Sneak Peek: What the Thrive Themes Team is Working On

Wondering what's happening behind the scenes at Thrive Themes? In today's video, you'll get a first look at the all-new Thrive Content Builder plugin as well as a quick tour of other projects we are working on.


Thrive University

In the video, I mention that one of our upcoming plugins is related to Thrive University and some of the feedback we got when we launched it. In case you are not familiar, Thrive University is where you can access many training courses made by the Thrive Themes team, for free!

Some of the things you can discover in our courses:

  • How to build a conversion focused WordPress website, from the ground up.
  • How to write and optimize the "About" page on your website.
  • How to create a live webinar funnel without needing any expensive webinar software.
  • A simple, 6-step plan to creating an amazing opt-in offer.
  • And much more...​

If you haven't already, click here to sign up for your free Thrive University account.

Future Updates

As mentioned in the video, we'd like to be more transparent about our products and features in progress. A possible problem with such updates is the expectation of delivery dates. We can't give you estimated release dates until a product or feature is almost complete and something can look like it's almost ready, but still be far from finished.

We'd like to know what you think of today's update and if you have any suggestions about how we can make such updates more useful for you in the future.


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder and the CEO of Thrive Themes. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.

  • Joah says:

    Looking forward to the Apprentice feature.

    Shane, is v2.0 coming out without content lock-in?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Joah,

      With Thrive Content Builder 2.0, you won’t lose any of your text content or images if you ever deactivate the plugin. The rest of the elements and design stuff cannot be preserved after deactivation.

      Also, I’ve tested all the competing plugins that advertise “no content lock-in” and I can tell you that we are going to create something better than what anyone else is offering at the moment.

    • Michael H says:

      Shane – Assume news (as usual). One request – with the update to the Apprentice plugin, can you also show how this works with membership plugins – and maybe point us to a few that you like or recommend that we consider?

      (600+ comments at this point — wow)!

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Yes, we’ll provide some tutorials for how to use it together with membership plugins. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • Maximilian P says:

    Damm… iΒ΄m more excited for this..than for anything else in my bussines.. I love tcb.. but there are some things that just suck and i hope they get fixed in 2.0 ..

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Maximilian! We’re doing our best to fix everything that sucks in current TCB. πŸ™‚

      • Joey A says:

        me as well and some up to date current options that in”what’s working now
        ‘,LOve Thrive, I would even pay extra but having to pay extra for the obviues is a true struggle and down fall. I wanted in all in solution and get what is still an awesome soultion but it’s not up to date in feaures. I”ll give it another 4 months soon to wait an see or else, I have to leavw. I do not want to at all but the cost of (thrive is very low pricecd adding all the features to make it all work over rider the cost of Thrive. I better tempate that is truly cutomizable and other small features I have been requesting will deside my use of Thrive because the TCB is awesome, itas lack on so much and added on plugin featurs is nto that goodusing 4rd party plgins or features I can change to a plaformthat does it all.

    • Joah says:

      Shane, I’m a bit unclear about your answer.

      Do you mean that if I deactivate the plugin, the page I was working on will have a bunch of shortcodes in it? Or will it preserve the formatting?

      That is one of the reasons I haven’t moved away from Beaver Builder.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        No shortcodes will be visible in the content, if you create content with TCB 2.0 and then deactivate TCB 2.0.

        Instead, you will see only text, headings, lists and images. Everything else cannot be preserved. For example, you can’t build a column layout using the Content Builder and then still have columns on your page after deactivating the plugin. But we can ensure that you don’t lose any of your content and that your pages remain “clean”. No short codes, no broken stuff, no HTML code etc.

  • Maximilian P says:

    Wow.. just the peak at the new Builder.. that looks awesome!

  • Daniel Collier says:

    Thrive team rocks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Daniel!

  • Sean T says:

    Thanks for sharing, Shane.

    I’m excited about all three announcements, especially Content Builder 2.0 and a new theme built from the ground up. Look forward to hearing the estimated release dates. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Sean! We’re really excited about these projects as well. I speak for everyone on the team when I say that I wish we could just deliver you all of what we’re working on, instantly. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

  • Justin P says:

    This is why I recommend Thrive Themes to anyone who will listen. This is Christmas come early as far as I am concerned – great vision and execution Shane and team.

    You guys not only put out top notch stuff but you inspire others while doing so – how about that!?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Justin!

  • Mike C says:

    I’m guessing this is a Thrive Comments box I’m typing in…

    I’m most looking forward to TCB2.0, as I host my courses externally, but you have me curious about Thrive Comments, so Bring It On!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Surprisingly, it is not. Thrive Comments isn’t quite ripe enough yet for us to deploy it on a high-traffic site like this. We’re testing it out on some lesser known sites first. πŸ™‚

      • Mike C says:, perhaps?

        I’m wondering, are catching email addresses and tags to send to email software? This feels like a mystery I want to solve. It’s definitely the biggest tease of the three/four in your video!

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Well, I’m glad it got your attention. Like I said: no other details to reveal yet, but we’ll have more news on Thrive Comments in the near future. πŸ™‚

      • John B M says:

        Mike, I did the same thing — went right over toe activegrowth and left a comment on a post to see what happened. Then, I inspected the page elements to look for clues! LOL

  • Grant P says:

    Thanks for the update peeks, even without firm release dates…certainly whets the appetite, and good to know your products are evolving in the background!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Grant!

  • Mark says:

    Appreciate the update guys. TCB2 looks epics.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks, Mark! Looking forward to seeing what you guys will do with new tools we put out. You’re always amongst the most powery of our power-users. πŸ˜€

  • Charles says:

    Love knowing the future direction, thanks!

    • Hanne says:

      You’re welcome Charles

  • Christopher R says:

    TCB 2.0 looks awesome from the short clip. I’m looking forward to using it to develop some new websites.

    • Hanne says:

      Happy to hear Christopher!

  • olga says:

    Can’t wait for TBC 2.0 to be released and looking forward to see what you offer with Apprentice, as I am using Zippy courses at the moment.

    • Hanne says:

      I think you’ll like Thrive Apprentice Olga πŸ™‚

      • Martin H says:

        I can’t wait for that πŸ™‚

  • Jose says:

    Looks awesome! Any wait to play with the new TCB & Apprentice.

    • Hanne says:

      Just a little longer Jose πŸ™‚

  • Keep it up!
    Loving my Agency License!

    • Hanne says:

      Great to hear that Harvey!

      • Joey A says:


  • Doug says:

    I’m shaking like I’ve just had 6 cups of coffee! Jittery with excitement. This is insane, you guys. Thrive is already the backbone of my entire business, and with what I just saw in the Content Builder 2.0 … thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You make my life easier.

    Also, the Thrive University coming to us as a plugin version of Thrive Apprentice is EXACTLY what I have wanted since the beginning. Also very intrigued by Thrive Comments.

    Again, thank you. Seriously. You’re the only company I’m happy and EAGER to pay on a monthly basis. I can’t say that about anyone else.

    • Hanne says:

      Wow thanks for all the support Doug. We’re glad to make your life easier πŸ™‚

    • Kathie H says:

      Completely agree Doug – this is my one MUST HAVE each month – Thrive is like a drug for my business lol – keep up the great work guys…eagerly awaiting 2.0..

  • Nelson T says:

    When I first saw TCB couple of years ago, I was amazed… but honestly, since then, I discovered what I felt were better visual editor… I know and like the philosophy behind TCB of cautious developer, speed and so on, but the builder wasn’t flexible enough…
    Now, with what I’ve seen from that preview, TCB might come back to the top of the list…! Great job and can’t wait to try it!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Nelson, that’s for sure our goal with TCB 2.0; being on top of every list πŸ˜‰

  • Elvis P says:

    Very exciting stuff, looking forward to the new builder especially.

  • Julian D says:

    OMG!! I love it. I was just wondering yesterday where the Thrive team was up to with the 2.0 builder. So excited and ready to take that leap forward. Keep the teasers coming.

    • Hanne says:

      Thanks Julian, will do

  • Shane says:

    Amazing stuff on the horizon, it looks the value is far beyond what any other offering is on the market. Better get in early before the price for admission goes up πŸ˜‰

    • Hanne says:

      Exactly Shane πŸ˜‰

  • olga says:

    Looking forward to TBC 2.0, plus see what you offer with Apprentice, as I am using the Zippy courses plugin at the moment. Congratulations on the hard work!

  • Wow, GREAT move to keep us believing in what you have started here at Thrive Themes.

    As someone that uses all the most popular page builders, and is known at somewhat of a page builder expert on my YouTube channel, PALEEZZ prioritize TBC to work on all themes! I am talking about full-width rows on all themes, not just Thrive made themes. Honestly, it’s the 1 thing holding me back from using TCB, and talking about it more. Heck just make it work with my free plugin in the WP repository, Fullwidth Page Templates, and I will take care of all the theme nuances.

    Great work, i’m impressed and I know my 50k YouTube subscribers will be impressed as well.

    • Dean says:

      Totally agree! It’s really needed as from as TCB goes.

      I just wish someone had a great theme that gave us control over post types, headers/footers etc.

      I like Elementor in a way and I like Live Composer but none of them are too amazing (both missing several features)

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        I hope Thrive Content Builder 2.0 will be able to fill that hole in your soul, Dean. πŸ˜€

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Adam,

      If you watch closely, the very feature you ask about is actually being shown in the teaser part of the video.

      • Adam says:

        Yes, Shane, I did see something “Stretch” which I thought may be that. Not sure if that is implemented via JS like another page builder does! Either way, you guys have 100% of my support and can’t wait to create NEW content around your suite of tools as soon as the new version is out! I have been holding off, but not any longer.

        I think Thrive Ultimatum will always be my favorite though. When used right, it is a goldmine.

      • Max L says:

        Hello Shane,
        The comment is on wether ALL features of TCB2 will work in non-thrive themes … as at the moment, TCB loses numerous features when not in a Thrive theme.
        So … can you confirm that TCB2 keeps all features, if it is used in a theme that is not a Thrive theme?

  • Neil R says:

    Great update Shane, thanks! Is Thrive University build with the new Apprentice plugin? I really like the way it is setup and was wondering if that is what we can expect once it is released? Thanks for all the great work you guys do!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Neil,

      Thrive University is built with a new version of Thrive Apprentice that has no user interface. We’re adding a nice user interface to it, before we release it to our customers. πŸ™‚

  • Dennis Lewis says:

    Really cool, but you’re teasing us mercilessly! At least say “days, weeks, months…” (don’t say years!)

    • Hanne says:

      If it would be days you would see a countdown timer Dennis πŸ˜‰

  • Angelo says:

    Oh wow, I’m super excited for TCB 2.0 and the new theme! This was a great teaser thanks, can’t wait to get my hands on these new plugins. πŸ™‚

    • Hanne says:

      Happy to hear that Angelo

  • Kim Doyal says:

    Feel like it’s Christmas morning! Can’t wait to see all three!
    The builder looks awesome… all sound amazing!
    Cannot wait!

    • Hanne says:

      I can see you’re almost as excited as we are about this, Kim πŸ™‚

  • Samuel P says:

    I am TOO excited about the Apprentice/university plugin.

    I love the way that the Thrive University works, and I have wanted to build something similar since I first saw it.

    Is there an ETA for it?

    • Hanne says:

      I’m glad you’re looking forward to that one Samuel!
      No ETA but keep an eye open for it.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Samuel,

      We don’t have an ETA for Thrive Apprentice yet, but we’re getting quite close to a beta release.

  • Daniel W says:

    hmmm – I think I may be commenting on a new style comment system? Am I right?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Nope, these are just normal WordPress comments, with a bit of customization. But more info on Thrive Comments will come soon enough. πŸ™‚

  • Frank S says:

    I like the simplicity of the current Content Builder. Hopefully, the new version is too. I like the right side editor window. Would be nice if you could pick your side since the new one appears to be on the left. Picky? Yes πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Frank,

      You can still switch editor sides, yes.

      The new TCB allows you to do much more complex design stuff, but we’ve made sure that it’s just as fast and immediate to use as the current version is.

      In most cases, it’s actually quite a bit smoother to use, because we no longer have an overloaded bar with options, inline.

  • Ryan says:

    Damn… I wish there was a release date. I’m having major trouble with design on TCB and aligning images and text correctly. I also find the ThriveLeads editor is very difficult to use and design properly within. Can’t wait for the new release.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We’re going to make all that much easier, yes. I wish I could give you a release date (and I wish that date was “tomorrow”), but unfortunately I can’t do that yet.

  • Stephen says:

    Shane, thanks for the update, looking forward to Thrive Builder 2.0. This is very helpful keeping us in the loop, it’s greatly appreciated!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Stephen!

  • Wow Shane, I can honestly say there is no other business tool I love anywhere near as much as the Thrive Themes membership bundle, which is easily the best investment I’ve ever made for my business.

    And as much as I love TCB, version 2.0, plus your new theme(s), looks like it will really address what I’ve been privately hoping to see for some time.

    I don’t know of any other marketing tools and services that are so well maintained and enhanced on a continuing basis – with first-class marketing insights to help us maximise their use. Thanks for all you and the whole Thrive team are doing. It’s highly appreciated.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Matthew! That is high praise and I will let the team know about this. Knowing that our tools are a good investment and bring real value to our users means a lot to us.

  • Howard S. Primer says:

    Thank you for keeping me apprised of your future developments. I am new and struggling to get my foothold, so the excitement about what is coming helps me to conform my development plan to the anticipated evolution.

    By the way, I love Thrive University and cannot get enough of it. Keep on adding content.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Howard. I very much hope that Thrive University helps you get up to speed on everything you need to know. And if it doesn’t, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We’re always eager to know what courses or content we could add, to help our users.

      • Jace s says:

        Hi Shane! Love Thrive and can’t wait for the update! I am enjoying Thrive U as well. I don’t yet have a product and love Your products soo much, I want to promote them heavily. I want to use your products to promote your products as an affiliate, if that makes sense. I have made a sale in the past but, I’m wondering if you can add a course in Thrive U with ideas on how to use your products to promote your products as an affiliate. I have several of them but am thinking of just doing the membership soon. Thanks Thrive team. you guys are the bomb. don’t ever leave us without your tools lol.

  • Remco says:

    Looking forward to the new themes , hope with these themes it will be easier to convert an existing site on genesis theme over to the new Thrive theme. Is the release date near by ?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Remco,

      No, a release date for the themes is not near at all. At this point, we know what we want to build and we know what TCB 2.0 needs to do, to support that, but we haven’t started on a theme yet.

  • Sven says:

    This looks awesome! Keep up the good work.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Sven!

  • Lavern says:

    Thank you for the update, especially on the builder. I am glad to see improvements coming that will make the builder more user friendly and flexible with trendy design. I am very happy to be part of your community and love my agency membership.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Lavern! We can’t wait to get TCB 2.0 release ready and I’m sure you’ll love how easy it is to work with.

  • Quentin P says:

    Love your honesty – and it’s one of the reasons I became an early adopter and have promoted ThriveThemes to everyone I know.

    Announcements like this are vital in my opinion. The landscape changes fast, and to know you are right there with it is important to me.

    Can’t wait for TCB 2.0, and am even more excited about the new Apprentice.

    Quentin Pain
    Cambridgeshire, UK.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your input, Quentin!

  • Dan says:

    Great Job! Looking forward to the roll out. When it does roll out, What will the upgrade path be? Free to current subscribers?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Dan,

      Yes, this will be a free upgrade for existing members. πŸ™‚

      • Max L says:

        good to know there is not an extra charge for the new version …. whoever, is there an upgrade path for the content from TCB1 and TCB2?

        …. is it just install TCB2 and all TCB1 content will be automatically upgraded with little to no reworking of content being required?

  • Kelly E M says:

    Wow! Knew I found a gold mine of tools and help when I stumbled onto Thrive Themes! Keep doing the works… love it!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Kelly!

