New Integration: SparkPost Email Delivery

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Ever since we introduced API connections for Thrive Leads, we've been steadily expanding to include more services.

Today, we're introducing another integration with an email delivery service, which is one of the essential tools you need when using the Asset Delivery feature.​


SparkPost is especially relevant for anyone who was previously using Mandrill, a service that lost its free tier and was rolled into MailChimp. SparkPost makes the migration from Mandrill easy and it has a very generous free tier.

More integrations are coming soon, so stay tuned!


by Shane Melaugh  July 12, 2016


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  • Thanks Shane, when is Sharpspring integration coming? 🙂 I’ve seen several people in the forums asking for it. Love Thrive Themes, would love to be able to use all features but lack of integration prevents me and my customers from using certain features.

  • So, can I call it a day using SparkPost and Thrive Leads? Or do I have to buy fifty million other plugins to do simple e-marketing?

    • Hi Joseph,

      Sparkpost is an email delivery service. This service will not allow you to do email marketing such as creating a list and sending follow-up emails etc.
      For this purpose you’ll still need an email marketing service. You won’t need to buy any other plugins though, Thrive Leads can handle integrations with different services.

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