Meet the Best Social Sharing Buttons for Landing Pages

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We've just added a massive new feature to Thrive Content Builder. You can now add social sharing buttons anywhere in your posts, pages and landing pages. And quite simply, these are the most flexible, most advanced and most performance optimized social sharing buttons ever to be made available for WordPress.


If you use our themes, you've probably encountered the previous instances of our development team building social media awesomeness. Namely, there are the social sharing elements for posts and pages and the awesome social meta data feature.

Click here for a detailed tutorial on how to set up and use the social sharing buttons.​

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Also, we've added the buttons above as a live example of the social sharing feature​. Use them to test it out and spread the love! πŸ™‚


by Shane Melaugh  August 5, 2015


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  • Thanks Shane… Had a go at it yesterday. Much appreciated. By the way I haven’t applied for your apprenticeship in Barcelona but that sounded like a very interesting project to undertake. Maybe in future, did not feel ready at this time.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ron! Depending on how the apprenticeship experiment goes, there might be other opportunities like it in the future. We’ll have to see.

  • YES! Amazing. I waited for this. Especially for sharing a different URL than pages URL. Thanks so much.

  • Great stuff, as usual.
    What I like especially is the way you implemented the total shares number: with a minimum. Excellent!!

  • Hi Shane. Great addition again! Could you confirm if I can get a 100% score on everything on this testing tool?…I am an SEO guy and need to know if I can ditch another plugin if yours can do it all πŸ™‚

    • Hello Gio,

      We don’t cover all the tags tested by this tool, no. For example, we don’t have Geo tags.

      • Hi Shane,

        Is it one of your goals to make this a complete plugin, that takes care of all the OG tags,itemprop etc? (just like The problem of wpsocialseopro is that uses the default sharing buttons which load too slow. Please let me know

      • The social/OpenGraph stuff is taken care of in our themes (see this post). We draw a simple distinction between features that belong in themes and features that belong in Thrive Content Builder: if it’s something you add to your page’s content (inside the content area), it’s a TCB feature. If it’s something outside of the content area (header, sidebar, footer, meta info,…) it should be handled by the theme.

    • These work with any theme, yes. But they are not available as short codes, only as Content Builder elements.

  • Shane, your company is developing all these new features at an amazing speed. It would be really interesting to hear about how you have set up your development teams and what development and management philosophies you are following! Care you have a webinar or similar around that topic, even though it is somewhat off-topic for what you are trying to do?

    • Hello Yasper,

      We’re still figuring a lot of that stuff out ourselves. It’s definitely something we could cover on a webinar at some point. Currently, the best place to learn more about these kinds of things is to listen to our podcast. We often talk about the behind the scenes of our business there.

  • What great timing! I just implemented it into a new landing page and they are beautiful. Took me 5 minutes to set up the FB App thanks to the easy tutorial too! You guys are amazing! Thank you Shane and team! Love the tip on the download pages too πŸ™‚ – Chik

    • Thank you for this comment, Chik! Always love to see people implementing new things right away. πŸ™‚

  • I just love your themes and so glad i Found it. As someone who is not a designer you have made it very easy to get everything up and running. Thanks for a great framework.

  • Brilliant as always, Shane, very clear. Excellent features, particularly the custom social media buttons. Thrive is on my list for the next project.

  • Amazing very well thought out feature. You are my favorite developer! Thanks for the continued value.

  • Shane, I am SO glad you added this. I’ve had to hack together my own for several Download and Thank You Pages. This is such a smart and helpful addition.
    You guys just keep getting better!
    Great work!

    • Thank you for your comment, Jarrett! We’re really happy about this addition to the Builder as well.

  • Wow!! This feature is amazing… I was using png pics and linking them, but now… Wow!! I love the flexibility and all the options you give to easily add social sharing buttons. Thanks Thrive team. I absolutely love Thrive Content Builder.

  • it’s been a while since I’ve told you lot how much I love you… But I still love you πŸ™‚ I’m kinda excited about sharing buttons now!!!

  • As always a very well designed valuable solutions. A special thank for the XING share button, which many other plugins does not provide. Keep on coding πŸ˜‰

  • Awesome! I can’t tell you the last time I was this happy with a company and their products or services. You guys are constantly delivering. Always looking forward to what you have next up your sleeve’s.