  • Diego G says:

    Hi Shane.

    This looks awesome.

    About the new apprentice feature, two questions:

    In this one we will be able to have multiple courses, each one with its own structure, right? So that we can sell multiple independent courses.

    Also, will there be any way easy to migrate from apprentice v1 to this new version? Some of us have a few hundred lessons already… Lol



    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Diego,

      Yes, Thrive Apprentice is specifically built for multiple courses. It can also be used for a single course, but it really shines when you have more than one (like what you see in Thrive University).

      We created an import tool for old Apprentice to new hotness Apprentice. πŸ™‚

  • Gregg says:

    Shane, you and you’re team are incredible. Constantly raising the bar and always surprising me with the amount of extremely useful products and updates you put out.

    Cannot wait for TCB 2.0, the new theme(s), and I am ALL OVER the new Apprentice plug-in.

    Excited! Thanks for all the obvious hard work you guys put in. Really appreciate you!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Gregg! Raising the bar is very important to us. We want to make the best and nothing less. Also, we hope we can do this at a faster pace in the future. We keep reaching! πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan C says:

    This is great news!! I love TCB 1.0. Will this be a free upgrade?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jonathan,

      Yes, this will be a free upgrade for existing TCB customers and Thrive Members.

  • Gary says:

    Thank you for the sneak peek! Very excited to being able to start using TCB 2.0, from what I saw it is going to be very powerful!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Gary!

  • Priyanka says:

    You guys are a bunch of phenomenal people. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Priyanka! And I agree. I’m proud to work with the team we have here.

  • I am so glad I’ve bought the agency licence!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Alice! I’m very happy to know that you’re satisfied with what you get as an Agency member.

  • Tom says:

    I am hoping the new content builder includes the ability to split test whole pages.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We’re working on it. πŸ™‚

  • Daniel says:

    Thanks a lot for the sneak peak on the things you are working on right now! That really helps and all of the features are looking damn awesome! IΒ΄m really looking forward on getting my hands on the new page builder and theme. I like the fact that TCB 2.0 seems to integrate very well to the WP look and feel πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for the huge efforts to make this happen!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Daniel! I’m glad you like what you’ve seen in this preview, so far. πŸ™‚

  • Hi, I’m also excited about this new release!

    We were talking about it in San Diego (T&C2017), with my friend Ángel and you, Shane, so I’m waiting for it since that moment.

    The question is… what will happen with the prices? If we are paying the same since the beginning, will this big upgrade keep the same price for us or it will change?

    Thanks for the informatiΓ³n and for the effort to create a new version from the scratch, even though I will need to update all the posts I have about your products within my blog and my courses πŸ™‚


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Javier! It was great to meet you in person, in SD!

      For existing members, the prices will never change, as long as you keep your subscription running. With the big updates we’re making, the prices will keep increasing for new members and customers, of course. But we never price hike on existing customers.

  • John B M says:

    Oh holy cow. Gimme an affiliate code now! This is awesome! And exactly the kind of stuff I was thinking was coming because thrive is on a roll.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, John!

  • xyzmary2001 says:

    Very, very excited to hear!

    If I will still have my TCB license when the new version will be released – or an active Thrive Membership – will I have to buy the new version or it will be updatable?


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Anyone who purchased Thrive Content Builder or is an active Thrive Member will get the upgrade to Thrive Content Builder 2.0 for free.

  • David E says:

    Hmm wondering if I’m using the new comment feature as I type this…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Spoiler: no, you’re not. πŸ™‚

      We’re not ready to use the Thrive Comments plugin in this site, but it’s in use on some smaller sites already, for testing purposes.

  • Ben P says:

    Looks very cool. If it were just 10x as fast to edit and supported AMP, Instant Articles and Apple News (all with ads) out of the box, I’d be happy.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      AMP and Instant Articles are a priority for us, yes. However, the groundwork needs to be built first, so it won’t be in the initial release yet.

      • Paul A says:

        Hi, Shane. Any updates on the AMP support? Our site is getting more and more reliant on AMP (bulk of our search traffic is now AMP-based) and we don’t have a viable way of converting those users.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        We haven’t started on implementation for AMP features yet. I have no ETA at this time.

      • krunek says:

        Hi, any news on this?

      • Josh says:

        Hey Shane! I appreciate all Thrive Themes has done and how easy you have integrated Thrive themes and WordPress.

        I am curious though…Any update on implementing AMP with Thrive themes? Thanks!

  • Justin says:

    If I were to build out a site for apprentice will it integrate with the new plugin?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Justin,

      We’ve built an import tool, so you can transfer your old Apprentice content to the new Apprentice plugin.

  • David D says:

    Sooo happy I’m a ThriveThemes customer from day 1 πŸ™‚
    Great video, very excited.

    Would be great if there is also support for SVG, as this comes more and more important with all those retina displays.

    Any change there will be schema support too? That would be great to have per content block.

    Keep up the good work! And yes, please share more of those updates πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your support, David!

      The new Content Builder uses SVG by default for all icons and has a much simpler icon manager (and more editing features for icons). Schema support isn’t on the list yet.

  • Avinash S says:

    Please add “Pagination” feature to TCB plugin, at least to those people like me whose using Thrive themes only! The TCB really needs Pagination feature Urgently*!ο»Ώ

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Avinash,

      A pagination feature won’t be included in the release version of Thrive Content Builder 2.0, but it’s a feature we will add later on.

  • Wow Shane, I’m so excited for these updates and tcb 2.0 looks amazing. I love how you guys at Thrive are always striving to create the best possible product and that you listen to and act upon our feedback. Thrive Apprentice looks amazing also. Also keep up with the sneaky peaks and preview videos.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Richard!

  • Nina C says:

    You and your teams are awesome! I am looking forward to the roll out of the products and updated TCB.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Nina!

  • Geary G Morris says:

    Fantastic! You are on the right track. I think you should track how many of us ask for a release date … So, when can we have it? πŸ˜‰

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Geary. And the answer, of course, is “when it’s ready”. πŸ™‚

  • SImon H says:

    Sounds great! Will this be a full Membership Plugin with connection to mail and payment services? Thinks like autojoin and autosignup features, different memberlevels? I would love to see that!
    Bet you already did but if not take a look at digi-member. thats a very good and simple plugin for the german market. If you can beat that you’ll conquer the german market. πŸ˜‰

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Simon,

      Thrive Apprentice is not a membership plugin. Membership plugins generally manage payments, membership levels and access, but have no features for managing the actual content you provide to your members. This is where Thrive Apprentice comes in: it allows you to create courses and lessons and present them in a really premium looking way, so you can impress your new members.

  • Mark Siebert says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering when a new theme would be released.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Mark! Themes are still a way off, but we’re working towards them as fast as we can.

  • Kruno says:

    Hi Shane. I look forward to new themes. Recently I have to move from Rise theme because it was just to slow…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Sorry to hear that one of our themes wasn’t satisfactory for you, Kruno. We aim to improve that a lot, once we build new themes.

  • Nini H says:

    Cool, can’t wait for the new Apprentice feature!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad to know that Apprentice will be something you can use, Nini!

  • Andi says:

    TCB 2.0 finally… And indeed, it looks amazing!
    So, Shane, you are going to fix everything that sucks in TCB 1? And ‘With Thrive Content Builder 2.0, you won’t lose any of your text content or images if you ever deactivate the plugin.’ Great news!
    By now I know you tend to keep your promises, which makes me even more excited about TCB 2.0. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to the release.
    And the new version of Apprentice is also highly appreciated!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Andi! Indeed, I don’t make promises lightly. πŸ™‚

  • Tjalling says:

    Hi Shane. Looks awesome, i’m really excited for apprentice 2.0

    Will this replace the need for other external tools/plugins for membership sites?

    And will it upgrade to an all in one feature with some sort of CRM system in place?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Tjalling,

      Thrive Apprentice is not a membership plugin. It is made for creating and managing course content (courses, lessons etc.). It can be used together with membership plugins, though (since membership plugins are generally built to handle payments and access, but have no features for managing course content).

  • Russ A says:

    New Content Builder looks awesome! Will there be a beta release? Happy to test and provide feedback.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Russ,

      Yes, we will be doing some rounds of beta testing for the new Content Builder. If you’re part of our Alpha Squad, you’ll get notified about it. If not, you’ll have to wait until you get one of our (only occasionally available) invites to the Alpha Squad. πŸ™‚

  • Matt says:

    Great News Shane! I would love to be able to edit those full width post image headers across the Squared Child Theme if possible too! Really just want a standard featured image on posts without the full width image or color bar and the title centered over it. Thx again!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Matt. We won’t add any major updates for existing themes like Squared. However, when we release a new theme framework, it will give you much more flexibility in designing your own layouts and pages.

  • Steve Chayer says:

    I had a WOW! experience when, in your demonstration glimpse, you angled the bottom border of the image in your demo. I am really looking forward to TCB 2.0. I can see that you are all working very hard and I want you to know that I appreciate it very much.

    • Diane says:

      Me, too. That angle is the reason I’m so excited. I think, wow, they *think* differently. Imagine what they’re going to come up with?!

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        If you like the angled edges, I can’t wait till you see some of the other stuff we’ve included in the new editor. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s great to hear, Steve! A wow-factor is what we were hoping for, with many things we’ve included in the new Thrive Content Builder.

  • Carrie says:

    Loving the sneak peeks. Please keep it up!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Carrie!

  • Mike says:

    Any chance that a split testing option will be available in TCB 2.0?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      A/B testing for landing pages is a feature that’s on the roadmap for after the release of TCB 2.0.

  • I’m so excited about the new Thrive Apprentice! It will save me $109/year.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s great to hear, Esta! I hope we can deliver Thrive Apprentice for you soon!

  • Paul says:

    Can’t wait for ALL of these new updates/products!

    But what will happen to the pages built with Content Builder 1.0 when replaced or updated with Content Builder 2.0?

    Will my previous design and layout stay in place?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Paul,

      Thrive Content Builder is backwards compatible. That means you can start using it and it won’t affect your previous content AND you can edit your TCB1 content with TCB2.

  • Derrick H says:

    You guys are awesome and I vote for more updates like these even though we understand you can’t set release dates. Really interested in the apprentice update, I’m really not sure how to use it in it’s current form. Also curious how you can improve comments and why you’d want to, hmmm?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Derrick!

  • Jason says:

    Apprentice feature can’t come soon enough for me. Using Thinkific at the moment at $99 p/m.

    Great communicative video Shane, well done.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jason! Maybe we need to charge more for Apprentice than we were planning to… πŸ˜‰

  • Mike says:


    Thank you for the update on what’s in the “pipeline.”

    Quick question – feature request; a built in affiliate redirect/link management page incorporated in the theme. I want the ability to modify a link that’s being used in several places.

    I know here are products out there for this purpose, but, I would rather pay you. Also, I know I can depend on what Thrive produces.

    Thanks again.


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your suggestion, Mike.

      A link management plugin is something we’ve discussed in the past. There are solutions available (such as PrettyLink) that are decent and I’m not sure there’s enough reason to build one ourselves. It’s one of those things where we have to ask ourselves if our time isn’t better spent working on higher priority features, you know?

  • Julius says:

    Amazing… yeah keep that sneak peeks coming!! πŸ™‚

    PS What’s in here ???

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Sharp eye!

      In there is a set of options that let you determine what screen sizes a certain element should be shown or hidden on.

      • Angelito says:

        Oh, that is nice! Now we can have the option to show or not whatever elements we want to show on devices. That’s really what I wish TCB had when I designed my landing pages last year. Julius M “the sharp eye”, thanks for pointing that out. Awesome eyesight you’ve got there!

  • Jason A says:

    With these theme and plugin rebuilds, I’m hopeful that your coding team is also developing a cleaner JS and CSS library. Something that is already minimized when working with all the plugins. One of the primary flags I get in speed testing my current sites is that there are too many external JavaScript and CSS files. Most of them are Thrive Theme related. So, maybe your coders can work up some ways to address this?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jason,

      Thank you for your feedback! Site speed is a priority for us, so we’re doing our best to combine capabilities of freely editing your content with minimized, clean and fast code. There are limits to what’s possible, without hand-coding a website, though.

  • Claudio Watanabe says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek!
    My first thought was… I don’t believe that I’m learning to use Thrive Themes tools and I have to relearn it…
    Then I thought that there are thing that I want to improve like to be able to have filters/boxes on top of images to improve readability.
    Finally, I thought that I would love if I could use a beta of TCB. May I, please?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Claudio,

      Thank you for your feedback. TCB 2.0 will definitely require some re-learning but overall, it’s more intuitive to use than the current Content Builder. It’s still too early for beta, but we’re getting close!

  • Hi Guys. It is great with a sneakpeak. While project 1 was clear, project 2 and 3 info was not that clear. Consider if it would make sense to offer people a early bird pre-launch price – if people pick up a product that will be released in the future. I hope you will consider plugins related to chat-bots, video players and ‘improve social shares/likes’ some day in the future. The best of luck to you guys!….Btw….It is weekend enjoy some time off – we can wait a few more days πŸ˜‰

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Rasmus!

      I’m not a fan of selling stuff that isn’t ready to use yet, although I agree it can be a good way to test a market. We currently have no plans related to chat bots or video players, I’m afraid.

  • George K says:

    Thanks for this update. I am always excited to hear about new Thrive features. TCB is already excellent, and I am really looking forward to the new version.
    What I am even more excited about is to finally have a new Thrive theme to work with. For me the themes have been kind of the Achilles heel of Thrive so far.
    Thrive is getting closer to be my main choice for all my website needs. I love your updates, articles, videos, and educational material. You are definitely a top class outfit!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi George,

      I agree that our themes are a weak point, at the moment. We’re aiming to remedy that in a BIG way, when we release a new theme.

  • Terry T says:

    I think you guys are great. You are definitely one of my favorite companies in the world. I am thankful for all you do.

    One concern that I have with everything updating is that it will change the look of my site. I am using the Squared Theme for its look and capabilities. I hope the new updates will not change things too drastically.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your comment! The new Content Builder will be backwards compatible. That means you can install it and nothing will change on your site (until you go an edit it, that is).

  • Mark F says:

    Shane, definitely appreciate the update on what you guys are up to! And very excited about all three upcoming new goodies! I’ve been thinking about creating a course to help people use my product, and this could be just the framework I need to build it in!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Sounds like the perfect fit for Thrive Apprentice, yes. πŸ™‚

  • Tony Blum says:

    Great tease. Can’t wait for the real thing.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Good to know that you liked what you saw, Tony!

  • mike Lazarus says:

    Shane! I’ve been wondering forever why there haven’t been incremental updates on thrive content builder. Now I see the big picture. These updates are like Christmas in my inbox. Thanks for all the improvements your team continues to make. I (literally) couldn’t use WordPress without Thrive Themes.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Mike! I know it’s been a long time since our regular updates on TCB. Our goal is to release 2.0 and then get back to adding new features and improvements at a rapid pace.

  • Mark says:

    Totally agree with your stance on this Shane. A major upgrade is brilliant rather than minor tweaks in the meantime. Really looking forward to TCB 2 – the sneak peak in the video looks great – angled boxes – cool. Full width, split pages???? So excited about everything you guys release and this one shifts it up a few gears

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad you like what you saw, Mark. Full width split pages: yes. Pretty much every other layout you can think of: also yes. πŸ™‚

  • Diane says:

    Excellent! Very excited about all 3 projects, and can’t wait to try them out myself Thanks for the sneak peak. Yes, keep doing these. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Diane!

  • Hey Shane, that’s amazing news! Once again I am deeply impressed about what you guys are doing!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s good to hear, thank you!

  • Johan says:

    Just a small comment: WOW!!!!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Johan!

  • Erik I says:

    Love that kind of updates. I’m working on a course project. So the Apprentice feature is wanted.

