How to Turn Your Knowledge into an Online Course — that doesn't suck

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In this video, you'll learn:

Why online courses are the best business model for new entrepreneurs — just getting started!

  • Learn how online courses allow you to teach your course material once, and then get paid over, and over, and over again — automatically.
  • Learn the 2 Major Obstacles that hold new online course creators back from actually crafting GOOD info-products that people WANT to buy.
  • Learn how to use the Big 3 Course Structure to help overcome The Information Overload Problem.
  • Learn how to Finish & Ship Your Course by keeping things simple.

"Shane’s is a calm voice of reason in the overhyped, jargon-heavy world of online business. His advice is always based on sound evidence and experience.

Thank you for a really well-crafted course."

Victoria Hopkins

Business Owner

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