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Updated on April 2, 2020

Our latest smart landing page template set can now be accessed directly from Thrive Theme Builder...

... and with it comes the awesome page building & customization power of Thrive Architect's Page Block Technology.

The smart landing page template set we're talking about here was built specifically to support Thrive Theme Builder's Shapeshift Theme and includes multiple homepage templates for different businesses, including: 

  • Local brick and mortar business sites
  • Personal branding sites
  • Content focused sites
  • And even ​Service based business sites

Check out the Shapeshift Theme smart homepage templates now available in Thrive Theme Builder. 

However, because it's likely you'll want to modify any template you choose by adding or deleting sections to fit your business’s unique needs, Page Block Tech helps you complete such customizations — in just a few clicks.

Want to learn exactly how Page Block Technology both simplifies and speeds up your site building process when you use Thrive Theme Builder for your WordPress theme?

Watch the video above and read on to find out...


Page Blocks Meet Thrive Theme Builder

Page Blocks have been active inside Thrive Architect's smart landing page template sets for some time now and it's an incredible tool for adding and customizing entire sections of crucial landing pages fast.

The big news here is that — when you use the Thrive Theme Builder's Shapeshift Theme to manage the core post and page templates of your website — not only do you get access to the new Shapeshift Theme smart landing page templates, but you also get access to 125+ Page Block templates that match Shapeshift's design.

These Page Blocks become accessible after you load a Shapeshift Theme smart landing page template within your Thrive Editor window (click on the cloud icon in the right sidebar):

These Page Blocks are available on your homepage if you selected one of the pre-designed templates from within the Thrive Theme Builder setup wizard. Or you can access them on any page of your website by loading a smart landing page (click on the cloud icon in the right sidebar in the Thrive Editor window)

After your Shapeshift Theme smart landing page template loads, click on the + PAGE BLOCK button to open the Shapeshift Theme Page Block library. The button will appear when you hover over the blue icon that shows up at the top and bottom of Background Sections:

Once your smart landing page template loads, the + PAGE BLOCKS button appears whenever you hover over a light blue + icon at the top or bottom of Background Sections in the Thrive Editor. Click the + PAGE BLOCKS button to open the Page Block library. 

Within the Shapeshift Theme Page Blocks library, you can then filter for designs simply by clicking a category of interest in the left sidebar (like "Hero Area" or "Call to Action") and selecting the template that best suits your design need:

Once the Page Blocks library loads, you can search for and select the Page Block design that best suits your current need.

Make sure the "Match Landing Page Colors" toggle button is active before selecting a Page Block design so your Thrive Theme Builder Smart Color settings (that you establish in the TTB setup wizard) will automatically apply when your Page Block loads on the landing page:

If the "Match Landing Page Colors" toggle was active before selecting your Page Block design, your Thrive Theme Builder smart color settings will automatically be applied when the Page Block template loads on your landing page. 

From there, you can keep adding, deleting and customizing your Page Blocks as needed to end up with the conversion focused homepage you want.

Start With the End Goal in Mind

If you're struggling to come up with what the key pages of your site should look like (e.g. your homepage, about page, contact page, etc.), don't be afraid to model them after already successful sites that share your business model.

For example, if you're an online course creator, look for other successful online course websites or personal brands you can use as to model your pages after. 

Now, this does NOT mean you should copy their colors, fonts and content, but rather model their structure to help yourself design the building blocks of your own key pages. 

This strategy is called Modeling and Colin shows you exactly how to do this using the Shapeshift Theme smart landing page templates and Page Blocks starting at 00:45 in the video above.

Now It's Your Turn

If you've already got the Shapeshift Theme (inside Thrive Theme Builder) installed on your WordPress website, it's time to dive into its Page Block templates and have some fun!

You're going to love how easy Page Blocks make customizing your homepage... and if you load the blank smart landing page on your site, you can even build About pages, Contact pages and more in a matter of clicks!

If you want to see another example of Page Blocks in action, check out  minute 42.57 of Hanne's recent tutorial video "How to Build a Coaching Website from Scratch".

And if you have any thoughts or questions about the new Page Block templates now available in Thrive Theme Builder, make sure to leave a comment below!

by Matt  April 2, 2020


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      • Sure. A good example would be ‘wirecutter’ ( Please have a look.

        Basically, for these sites, most people follow the structure of using the Blog Page as Home Page. But, this approach is overused, limited in scope and does not provide any visual differential.

        Hence, would be really helpful (especially for non-coders) if a dedicated ‘Affiliate Marketing Home Page Template’ can be added which, of course, can be later customized as per individual needs using Thrive Theme Builder.

      • Did you check out the “content focused” homepage Avanish? That seems to be exactly what you’re looking for looking at the Wirecutter site

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  • This feature is really awesome, Helping a lot.
    Mr. Shane always says that your imagination is the only limit while using Thrive Themes and, now it becomes more correct.

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