    Currently, I will build it in LearnDash. But I think you and your team can do better than that. I need quizzes in the end of each modules and the user option to print a course cerficat at the end. A certificat with a grade. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Erik! The release version of Thrive Apprentice won’t be loaded with features yet. No quizzes built in, for example. However, if it’s well received, we will keep developing it over time, based on user feedback and requests (as we do). πŸ™‚

  • Richard says:

    Hi Shane, this is exactly why I love Thrive. For me the updates are a great idea. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Richard!

  • Hi, Shane!

    I love the update … please keep them coming. What you had to say makes me very glad I listened to my web developer and chose Thrive Themes! The new Builder looks amazing, and I’m SUPER excited about Apprentice — it’s just what I need!

    The only thing I would ask is that you please consider adding a way for people to add a portfolio section to the website. My developer and I struggled so much trying to come up with something that works without having to weigh down the site with yet another plugin. I messaged your team like crazy during the early days of our trying to figure it out, and they all told me the same thing: “Sorry. We’re not adding a portfolio feature.” So … since you’re the big boss … and I know you’re reading these comments, I figured I may as well ask you here. Perhaps you can consider it for a future iteration, or even for portfolio-focused themes.

    Beyond that (and a few quirky little issues I won’t mention here), I really love Thrive Themes. My site looks fantastic, is easy for me to manage (for the most part), so I tell everyone who complements the site about your product.

    Keep up the great work!



    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your detailed reply, Renae!

      I hear you about the portfolio feature. We have a plan for building what I think will be a pretty badass portfolio feature. However, this will be quite a while after TCB 2.0 release, so it will take time before this becomes a reality.

  • Sergio K says:

    What about Thrive Leads? Any new updates?

    By the way, v2.0 looks great!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      For the time being, no big updates are planned for Thrive Leads. But we’ll get back to that eventually. πŸ™‚

  • george yoder says:

    Great stuff Shane. Are there any membership plugins in the works?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello George,

      A membership plugin from us is pretty heavily requested, so we are planning on creating one. Don’t hold your breath for it, though. It’s still very early planning stages, at this point.

  • Nico says:

    The reasons that the 2 main visual content builders have grown their market share are: they work well in most themes and there is a huge eco system that has evolved around them. However good TCB 2.0 is (and it looks amazing in the video above), the first requirement is that it will work with most themes, including seamlessly with full width page templates.

    Also, the area that is now being addressed by the other main content builders is extending the use of the content builder to all areas of a web page, including header, footer, sidebars, archive pages etc. The content builder that truly nails this, will, I believe, gain market share very rapidly.

    Also, it would be good to see the extensive use of Flexbox in TCB 2.0. I’m just finishing a site using a theme that makes use of Flexbox and it’s just awesome!

    Looking forward to trying TCB 2.0.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Nico,

      I agree with your assessment here, yes. Also, TCB already uses Flexbox for columns. πŸ™‚

  • John E says:

    This is great news! I’m looking forward to the new releases. I also like your “big leap” approach instead of “incremental steps”. That’s a secret of the big guys.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your encouraging feedback, John!

  • Bryce M says:

    So excited Shane! One question though, does TCB 2.0 come with an auto save feature so I don’t lose my content to the spinning wheel of death? Would love to have that feature!


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Bryce,

      Thanks for your comment! Autosave is on our wish list, but it’s not implemented yet. There are some potential problems with an autosave feature, but if we can find a good solution, we will try to implement it.

  • Arturo says:

    Great news on the Content Builder 2.0! Please keep the updates. New user and loving Thrive themes already.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Arturo!

  • jasonaherman71 says:

    Shane, thank you so much for reaching out to us and showing us what is on the horizon. It is always great to see what ship is on the horizon before it reaches the shore! Showing us what is in store helps us know how our Thrive Themes based websites and business is going to be affected and what changes we can expect. The more we know, the better we can plan ourselves. For this, I think we are very very grateful. Looking forward to TCB 2.0 as well as some updates to the Performag theme (such as refinements and enhancements to the feature section). I appreciate all the work that your team is doing and really look forward to reaping the benefits of everything that you are doing.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback on this update, Jason!

  • I appreciate the snippet of what to expect in the near future. I was concerned with your focus and dvelopment. But not anymore. (My Love for you guys and your efforts is growing.)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s good to know Giuseppe. Thank you for your feedback on this!

  • Javier Encinas says:

    Nice to see what you guys are doing. What I really need is a Feature Request plugin, where users can request new features and they are visible to other users. Probably Thrive Comments can do this as well? I cannot find anything good in the market to do this. Any idea?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Javier,

      Thrive Comments can’t directly be used for such feature requests, no. I agree that there’s no good plugin for this on the market. We had plans for making a voting/feature request plugin like this a long time ago, but we abandoned it in favor of what we believe are more important products.

  • John H says:

    Awesome updates Shane…I’m very much looking forward to the updates!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, John!

  • Chris K says:

    I’m only at 1.30 of the video and I’m so excited already!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Chris! Good to know that you’re excited about what we’re working on. πŸ™‚

  • Brittany T says:

    I have always loved your sporadic product update sneak peeks, and I love this one, too. They keep me excited about a product that I really enjoy using, as a business owner. So…I don’t know…more please? Pretty please?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Brittany! I’m glad to know that you enjoy these kinds of product updates.

  • Nat Green says:

    Amazing job as aways guys. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of this!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Nat! We’re eager to get our new tools into the hands of our users as well!

  • Kayt W says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m excited about what’s to come.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Kayt!

  • Chik Q says:

    Thrive Themes and Plugins are unequivocally my number one tool that I pretty much live in every day. I’m very excited about both TCB 2.0 and especially the new Apprentice U feature! You guys bring not only killer products but amazing value with your education and support. Shane, will the Apprentice plugin have a membership feature to it, like a Wishlist or MemberMouse? Thanks for the update.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Chik,

      Thank you for your positive feedback! Thrive Apprentice doesn’t include a membership feature like Wishlist. It is made only for managing course and lesson content. However, you can use it together with most membership plugins for WordPress.

  • AΓ­da Garrido says:

    Super excited about the new content builder… just the little you showed us looks pretty awesome! Waiting is so hard!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, AΓ­da! We’re pretty excited about the capabilities of the new Content Builder as well!

  • Tripp says:

    Looks great guys.. I am hoping ALL your new themes allow for apprentice and also hoping you guys create some themes that are a bit more modern and have parallax.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Tripp,

      The new Thrive Apprentice is a plugin, so it’s completely theme independent.

  • Igor O says:

    You guys are saints. I can’t wait! I hope, your new Comments feature will be easy to incorporate with the Apprentice – for creating discussions.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Igor. Good point about integrating Thrive Comments and Thrive Apprentice. We will most certainly do that. πŸ™‚

  • Steve W says:

    Shane, this is an exciting set of features. I am looking forward to the new TCB 2.0 and Apprentice.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s good to know. Thank you, Steve!

  • Steve says:

    Good stuff guys.

    Will content builder 2.0 have any support for custom fields and/or creating templates?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Templates, yes. Custom fields in forms: not yet.

  • Antoine M says:

    Apprentice will really be great!! It could become one of the best member plugin area builder!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Antoine!

  • Ernest S says:

    This is all very motivating these announcements.

    Great work, thank you.

    Question: Is tcb2.0 multilingual?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Ernest,

      We don’t have any multilungual features planned yet. There is some (but not much) demand for this, so it might come at some point in the future.

  • Rajavanya says:

    TCB 2.0!!!! I love how you have the overlay color feature on top of images. But there is also gradient overlays with angle controls. Bravo!

    I would love for TCB 2.0 to focus more on mobile support too.

    In day to day life I build a lot of pages from scratch for clients with TCB and I almost always find that things don’t render on mobile as good and I need to make conditional CSS. Hope this will be listened to esp given most sites receive more than 55% mobile traffic these days.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment! Features for mobile responsiveness are included in TCB 2.0 (and will be, already from the first release).

  • Doug Greene says:

    I’m sure looking forward to new themes. I’ve actually moved away from using Thrive because none of the current themes are working for me. πŸ™

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Doug. But I can understand. Our current themes just aren’t that great anymore.

      We’ll fix it in a big way, once we fix it.

  • John says:

    Thanks for this.

    First, I appreciate the initiative to tell us to the degree you have what it is we can expect going forward. That forcasting is valuable from a subscriber standpoint, obviously, but it also allows us to plan for a future that includes what you are announcing… especially if, as some have pointed out below, the current iteration might be not fully adequate. So: kudos for that.

    And, obviously (and evidently with some unanimity, TCB2!!!!! Just from the wee glimpse you gave I can see this will be terrific! I’m new here (barely have my feet wet yet), but already can see where TCB1 might be a chaff point (almost all my forum support requests have centered there)… so YAY!

    And, as you alluded in the vid: comments as a business boost. Interesting!

    So: from my perspective, 8/10. 2 points deducted for causing me to have to lust for an indeterminate period of time (a risk I know you have been considering, given the ‘maybe’ status of this new initiative… a valid concern)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Haha, thank you! I think 8/10 is a fair rating, John. I’ll try to go for a 9 or at least 8.5 on the next one. πŸ™‚

  • Lewis E says:

    Shane, you have set a very high bar, but you consistently excel. It’s got the the point that I am expecting amazing stuff from your team every time you email – and you consistently go beyond my expectations! Can’t wait to see these three new items.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Lewis! We set high standards indeed and we believe our customers deserve nothing less.

  • David H says:

    I am just working on an education area so really really want Apprentice NOW! Always looking to do more faster with TCB. Intrigued by comment.

    Looking forward tot he update ASAP. xx

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, David! We can’t deliver Apprentice right now, but we’re getting close to a beta release.

  • Tom says:

    Wow. Thrive Apprentice sounds promising, and I would agree to have it separated from themes. TCB looks incredibly promising – as it seems capable of doing fancy designs via a few clicks that are not available in current TCB. Very interesting.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your positive feedback, Tom! Indeed, you can do a lot with TCB 2.0 and we’ve made sure that the editing features are as accessible as possible.

  • Olga Akimova says:

    Thank you, Shane. I am interested in the Apprentice feature too!)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Olga! I hope we can deliver the Apprentice plugin soon!

  • Lynne says:

    Aargh! I just bought one of your themes a few days ago!! Are you going to offer your current customers a discount on the new upcoming theme, or perhaps I should get a refund now and wait for the new theme to come out? Is it coming out sometime this year?

    Also, if I go ahead and build my site with my current Thrive Theme and then update to the new upgraded theme coming out later on, will most things/elements transfer over to the new theme, or will I lose all of my work?

    Please answer because I don’t want to go through all the trouble to build my website, just to have to start all over from scratch later because the new theme is way more awesome and better. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Lynne,

      Thank you for your comment! Two points:

      1) We are still a long way away from releasing a new theme. After all, we have to finish the groundwork of TCB 2.0 before we can even start on a new theme.

      2) No, the new themes won’t be backwards compatible. The difference between old and new will just be too great, at that point. However, TCB 2.0 is backward compatible with TCB 1.0, so you don’t need to worry about using the Content Builder.

      If you choose one of our themes now and you create all your content with Thrive Content Builder, then the transition will be fine. If you use theme short codes and such, then the transition will be more difficult.

      And yes, we will offer a discount to existing customers, for sure.

  • Nick Walsh says:

    Very exciting news! Can’t wait!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Nick!

    • Lynne says:

      Thank you for replying! You have eased my mind somewhat. I can live with having to fix some things with the new theme, but it is definitely good to know that I will not lose all of my content. Thank you again and thanks for these awesome theme products. They definitely help newbies like me who know nothing about developing websites and CSS and such.

  • Kaye Kardell says:

    In TCB 1.0, when you choose a theme, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the bottom in order to accept the theme that you are wanting. In your new 2.0 version will this be fixed? (here’s keeping my fingers crossed)… πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Kaye,

      I know what you mean, yes (with template selection). The problem there is actually that there are two scroll bars. There will be one a bit further out, where you don’t have to scroll down so far to click the button. But yes, this will be fixed. πŸ™‚

  • Alex says:

    Great stuff Shane! I may have missed it, but what is the expectation of completion for content builder?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Alex,

      If by “expectation of completion” you mean a release date: there currently isn’t one. We’re still too far from the finish line to be able to provide realistic release estimates.

  • Megan L says:

    Definitely looking forward to the new version of Apprentice! Thank you for the update; it’s good to know what’s coming.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Megan!

  • Paul says:

    Shane. This all sounds incredibly exciting! Well worth the wait. I’m really enjoying Hanne’s tutorial series as well. For an absolute beginner who is a little bit tech savvy, seeing the way the plugins work has been huge in learning and getting my website set up! Thanks again for everything.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s great to hear, Paul. I’m very happy to know that you are learning a lot and I know you’re in excellent hands, with Hanne. πŸ™‚

  • You guys are freakin awesome… always been a fan from day one. This is just over the top. Thanks so much. …

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Brajamohan!

  • Hamim Mondal says:

    Just saw the sneak peek of Thrive Content builder 2.0.It’s amazing.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Hamim!

  • Austin B says:

    Wow Looks great. My agency renewal is coming up on the 21st and it is always the one renewal I don’t have to think twice about.

    A couple of things I would like to see.

    Video backgrounds in page sections.

    More flexibility with the forms such as more than an name and email address field to sync with infusionsoft. would be great to have the ability to a question box, etc.

    Don’t show element or page section mobile device and the other way around.

    Speaking of mobile, some kind of mobile/desktop preview or work mode.

    Also excited to see more about the member plugin

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Austin,
      Thanks for your comment!

      Video backgrounds: yes.
      Forms: some improvements coming, but no custom fields (yet).
      Responsive show/hide: yes.
      Mobile preview: yes.


      • Chris Johson says:

        AMEN brother. Thanks.

  • terry hatziieremias says:

    I am excited about your company!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Terry!

  • I do think it is a good idea from your point of view to presell like this. Little titbits of information are easier to assimilate. Better that information overload. And especially if you are going to SELL version 2.0 πŸ™ rather than give it to us πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your comment! If you already own Thrive Content Builder or are a Thrive Member, then you’ll get the new version for free.

  • Hey Shane, just one question, will pages/templates built with current version of TCB be compatible with the 2.0 version? Will there be a “convert to 2.0 version” option or something similar?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Drazen,

      In general, TCB 2.0 is backwards compatible with the current TCB. We will be rebuilding all of our landing page templates (and improving some of them) to make editing more intuitive, though. Currently, many TLP templates rely on custom CSS and that won’t be the case anymore after the update.

  • Amber says:

    YES!!! I am so excited!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad to hear that, Amber! We’re excited to get this finished, as well. πŸ™‚

  • David W says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new Content builder and Apprentice feature. This was really helpful to see what you have coming.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, David!

  • Dean says:

    This looks great!

    1. Would be cool to use it with other themes (and still do page sections etc)

    2. Would be great to be able to type in fonts, instead of just selecting them from a menu:

    Example use would be for when we use typekit fonts. Rather than having to custom css for each time we use the font, we can just type it in (if the JS code is on the site of course)

    A few plugins already allow this and I don’t really use google fonts, so this is a big deal for me πŸ™‚

    Thanks guys

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Dean,

      Page sections and full width sections will be possible, theme independent.

      Font selection now happens via typed search and no more font manager is needed.

      Typekit fonts are not supported. Not yet, anyway. We haven’t had many requests for this, but we’re open to adding Typekit support in the future, if people want it.

  • Quick idea:

    Please give us a general idea as to release plans.

    For example: the Thrive Whatever plugin will likely be available within this quarter, but the Thrive YetAnother plugin will not be available until next quarter at the earliest.

    This way we can make informed decisions and you avoid any accusations that you are just announcing “vaporware” to string along your subscribers.
    (Obviously, such accusations are baseless, but who needs the hassle?)

    My $0.02 worth.


