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If you're the owner of a large website with multiple writers, editors, etc. — this post is for you...

We've released a new feature that allows you to easily manage user role permissions for the Thrive Themes products that you have installed on your WordPress website. 


Up until now, a user needed admin access to the website in order to build an opt-in form in Thrive Leads or create an online course in Thrive Apprentice.

With this new feature, you can give other user roles permission to access specific Thrive Themes tools which avoids creating multiple admin accounts.

A Quick Refresh on User Roles

Roles are a concept in WordPress that allow the site owner full control over what users can and cannot do with the website.

You can see an overview of the different active user roles on your site by going to users >> All users. 

There are 6 pre-defined user roles and each role has specific capabilities to perform tasks such as publishing a post, answering comments, managing plugins,... on the website. 

  • Super Admin: Only used when there is a network of sites. This role has access to all the network admin functions
  • Administrator: Somebody who has access to all the administrator functions on the site = you and anybody who needs to be able to access plugins, switch themes, ...
  • Editor: Somebody who can manage and publish posts and pages including those of others = the person who's responsible for the content on your site.
  • Author: Somebody who can manage and publish their own posts = your trusted writer.
  • Contributor: Somebody who can write and manage, but not publish posts = a guest writer.
  • Subscriber: Somebody who can only manage their own profile.

As you can see, only the administrator roles get access to plugins. This means that your "Editor" or your "Author" would not be able to create a content upgrade (because this requires access to Thrive Leads) but giving someone admin access to your website requires a whole lot of trust...

That's the exact issue this new feature is solving.

How the Thrive Themes Access Manager Works

You can find the User Access Manager in the Thrive Dashboard section of your WordPress Admin Dashboard (simply scroll down to find it): 

There you can see all the Thrive Themes products that are installed and active, on the right hand side and as columns you will see all the user roles available on your site:

Now, you can give as much access you want to any of the user roles.

For example, if you want to give the "Author" access to Thrive Apprentice, all you need to do is select the corresponding icon: 

If you change your mind, you can click on the same icon again and the "Author" will no longer have access to Thrive Apprentice. 

Custom User Roles 

Certain plugins, such as membership plugins, can allow you to  create custom user roles. In case these were created on your site, they too will show up in the User Access Manager. 

The only condition is that these custom roles need to have the "edit_posts" capability. 

If so, they will be in the User Access Manager and can have the same options as the default WordPress user roles

Set Up Permissions for Your Own Site

As you can tell, this is a pretty straightforward feature, but it's extremely useful when you're working with a team.

By default, (Super) Administrator and Editor roles have access to all the Thrive Themes plugins. 

Now, it's up to you to decide whether other roles should get access!

by David Gavrilut  May 30, 2019


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  • It would be interesting that with time you would add more features to Acces Manager. I’m thinking that if you’re a web designer more and more customers ask you the possibility of self-managing their own website once you’ve finished the web.

    For example the possibility as an administrator to limit access to certain pages or categories to those who have permission as author for example.
    In this way you ensure that the user does not spoil certain parts of the website.

  • Well done gang and another fine addition to the ever-growing Tool Box that is Thrive Themes… I especially like the fact that you always add value not just some useless feature for the sake of promotion. You people rock!

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