New Thrive Quiz Builder Feature: Right/Wrong Quiz Type

Shane Melaugh   51

After the release of our Thrive Quiz Builder plugin, we got a lot of enthusiastic feedback along with some interesting suggestions for how we could improve it.

In the latest version of the plugin, you'll find the first new feature that we added, based on user suggestions. We call it the "right/wrong" quiz type. Check out the video to find out how this quiz type works.​



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If you already purchased Thrive Quiz Builder or you're a Thrive Member, you can download the latest version of the plugin from your dashboard, or update it directly in your WordPress admin.

If you haven't used Thrive Quiz Builder yet and you want to learn more, click here.

Let us know what you think of this new feature, by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  April 6, 2017


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  • When Thrive Quiz Builder was launched right/wrong answer was the only feature that I was missing so I asked for it. And now my dream came true. Thank you.

  • Awesome, Shane. My clients and I were just reviewing our quiz yesterday and agreed we needed to change it. As ever, your timing is uncanny; this is exactly what we need. Thanks!

  • Is the ability to allow users to leave written answers to open ended question on the development list?

    I could see this software being able to handle the Ask Survey Funnel methods.

    However, without open ended questions and answers it’s going to be harder to really get what your customer thinks, believes, likes etc.

    • Hi Matt,

      No, this is not a planned feature. We are currently not planning to turn TQB into a surveying tool, because that would take away from the marketing and conversion focus that the product was built for. The main purpose of TQB is to be highly engaging and then lead people to a targeted conversion goal.

      Adding survey features would slow down the process and make it a product for a different market and different purpose.

      If I’m not mistaken, there are already countless free survey tools and apps that can do what you’re looking for.

    • Matt, I really, really appreciate TQB as I think it is #1 for building quizzes, hands down. Your point, however, about creating opened ended questions to handle the Ask Survey Funnel Method is greatly appreciated. Did you ever find any survey software that could handle that?

  • Perfect! I’ve been looking for this option. In the future can it be set up to show all their answers at once after the quiz has been completed? I think it would be a better experience versus quickly flashing it on screen after each selection? Just a thought…

    • That’s complicated, but potentially useful, yes. We’ve got a feature for this in development right now.

  • You do an excellent job of creating and editing your videos. How about a blog post on the process and tools you use to record and edit and any tips you use? thanks

  • Brilliant, love it. Any chance you could add something to the start of the quiz to suggest it’s loading. I sometimes find the delay before the quiz starts puts people off taking the quiz! I’ve experimented with putting a small piece of text saying ‘quiz loading’ but this shows on the results screen too and so doesn’t work.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Julian. That’s a good point and something I’m adding to the feature requests list.

    • Hello Arlene,

      We’re working on a feature like this. Unfortunately, Infusionsoft is making it very difficult for us because they don’t provide any kind of test or sandbox account and getting an infusionsoft account just to test our integration is prohibitively expensive.

      We’re trying to work this out with them, so we can bring better features for Infusionsoft users, but for the moment, our hands are tied.

  • Great new feature.
    But I still have one that I’m desparately looking for: I would like to give feedback, being not only the right answer, but also an explanation on both the right and the wrong answers, imeediately after they entered their answer. So depending on their choise they get some feedback. Only one type of feedback would also be a major addition too ;-).

    • Thank you for the feedback, Saskia.

      We’re currently not planning to implement such a feature. It would add quite a lot of load to the setup of a quiz and it would also mean that we have to pause the quiz and require another user input to move to the next question. This would be a big change to the plugin and I don’t think it would benefit many people. So, for the time being, I can’t promise you an addition like this.

  • One tactical suggestion and one technical question: The best kind of quiz is one where you learn from each of your mistakes. Being shown the correct answer isn’t enough. On its own, it can make some visitors feel stupid. I’d like to be able to display – along with the correct answer – a hyperlink that directs the visitor to a specific resource page when he enters an incorrect answer (ie. each wrong answer can generate its own ‘teaching’ hyperlink at the same time it generates the correct answer. Technical question: Because this plugin, as well as many of your others, displays dynamic data and images, are there any http header types that should not be included in gzip and browser caching code when I optimize my site’s page loading speed (for instance, is it advisable NOT to provide Expiry times for javascript because of the dynamic nature of the data presented)?

  • I just joined thrive recently and it’s awesome how you are constantly updating and teaching. Thank you. This is an awesome tool!

  • Amazing Feature Shane ! Glad that you added this in Thrive Quiz Builder. It makes your plugin the best in the world when it comes to creating Quiz’s.

  • Hello , Amazing Quiz Plugin
    But is it possible to be used for educational purposes ?
    I mean to test users and in the results page add an option to review user answers to know each question what was right ( highlighted ) or solved wrongly
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • What a great plugin guys! I’m going to use it to try and convert visitors to customers, but it there a way (maybe through CSS) to have the right/wrong answer display 2 or 3 seconds instead of the 1 second? I would like the visitor to be able to see the incorrect/correct answer rather than to know they just got it wrong.

    • Yes. If you don’t create a splash page (or delete it, if you’ve already created one), then the quiz will load on the first question.

  • Need help with creating a QUIZ: Segment Visitors Based On Their Interests.

    I am a personal trainer and looking to segment new clients, who need to lose weight, need a yoga program, etc…. anyone has experience with this?

  • When you use right or wrong quiz type if the student gets answer wrong can the student be returned to the question using branching that says something like “try again”
    If this is possible will it affect the total score because the student will be returned to the question until he/she gets the correct answer?

    • Thank you for the suggestion, Dave. This is currently not possible yet but we will add it to our feature suggestions.

  • I am a horse trainer and have built several training videos. I want to ask simple multiple choice questions to my students where they pick an answer BUT if incorrect it will send them back to the question and ask it again (after letting them know the answer is incorrect) I am not really interested in what score they got I just want them to get the correct answer because when they do I want to write an explanation below the correct answer explaining why this is correct. Is it possible with your program?

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