Screen Filler Lightbox: Meet the “Unignorable” Opt-In Form

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One of the most important conversion factors for your opt-in forms can be summarized as one word: attention.

The more attention an opt-in form commands, the higher the conversion rates tend to be. We've shared case studies that have led us to this conclusion in the past, such as in the post where we busted the exit intent myth.​

In this post, we're introducing a new, extremely attention-grabbing opt-in form type that we've added to the latest version of the Thrive Leads plugin.


Screen Filler Conversion Example

As mentioned in the video, the best thing you can do with this new feature is to run a test of your own. There's never a guarantee that one opt-in form type will perform better than another, but if you make a habit of running tests on your site, your conversion rate will go up over time as your opt-in strategy becomes more and more optimized for your particular audience and website.

In Thrive Leads, all you need is to have at least 2 different form types active in a Lead Group and you can start testing them against each other with just a few clicks:​

This way, you can test your current opt-in form types against the screen filler type and you can even use the automatic winner settings to let Thrive Leads determine which form type performs better and deactivate the other ones, once enough data has been gathered.

Here's an example of such a test between a "slide in" type opt-in form and a screen filler, courtesy of Gael from Authority Hacker:

The screen filler form is a form that animates into view, so it's also attention grabbing. But it's much more easily ignored than a screen filler.

 In this case, the screen filler led to a 45% lift in conversion rate.​

Let us know what you think of this new feature addition! And if you run your own tests, we'd love to hear about the results you get. Leave a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  August 25, 2015


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  • Excellent. I like it. Just one thing. Can you put a ‘No thanks’ or ‘Not now’ button alongside the opt in button. I have noticed, with this kind of mechanism, that sometimes it is not easy to figure out how to close the window if it is just a small ‘x’ in the corner. Your attention is naturally drawn to the buttons. I would love to know what you think and if there is a reason why you have specifically not done that.

    • Yes, you can do that easily. Just create a link or button and open the event manager for it. One of the actions will be “close current screen filler”, which will close the overlay.

  • Thanks Shane but what we really need with all these optin types (full screen, slide in, etc) is to be able to make one of the event triggers be to “close”….. only some of your form types have this feature. For example, a slide in does NOT have the ability to make it close. If I’m mistaken on this please let me know

  • You guys keep adding powerful options to all of your products! I really like how you analyze tools and their usage in depth and provide flexibility and all the settings needed to fine-tune deployment. Bravo!

    I would love to see Google reCAPTCHA added to Thrive Leads since I have one blog (that uses your Focus blog theme) that is plagued with opt-in spam. I have temporarily removed all of my lead capture forms from this site, since 90% of the opt-ins are junk. I tried manually adding in the Google code into Thrive Leads using the custom HTML option, but it didn’t work properly. It would be awesome if you could add this option as a native feature of Thrive Leads.

      • Ya totally agree and i hope that also means in the standard Thrive Lightboxes too, as i currently use a lightbox on my site for our contact us form (using a WP short code to input a simple Contact Form 7 form) and even though the form itself has the reCAPTCHA in it, once the lightbox loads it, it stripes out that part. Doing so causes it not to work when you submit the form, cause you didn’t “reCAPTCHA it”, (hmmm i guess that what you would call that). Anyway good to hear you guys are discussing it, thanks and keep up all the great work.

      • Oh My God. You mean that more than half of features are still waiting to be part of our software.

        This is marvalous.

      • To be more exact: half the features in the latest release haven’t been posted on the blog about yet. And: we’re working on some big changes that will blow everything you’ve seen so far out of the water.

  • I love this, Last night i watched a Thrive leads product review Video by Video Robbie Richards which lead me to here! I will definitely be purchasing your products! I also watched an hour or so of Shane’s Tutorials, building landing and sales pages!! Awesome I’m some what of a Newbie (1 year) but i know i can work these awesome products… Good on ya!! nice work.

    • Hello Steve,

      Thank you for your comment! I’m very happy to see that my tutorials have been useful for you.

  • Hi Shane, this is great – you guys rock.

    P.S. I requested this also but want to ask here also… The ribbon type form currently pushes down the entire website (there is no option to set it to overlap instead – which is the only method I am interested in using).