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Trevor. I’m not sure if very rough estimates like this would make things better or worse. They could still be wrong, for one thing…

  • Trish H says:

    Very excited, especially with new Apprentice and University features. Looking forward to more updates and ETA.
    Thank you for your great work.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Trish!

  • Alexander R says:

    Wow, very interesting, although I can not imagine anything about thrive comments. On Thrive university 2.0 I already wait very impatient

  • Shaun says:

    This is excellent can’t wait

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Shaun!

  • Martin M says:

    Superb update, Shane! I’m looking forward to all of it! Any chance we’ll get Thrive Theme Builder one day?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s pretty much the plan, yes.

      However, there are other theme builders already and quite frankly, I think they’re rubbish. So it’s not so much about doing a theme builder, it’s about finding a better solution for theme building.

      • John B M says:

        headway theme really was the best in this regard. Although, it did require too much css knowledge and forced a bit of “developery” work. headway made it easy to hijack and customize the entire layout hierarchy easily. among any of the theme building frameworks, it was the fastest to render, too.

        The new bread of theme builders are very slow to render a page, and feel like several steps backwards from headway.

  • Harvey says:

    We all are always looking for “better”, or the next “cool feature set”, so your thinking is correct by providing preview updates to stem possible customer roll.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Harvey!

  • Rauno T says:

    Thanks for sharing Shane. I was already getting a little anxious and started checking other themes out. Thanks to this update, I’ll stay on put for at least a couple more months.
    My priority for the updates is: Themes > TCB > apprentice.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Rauno. I understand your priorities and agree with them. From a technical perspective, we have to finish the foundation of TCB 2.0 first, before we can move ahead with the themes. But we’re aware that themes are sorely needed.

  • Danielius G says:

    I hope Thrive Comments will have voting and I would be able to transfer vote data from wpDiscuz πŸ˜›

    But dang, I love you, Thrive team!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That feature request may be a little too specific for us to fulfill… but thanks for your comment, anyway!

  • Irena S says:

    WOW! I’m very excited about all new features. Especially looking forward to new Apprentice and BCB 2. Can’t wait for it. You’re really the best.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Irena! Glad to know that you like what we’re working on.

  • Felix N says:

    I am very excited about TCB 2.0 and Apprentice. I tried apprentice a while back, found it too challenging and gave up on it. Now I can’t wait to put our tutorials on it.

    You guys are amazing and I love your products. It goes a long way to say what kind of ethics drive your company.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Felix! I am certain the new Thrive Apprentice will be much more approachable.

  • Nigel Heaton says:

    Great, looking forward to it!
    I think it’s a very good idea to inform us about whats going on and in development. It shows commitment to serving the customer at a higher level.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Nigel. It’s good to know that you appreciate the updates, even when we can’t offer many details or exact release dates yet.

  • Dennis G says:

    You people at Thrive are exceptional! No one cares more about their members. I love everything you do and I can’t wait to see what you come up with on Builder 2.0. I am using Teachable to host two courses, but would love to use Apprentice if you can create a good membership part to manage student signups and payments.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Dennis! I’ll be very interested to hear your feedback on the new Thrive Apprentice, once we release it.

  • daniel says:


  • Ashley says:

    This is amazing!!! Great job guys! We love Thrive as is and we love even more that you guys always refuse to settle and constantly deliver innovative features! THANK YOU! #Gamechanger

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Ashley!

  • Don says:

    Hmmm, TCB 2.0 definitely inspires me to redesign my 4 year old site. Woot!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Don! It will make the job a lot easier, too.

  • JuanPedro says:

    Aloha Shane,
    I find all your products amazing β€” it is just a pitty that I am not able to buy them (some API-problem).

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Sorry to hear that. Enabling more payment options is an ongoing project (since too long, I know) that we’re also working on.

  • Jules says:

    Sounds cool! Three questions:
    1) Can we show for example in a different font-size on mobile?
    2) While you can’t shout out official ETA, is June 2017 realistic? πŸ˜‰
    3) Did you EVER get so many comments on a blog post? :-)))

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Jules,

      1) Yes!
      2) No.
      3) It’s not the top commented blog post yet. But we’ve only just published it, so let’s see how it goes. πŸ™‚

  • Lorenzo D says:

    TCB 2.0 looks INCREDIBLE. Version 1 is awesome, and yet, as you know, there are so many little things that one wishes could be easier to work with…or just, well, doable.

    One such thing is controlling the width of the whole template with every element of a theme page/post (related posts, comment box, etc). I noticed you are using a narrowER blog/post format (no sidebar) on ActiveGrowth. Works well aesthetically, but it does feel a little unusual, like sth is missing, so I would be very interested to know about your conversion data compared to the classic body+right sidebar format.

    AG currently Looks like a modified version of the Rise theme. Could it be that one of the strengths of 2.0 is going to be the ability to manipulate the elements of the theme itself, rather than just build new pages with the TCB? At least with the new theme.

    I think you know what we all want…the chamaeleon theme WITHOUT the problems of the chamaeleon theme! πŸ™‚ I’m almost more excited about that than TCB 2.0…almost.

    Thrive Apprentice: yes please, and I hope you will mind the interaction with membership softwares (though of course Thrive Member is what I would use if it existed…)

    Thrive Comments: don’t know about the other features but I wouldn’t mind controlling the look, TCB style. Embedding single comments in various parts of the site would be nice too. And is that a prototype I spot on ActiveGrowth? πŸ˜‰

    Guys, you are the only ones that manage to make this boring technical stuff fun and inspiring. Don’t you ever stop. And yes, absolutely Shane, give us more frequent updates. It’s great because we can start thinking and planning about how to make use of these things even before we have them. Personally, I also find your whole process of invention and development very interesting, perhaps more than the articles/videos about internet marketing and the like. So keep them coming.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your detailed feedback, Lorenzo!

      I think you absolutely nailed it with this: chameleon theme without the chameleon problems. This is exactly what has been on our minds for a long time… and I believe we have a solution. Like I said, we’re a long way away from releasing a theme, but I believe we can create a game changer. Thank you for sticking with us, Lorenzo. I’m glad to know you like the update and would like to see such updates more frequently.

  • Niya C says:

    Sooo excited!! ThriveThemes is one of the best business investments I have ever made!!!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Niya! I’m very happy to hear that. πŸ™‚

  • The biggest part of TCB is to build in video backgrounds and put video anywhere – in any form – that an image can go.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Chris! Video backgrounds are going to be in the release version of TCB 2.0.

  • Gerhard Paasche says:

    Thank you Shane for showing the momentum that you guys are building with the updates that you are going to release in the near future.
    I hope that we are going to have the feature of the possibility of placing links with specified size and shape to place on top of an image to any area of the image, so that it will allow to have an intuitive picture driven menu for the ability to easily guide an interested guest to the desired information. I had submitted this suggestion a while back and I am hoping that this request has found it’s way into the list of new features.
    Thanks and gratitude to you and your team,

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Gerhard,

      Thanks for your comment! We have various image overlay options in Thrive Content Builder 2.0 and we also have more options for positioning elements, so that you can make image/text compositions more easily.

  • Linda C. R says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’m a new member and just learning how to build my first website. I’ve experienced some challenges but am thrilled with everything you offer and can see myself growing along with Thrive Themes for years to come.

    Thanks for the update, please keep them coming, and I can’t wait to work with the three new products.


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Linda. We’re very happy to have you on board and we’ll do our best to give you the tools and training to grow!

  • Marcus S says:

    Looks awesome. Definitely looking forward to the release.
    For Thrive Uni, I’m *both* camps. Not only is it a great tool and resource but I’m interested in adding the same functionality to my site.
    I’d also love to see anything that helps building email & sales funnels.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Marcus! I hope Thrive Apprentice will serve your needs well!

  • C says:

    Let me guess… the comment I am typing right now is using Thrive Comments?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Nope. πŸ™‚

      We’re not using Thrive Comments on this site yet. It’s a bit too immature for that, so we’re testing it on some smaller sites, first.

  • David H says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek, Shane. Judging by the comments here it looks like a popular idea. Great news on TCB 2.0 – looking forward to seeing it live,

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      It does seem so, yes. Thanks, David!

  • Mike says:

    What… The… F**k… just happened?


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s a good response for our little sneak peek to elicit. πŸ™‚

  • Craig R says:

    Sounds really good – please keep the updates coming.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Craig!

  • Wow! This is really exciting, Shane! Really looking forward to the new themes and Content Builder 2.0!


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Steven!

  • Mert says:

    Hi Shane, That is really great news ! With these new updates are we also able to create sticy menu with content builder on our landing pages ?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That is a feature that will be added, but probably after the release version.

  • David R says:

    After having used ClickFunnels and Elementor for building sites, I was really excited to try out ThriveThemes due to all the good reviews and recommendations, but I was sadly not impressed with the Page Builder.

    Frankly, I prefer the functionality that I get from the plugins and was very happy with that, but I was not blown away like I thought I was going to be with the Page Builder. For example, I can’t even set a simple repeating background image pattern to my page. It appears that it’s only available if using a ThriveTheme and not just the Page Builder.

    I hope that this new version will bring the much needed updates in order to keep up with all the hype that it has created over time.

  • christian says:

    can’t wait to get the new plugin !!

  • Ahrale says:

    Wow… Sounds & looks awesome. Truly looking forward, especially for the TCB 2. I hope it will work as mobile first & do it’s best for speed to minimize & combine css & js.
    I’m already excited & curious to see if it will be better than Oxygen, that I feel overtook the TCB 1 with user interface & some other features.
    Thanks for keeping on improving… looking forward for the big leap…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Ahrale!

      Oxygen reminds me a bit of Webflow in that it seems to be a tool made for developers. If you don’t know CSS, I don’t think you can get a lot out of these tools. In our case, probably 90% of our customers aren’t fluent in CSS, so we aren’t building a developer focused tool. The main difference will be that our user interface is basically translated for humans, but also: not every possible CSS function is available via the user interface.

  • Bob says:

    STILL the best money I’ve spent on tools for may business. Interestingly, I see you guys more like my business partners than just software developers.

  • This is really good news. I had been looking at other visual editors for WordPress, but now I will wait and see what happens. My main concern was that I heard from several WP professional programmers that the code in Thrive themes and content builder was very low quality, causing a lot of conflicts and slow speed. While I chose to use Thrive, because of the promise on your homepage: fast, clean code. I do hope the code in the update will be much better.

    When you work on a new theme, it would be awesome if you give a LOT more customization options. I now have to rely heavily on third party theme customization to apply even the most simple changes, like changing colors for basic elements.

    A really great theme would include far more options to change colors and other elements, so the theme can get the look and feel I really want.

    If these two things can be implemented: better code and more customization options, then I will be a happy Thrive customer again πŸ˜‰

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, David!

      It would be interesting to hear these programmer’s opinions in a bit more detail. Code generated by a user-editable front end interface will of course never be as clean and neat as something that is hand-coded by a professional. So, we’re aware that TCB code is a bit messier than what you’d write by hand. But I think calling the code “very low quality” and “causing a lot of conflicts” is indefensible. We’ve worked in the WordPress space for a long time and of all the WordPress solutions you can find, pointing at our stuff and saying it causes conflicts almost sounds like satire.

      We’ve made improvements to how the code is structured with TCB content and we’ll also give power users more ways to keep the code lean. However, there’s always going to be a tradeoff. Especially when you want lots of customization options: depending on how much you customize and how you customize, the mess you see in a stylesheet may just not be our fault…

  • Alim T says:

    I am Proud of you Thrive team. You guys rocks!

  • RIchard O says:

    Hi Shane

    Thank you for the teaser to TCB 3.0

    Can we possibly have a confirmation that we will still have direct access to the HTML that is generated by TCB?

    Almost all other Visual Builders hide this HTML away from being edited directly (not the html element).

    I LOVE that your code is clean and accessible directly in TCB. If tweaks need to be made at the code level, we can visit the HTML and have a look.

    please Please PLEASE do not obfuscate our access to edit the HTML in TCB 3.0

    In fact our workflow has become dependent on having access to this function. Our offline database (FileMaker) actually generates TCB compliant HTML from our data entry system, we then simply copy the HTML from the database and Paste it into the TCB HTML editor (NOT the HTML Element) and BOOM the post is fully completed in less than a minute. The new post meets the same look and feel standards of the rest of the site because we are using TCB compliant ID and CLASS elements.

    This is a very unique workflow that makes us VERY efficient in our posting and we could NOT accomplish the same results with the visual editors Divi Builder, Visual Composer or Optimize Press.

    Many, Many, MANY thanks for the GREAT Thrive products!


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Richard,

      Yes the HTML source code view will still be available and you can also still insert custom HTML elements in the content.

  • David says:

    In addition to my former comment, I would like to add there is a nasty and stubborn bug in the RISE theme, that causes text to become LARGER in mobile view, instead of smaller. Also the layout of forms becomes a mess in mobile view, with form titles getting way too big or way too small. I asked help on the forum for this, but nothing really helped. I had to hire a WP pro to solve it and he said the code of the theme is a disaster. I really hope the new theme will be programmed according to the highest quality standards, so these kinds of annoying bugs have no chance. Thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Sorry that you had to go through that, David. Did this happen for all text, or a specific heading or something? Because I’ve not been able to replicate this issue.

  • I’m so looking forward to the updated Apprentice feature. I’ve not been happy with the platforms I’m using for my online class now, The Publicity Workshop, and had decided to move it to my own website with my next launch. Thrive Themes is the best value out of all the memberships I have. I’m so lucky to have found you guys!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Melanie. I hope that our Thrive Apprentice plugin will serve your needs well, when we release it!

  • I have a question regarding TCB 2.0 update. I am already using TCB and focus blog theme unlimited version. will I get this update free of cost or I have to pay for the new version? Again I wanna say thrive team rocks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Katrina! Since you already own Thrive Content Builder, the upgrade will come at no cost for you. πŸ™‚

  • Troy Coroles says:

    I absolutely love Thrive themes! Curious about this commenting feature. Trying to figure it out πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Troy! More info on Thrive Comments will come. πŸ™‚

  • Thomas says:

    I literally got goosebumps while watching it !

  • Susan says:

    These updates are very much appreciated. So looking forward to Thrive Content Builder 2.0. Just a quick question, will this be an entirely new plugin for purchase, or would it just be a large update of the current TCB plugin?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Susan,

      If you’ve already purchased Thrive Content Builder or you are a Thrive Member, the 2.0 upgrade will be free for you.

  • Cool… Love these sneak peek videos, keep’em coming πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Uffe!

  • Bonnie says:

    Loved your sneak peek video. My website is not up yet, but is very close.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Bonnie!

  • Tracy says:

    All I can say is…I’ve never been so impressed with a software bundle before. Your products, your learninspace and your support is bar none!!! I’m a subscriber for life!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Tracy!

  • Mike M says:

    Please launch soon! I want to use all of it now!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      As soon as possible, Mike. Gotta make it good first, though.

  • Conrad Lopez says:

    Enjoy this sort of update. Thanks

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Happy to know you liked this update, Conrad!

  • Ulli says:

    Love the new editor! Very exiting way to build pages.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad you like what you saw!

  • Emil says:

    Glad to hear good news from the Thrive team, Shane! Can’t wait to try TCB 2.0 and the new Apprentice, not to say how curious I am to see the new Thrive theme. Thanks and keep up the good work, guys!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Emil!

  • Shantie R says:

    Any chance of integration with WooCommerce?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We don’t have any plans for a direct integration, at this time. We do support Woocommerce in our current themes and the post grid feature in Thrive Content Builder can be used to display Woocommerce products as well.

  • Shantie R says:

    Looks really exciting.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad you like what you’re seeing!

  • Sebastian S says:

    Hi Shane,
    regarding Thrive Comments:

    I hope it will enable me to have different colored comments and be able to filter them. For example:

    a visitor can mark a comment as a question (which will be featured in a specific color) or a suggestion (other color) or a review or whatever. And by that one can quickly spot the different kinds of comments. Also admin comments should have their own color or something special that makes them stand out and comments should be able to be filtered.
    I think I filed that suggestion already quite some time ago but wanted to make sure it won’t be forgotten.

