What the Thrive Themes Teams Are Working On: October Update

A lot has happened at Thrive Themes in the last few months and a lot more is still going on behind the scenes. In today's update, you'll get a new glimpse at what we're working on and what to expect next in terms of features, products and more.


Here's a summary of the updates from the video above:

Customer Support Improvements

Since our launch of Thrive Architect, we've seen an increase in support requests. We've seen an increase in sales, which means more support, and at the same time, the switch from TCB to Thrive Architect also caused an increase in support requests.

We have struggled to keep up with support and we apologize for the longer waiting times you've experienced, if you've opened a ticket recently. We are expanding the support team and testing a new system that will hopefully make support faster and more convenient. We expect a noticeable improvement in response times within a few weeks.

Improving our customer support is one of the major projects in the company. It's also one of the most challenging aspects of selling WordPress software - our support techs need troubleshooting skills and technical knowledge that apply to an infinite number of different hosting, plugin and theme combinations. It takes time to improve the system and train new staff, but we're moving this forward with full force.

Product Releases

We have two new plugins that are basically ready to go: Thrive Apprentice (our tool for rapidly building online courses) and Thrive Comments (which replaces default WordPress comments with awesomeness).

We are holding off on launching these products until we have increased our capacity for customer support. We want to make sure that we are fully ready to serve and support new customers, before brining new products to the market.

Thrive Apprentice is already available to members (and some exciting updates will be released shortly) and Thrive Comments will also be made available for members soon. But there will be no public releases in October.

The New Theme

We have started working on a brand new WordPress theme. As promised, we're not just building any old theme. We are looking to redefine what having a theme and website building tool for WordPress means.

It's still too early to show off any teaser material, but what I can say is that we've made progress faster than expected, in the first development phase. Personally, I feel optimistic about it and I can't wait to show you more of what we're working on.

Thrive Architect Updates

The team is hard at work on further improving Thrive Architect. There are two main areas of improvement that we're focusing on right now:

  1. Usability: we're paying close attention to what works best in the user interface and what's still causing confusion or slowing you down while building pages and content. We'll be rolling out several updates to make the experience of using Thrive Architect faster and more seamless.
  2. A/B testing: the next major update to Thrive Architect will be an add-on plugin for A/B testing landing pages. It's one of the most requested features and now that Thrive Architect is released, we can finally ship it.

Of course, we'll also be releasing new templates continually. I won't mention this in updates because we'll basically be shipping new templates non-stop, for the time being.

Wrapping Up

That's it for this general update on what we're up to. I'm looking forward to showing you more teasers and previews of our upcoming new stuff.

Which new feature or product are you most excited about? Is there something you were hoping to see on the list of "in progress" features, that you think we should add?

Let me know in a comment!


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder and the CEO of Thrive Themes. When he isn’t plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.

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