Leads

Edit, add or remove an opt-in form state

This same feature is used for all the special template variations you'll find in this set: the yes/no type forms, the 2-step forms and the multiple choice ones.

Any Questions About the New Opt-In Form Templates?

Do you have questions about list building? Or about this new opt-in form template set? Let me know in the comments below!

by Hanne  June 8, 2018


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    • Hi Dean,

      No not for the moment, but you could already create this type of form with “radio buttons”.
      Because you might notice that these radio buttons don’t actually “work” they just send someone to the right form.

      The way I would do this is with text links to each of the 4 states.
      1. Create a default state with 4 link texts (you can go fancy and add an icon in front of the text to make it look like radio buttons)
      2. Create 4 other states.
      3. Link each separate link from the default state, to each according state.
      4. Now, because you have 4 states, with 4 opt-in forms, you can add tags of send people to different lists based on their initial choice.

      Hope this helps

  • Thanks for the new templates guys!

    What about your upcoming theme builder? We are waiting for months for any news. I think its time that you give us a preview or at the least a sneak peek. 😉


  • It’s nice. But there is a HUGE LACK of good Thrive Quiz and Thrive Ovation templates… Why don’t we see more of those?

    (Not trying to be an unthankful pain. It’s just that some of Ovation designs are not even high quality mobile responsive :-D)

    • Thanks for your feedback Danielius.
      I would looove to be able to do everything 🙂 But sometimes we have to prioritize… But we have it on our to-do list!

    • Hi Ashley, the moment you create a new form, the template cloud will appear. If you want to change an existing form you can find the cloud when you go into “page setup” (button at the bottom of the editor) and then “Choose opt-in template” this will also show the cloud.

      • Hanne – thanks for the reply … and exactly WHERE is a or the new FORM creation tool. I see lightbox when I am in my wp main screen. I do not see FORM anywhere in architect as an option. I downloaded (as an example – the pricing table template) and that was the end of it. I have NO IDEA how to install or access it. Can I be shown a link to learn how to use it?

      • Hi Ashley this is for Thrive Leads, not Thrive Architect.
        Thrive Leads is a separate lead generation plugin that allows you to add all these types of opt-in forms shown in the video.
        In Thrive Architect, you’ll find a “lead generation” element which allows you to add sign-up forms to landing pages but not all the bells and whistles of Thrive Leads.

      • Perfect, in that case, go to the Thrive Leads dashboard and in the leadgroups you can create a new form type (eg. a lightbox) then you’re send to the screen to create a new form, give it a name and when it opens it will automatically open the template cloud.
        You can see a video tutorial here
        Hope this helps.

    • Hello Charlotte,

      The image effects can be changed using the “decoration” (left side) and borders & corners settings in the Thrive Architect sidebar.

  • I’ve never used a sticky slider, but I’ve been meaning to. It’s nice to see the tutorial here.

    How do these things behave on a mobile phone? Are they just really tiny?

    • Hi Michael,

      I would not use a slide-in on mobile (not even the sticky one).
      We always suggest to use a 2-step ribbon with or without lightbox on mobile.

  • Hi Hanne. As usually, you’re really clear, and I love to see your video.

    But now we all know that we can’t deliver a Lead Magnet as always, ’cause the new GDPR. You can’t deliver a lead magnet in exchange for registration. If you do so, you must use different checkbox and people take lead magnet and leave the check for the newsletter.

    I’ve read entirely the new post about “newsletter as a service”. Love it. But all these templates appear to be really “lead magnet only”.

    I hope that next time we will see a template really “newsletter oriented”, maybe with right space to state the fully advantages of registration, etc.

    I really hope to see a new video about this (maybe a blog post?)


    • I totally support the idea and request to Shane to expand on ‘newsletter as a service’ concept. It would be great to have tools in place to make it even more attractive than a lead magnet. Let’s disrupt the lead magnet-mania! 🙂

    • Hi Giovanni,
      This template is actually perfect for that…
      It’s not showing an ebook or anything similar so you could very easily adapt the text to fit your needs.
      “Subscribe to our newsletter to…” and then you give them the benefits of subscribing and what they’ll receive from you.

  • Hi Hanne,

    thx for the nice video.
    I’ve been curious to try it out but I realised that no “optin templates” exist in my board anymore.
    I have acces to all my “saved templates” but the “optin template” only shows the blank model.
    Strange enough because I used to have all the templates available.
    Can you figure out any reason to that ???
    Can I download the new templates somehow ???

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Gautier,

      Strange issue indeed.

      Make sure you’re plugin is updated to the latest version and that you cleared all cache.

      If it still doesn’t show, you can open a support ticket so that our team can help you out!

  • Hello,
    I have no idea why but my ‘lead generation’ box is wider than all the other box (paragraph, columns..).
    As a result my lightbox has a wider box for lead generation…

    i have found n o way to adjust the width of the ‘lead generation’ box.

    How can we do that ?
    i can send images


    • Sorry bit hard to say without seeing the actual issue… If you think it’s a bug you can open a ticket in our support forum.

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