    Looking forward to all the good stuff.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for this suggestion, Sebastian. We don’t have plans for such comment categorization in our plugin. When we reveal more about it, you’ll see that our focus is quite a different one. I hope you’ll find it useful nonetheless.

  • Lilian says:

    I’ve been spending lots of time watching the videos before I do my sites. They are great, so you know that I’m looking forward to something that is even more awesome. Comments was just what I was looking for – listen to the customer in their comments (as you have) and give them what they want. That’s got to be what it’s about!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      You’re on to something with your guess about the comment plugin, there. πŸ™‚

  • Nigel says:

    Looking forward to using these plugins once they’re released. Great to have ‘sneak peak’ updates like this!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Nigel!

  • Yulia says:

    Awesome. Themes like Gantry and react js library would be cool

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment! I didn’t know about Gantry before. After looking at it, I can say that we have something less developery and less abstract in mind, for our themes.

  • Kylie says:

    THANK YOU for listening and being responsive! I just love how you keep us in the loop and give us these behind the scenes peeks… makes me feel like I am part of the process.

    I am beyond excited for apprentice… after joining Thrive university I *knew* this would be in the works for us… it”s why I have been holding off investing in other products like course cats or zippy…

    You guys sure know how to make my quarterly investment worthwhile.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Kylie. I’m glad to know that Thrive Apprentice will be something you can make use of right away. πŸ™‚

  • christine says:

    THANK YOU!!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      You’re welcome, Christine. πŸ™‚

  • Fantastic the Apprentice feature sounds like something I will find very useful. Thanks for your efforts to keep us in the front line.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad to know you liked what we showed in this preview, Howard!

  • Elaine says:


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Elaine!

  • Naomi K says:

    Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Naomi!

  • Ken Taylor says:

    The excitement is mounting! Shane, I love this new “updating”. The new Thrive Builder looks awesome as a possum. Please continue with these updates. No need to do them often, you seem to have the knack as to when to do them.

    “Nothing good every happens fast” – Love that you folks are doing it right. Cheers to you and the Thrive Team. \(**)/

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s a great quote. I wish we could make good things happen faster, but in the end it’s true: it just takes time to reach the kinds of goals we set for ourselves. Thank you for your comment, Ken!

  • Nice one Shane. Despite your comment about the first content builder needing a ground up overhaul, it is probably still the best WordPress tool on the market. These updates are great. Thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s very good to hear, Will. It’s still a good tool, I agree. But wait til you get your hands on the new one…

  • Great stuff, I can’t wait for everything to be ready and start using it to keep improving my site.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s good to hear, thanks Luis!

  • Christina E says:

    Ahhh! So excited! Thanks for sharing.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Christina! I’m happy to see you’re excited about what we’re working on.

  • Gerry Sandhu says:

    Went back and watched the few seconds of the v2 in action — brings a tear to my eye it’s so beautiful πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s great to hear! I love the new builder and I can’t wait to show you more of what it’s capable of.

  • Michiel says:

    That is some awesome stuff guys, looking forward to it. I tried Apprentice before but couldnt really use it as its more for just 1 course and not that suitable to multiple courses. But something similar to Thrive University would be epic. And then TCB 2.0…..Enough things to look forward to

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Michiel. The Apprentice plugin is built to manage multiple courses much more easily than the old Apprentice feature was.

  • Shelia S says:

    Shane, I’ve made the investment in a couple of plugins. I’m excited about content 2.0. I was wondering if you will ever offer themes for purchase not just in the membership?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Sheila,

      Thank you for your comment! We already offer our themes as separate purchases. For the time being, we will continue to do so.

  • Bouchra says:

    These 3 updates are just amazing ! I can’t wait

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked what you saw!

  • Karen McCamy says:

    I continue to be amazed and awed by the generosity of Thrive! It’s like Christmas every time I open one of your emails! No exaggeration! I’m especially excited about Apprentice!!! I would have been satisfied with the ability to offer more than a single course with the existing Apprentice but to be able to offer the entire “Thrive University-like” experience is totally awesome! If there is a “downside” (hehe) it’s that I’m still learning TCB 1.0! As many people have already suggested, a true reference manual, broken out into steps of “How do I…? Would be awesome, because your Builder already does so much! I’m in love with Thrive…everything you offer, and this recent update just illustrates how far ahead you are of any other companies with anything similar! Please keep these updates coming!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Karen! We will do our best to make the new Thrive Content Builder more accessible and explain everything it does in tutorials and courses.

  • Thank you Shane for the improvements! It’s definitely time to get going on updating my TCB template landing page with a new TCB 2.0 website, and, to also learn how to use your new Apprentice plugin for my upcoming marketing series for local businesses.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Ceci! I hope you’ll find our new tools super useful!

  • Neil Griffin says:

    Useful Update Shane

  • leon says:

    Hi Shane, impressive as always. Looking forward to the updates.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Leon!

  • Papis says:

    Well well well, I’ll be frank I have an agency account but haven’t used Thrive builder in awhile because of so many restrictions and having to add too much CSS myself. I switched to another content builder for now that works really well. After seeing the sneak peak of the version 2.0 I might just come back. I see a mix of “webflow”, “elementor” style content builder. I love what I see so far.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Papis,

      Thank you for your comment! One of our goals with the new TCB is that you will be able to create any design you can think of, without needing to write CSS. I’ll be curious to see what you think of it, when it’s ready. πŸ™‚

  • Dean says:

    One suggestion would be to incorporate tablet/mobile options for the columns too (to decide how many columns we want things to be on a tablet and on a mobile)

    Right now everything just falls under each other πŸ™‚

    Excited about this!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Dean,

      We’ve got a few more mobile options in the new TCB. I hope you’ll like what we’ve built, with mobile devices in mind. πŸ™‚

  • Jimmy says:

    Sounds good.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks, Jimmy!

  • I liked the thrive apprentice but it was pretty clunky. I’m looking forward to something that is easier to use. I’m looking forward to the new version of the content builder. I love it but it’s also a bit clunky to use. Once you get used to it it’s easy but it takes a bit of getting used to. All in all… good news…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      The new Thrive Apprentice is definitely a lot less clunky. I’m sure you’ll like what we’re building. πŸ™‚

  • Cenay says:

    Wow! Such good news on the horizon (and way to tease us and NOT give up a date!)

    I am a 100% Thrive Themes evangelist and have been since I found you guys early on. Can’t wait to see the TCB 2.0 and any and all changes to Apprentice. In fact, one quick question re: Apprentice. I’ve had to shift to an LMS theme because graded quizzes before advancement to next step was a requirement for a project I had.

    Will Thrive Apprentice (theme feature, plugin or other) offer the ability to hold them until they complete a quiz successfully? Please say yes!

    As always Shane (and the whole amazing team), thanks for all that you do! We really appreciate you.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much for supporting us, Cenay! The first release of Thrive Apprentice won’t have any quizzing or gamification features yet. But we are thinking of developing in that direction. It will depend mostly on the feedback we get from users.

  • Great.
    In germany there is a big TCB Community. Maybe I will create a new course of all upcoming Plug-ins.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Pierre! If there’s a growing audience in Germany and you can help them out, that’s probably a good business opportunity. πŸ™‚

  • Noel N says:

    AWsome! cant wait! is there an efficient way to do product funnels with one click upsells!!!???

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Noel,

      Funnels and upsells and such are not part of the 3 projects we’re working on right now. Might become a topic later on, though.

  • Mary says:

    Hi, it looks awsome !
    I was just about to subscribe to the all-inclusive thrive offer. I was thinking should I wait the release or will I have access to those new features once released ??

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Mary,

      Now is always the best time to become a member, for 2 reasons: the membership price goes up over time (but existing members are grandfathered in at the price they signed up at) and members get access to new products before the public does.

      • Marie J says:

        Great, then let’s go for subscription then. Thank you !

  • Lewi G says:

    Hi Shane, thanks for the updates. I’ve been building my new member’s site using the current version of Thrive Apprentice with the Squared theme. My question is, will I be able to use my current build and customizing I’ve been doing with the new version of Thrive Apprentice, or will I have to start from scratch with the new version?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Lewi,

      We’ve created an import tool, so you can transfer the content you’ve created in “old” Apprentice to the new plugin. πŸ™‚

  • Dr. Dan Pilgreen says:

    I had spent five months researching WYSIWYG platforms and decided yours was the best. I have spent four months researching pop-ups and yours was included. then I wanted add quizzes and magically was there on the platform . now this r u kidding me. I just attorneys the whole package just based on what you already produced and now this. truly remarkable. I have been able to build websites myself , fired my web designer and tech guy, got rid of lead pages, didn’t have to buy lead quizzes. and a bunch benefits. tnx a million

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s great to hear, Dan! We’re very happy that we’ve been able to serve you well and we’re looking forward to continue doing so.

  • Mark Sceats says:

    Shane – I think from all the comments you’ve got a definitive answer about Thrive users enthusiasm for getting a heads up on what’s under development! Sounds great & like others here I’m really looking forward to seeing these new products roll out. The best is getting even better…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Yes, this has been a very positive response indeed. I’ll see that we can do updates like this more regularly.

      Thanks for your kind words, Mark!

  • Eu-Gene T says:

    I’ve just purchased the Thrive Content Builder & Landing Pages like just yesterday and took me a while to get things running. How will this new version affect my website?

    I hope this new version is much more stable than the current. Having used Beaver Builder previously, I can’t help feeling a little frustrated with TCB after using for over one day. I had to keep refreshing the builder as elements’ option box stopped appearing after a while, along with other niggling issues. The things TCB does a little better is the inclusion of certain styled elements and pre-made landing pages (which also has minor issues, but that’s a complain for another day)

    • Eu-Gene T says:

      Also, the lack of mobile support is disappointing in the current version, to say the least. I had to simplify some layout for desktop so that it won’t look awkward on mobile.

      Mobile support is a must-have at this time and age and unfortunately that lack of options in this area makes TCB feels outdated.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Mobile support is included in the new Content Builder, of course.

    • Shane Melaugh says:


      Thrive Content Builder 2.0 is backwards compatible, so upgrading from the old to the new version will be seamless. With stability issues: I’m sorry you’ve experienced this. Of course, we try to avoid something like that from happening with any of our products. But since we can’t control the environment our products are installed in, it can be difficult.

  • Majbrit Villadsen says:

    It looks fantastic, thank you for all the work you put into it!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Majbrit!

  • Manuel says:

    Content builder 2.0 free for 1.0 users?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Anyone who has purchased Thrive Content Builder or who’s a Thrive Member will get this as a free upgrade, yes.

  • Andy says:

    The two things that are necessary are mobile version design option and inbuilt SEO. Both reasons I left thrive themes a year ago.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Andy,

      Can you tell me more about what you mean by “inbuilt SEO”?

  • Waw! Since I’ve joined Thrive Themes more than a year ago I’ve never looked back… for me, this is the best solution out there

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Caroline! That means a lot to me. πŸ™‚

  • Alex says:

    Shane … thanks for this sneak peek and info about the coming updates. I for one, am looking forward to it. I have no doubt that the end product will be fantastic because that’s just what Thrive Themes does, and again, for that, I thank you and your team.

    Now, to answer your question about the three updates you mentioned.
    I can’t wait and you’re definitely on the right track. I appreciate the fact that you guys listen to our input and want to accommodate us.
    I realize this is a huge undertaking and want to be the first to send you and each of your staff a virtual drink to cheer you on.

    Looking forward to your next progress announcement.

    Take care.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback on this, Alex! I was a bit concerned that providing early updates without release dates might be more annoying than helpful for people. But it seems that it’s quite welcome. πŸ™‚

  • cath says:

    and this is why i switched all mys sites to thrive! Love it!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Cath! Glad you liked what you saw in this update.

  • Sounds great but the ultimate thing you could do is setup contracts so that people could use the product to make money and then pay with the profit. Give full access to the software if the student agrees to become an affiliate and take your training.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Charles!

      That sounds like a business model where all the risk is on our side. After all, what would stop someone from using all our stuff for free and just claiming they make no money? Perhaps more importantly, I’ve noticed that what’s given for free is taken less seriously than what costs money. If we made everything available for free, many people would download it all, but never use it or never bother to learn how to use it properly. After all, it’s no loss if they don’t.

  • Tung P says:

    Amazing update. Thank you so much! Love your works.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Tung!

  • Debra A. says:

    Thank you for the update! Looking forward to seeing the products.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Debra!

  • Louise C says:

    Excited for Apprentice feature and to check out the new theme! And I dearly hope that the comments feature has amazing spam blocking πŸ˜‰

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Louise,

      We’ve built something into Thrive Comments that reduces spam, yes. Although I wouldn’t recommend relying on that alone. I’d still use Akismet along with it, for example.

  • Dano says:

    Great stuff guys! Looking forward to the new TBC2!
    Here is my wish list for Thrive:
    – a contact form plugin so I don’t have to use the ugly contactform 7 anymore
    – a Woocommerce supporting theme

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your suggestions, Dano!

  • StephenN says:

    Thanks for these insights Shane.

    It’s definitely useful to understand a little about the direction that Thrive Themes is heading in, and why; even if timelines are unclear at this point.

    Just like previous feedback above, some product features have limited my implementation of products in the Thrive suite. Knowing that the updates you’ve mentioned are on the way means that I will be keeping an even closer watch on future mailing list emails.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback on this update, Stephen!

  • Sounds overwhelming. Thrive Themes is on the best way to become the (in $) most sucessful WP Theme. For me it’s alredy fabulous. With the announced leaps in development it’ll be the Theme with the best in quality and ROI for your customers. Nosy looking forward to the improvements!
    Sunny greeti/Austria/Europe.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, GΓΌnter! I do hope that we can become clear market leaders with what we are building. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing well.

  • Very excited about what you’re doing. Can’t wait to see it come to fruition – and on my website! πŸ™‚ Thanks. Investing in Thrive was the best thing I’ve done in a long time for my website.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      I’m looking forward to getting this into your hands as well, Cindy. I’m sure you’ll love what you can build with it. πŸ™‚

  • Darin Johnson says:

    You guys rock and looking forward when you release it. You guys always put out quality products.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Darin!

  • Each step you do for Your business is a step for My business.
    I really appreciate that. It save some time to focus to my Content.

    Just one thing to help us.
    Most of your support’s videos and webinars are answering β€œHow toβ€œ
    Much more difficult to know What – Where – When.

    Example :
    As a new customer to Opt-in I’ve discovered :
    – T. Lightboxes
    – Focus Area
    – T. Opt-in
    – T. Widget
    – T. Leads with
    – T. Leads Group
    – T. Shortcodes
    – Into CB :

    It’s a litlle bit confusing.
    So a β€œWhat – Where – When – Why general Opt-in Reviewβ€œ
    Would help before going to your excellent β€œHow toβ€œ

    Thanx for your product.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Stephane! Concerning the different opt-in form types, I hope you’ll find this helpful: guide to choosing the perfect opt-in form type.

      • Joey A says:

        NO this is the issue with Thrive and the more you continue to give links to articles that simply make no sense, no real in depth teaching, thse links mean nothing. Tired of this bullcrap. Answer the darn question and answer it to solve the issue unstead of referring to an article that does not fix the problem. Why are you and your company having a hard time doing this ? ugh,, so fustrated when I am trying to be opptomistic. I use click funnels also ad the differnce is night and day.. They actully give you real solutions to fix or they do it for you… Manytimes using to record the things they did to fix the problem so next time you know. STOP IT JUST STOP all this ……

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Hello Joey,

        How, in your opinion, could we make the article I linked to more in-depth and more relevant to the question?

