The Table Element Gets a Fresh Set of Templates!

David Gavrilut   23

What’s new in Thrive Architect?

Along with our new Fancy Dividers, we also added a bunch of new templates to the Table element!

Watch the video to see how cool the new Table element templates are, as well as learn how you can now create your own product comparison table!


A Quick Look…

The New Table Cloud Template Library

The New Table Cloud Template Library

As you know, every new template we release is made by our design team. The new Table element templates aren’t any different.

You know what this means, right?

Creating a gorgeous looking table has become a piece of cake — you just select a template that you like and then tweak it a bit to match your preference.

Trust me, it’s a lot easier than building the whole new table from scratch!

Mobile Optimized Table Templates

All of these templates were optimized by our development team for mobile view as well.

To give you an example, let’s say that you are using the Table element to create a comparison between your product and the product of your competitor.

On a desktop interface, the companies involved in the comparison are displayed on columns, and the key features that are being compared, on rows: 

On a desktop interface, the features for this comparison table are displayed as rows, and the companies involved in the comparison, as columns

On a desktop interface, the features for this comparison table are displayed as rows, and the companies involved in the comparison, as columns

Now, let me ask you a question. What does the visitor pay attention to on a comparison table?

The features.

Customers don’t really care about the companies. They only care if the product is within a certain price range, or if the product can do what they need it to.

So, to keep that product emphasis on mobile as well, here’s how the table can be displayed on smaller screens:

On smaller screens, the emphasis is kept on the product features that are being compared in the table

On smaller screens, the emphasis is kept on the product features that are being compared in the table

As you can see, the features are the ones that are emphasized — which means that the user can see right away which company offers the cheapest price, or which company offers Feature 1, which company doesn’t, and so on...

Any Questions?

If you’d like to learn more about how the Table element works, you can check out this in-depth tutorial article.

And if you have any further questions or comments about our new Table element templates, leave them as a comment below.

by David Gavrilut  March 29, 2019


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  • This is some solid work. And I appreciate it, don’t get me wrong.

    But what I’ve really been waiting for over the better part of a year is an update on the theme builder.

    My agency license is renewing tomorrow, and I’m on the fence about it.

    Throw us a bone here, any update on the theme builder?

    • Yeah, it is getting so annoying that theme builder has not been released yet although it was announced almost 10 months ago which is eternity in online world.

    • I agree with Justin. At least we should get an update if the new theme is still being worked on, why the release is delayed by so many months, and when approximately the release is scheduled. Or tell us if the theme has been scrapped, if so. I don’t need specifics, but at least an idea what’s going on, please!

    • I known the Alfa Squad are trying the new theme builder… they don’t talk about a date, but I think the release will be sooner than later…

      At least that is my hope 🙂

    • Hi Justin,

      We’re still working hard on Theme Builder and the Beta testers can confirm the progress.

      As soon as we have some kind of ETA we’ll communicate about it.

  • Great makeover for tables! If I could add a small feature request or two, I would suggest the following:

    1) The ability to make an entire row of a table linkable. You can make an individual text element in a cell linkable obviously, but there are use cases where you might want to make an entire row (or column maybe) link somewhere.

    2) The ability to define a hover state for a row (or column or cell). So if you want the background color of a row to change color as you hover over it. This would be awesome.


  • Not sure where to find those table templates. When I drag the table element to a page, all I get is a grid to choose how many rows and columns I want.

    • Seems like you do not have the latest version of Thrive Architect installed on your site John. Make sure to update and you’ll see the templates 🙂

      • I’m experiencing the same problem as John and I have purchased Thrive Architect about a week ago, so I assume I have the latest version 🙂 I guess I’ll submit a support ticket

      • Ups, my mistake, I was using Avada Theme to insert tables instead of Thrive Architect 🙂 Problem solved

  • Thanks for the update.

    But still missing a feature: rows full clickable.

    If i have like 5 colums, there have to be 5 hyperlinks in a row.

    A workaround with a column in 1 cell don’t workout well on mobile.

    So can you make it possible to make a complete row clickable with 1 hyperlink?


  • I really have to agree with Justin. This is an awesome addition and I love the continued development – but if there is a choice, I would much rather celebrate the launch of the architect theme builder with you than see more features added to the page builder at the moment.

  • Hello,
    great, but sorry… no. What we are looking for is importing spreadsheets with datas and then giving them an appearance. Or not.
    And we also whant to import only datas in a future table without any change in appearance: import with no change.
    The tables in Thrive Architect are quiet stiff. We have to enter and go out. And datas must be added manually.

  • Is there a way for tables to be sorted with filters at the top of the cells, or some sorting mechanism? If not, is this a feature you would consider?

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