Say Hello to the Latest Email Marketing Integration for Thrive Themes

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Updated on April 28, 2021

You may have noticed that the latest release of Thrive Architect is full of awesome new features.

In recent posts, we’ve showcased a few of these upgrades including the Global Button Styles and Scroll Behavior features.

And we're not slowing down any time soon. Today we're announcing yet another email marketing tool integration for our Lead Generation forms in Thrive Themes plugins.


What new Email Service Provider can you now easily connect your opt-in forms to?

Say hello to Sendlane.

Connecting Your Thrive Dashboard with Sendlane

The technical steps needed to link your Thrive Themes Dashboard with Sendlane are few and simple.

Make sure to watch David’s Sendlane tutorial video above to see just how quick and easy setting up this API really is.

To get started, login to your Sendlane account to retrieve all your necessary API keys. You’ll need 3  pieces of information to integrate your Sendlane account with your Thrive Themes Dashboard:

  1. Your Sendlane account URL address
  2. Your Sendlane account API key
  3. Your Sendlane account Hash key 

All of this information can be found under the ‘Your Security Credentials’ section within your Sendlane account dashboard.

The Sendlane dashboard 'Your Security Credentials' area under 'Account Settings'.

Next, login to your WordPress site, click on the ‘Thrive Dashboard’ tab, scroll down to the ‘API Connections’ box and click on the ‘Manage Connections’ button.

The 'API Connections' box within the Thrive Dashboard.

Finally, connect your Sendlane account to your Thrive Themes Dashboard by clicking the ‘Add new Connection’ box, selecting Sendlane from the drop down menu, and entering your Sendlane API security credentials.

Click the ‘Connect’ button and your Thrive Themes plugins (like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads and Thrive Quiz Builder) will now have the ability to connect Sendlane to any opt-in form you create.

Enter your Sendlane API security credentials to connect the email marketing platform with your Thrive Dashboard.

Lead Generation Form Setup and Tags

Once your Thrive Dashboard is linked to your Sendlane account, connecting any of your Thrive Themes lead generation forms to Sendlane becomes super simple.

To do that, first select your Lead Generation element and then click on the ‘Connect Form To Service’ option that appears in the Thrive editor sidebar.

The 'Connect Form To Service' option is outlined in red.

In the lightbox that appears next, choose the Sendlane API connection to set your connection details.

Select your Sendlane API Connection in the 'Connect with service' popup lightbox that appears.

Here you’ll be able to select which Sendlane mailing list you want to send subscriber data to as well as what specific tags you want to affix to your subscribers.

Set your API connection details by selecting your Sendlane mailing list and typing in the tags you'd like to affix to subscribers of your opt-in form. Use commas to separate multiple tags.

To attach tags to the subscriber, just enter the tag name. If you want to use multiple tags, separate them by commas. Don’t worry if the tag doesn’t exist yet in your Sendlane account yet. The new tag will be added as soon as the first subscriber to that form signs up.

Once your mailing list and tags have been setup, move on to the ‘Set Form Fields’ section. Here you can select what subscriber opt-in information you want to collect by setting either optional or required form fields for email, name and even a phone number.

Select and set your required and/or optional form fields.

Finally, in the Post Opt-In Action section, pick one of four possible actions you want to happen at the end of your signup process:

  1. Reload Page
  2. Redirect to Custom URL
  3. Show Success Notification
  4. Switch State (for Thrive Leads forms only)

Select one of four post opt-in actions for your lead generation form.

Click 'Save' and your lead generation element is now connected to your Sendlane account.

More Feature Announcements Coming Soon!

We’re super happy to announce this new API integration with Sendlane and hope it will help you grow your email list faster if you use their email marketing service.

To see the long list of all our other 3rd party integrations, click here.

And if you have any other tools you’d like us to consider building integrations for, make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Otherwise, keep an eye on the Thrive Themes blog for new feature release announcements coming very soon!

by Matt  December 21, 2018


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  • I’m happy that some customers will be able to connect their Sendlane accounts to TT. Is it not possible for you guys to spend effort on developing a single integration tool for email platform integration API’s that we can map fields? aka Zapier style…

      • Nathaniel, I think whether or not we add a feature like this — and whether or not it would increase prices — would depend on development complexity, development costs and the overall demand by customers.

    • Thanks for your comment Andre.

      I’ve noted your request and will be asking the devs whether or not this is possible. However, I wouldn’t count on a complex solution like this coming anytime soon.

  • I’m planning to do some webinars next year and have a Webinar Ninja account. Mybe it doesn’t need an API connection to work well with my Throive assets. But, if it does that would be my integratin request, please.

  • Will, we still be allowed and work with our original eMail servers ie Aweber etc.? I just now got off chat with Sendlane and it appears to be total ai responses. They (it) never responded to ‘my’ question, which tells me it was not a human responding. I personally have issues with getting answers from an a.i. device, for a simple yes-no questions they are fine, but nothing complex. I want to be sure that I can continue working with Thrive Themes as I always have. Thank you in advance.

  • Great stuff – any idea if/when a native integration for Zoho CRM will be released? PS. I’m also HUGE fan of Thrive Themes and your brilliant blogs – thanks Matt and team!

    • Thanks for your input Vincent! I don’t have any timeline to give you for a Zoho integration, but I’ve noted your request to be considered in the development queue.

  • When are you getting Gist integration? Formerly ConvertFox? I used Gist for everything and need it to integrate with Thrive Architect?

  • Please fix the Getresponse integration first before start spending time integrating with others.

    Currently the Getresponse form within ThriveLead cant even collect phone information. Please check my ticket and it has opened for long time without plan to fix it.

    • Hi Anurag,
      We don’t have the integration yet, but you can integrate with Zapier and connect to Zoho that way!

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