  • Adz says:

    Hi guys excited about the update. Just wondering how this will effect existing sites built with original content builder. I have spent a lot of time getting my Peformag themed site looking great. Will it be a complicated process to update existing sites with 2.0 and will the new themes adapt over from the old ones? Cheers

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Adz,

      Thrive Content Builder 2.0 is created to be backwards compatible. That’s part of the reason why it’s taking so long to create. But it means that you will be able to transition seamlessly from the current Content Builder to the new one.

      The new themes, however, will not be backwards compatible. The gap between old and new will simply be too great, at that point.

  • Richard says:

    Really impressive Shane, how you and the team take the best and make it better. Looking forward it. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Richard!

  • Dan says:

    This is making me laugh – look at the number of comments on this blog already – how awesome for you!

    I was one of the early buyers of thrive because I connected with your vision for ‘something better’.

    You don’t seem to have many customers…they are all raving fans. Good for you and well done – I think Thrive is heading for big things in the coming years and I wish you Shane, and all of your team all the best with it.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much for your support, Dan. It means a lot to me that we have early members like you who still have our backs.

  • Justin Shane Ritter says:

    One of the better decisions I’ve made online….is being a member of Thrive Themes! I’ve learned so much from your newsletters, blog posts and Thrive University. Amazing value and great workable tools. You good people always deliver exceptional quality content. Carry on and I look forward to the updates and new plugins.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Justin!

  • Megan says:

    Super exciting stuff. Really looking forward to these updates! Never have I ever had to scroll that far down to enter a comment before! You know you’re on a winner when you get this much feedback. Well done! Ever thought about creating Thrive Affiliate – to help manage affiliate tracking??

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Megan!

      About the affiliate idea: we have had this on our minds, yes. Mainly because every affiliate solution we’ve ever tried ourselves has let us down. So, it’s a possibility, but it’s not a high priority at the moment, because we have other projects we need to work on first. I wish I could recommend you something to use for an affiliate platform, but I really can’t.

    • John B M says:

      I’ve been thinking of dumping all the commerce side over to Gumroad and then I don’t need to worry about it. They have affiliate built in. $10/month and 3.5% doesn’t seem like a bad thing in order to avoid payment processing and affiliate tracking, etal.

      I haven’t used it for myself, yet, though — only had some friends speak well of their use of it.

  • The apprentice feature sounds amazing!! I am not a website developer but maintain my own website, I love that I am a little geeky and I learn so much from you guys… Thank you
    I use the thrive editor and love it. I do not have a thrive theme website so I have my fingers crossed that these plug ins will be compatible with other wp themes

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Our plugins are all theme independent, yes. You can use them with whatever theme you like. πŸ™‚

  • Marc says:

    That’s so great! I was not that happy with apprentice so far but looking at the university and assuming that I’d be able to make that on my own I’m just soooo excited!!

    Btw I am screening a lot of membership sites to review “best practices”. I came across one website yesterday (codeacademy its called) & they provide so many cool features like badges (after completing a course), quizzes that check whether or not your answer was correct incl a hint on what u should review again, a summary of a course etc.

    Just in case u want more inspiration πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for the tip, Marc! The first version of the Thrive Apprentice plugin won’t have badges and gamification and such, but it’s something we’ve been discussing in the team as well. Depending on how the plugin is received, we will also continue developing it and adding new features that users ask for.

  • Lewis P says:

    Hey Shane,

    Thanks for the update. Will TCB 2.0 have the ability to save global elements?

    Better yet, will you be able to use editable placeholders within those global elements?


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We’re working on templates and global elements, yes. They will not be in the release version yet, though.

  • Christopher E says:

    Looks impressive Shane – and I see similarities with what X have with their Cornerstone builder…the preview hints it’s much better though!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Christopher! After the user testing we’ve done I feel pretty confident in saying that TCB 2.0 is a lot more user friendly than Cornerstone. πŸ™‚

  • Volker H says:

    I love all the thrive things but I today, I can`t use them in a lot of parts.
    Hope to see any chance to use it a system for SELLING….
    i.e. possible integration of a shop system for selling courses. I am very disappointed to handle old school tools like learndash only because it has an interface to woocommerce and AVADA with a working support for Woocommerce.

    Today, as hard as it is to say…. the critical success factor for using thrive is the point when the conversion happens : (

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Volker. Can I ask: what made you decide to use WooCommerce?

  • Karim C says:

    To creat a Apprentice Plug it’s a very good idea, for me it will be better ( and for my clients).

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Karim. It’s good to know that the Thrive Apprentice plugin will be useful for you.

    • Volker H says:

      Thx for reading my comment Shane.
      I wanted something like thrive university for my different online courses and I had the need for legacy requirements (invoices, accepting legal stuff prereqΒ΄s etc).
      My prior solution with a membership plugin (s2member) didnΒ΄t fulfill these points and were very complex. the courses itself were mostly “easy” structured on “a long page”.
      I needed something like a LMS system and an entry point like a shop ( with shopping history etc.). Reading a lot of reviews for a lot of membership plugins etc. lead to learndash and woocommerce. Any better ideas? πŸ˜‰

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Thanks for your reply. Woocommerce is popular and it’s compatible with our themes and with the post grid feature as well. But I’m aware that we don’t exactly have the tightest integration with it. One of the reasons for that is that Woocommerce is really not built for conversions at all. We’ve discussed this a lot in the past and we arrived at the conclusion that it’s not worth it for us to try to fix the conversion factors in something as fundamentally flawed as Woocommerce. So, we will build our own commerce solution, eventually.

        However, that doesn’t help you if you need something right now, of course. What I can say is that MemberMouse and PaidMembershipsPro are both worth looking at. But I know where you’re coming from: we’ve looked at a ton of solutions and none of them fulfilled our requirements, especially when it comes to stuff like invoicing and legal. The landscape of offerings is a disaster, in these respects. So, I’m afraid I can’t recommend a really good solution, since we haven’t found one either.

  • Ray says:

    The 3 changes looking very good.
    I the content builder will be here soon. It will make our (online) lives a lot easier πŸ˜‰

    It look promising

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Ray. We’re going full force ahead to get the new Content Builder ready as soon as possible.

  • Thomas says:

    I’m happy to work with your tools and I’m realy curious what is comming now. You are a great team! Thanke you for your big job. It helps us so muche.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Thomas!

  • Joakim P says:

    New apprentice is very welcome update, I will stick in Thrivethemes because of that. Hope we see coming feature list soon!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Joakim!

  • Oliver Hetzel says:

    Awesome, hope this all (especially the content builder 2.0) will be available in 2017. Keep up your great work!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Oliver! Glad you liked what you saw. πŸ™‚

  • Wow, I’m SO happy about this!!! It all looks AWESOME!!! And it’s a relief to know you are actually gonna implement all of our feedback, we just need to wait a bit more πŸ™‚

    Definitely the content lock-in is something that’s preventing me from using TCB more. Also, I hope it comes with an A/B test feature!!!! And I totally see how comments can be important for a conversion-focused website!!

    So excited Shane, thanks a lot for sharing this update. I can’t wait πŸ˜€

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Maricarmen. Content lock in is something we’ve found a good solution for, in the new Content Builder. A/B testing for landing pages will be built, but it won’t be in the release version yet.

  • Patrick M says:

    Shane, This is helpful. Thank you. I’m launching a new membership site and was considering an Apprentice Them format for the online courses. This begins to help me phase a transition architecture until the Apprentice Themes is released.
    Also, I’m happy to consider a Beta-test arrangement with you guys if it is mutually helpful.
    Yours, Patrick

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Patrick!

      Thank you for the offer to help test the plugin. We’ll take this into consideration when the beta is ready (which I expect to be soon).

  • Kim Celinder says:

    Great updates, looking forward to all of them, especially the builder and theme.

    So that’s why we haven’t seen any new themes for so long!

    I hope you start releasing themes more often again?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Kim,

      Our goal is to create a new theme framework and then keep releasing new designs for it at a regular pace. We feel the need for new themes as well and believe me: it pains me that we haven’t been able to release anything new in such a long time. It’s been challenging, but I’m convinced that the path we are taking is the right one.

      • Kim Celinder says:

        I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but you have still done great in other departments, like in awesome plugins!

        The new framework sounds great, I guess this would also make it much easier to keep all the themes/designs and the framework updated and integrate new features etc.

  • Ganee says:

    Been a big fan of Thrive products and definitely looking forward to Apprentice and TCB 2.0. Although I haven’t fully explored Thrive range of products, will there be a way to do 1-click bump offer or 1-Click Upsell functions?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Ganee,

      Thank you for your comment! A 1-click upsell function would be in the domain of a membership or ecommerce solution. We won’t be releasing anything like that in the near future.

  • Jon Pedersen says:

    Fantastic! Looking forward to 2.0, especially since the demo seemed to show dynamic, point and click CSS! That would be amazing for us of the CSS-challenged! Apprentice will be very useful to me too. Every one of my several Internet-based businesses is quickly moving towards some kind of integrated learning component and apprentice 1.0 wasn’t doing it for me. I really am hoping to be able to discard many of my third party solutions and keep within Thrive offerings so Apprentice 2.0 will help. I love these updates! Thrive Themes is the wisest Internet solutions provider I’ve ever found. Tbank you and keep up the great work

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jon. I would love to get more of your feedback on the new Thrive Apprentice when we release it, since you’ll be able to use it in several places.

  • Bonnie says:

    Is the Content Builder completely replacing the current Thrive Visual Editor? If so, will my current pages built with the current Thrive Visual Editor move easily to the new builder? Or am I looking at starting from scratch if I want to use the new content editor?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Bonnie,

      Yes, this will be an update to the existing visual editor plugin we have. And Content Builder 2.0 is backwards compatible, so you don’t have to start from scratch on anything. πŸ™‚

  • Warren says:

    Shane and team…Well done guys!

    This really looks awesome thanks for the sneak peek.

    The sneak peek, is a great idea to wet the appetites πŸ™‚

    Keep up the fantastic job you guys are doing!


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Warren!

  • Ali says:

    Yay! Thank you. I was about to build my first course in Thrive Apprentice. Is it better to wait or is the wait too long? I am very excited for the new versions. and PLEASE make new video tutorials. Some elements in TCB do not work for my site and some of the tutorials are so outdated they do not help fix the issues.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Ali,

      We’ve created an import tool so you can transfer your old Thrive Apprentice courses to the new system.

      Thank you about your note on tutorials. We’ll make sure to cover all the functionality of new tools with updated videos, as best we can.

  • Mark says:

    Are there any plans to create and fully support a more effective channel for community-based support? Many of your competitors have extremely active closed Facebook groups where customers all chime in with responses quickly and efficiently.

    This is a major omission with Thrive, with too much reliance on a small number of Thrive support folks. I hope this can be addressed very soon (note: I am not talking about formal support, which is separate).

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. Overhauling and improving our support process is one of the projects we’re working on in the company at the moment. Expect some changes over the coming months, in that department.

      A concern I have with something like a Facebook community is about expectations. I suspect that if we make that available, many people will use it as a support channel and will expect to get full support from our team. Unless we have a good way to manage that and enough manpower to do so, I’m afraid it could do more harm than good.

  • Jared says:

    Stoked about these three new projects!!

    Thrive Builder 2.0 looks AMAZING!!!

    Apprentice YES! Can’t wait to update my stuff.

    And the new comment feature is very intriguing…

    You guys seriously have the best WP Theme/Plugin library on the planet.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your reply, Jared! I’m happy you like what we’re working on. πŸ™‚

  • Julye L says:

    Hi Shane,

    I had been waiting for an update of the Thrive Apprentice feature for a long time so I am very excited about that!!! 2 questions though: will it be possible to create more than 1 online course (as it is actually) and will there be a built-in option to create a membership area instead of having to buy an external plugin that cost a couple of hundred of dollars? Thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Julye,

      Yes, Thrive Apprentice is built to manage multiple courses. However, it will still rely on 3rd-party membership plugins for payment processing and member management and such.

  • David says:

    How seamless will the upgrade process be between the current content builder and 2.0 be? If I upgrade, and make no changes to the page, will it look the same, or will I have to adapt the page to the new builder?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello David,

      TCB 2.0 is built to be backwards compatible. The transition will be almost perfectly seamless and you can use the new editor to edit pages you created with the old one.

  • John Chapman says:

    Good to see these updates Shane, keeps me ahead of the opposition. I know I can rely on the quality.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, John!

  • nalin w says:

    Excited about your thoughtful, strategic improvement plans, Shane.
    What will happen with current sites created with TCB1, when we upgrade to TCB2 – will we need to recreate everything or will it be “backwards compatible”?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Nalin,

      TCB 2.0 is built to be backwards compatible. So, you’ll be able to upgrade from one to the next and just continue working on your site.

  • Twitechy says:

    Can’t wait for these updates …. new thrive apprentice and TCB = Awesomeness.
    Thank you guys.

  • Bruce B says:

    Great example of relationship maintenance, Shane. Even though you’re not giving any release dates just keeping us advised of your priorities and that all aspects of Thrive are still in ‘let’s make it better’ mode keeps us all involved.

    Keep talking to us!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Bruce! We are in constant “let’s make it better” mode, for sure. It defines us. πŸ™‚

  • Jeff says:

    Sounds great! Been using your software for years. Really looking forward to the new version. My wish is Thrive Ultimatum would display countdown timers within my Aweber emails.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jeff!

      With Thrive Ultimatum, we did plan on making an email embeddable countdown feature. Unfortunately, this product didn’t do very well, so it doesn’t seem like the best place to spend our time and resource.

  • Ryan Soper-Powell says:

    Shane that all sounds fantastic and probably pretty timely too.

    I am relatively new to TT, but I do find some of the themes are rather restrictive. So I’m really looking forward to the new version of TCB and to the themes.

    I also have plans for online courses, so I am looking forward to an updated apprentice plug-in with baited breath.

    I hope that what you have alluded to with regard to the comments plug-in might have something to do with referrals and word-of-mouth. Because in my field of expertise, positive word-of-mouth is a great conversion tool. Social proof etc etc.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Ryan. And welcome on board! πŸ™‚

      Our themes are indeed quite inflexible compared to newer products we have. We’re looking to remedy that when we build a new framework, later this year.

  • Julie H says:

    With the announcement of Content Builder 2.0, you just made me a very happy camper!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad to hear that, Julie!

  • Jatinder P says:

    When upgrading from v1 to v2 will it still keep the existing designs and layouts?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jatinder,

      Yes, TCB 2.0 is built to be backwards compatible. That’s part of the reason it’s taking so long, but we figured it’s worth doing it that way.

  • Wim says:

    All three projects look GREAT. Keep on going Shane

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Wim!

  • Farhang K says:

    I love all your products. but your themes need more customizations.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Yes, I agree that they do. This will be an important aspect of our themes and as we build out TCB 2.0 and a new theme framework, you’ll see how it all comes together.

      • Farhang K says:

        Thanks Shane for the reply. I believe in you and your team that’s why I invested in Thrive Themes in 2014. so I’m the early bird with Thrive themes. and that’s the best decision I’ve made. because before you guys show up. I changed almost 5 different theme companies and I was not happy but after your products, i now just focus on my business

  • Devin says:

    Looks awesome. Verrrrrry excited for TCB 2.0 !

    Can’t wait to re-order some tabs on my website πŸ˜›

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Devin! We’re really excited about what we’re creating with TCB 2.0 as well!

  • Rafael says:

    Shane, thanks for your great creativity gift and your desire to improve the quality of the products you offer.
    Looking forward to use the new revised versions of the Builder and everything else.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your support, Rafael!

  • Marshall E says:

    PLEASE add API access for EMMA!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your suggestion, Marshall. We build API integrations based on demand, so we’re adding this request to our board where we keep track of this.

  • CJ says:

    The positive side of me thinks this all sounds wonderful. The less positive side is concerned with the underlying message here.

    1. We’re going to have a huge update.
    2. No idea when that will be. Could be next month, next year, or longer.
    3. In the meantime, the updates you paid for via your membership will not be forthcoming.