  • Perfect! Just what I was looking for. And you included many more options for this feature than I had even dreamed of! Thanks a bunch for all of your hard work.

  • I love, and will use this new addition to TCB! May I humbly give feedback on one issue?

    A lot of sharing is done by email. The three links provided below are from BBC, CNN and TED. They all have a ‘share by email’ buttons. I hope you will consider adding ‘share by email’ to your new function so that it will rock even more! πŸ™‚

    • Interesting suggestion! I see that each of those sites use a different implementation of sharing by email. What do you believe to be the best setup?

      • Thanks Shane! Good question too as it illustrates the (neverending) challenge og implementing requests. I personally like the implementation of CNN as I use Gmail online. But I see it can lead to endless requests for supporting different mail programs.

        An alternative would be to Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, and that the fourth button is a ‘Copy page url’ which will aid people wanting to share the page.

      • That’s difficult, selection the best setup. Connecting directly to the email application gives the advantage of having the email address book at hand, but also the disadvantage of people wanting support for all different kinds of email tools.
        What’s also often used is a form where the sender and receiver’s email plus message is entered, but that might be subject to spamming vulnerability maybe.
        To limit the possible choices I would suggest the following:
        – Either connecting to the default email client
        – Or using a form

      • If it’s done via form, I definitely see a huge spam issue when it’s being used on all these self-hosted sites. I don’t think that’s a realistic option for WordPress. But we’ll keep looking into this.

    • Default social buttons are definitely a speed killer, that’s why I’m a big fan of the custom buttons.

  • When you first launched the content builder, I thought ‘wow’. Never imagining how many and how frequent the new ‘wows’ would be. An amazing tool just keeps getting better and better. Huge thank you to the Thrive Themes team.

  • Shane,

    Great design and implementationβ€”kudos to you, Paul, and everyone else at Thrive Themes! I especially love the ability to have the button share a different URL, and as always, appreciate your ongoing concern about speed!

    The best WordPress theme keeps on getting better!


  • It would also be awesome if it was available in Thrive Leads. There are situations (like a giveaway or contest) where you want people to enter an email and share at the same time. Is this possible too?

    • Yes it’s already implemented in Leads. We have an outstanding issue with the default buttons of some of the networks not loading correctly when forms are set to ajax loading – but custom buttons are fine. We’re trying to resolve the default button issue at the moment.

    • This is more of a psychological problem than a technical one. Sure, you can ask people to do two things, but the net result is that more people will do nothing at all. In general, it’s better to do this sequentially than in parallel (i.e. step 1: opt in. Step 2: share).

  • Just awesome…. being waiting for this for a while. Well done guys! Love Shane and the team always put out good features for Thrive customers.

  • Great feature! Especially to link them to a different page is very powerful. We are going to use it righ away, of course!! Thanks and keep up the good works!

  • Hi Shane, great idea and even better implimentation.

    What I would REALLY like to know is if you could add something like UpViral to your content/landing page builder.

    It integrates with your software or so they claim.
    I’m sure if you guys did it you’d do it even better. You seem to think things through really well.

    As you can see this “supossedly” gives you a viral traffic stream that goes on for months or years.

    One of the things I really like about it and miss from your older company was the ability to split test so easily. For me that was the main reason I bought your original product.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on what they are doing and the best way to split test with Thrive.

    Thank you, Patrick

    • Hi Patrick,

      A/B testing is a the core of Thrive Leads, much more than it was in Hybrid Connect. Applying A/B testing to other areas of WordPress isn’t as straight forward, so we’ll have to see how we move forward in that area. But there’s definitely not less testing capability in our products now than there used to be.

      Concerning viral traffic: that’s one of the areas we’ll take on with our products eventually. However, don’t hold your breath for us to create an alternative to UpViral just yet.

  • I second the previous comment. You guys do Rock. I would have to say that everything you promise you deliver. I have purchased several plugins and software application, and after time the developers drop the ball, but you guys keep making it better and better.
    Thank You!!

  • Good stuff!
    Will you offer follow buttons as well? Would be great to have them too in the same design – linking to my social pages (FB, Youtube, Google+ …)

    • We plan on creating something like the “follow-me” feature we have in the themes for TCB as well. But it won’t happen soon.