    Can you ask your developpers to program in a setting that will allow for an overlapping ribbon also? That would be great.

    Thanks for all the great stuff,


    • Hello Jan,

      Thanks for your comment! Have you posted the ribbon issue in the support forum? That’s the best way to get it processed and turned into a fix or feature request.

      • Hi Shane,

        Yes, it has been processed as a feature request consideration (I posted it in the forum). But I have zero idea if it will actually be implemented or not and if so how long that will take.

        I’m actually now considering to buy “WP Notification Bar plugin” from MyThemeShop just to get this overlapping ribbon functionality.

        But of course Thrive Leads is way better in all regards except for the lack of an overlap option, so I prefer to see it integrated in Thrive Leads, which should be quick and easy I think.

      • Hi Paul,

        I understand that this could be essential for your particular use, but we have to prioritize every single request we get, no matter how small it is. Even a small change can mean several hours of various developers’ and testers’ time and we have to weight every option against all other requests and all the features and products on our roadmap.

        We don’t ignore any requests or suggestions, but I hope you can trust that we will always make the decision that is most beneficial to the largest number of users.

  • Another great addition to Thrive Leads. This is exactly why I recommend Thrive Themes to everyone as the one stop solution for their online marketing. Thanks again Shane!

  • Excellent Shane, thank you so much. All other landing page and opt-in software just pales into insignificance and usually costs a lot more too!

  • Incredible updates, but I’m still sitting on the sidelines. (Boo for me) My problem is I sell a service rather than a product and I simply cannot come up with viable “stuff” except information, that would prompt someone to opt in

    • I’m not sure I understand… what more than information would you need? Almost all opt-in incentives are in the form of information, such as free reports, case studies, video content etc.

    • Dave … depending on your service, there are a ton of ways to “package” your service into information products, tips sheets and the like. For years I was right there with you and after some study realized there are a lot of options. If you share what you do I’ll see if I can come up with some ideas! MamaRed

  • Awesome update! 1 question though. Is there a way to cookie a user (on the thank you page or by some other means) so that one they opt in they never see this opt in form again? Thanks!

    • Hello Jose,

      You can set different content in the “Already Subscribed” state of a form. More options will also come soon that let you hide the forms for people who’ve already opted in.

  • I love the fact I am a member and get all FREE! However, it would be nice if you had a feedback feature – not sure if one already exists but can’t find it.

    I would like a feature that can create a survey within the landing pages. So one that is triggered by an action or based on a final destination – so for example if customer opts-in to a newsletter – step one might be the quick survey before the see the final page (the survey may have an option to skip etc. Is this something that people will want? I know I want it

    • Thank you for your suggestion, Gregory.

      We’re currently not using any feedback or voting systems on purpose, because we have some very large tasks ahead of us that have top priority. Right now, our default response to almost all suggestions is: we can’t do it before we’ve completed these other tasks.

      Once this is done we will open up a feedback forum for all members.

    • There are plenty of plugins that display the usual type of lightbox opt-in form, but creating forms that cover the entire screen is much rarer.

  • Can we make an already existing landing page work as a full-page pop-up?
    I guess after choosing a template we can always copy the HTML of the landing page… but sometimes not everything shows up or they somehow show up differently (formatting, alignment could be altered, some elements get lost etc.)…

    • Hello Asli,

      I’m afraid that’s not possible. Many of the landing page templates would not work if they were turned into a screen filler, as there are some important differences in how they work.

  • Im only using 1 slate with the button linking to my contact us page but when I click on the “yes” button it doesn’t take me anywhere but the “no” button takes me to the homepage the way it should. I just need to get the Yes button to work. Is there anything I might be doing wrong?

  • How can I turn off the x in the top right corner so they cannot close the screen filler until they opt in?

    I thought that the opt-in gate was a gate the required an action but in the video Shane shows that the visitor can close it so I guess I don’t really see any difference between the screen filler and the opt-in gate.

  • Does it work for mobile? I recently bout Thrive Leads and I love this option. With that being said I can not get the filler page to display on mobile, although it does work on a laptop.

  • This blog post is really helpful especially with me that is just starting learning .It is very informative and you explain it well. Thanks a lot

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