How to Create the Perfect Audience-Building Funnel for Your Podcast

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Podcasting is trending massively, right now. The number of podcast listeners tripled over the past 9 years and the Itunes podcast directory went from 3,000 podcasts in 2005 to over 500,000 podcast shows today (source).

All this for good reason: a podcast can be a great platform and audience building tool for a business.

Can be, but usually isn't.

In this post, you'll discover the exact strategy you'll need to transform your podcast into a real asset for your business.


The Audience Problem

As you can imagine, just uploading your podcast and being one among 500,000 shows is not going to help you get an audience… You will need a solid strategy.

So why not use the same strategy that world famous podcasters are using already?

John Lee Dumas, presenter of the podcast Entrepreneur On Fire (who reached the mind-boggling milestone of 1,049,726 downloads a month!) points out email marketing as the number one strategy of building an audience:

John Lee Dumas

"...getting people to sign up for your email list is the most important aspect because email is still the best way to stay connected with your audience."

- Source

As a podcaster (or soon-to-be podcaster), you’ll have to build an email list so that you can contact your listeners whenever you like (without being dependent on 3rd party platforms like iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud)

According to Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations at the podcast hosting company libsyn, in September of 2013 a podcast episode that has been live approximately 30 days averages only 141 downloads.

So without a solid list building strategy, all you’ll likely get is 141 downloads…

Building a mailing list through your podcast is the most direct solution and it doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or daunting !

Step-by-Step Podcast Landing Page Building

As I was creating the video for this post, I realized that there's quite a lot of detail to go into and it wouldn't all fit into an overview video. So, I put together a mini-course for you. This mini-course goes into more detail on the 3 most important funnels any podcaster needs to build in order to capture as many emails of listeners as possible and grow your audience rapidly:

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about the new landing pages or today's video, please leave a comment below!


P.S.: All the templates we shown in the video are available for you to deploy immediately in our Thrive Landing Pages plugin.

by Shane Melaugh  September 25, 2015


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