    Thrive Themes is a great company so I am going to try to keep a positive attitude. That said, this post is essentially a big ‘Nothing Burger’ without some kind of timeframe.

    Sorry. I’m not trying to be overly critical. As a marketer I’m sure you are aware of how frustrating the carrot & stick approach can be. It just leaves businesses in the lurch with no way to plan ahead for much of anything.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, CJ. What you describe is exactly the reason why we haven’t done updates like this before. We run the risk of setting false expectations or disappointing people, almost no matter what we do. Until we can get back to more iterative updates, that’s just where we’re stuck.

      However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve continually released and updated other products in the meantime. πŸ™‚

  • Joshua P says:

    Man, I’m so excited to be part of ThriveTheme community. This is awesome!

    Question, I’ve been learning A LOT through the training in Thrive University & now I’m needing to create a “powerpoint” (or slide show) video presentation, any creative suggestions (besides the obvious: Fiverr, Microsoft PowerPow, or Keynote)? To help with creating attractive slide ideas/structure?

    If u have time, Thank you πŸ™‚


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Joshua,

      For presentations, I find that the tool you use matters very little. You can make a great presentation with PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote, Google Docs,… whatever. It’s all about what you put on the slides (and mostly about not putting too much on them).

  • Bjorn H says:

    WHOOOOOAH!!!! The new content builder looks AMAZING!!! So excited. Can’t wait!

    Also, the preset configurations of your current themes, really helped me understand how to use TCB. I would just click on a certain element, learn the name and remember it for next time.

    My question is, will you guys also offer different preset configurations of the same theme? Different examples of how it could look and function that we can then edit later to our liking.

    Anyways, can’t wait for TCB 2.0!!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Bjorn,

      Thanks for your comment! Pre-designed templates are going to continue being an important part of our offering. Once TCB 2.0 is released, there will be new landing page templates again and we will also create in-content templates.

    • Joshua P says:

      Great, well that’s good to know. Thanks for your advice Shane. Time to get after the PowerPoint then and use ThriveThemes – product launch process πŸ™‚

  • Randy Cavanaugh says:

    Never has a suggestion/hope of mine come true so quickly as the University plugin! TCB2 and new Comments will be cherries on top! Thnx Shane and Thrive Team!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Randy!

  • Adrian F says:

    Hello Shane

    I was hoping that your affiliate program would open up as it is already closed like forever now.

    With the future release of TCB 2.0 and other I hope you can open up the affiliate program. I’ve been waiting for some time now

    Hope you can do that as well.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Adrian,

      You can go through a new application process now, to sign up for our affiliate program. There’s a link at the bottom of the page, you can use to get started.

  • William H says:

    Shane, absolutely bonkers excited about a new version of content builder and am glad to hear it is getting most of the resources. The other 2 projects sound great also so looking forward to the new stuff. Yes I like the idea of the updates.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your reply, William!

  • Joey A says:

    So happy Thive posted something your working rather then trying to request advancements abd being told our requeast many have be equiually the same. Hopfully my requested have been considered which I would be thankful. I really just a complete all in one soution. Plus willing to extra.

  • james m says:

    Awesome. I was a little bummed about apprentice looking out of date, so this is good news. And excited to see the CB2.0. Hurry!!!!!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, James! Trust me, we’re in a big hurry to get this finished and released as well.

  • This is epic. You are an example: give people what they want, listening to your users ‘ requests while maintaining consistency with your mission.
    When will these updates be available??

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Agostino! This stuff will be available as soon as possible, but it’s too early for us to be able to give a reliable estimate yet.

  • Nicole Keir says:

    WOW. I’m so excited for content builder 2.0! The quick sneak peak looks amazing. Thanks Shane & the thrive team – your products are my favourite.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Nicole!

  • Tom says:

    Your upgrades are always a joy Shane. Thank you for what you do! Would there be a plugin or theme functionality for building sales funnels?! Please please please. Can’t tell you how useful it would be to have you guys Thrive’ify the funnel building process: Save as templates; Have metic tracking stats; split testing; etc. Click Funnels kicks our butt.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Tom!

      There have been some requests for us to add funnel building and related features to our products, so it’s something we’re considering. For the TCB product team, the priorities are currently: TCB 2.0 -> new landing pages -> A/B testing. After that, we may start looking at funnels.

  • Joey A says:

    Ths reply deserves no response. I find it uncomfortting your highly customize your products for your own use while selling the same products that are not worthy. If Thrive needed to high customize their own theme they sell and offer, that’s a serious, SERIOUS issue. If you thnk Apprencice is a major the only upgrade, your really kidding yourslef. Stop marketing yourself as a complete solution. If you can highly customize a theme you offer of your own business, it would be great if you offered the cusomability. If you can design a custom check out page when selling products, webinars, training for yourself, not sure how you would not think that would be a major add-on others would need also. Not supporting evergreen like webinar is as a no brainer add-on makes NO SENSE. If your themes do not support Instagram, another no brainer, no NON-sense upgrade that is easier to provide and I’d even pay more for…. Please stop using your own themes and platform that clearly is a very high customized solution that you cannot acheive in Thrive as a ourchase or membership. If you know it needs to be customized, that should be a no brainer knowing others need the same. Smh…. My membership is up for renewal soon. Given the reply to may last support ticket, it’s obvious you have no inentions of doing what obviously needs to be done. Being directed by support to use this plugin to accomplish this and another to accomplish somethings crital I just as well should for clickfunnels as I going to spend the same exact amount. Shame on you Shane, Not cool.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      You’re clearly very frustrated, Joey. You keep comparing our solution to ClickFunnels and it seems like you’re asking “why is Thrive Themes not ClickFunnels?”

      The simple answer is that Thrive Themes and ClickFunnels are two fundamentally different products, made for different people and different purposes. If you’re finding that you need a bunch of functionality that doesn’t exist in Thrive Themes but does exist in ClickFunnels, then the answer seems obvious: you should be using ClickFunnels.

  • Jesus P says:

    Great to hear from you these news.
    Some comments on the fly:
    1) Why not to have a floating panel for TCB rather than left or right ?
    2) It looks you are using accordion mode approach to manage items properties, again a independent floating panel could be consider. It would be nice to add or hide some properties for simplicity and extend.
    3) Items props should be editable as css or html in a kind of source mode, should have also a reset to defaults values and optionally a profile or custom style to define states and values for the installation matching branding or custom styles.
    4) Translations for me are important I can help for the Spanish one in case you need it.
    5) It is great you use flexbox but please consider to use new css grid layout it can make things easier and leave flexbox to what it was design for.
    6) Apprentice and Thrive University templates are great but probably we need to have some solutions around like content-access-block and some kinda mechanisms of tracking to know who is using what … split testing … nice to integrate with others Thrive plugins like ovation, quiz, etc.
    7) For the comments, in a world were much of people is interacting in social or chat services, I wonder how are going to motivate people to go back to use web services comments and to make them useful (controlling spam, adding filtering and automatic actions, trusted and verified source, etc). There are many obstacles in this race but I am very glad you want to face them.
    8) It would be nice to find out a dynamic way to label or to structured comments to make them more useful, rather than the traditional top-to-bottom approach / skim-scan navigation.
    Any case I can not wait to get into all of this, please keep us updated, I know it is hard to invest time to communicate what is going on in a clear and trusted way when one is developing and changes are the only current state.
    Thanks for these excellence news.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jesus, thanks for your comment!

      1) Floating panels add a lot of interactions (click, move, drag, resize,…) that are unproductive. In other words, they lead to more busywork and more time spent doing things other than building your page.

      2) We do have advanced properties that you can show or hide and individual settings your can show or hide. In this way, you can customize your panel and keep the stuff that’s most important to you open at all times.

      3) As with current TCB, in the new one you will still be able to edit HTML source code and write CSS manually.

      4) I don’t have any news on translations at this time.

      5) I believe it’s still too early for CSS grids. Browser support is still quite poor at this point and it may be another year or more before grids can be used reliably.

      6) Thrive Apprentice is made to crate and manage lessons and course content. It can be used together with a membership plugin to manage members, payments and access.

      7) Getting people to visit and interact on your website is part of the reason we’re doing this project. Too many businesses are surrendering themselves to platforms they can’t control.

      8) We’ve got some ideas for that, yes. πŸ™‚

  • Henrik G says:

    WOW it took me so long to read all the comments.

    I am one of the users who have requested that the thrive university turned into a plugin, so great news that this will happen.

    I also believe that you should stick to as few plugin vendors as possible, because that will save you from incompatibility problems with plugins / themes.

    I can’t wait to see Thrive Comments. When users are intrigued to leave a comment they are ready to communicate with you, and you have their attention. This is obviously a place to get conversions, and I have tried various solutions / plugins to improve this, but none of them have really worked well. So to me the release of Thrive Comments is much appreciated.

    I use Toolset from WP-Types and build a lot of custom post types. But TCB 1.0 does not work well with toolset, because it does not save the content in the content table.

    Because of this I only use TCB to edit my Thrive Leads layouts and the other tools from Thrive Themes, and I use Beaver Builder for building the layout of my custom post types. I have requested On The Go systems (who makes Toolset) to integrate with TCB, but this has not gotten any attention. Instead they chose to integrate with Beaver Builder.

    Buiver Builder has released a Themer plugin which glues the layout of website elements closer together with custom post type fields. I like this and I hope to see something similar in TCB 2.0

    Because again I would like to only include plugins from few vendors.

    I hope that Apprentice will not include its own cart system / ordering system, because this is much better handled by woocommerce.

    WooCommerce handles Tax, Discounts, Invoices etc, and adding all this to Thrive Apprentice would add extra bloat when it can already be handled by woocommerce.

    But most of all I look forward to see the Thrive Comments plugin.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Henrik!

      I agree about limiting plugins and bloat on sites in general. I think this is a major issue with WordPress sites and it’s one of the things we want to help people improve, with our products.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about custom post types. I have a vision for making custom post types editable in a visual way and I hope we can get to work on that in the near future. πŸ™‚

      • John B M says:

        I knew it was on the radar to make something with custom post types — that’s why I mentioned theme parts on the facebook. I was figuring this would be something coming in 2.0 (maybe not at launch) — and I was especially thinking as much because apprentice would be a perfect test bed for proving a method of working with it all.

  • Brian Baulch says:

    Wow this sounds awesome Shane and team at thrive theme l can not wait to the curtain comes down on each of these products

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Brian!

  • WOW! the Thrive Academy sounds amazing! I’m just starting to use Learndash and it’s not great when used with Thrive, having a THRIVE course system will be AWESOME. Just one question, will it enable me to use the Infusionsoft tagging like I have in Learndash?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Allan,

      I’m not familiar with the integration LearnDash has for Infusionsoft, but we’ll check it out.

  • Gary K says:

    Thanks Shane for keeping us abreast of what’s happening. I know that reinvention can be a heavy lift. Specially in this fast-pace market. All of it bringing with it its own set of successes and problems. Much of this has been in the works for awhile now. However, I also realize, being the systematic company that you are, that you have some long term projects on the board. I’d also be interested in hearing and possibly obtaining feedback from us on what those might be? I know its a bit difficult to make suggestions without them sounding like commitments and then be hounded about when they will or will not happen, but maybe a repeat post on the sense of direction 2017 update would be sufficient sometime. It might be just as important to point out what people can never expect from Thrive Themes?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Gary!

      Talking about longer term projects or stuff that’s only in the planning phase is difficult exactly because of what you mention: in my experience, 70% or more of the things planned in early stages is either never implemented or changed significantly. So, there’s a big risk of disappointing a lot of people or making them feel mislead.

      We have other approaches to making sure that even in early stages, we build things that are in line with what our users need, though. We’ve written a bit about that here, in case you’re interested. πŸ™‚

  • All sounding excellent. Even with the massive pace of change and so many new tools out there, I’ll be sticking with Thrive πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Jonathan!

  • Romeo Mariano says:

    I would love to see the course plugin from ThriveThemes. This would strongly differentiate ThriveThemes from the competition. Hopefully, it is fully compatible with membership plugins like MemberPress.

    Although Thrive is conversion focused and that’s great, the problem is that after the conversion, you still have to deliver content and value to your customer. And to this, I think Thrive has fallen behind the competition. Thrive Content Builder simply is showing its age.

    Pojo Themes with Elementor Pro has particularly been the most aggressively developed website toolkit on the market. Their feature-set is so complete and continues to be aggressively grown that they outstrip the need add-ons to their product. And they have aggressively encroached on Thrive’s territory.

    So I would love to see ThriveThemes thrive in this competitive market.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Romeo. I agree that Elementor is our strongest competitor at the moment. I like some of what they have done and I have to say that I welcome this kind of competition.

      The direction we’re taking TCB 2.0 in is different from what Elementor does in many ways, so I think it won’t appeal to the same group of people. But we’ll see. πŸ™‚

  • joan says:

    Excited for v2.0 CB and new theme/s. Currently revamping my site and now wondering if I should wait for the new version. Thanks for the heads- up Shane.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Joan,

      Thank you for your comment! I’m all about rapid implementation, so I advise against waiting. You can always further improve your revamped site, once the new editor is available.

  • Ashkan H says:

    Shane, this is an amazing teaser. I started wondering where all our feedbacks were ending up πŸ˜‰

    One feature that I hope is part of the releases is the request for Thrive Leads API connections to allow more than 3 fields, so we can use the entire power behind it (e.g. segmentation, different states etc.) with forms that are useful for brick and mortar businesses.

    Anyhow, now that I know you are heading in the right direction, I will happily continue the payments and stop looking for alternatives πŸ™‚

    Danke schoen from sunny California!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Ashkan,

      Thank you for your comment! We are working on improving the lead generation features as well, yes. It currently looks like in the release version, there won’t be much different about it yet, but we will work on custom fields as a future update for sure.

  • Marianne says:

    I was saying “YAY…. YAY….. YAAAAAAY” through your whole video πŸ˜€ So happy about all of these!!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your enthusiastic comment, Marianne! πŸ™‚

  • Bjarne Ravn says:

    Looks exiting, Shane. Can’t wait. Keep on the good work.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Bjarne!

  • Christine C says:

    Many thanks for the update! So glad I invested in the full membership early. I love how most of my WordPress needs are taken care of by all your products, which work nicely together. Looking forward to all three updates!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Christine! Glad to know you like what we’re working on. πŸ™‚

  • Maroeska says:

    Great sneak peak update! Looking forward to the 2.0 πŸ˜€

    I have TCB plus minus theme (and More thrive plugins) and now building a new site: what’s the best option so I won’t have to do it all over again? I read in the comments that TCB 2.0 is backwards compatibel. But what about the ‘pre’ pages of minus? Do I use them or make from scratch with TCB so it will be compatibel with the new update at the time of release?

    Love the apprentice! It’s also in Minus theme is that compatibel too? I’m new to the ‘tech’ stuff and therefore LOVE thrive university and Hanne πŸ™‚ Happy to read your answer, I appreciate your time and work Spirit: Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Maroeska.

      My recommendation is that you simply focus on doing what’s best for your business and website right now. When we release TCB 2.0, you’ll be able to continue working seamlessly, so you don’t have to do anything different now.

      When we release a new theme, you will see what we offer and decide whether you want to make a switch or not. Changing themes (redesigning a site) always involves a bit of extra work, but we’ll try to make it easy.

      A new theme is too far in the future to try and hedge your bets or wait for things now. You’ve got a business to run. Don’t wait around for us.

  • Bartosz says:

    Sounds amazing! Looking forward to it! πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Bartosz!

  • Iris says:

    Hi Shane, looking forward but also a bit worried, I use ignition – apprentice and made several courses, will this still be working as we set it up now?
    We would like to continue with these courses without big changes for now? kind regard Iris

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Iris,

      We’ve created an import tool, with which you can move your existing Apprentice courses into the new Thrive Apprentice plugin.

