New Thrive Leads Integration: MailRelay

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Updated on January 7, 2020

Many of you asked for it and we're happy to give it to you! Thrive now integrates through API with MailRelay.

MailRelay is an advanced email marketing platform and in the latest version of Thrive Leads, you can now integrate your opt-in forms with it in a few clicks.

Check out the step by step tutorial.


1. Go to your API Connections in the Thrive Dashboard and Select MailRelay

1. Go to Thrive Dashboard and click on Manage Connections 

2. Click on Add new connection

3. Select MailRelay in the dropdown menu

4. You see you'll need 2 parameters to connect MailRelay

2. Get the MailRelay API key

Login to your MailRelay account and click on "Settings" >>> "API access" and click on the button that says "Generate new API key".

This will give you a string of letters and numbers that you have to copy and paste in the API key field in Thrive's MailRelay API connection.​

The only other information you need is the API URL and this is the same URL you use to login to your MailRelay account.

It looks something like: (replace "mylogin" by your login information)​.

After entering this URL, click on "Connect"​

And that's it!

You'll now be able to select MailRelay directly from within the drop down menu when you connect an opt-in form. 

​MailRelay is only one of the many services we connect with. You can find the complete list here.

by Hanne  September 16, 2016


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  • Hi guys, good news again! But each time you do a new integration, i hope that the next one will be SendLane… When will you consider this one ?

    • Hi Yusuf,

      We haven’t been able to get access to a SharpSpring account to create the integration, unfortunately.

  • Rarely, and I have 60 years, you are in life people so efficient Thive Leads through simple daily facts show that your company is formed by people like: Hanne, Lorant, Alexander, etc.. etc.. are the best !!
    They have good ideas, carry them out and we offer them as effective tools. But the most extraordinary thing about “Thrive”, is to send an e-mail suggesting the integration of Mailrelay, platform mailing in Castilian, you answer and two months is reality, they are is a number 1. Buy one to one all products that take i maybe someday, page fee to have them all. Thank you. Thrive = Dream Team

    Sorry for my English Google

    • I ran into this as well. It seems that the MailRelay API is not suited for double optin which is a real pitty. I find it odd iven the fact that Mailrelay seems to be (part) Spanish. Anyway, as it is now, the integration is useless for European Thrive and MailRelay customers… By the way: it’s not only MalRely; the same is valid for Sendgrid, SendinBlue and I expect others…

  • Thanks you guys. Awesome. This novice web designer appreciates the fact you walk customers through everything so well!

  • Many thanks, Hanne! This is the only English language instruction I have been able to find. It makes me more confident about using MailRelay with Thrive Leads.

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