  • Great new feature as usual, stopped bothering to look at other themes, as Thrive themes are so easily customised and a pleasure to work with. Fast coming to the conclusion that a world designed and developed by Thrive Themes would be a better place. Perhaps not perfect, but at least we could rely on regular updates and improvements. Thanks Shane and the team, for continued efforts in making our lives easier.

    • If you want the share count for the Twitter button to come from a different URL than the one the button is on or the one that’s being shared, you can add it there.

  • Haven’t tried them yet, but they look awesome. Very good instructional video also! Thank you so much!

  • Thanks for this feature and another very big +1 for sharing by email, Shane πŸ™‚
    As many people here in GY, i currently use the Shariff plugin, because it fullfills the strict data protection laws in Germany. I would like to know, if your feature could fulfill the laws too?
    The share by email button just opens your email client with the current page as the subject and a link to it within the content. Adding this would be wonderful.

    • I’m not very familiar with those laws, but from what I understand it’s about not having Facebook & Co track your visitors when they arrive on your site, right? If that’s the case, then the custom design buttons are compliant with these laws as well, as they don’t give the social networks any insight about your visitors.

  • This is awesome! I been waiting for this. Now, if I could integrate ConvertKit email service provider with Thrive Themes, I would ecstatic. Please integrate with ConvertKit next! Thank you!!!

    • Hello Michael,

      Glad you like the new feature. If we get enough requests for a ConvertKit integration, we’ll consider building that.

      • I also would be very excited about the ConvertKit integration, it is a really great service, I’m actually looking into completely switching over from Mailchimp

    • Another Vote for ConvertKit! A lot of people switching from Aweber because of the fantastic segmentation ability & UI is super user friendly! The only reason I haven’t switched yet is because I use Thrive Themes. Pat Flynn did a Periscope broadcast tonight and talked about how he switched from InfusionSoft to ConvertKit & how it works with LeadPages. You guys should check out the broadcast and see how the audience is responding. A market worth tapping into! PS: Love what you guys do! Thank you for making my life easier! x

  • Fantastic stuff as always, guy!

    Two quick questions:

    1. It appears that you are using this new feature in conjunction with the previous social share button options on the left hand side of the page, correct?

    2. I am not an Instagram user but assumed that someone would have asked if that will be included in a future version/update.

    3. What are your thoughts on Facebook like boxes that you see in the sidebar widget area on websites? If you are a believer in them, do you recommend a plugin for this? I have been looking but honestly have no idea what would be best and whether or not such a plugin would slow the page load times down.


    • Hello Joseph,

      1) On this page, yes. The social buttons presented here are for adding to your content and landing pages. The other ones are the ones that are built into our themes and are the “general purpose” ones to display on all posts and pages.

      2) I’m not an instagram user either, but from what I know about it, web pages can’t be shared on instagram.

      3) Although I’m using one at the moment, I can’t say I’m a believer in it. We get very few likes through it and the main benefit you can get from it is some social proof if you have many followers.

  • Sorry. One more question.

    You guys are always doing such a great job with all of these new features. One of the drawbacks, if you even want to call it that, is that many people have sites with many pages or hundreds of posts.

    Are there easy ways to implement some of these changes in bulk.

    For example, is there an easy way to go in and say, “Hey, I want to add the social share feature item to every post that was already created and place it after the first paragraph?”

    Or do you just have to suck it up and do each post one by one to update it?

    • The buttons shown in this post aren’t made for that kind of use. If you want to show buttons everywhere, I recommend using the ones built into the themes.

      The ones here are more for landing pages or creating a specific setup where you want to share one page from a different page (via the custom sharing URLs).

      • Aside from having to manually insert them, is there a drawback to using them in lieu of the default social share buttons that run down the side of the page if you like the bold/vibrant look of them as well as the fact you can directly embed them in the content?

  • Another vote for ConvertKit! I want to get started with ThriveThemes, but because I’m also wanting to switch off MailChimp & over to ConvertKit, I was searching to see if they work together yet when I found this post. Please make it so, brilliant engineers!

  • Another vote for ConvertKit! I’m a bit biased though since I’m the founder of ConvertKit… πŸ˜‰ But seriously, we get a lot of emails about an integration with Thrive, so that would make our customers quite happy. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve been loving these bigger buttons in my designs.

    They truly help me get more shares by making them stand out, bigger and better.

    • That’s great to hear. Very happy that you’ve been getting good results with the buttons. πŸ™‚