  • Andrew D says:

    Do you have an ETA on v2.0 and new theme. Also will sites/pages built in current Content Builder be compatible with v2.0?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Andrew,

      We don’t have ETA on these projects yet. We will let you know more, as we get closer to the release dates.

      Thrive Content Builder 2.0 is backwards compatible, so the transition will be pretty seamless.

  • Pat says:

    Thanks Shane, this statement was overdue since there was some rumour about thrive 2.0… But as I assumed there is not a small step but a giant leap to accomplish so I’m thrilled to have a first preview, especially for TBC and your new themes… (btw. I’m praying for backward compatibility πŸ˜‰

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Patrick,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, TCB 2.0 is backwards compatible. πŸ™‚

  • Shane! THANK YOU! Can’t wait for Apprentice. My day job is as a Marketing Director for a Real Estate company but my passion is releasing my stress management course to the world! I developed it to survive after a severe brain injury and have not figured out a platform on which to deliver it. Yay!!! SO grateful for the work you are doing to empower entrepreneurs like myself to make a HUGE difference in the marketplace.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Lane,

      Thank you for your comment! I hope that Thrive Apprentice will serve you well for getting your course out there. πŸ™‚

  • yep, I enjoy these kinds of things and hmmmmm, comments plugin that also is a lead capture tool perhaps? πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks, Dave! I’m not giving away more about Thrive Comments, just yet. πŸ™‚

  • William says:

    Very excited by the sneak peak of TCB and the news about Apprentice. We’ve been waiting and hoping for a version of Apprentice to handle what you use it for in Thrive University. Great news. Very worthwhile. No pressure to commit to a release date. Thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, William!

  • Kendra P says:

    The new stuff looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I’ve spent the last 3 months researching options (e.g.. Thrive, Inboundnow, Unbounce, LeadPages, Clickfunnels, etc) and Thrive is consistently beating the other options overall but the one thing that I can’t believe that doesn’t exist, I assume would be part of your landing page plugin, is that there is no reporting on page visits and form conversions(?). I know that your product “Thrive Leads” Tracks form conversions, but what seems to get lost is important squeeze page aspects. So maybe another project that the Thrive team could take on is a new product: a squeeze page product, that combines Thrives Landing pages + Leads + Content Builder into one amazing plugin. Tracking not just forms but also page visits (because maybe it is the layout/copy on page that is costing conversions), and keeps all the info (landing pages & tracking) in it’s own section for quick-at-a-glance data. And also is organized in a way that works for funnels (e.g. Offer page, confirm page, thank you page)… I’d love to go into more detail please PM if you’d like to get specific details about my suggestion, and I even have lead suggestions about people who would FOR SURE use this product as there is an underserved market.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your enthusiastic comment and you suggestions, Kendra! We will take this into consideration as we build out the Thrive Landing Pages capabilities.

  • John B M says:

    Will the apprentice plugin be able to convert old apprentice content to the new feature? Same for the theme — if I use squared for now and develop a site with it (only using squared instead of rise because it has apprentice), will that content roll over into the new? Or, should I use rise and forget about apprentice until the new feature comes?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello John,

      For Thrive Apprentice, we’ve created an import tool, with which you can carry over the content you created in the old feature to the new plugin.

      The new theme will not be backwards compatible, however. You won’t lose any of your content, of course, but it won’t carry over your theme settings. The difference between our old themes and what we’ve set out to build with the new ones is just too great for backwards compatibility.

  • Jon A says:

    Are Thrive Comments being used on

  • Im so glad I found this company, CONSTANT improvements….quality, taking into account your customers opinions, real integrity, I could go on and on at stating the positives….!!! Appreciate IT ALL man!!!! all the hard work of your team

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Michael!

  • Rudolf says:

    I was about to leave Thrivethemes for Divi. The thrive content builder 2.0 looks very promising. Guess, I’ll give you guys another chance… πŸ˜‰ Regarding the time frame for the final release, are we talking about weeks, months or year(s)?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Rudolf,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s definitely more than weeks and definitely less than years.

  • Hannah S says:

    Amped for the Apprentice Update! The university design is so clean.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Glad to know you’re looking forward to that, Hannah. πŸ™‚

  • carl.dufour says:

    This looks really really good !

    I can’t wait for Thrive Apprentice 2. I have had to purchase an LMS system (Learndash) recently as I needed to create multiple courses. But I like the simplicity of Apprentice… I might wait a little bit for the release of Apprentice 2 before I publish my first 2 courses and not use Learndash at all.

    What frustrates me a bit today is that as much as I love the Thrive Themes, I am not using any of them because they don’t look good with BBPRess / Buddypress. When you develop new themes, might it be possible to keep in mind those who need to build a ‘social network / forum’ on their website? πŸ˜‰

    Anyway… keep up the great work. You’re truly awesome !! Cheers.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Carl.

      We considered BBPress integration a long time ago, but we found that very few people use it. This is why we never focused our efforts on making something that includes custom styles for BBPress.

  • carl.dufour says:

    Hi. As the new Thrive Apprentice will be a plugin, am I right in assuming it will be compatible with other themes not developped by Thrive Themes?

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Yes, that’s correct.

  • Please add to CTB element “grid for pages”.
    I got 15 offers built on TCB on my site and I would like to create nice looking index of those pages.
    I would like it to behave like post grid from TCB (nice overlay on mouse hover etc..)

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Artur,

      We are planning to create a custom post type builder that will enable this.

      • John B M says:

        sweet. I hope this has the ability to create custom menus and logos for CPT areas. I have CPTs for sections of a site that are like a library and the branding and page layout is different for the whole section (different goals, user is in different place, so the pages are a “distraction free” zone except for a sidebar-style brand and vertical navigation)… being able to tackle those things without scratching my head wondering what classes to apply to php divs to get responsive columns would be great.

  • Terry says:

    Will thrive theme be able to work with my theme hearder and footer to maintain looks and feelings of my site.

  • Joe says:

    Okay, so to be clear will TCB2 work alongside the standard wordpress editor? This would be an absolute deal maker for me. Last time I used TCB was over a year ago, but I found it far too fiddly and annoying with the dotted boxes everywhere. Plus it looked like it inserted a whole bunch of html into my pages, which I was afraid would mess up the mobile site… but anyway, if this is as good as you say, I will definitely check it out!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Joe,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “alongside the WordPress editor”. Thrive Content Builder 2.0 replaces the WordPress editor. It does many, many things that are impossible in the context of the WordPress editor. And yes, to do those things it adds HTML to your page. There’s no way around that.

      However, your text content and images will be preserved and represented in the default WordPress editor, if you ever deactivate the plugin.

  • Berg says:

    Hi Shane,

    I am asking myself where I was I didn’t saw this (Apprentice thing) before (I’ve bought a theme that doesn’t support the feature).

    Will the new version of “Apprentice” be available to all themes or I still have to consider change theme ?

    Best for you,

  • K O says:

    Hello there

    I’ve been in touch with support via your forum today. Use the builder a lot, and it has been a revolution when it comes to putting up nicer looking post, but it seems it comes at a cost – my developer is less impressed by TCB than I am…

    Support points to the 2.0 version but doesn’t elaborate further, despite specific questions; Text/HTML ratio, weird code at times – for instance, assigning a class to a style object, smaller errors due to tags not being closed.

    Is this stuff you are possibly addressing?

  • David O says:

    SUPER excited about all of this–especially Apprentice 2.0! I launched my first course using Apprentice and am ready to create more courses. Was considering purchasing Learndash but will wait it out. You guys are seriously the best–keep up the good work!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s great to hear, thanks David! I hope you’ll like what we’ve done with the new Apprentice plugin. πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan M says:

    Love it! Love being apart of organizations that seek to improve and never reach the “we’ve arrived” attitude. Thank you for the great example to always be improving. Appreciate your work and challenges me to work harder to always be improving as well. I just read this morning “Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in forced labor.” Thank you for your diligent hands!

  • johan says:

    The awesome direction you are taking Shane. Will the existing pages be upgraded automatically ?… or use a conversion tool? Just curious already πŸ™‚ Great stuff heading our way!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Johan,

      TCB 2.0 is backwards compatible. When you update to it, nothing happens to existing content you built with the previous version.

      For the most part, you’ll be able to edit those pages with the new build and you’ll just have more options for everything (and a much nicer interface). There are a few exceptions: some of our more niche elements can’t be edited in the new builder or have to be converted. But there are only a small number of such exceptions and everything that’s no longer supported in 2.0 is replaced by something much better.

  • Jerry H says:

    Looking so forward to Apprentice 2.0. I’ve waited a looooooong time for you guys to get this right.

  • Gerald says:

    cool I look forward to use your new apprentice features plugin,
    I am already using it just had a few limitations with it but works good anyway

  • Scott Rogers says:

    This is so cool. I love technology which progresses with market needs like THRIVE has done with so many things. Thank you I think for the tease. Now to wait impatiently. I am curious if this is the new comment feature? And if the Name+Email input below automatically gets captured into a responder.

  • Christine G says:

    I’d like to see a glimpse of how the membership pages will appear. I’ve been this :pinch: close to purchasing the plug-in I was planning to use, but now I might not need to?

  • Jerry H says:

    AS to the Thrive Comments, a sneaky suspicion tells me that somehow the comments will be tied to Thrive Ovation for testimonials. Let’s see if I’m close. Either way, it’ll be a great product as you guys put forth some great stuff.

  • Steve H says:

    Loved the sneak peak. TCB 2.0 look amazing. Can’t wait for the release.

  • Hayley H says:

    when will the update be complete?

  • Anthony Garcia says:

    Hi Shane, Is thrive university been tested some where at the moment.
    I think I have spotted it…
    By the way I can’t wait for the new releases.

  • Mark Harris says:

    Yes, I would like more of these updates as they are relevant to me. Divi platform is making very interesting moves that excite me, but as I love Thrive I am holding my horses for one of my sites. Looking forward to the Thrive 2.0 era πŸ™‚

    These updates also gives me the feeling that I am connected to what’s happening, which is important to me as Thrive is an integral part my business because it runs on it. So please keep em coming πŸ˜‰

  • Ion D says:

    I would like TCB 2.0 and future themes to be more compatible with Google AMP Project.

    With the current TCB version, I have some problems converting articles to the AMP version. Most annoying problems are that the paddings and margins get reset to default, and featured images for some articles are hidden even though I set them to “show”… I guess these are just compatibility problems between plugins.?

    What are your thoughts about AMP project, Shane?

  • Jonathan A says:

    Great… Looking forward to the update.

    I would like to know if this is something you would consider adding to your arsenal of plugins…. What would make your suite of plugins complete is a cart with upsell plugin like (Clickfunnels) + a funnel manager type of plug in (clickfunnels)… Plus maybe an email plug in + tracking plugins… would be niche… Then you would be all in one solution for any type of business/blog online.

  • beachbum says:

    so when is this coming out?

    couple days, weeks months?

    I am starting with a brand new host and building everything from scratch and don’t want to go with a totally new content builder right in the middle of my projects.

  • basim_007 says:

    Hi Shane,
    Its nice to hear that you guys are working on Apprentice Plugin. Please make Apprentice a fully LMS system where we have options like quizzes, assignments, certificates and where we can sell courses both individually and via membership.
    Although there are some LMS in the market like Learn Dash and LearnPress. But they are with alot of bugs.
    The great thing about Thrive Theme products is that they are nearly complaint free. And People want a Complaint Free LMS.

  • christopher m says:

    can we change the color of the divider

  • Jace s says:

    Hey Guys,

    I can not wait for this update! Thank you for always taking care of your peeps and making this a free update for existing customers. That’s why I love you guys, always innovating and taking care of your diehard fans and customers. I’m eagerly awaiting this update. I want it now lol. I can’t wait to promote it as well. Always helps to use and love the product you promote!! Thanks again for the hard work team!

  • Marc-Eric says:

    I am very happy with what I see coming with TCB! , Very curious about Thrive Comments, and questioner on Apprentice. Will it be able to replace NamastePro LMS whose features suit me so well (even if it is a bit complicated to implement)

  • Isaac says:

    This is amazing! Looking forward to Apprentice 2.0 the most. If I’m already running it on my site will it be able to upgrade pretty smoothly though? Just a question…

    Love the updates!

    • Hanne says:

      Yes Isaac,
      You’ll be able to import old courses into the new apprentice πŸ™‚

  • Kara B says:

    Super excited about the Apprentice plugin, and certainly will love to see some type of tutorial on how to set it up with various membership plugins. I’m almost done creating a course and would love to use this instead of getting a separate course platform. Will there be future updates as things get closer? This original update was about a month ago I think, so I’m curious if there’s any idea yet if any of these things are coming onto the horizon soon πŸ™‚

  • Santiago Naranjo says:

    Any new updates on the new Thrive Comments? If not, approximately when could we expect an update (days, weeks, months, years, etc…)? Would be really interested in hearing about this :-).

    • Henrik G says:

      I am checking daily these days. Hoping to see a blog post about thrive comments πŸ™‚

      Hope we see something soon.

  • Hasib Amin Shishir says:

    Hi Shane Melaugh,
    I like your themes very much but I am confused to pick one between “Focus Blog” & “Squared” cos they are seems almost similar to me. πŸ™‚
    Would you please help me to choose one for making a niche site ?
    Basically what are the major difference between them ?

    Thanks with Regards

    • Shane Melaugh says:


      There are no major differences in functionality between those two themes. You can pick the one that you like the design of better. πŸ™‚

  • Scott H says:

    Thanks Shane for the update, Thrive is the best! Looking forward for 2.0 and would love to see a new feature to have the ability to export/import Lightboxes

  • Kay P says:

    Can I download an early version of Thrive Apprentice?

  • DeLisa Lee says:

    I hope you add gamification to the Apprentice (and other) Themes! We also need public and private discussion forums for courses.

  • Owen A says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on these new products.
    Are we there yet! If you’re looking for beta testers, count me in πŸ˜‰

  • Damian M says:

    Hi, any update on this? ETA? Thanks!

  • Roger Due says:

    Last year I started using TCB on an existing client’s website for a new category of blog posts and really liked some of the features.

    Unfortunately, trying to copy/paste content from external documents was quite cumbersome. I had to copy/paste one paragraph at a time, instead of what I was used to with the regular WP editor.

    With the WP editor I could take a long document from Notepad++ and paste it in and then proceed to format each paragraph as desired and add other elements where needed. I kept looking for a feature like this in TCB and never found it.

    Will TCB 2.0 let us copy/paste a whole document from something like Notepad++ and then format each paragraph as needed and then add any other Thrive Elements anywhere among those paragraphs with full formatting capabilities as though we individually added them one at a time???

    I got back from a meeting with a prospective client today where I want to use one of the Thrive Themes and, of course, TCB. One of the big issues that I will need to contend with is that they will be supplying big documents in MS Word (as a starter) that I will need to add to their website and then incorporate a variety of other Thrive Elements.

    I’ve already submitted some support questions about this issue and haven’t received any good answers yet.

    PLEASE reply about my concerns. Thanks…

    • Matt K says:


      Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can paste an entire word document in an unformatted version in TCB.

      You can use ctlr-shift-v to paste in one text element from a word document with links and such, it will paste without breaking the links into a new text element.

      Then from there you can format into paragraphs by just hitting enter when you want a paragraph break.

  • Ed Ferrigan says:

    Excited to see Thrive 2.0. I’ve been following a new product called Elementor which I suspect is like the direction you are heading. I also just read a blog that WordPress is also going to a new editor like the new Thrive2.0 look forward to see how Thrive integrates with all the other Thrive tools. oh, sooner the better…Thanks for all the hard work on this.

  • avi says:

    Hi shane,

    i cant wait for this looks very cool. a question I have a client who want be to build a fitness brand site but want to show her examples any examples i can show her before i buy a theme?

    thank you

  • Alex M says:

    When the New Apprentice linked to the University becomes available, will it be possible to have thrive affiliate links within the course?