Insert Dynamic, Animated & Evergreen Countdown Timers Anywhere in Your Content

Shane Melaugh   61

Updated on January 7, 2020

We've released the first major new feature for our latest plugin, Thrive Ultimatum. You can now create a new countdown design type called "shortcode" and use it to insert countdown timers anywhere inside your WordPress posts or pages.

Check out the video to see the new feature in action!​


Shortcode Design

In any Thrive Ultimatum campaign, you can now find a new option in the step where you add your countdown designs:​

While you can only have one top or bottom ribbon each, shortcodes can be inserted anywhere in your content, so if you want to use more than one shortcode design, you are free to do so.

As will all other countdown types, you can have multiple states for your countdown shortcode and you can add events to your campaign timeline to switch between the states whenever you want.​

Overall, this is just one more powerful tool at your disposal for creating the best, most conversion boosting scarcity offers on your site.


by Shane Melaugh  July 22, 2016


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  • Hi Shane, thanks for the new great feature. I wonder if it would be possible to get the “html code” of the countdown, instead of the short code, and place it in the body of the emails sent to customers for the campaign. Thanks, best.

      • That sounds most intriguing Paul. I will be watching my inbox as usual. Rock on Thrive.

      • I definitely second the ability to grab a code to place in email campaigns. I have a plugin from Digital Marketer that does this. Hoping that what you end up with would be able to integrate with any email service (ActiveCampaign in my case) with a simple HTML code and integrate with the Thrive ultimatum synchronization. That would be awesome!

      • We’re working on it. Hopefully to come fairly soon with one of our updates. 🙂

      • Ben, you are talking to my heart… Are you talking to me???? :))))))

        Paul, Shane I wait for this feature as well… These days I am designing the email sequence…

        This feature is essential to me. With this you would have a competitive advantage over Deadline Funnel because you integrate and offer the whole suite (infrastructure).

        Guys you really Rock!!!

    • Exactly – we have a new update lined up that will compliment this and make it even more powerful – due to be released very shortly so keep your eyes peeled.

  • You guys are so productive, it is really impressive. What I especially like is that you don’ t hammer us with all kinds of affiliate offers like most marketers do. I would love to use Thrive products for most of my website needs. The one thing which I am missing is a video launch funnel for product launches with the typical 3 or 4 videos across the top, the last one being the actual sales video, and comments below it all. I would love to build that within Thrive. Is this on the horizon or can it be done in some way?

    • Hey George, they already have a launch theme in Thrive Landing Pages…if this is what you’re looking for

      • I hate to get into other people’s conversations but I can’t resist because a video launch funnel is exactly one of the things I BADLY need for my online course. Here’s the story of what I need. Normally, I would love to setup a video landing page template (exactly what Paul suggested above). For example I would do a launch teaser which should run at least for 3 days. On the first day, the first video teaser will activate. If a site visitor clicks on the second video, it won’t play yet because the second video will only activate on the following day of the teaser. This is same with video number 3 which should only play on the third day containing the BIG reveal leading to a product launch. I think the video course lead generation landing page template suggested above didn’t have this functionality (I know Leadpages has this functionality already and hope we have that too using Thrive).

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I am looking for as well. And I would like to be able to run this as an evergreen launch, not just a launch with fixed dates.

  • #Thriverocks

    You guys continue to amaze me with the features for all your products! Read through the comments below and am looking forward to the countdown options for email!

  • The best think would be to have the ability to add countdown in e-mail and other website and that all be syncronized 🙂

      • Thanks 🙂
        When you say : few weeks, do you have an idea of the delay ?
        Because i’m using Page Expiration Robot and I need to upgrade my account but if you release the same kind of product so i will not upgrade now 🙂
        Thanks for your answer 🙂

  • Thanks Shane delighted with continual improvements and excellence – of course always waiting for that elusive email integration of countdown timers

  • I own Thrive Content Builder & Landing Pages plugin. Can Thrive Ultimatum be installed together to add extra function or do these products need to remain separate?

    • These products can be used on their own, however when both the content builder and Ultimatum is installed on the same site there is a seamless integration between the two.

      This is demonstrated at 2 mins and 10 seconds in the demo video above, where Shane drops an Ultimatum countdown into a landing page using the content builder.

  • Great – but I’m still waiting for a countdown for responsive videos. For example, something comparable to when someone signs up to watch a webinar on Thursday at 2pm, the video will automatically start on Thursday at 2pm. So if they miss it on Thursday at 2pm, then they have to sign up for the next available day to watch it. The lead generation competitors are able to do this, and it’s pretty much the only thing that I can’t do with Thrive that I still have to seek a 3rd party to accomplish.

    • Hi Dianne,

      It seems like what you’re looking for can be done with a recurring campaign type in Thrive Ultimatum.

  • This is great – the old TCB stand-alone countdown seemed to be slightly out of sync with my TU campaign, so this is a nice step up in reliability as well as simplicity. The promise of email embeds is awesome! Thank you Thrive.

    • Yes this integration will be perfectly in sync with all other countdown displays with the same campaign. Hang tight with the email integration stuff – it’s on its way.

  • My prayers have been heard (or maybe it was the feature request)!

    Makes so much more sense to be able to have different kinds of countdowns, messages and links throughout your site.

  • Great improvement, now I don’t need to make two campaigns. But I would also suggest for a realistic evergreen countdown to make it relative to the day of the week. So for example my offer expires friday at 23:59 and when the user clicks the links on monday he will see that he has 3 days to get the offer, if the user clicks on thursday (even if it’s his first click) he will see that he will have less that 24 hours to get the offer…

    • A campaign that you described is not an evergreen campaign, since its trigger and end criteria are time-based rather than based on a user action. You can use a recurring date campaign to create what you just described.

  • Scarcity timers can be very effective, and this new feature of Ultimatum gives me the timer location control I’ve been looking for 🙂

    Thrive continues to impress with another fantastic feature, solidifying their place at the top of WordPress mastery.

    Thank you so much!

  • Another great addition. Looking forward (trying to be patient :)) for the countdown timer integration with email. That will be a game changer. keep up the excellent work guys!!

  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for such a great plugin. My major stumbling block with Thrive Ultimatum is that it currently doesn’t support Evergreen Lockdown campaign with cold traffic, only with email. Will there be a future update where this is made available?


    Budi T

    • Hello Budi,

      To truly lock down an evergreen campaign, you have to be able to identify each visitor coming to the page. This isn’t possible with cold traffic, since visitors might switch devices or browsers and that would reset the timer for them.

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