New in Thrive Architect: Visual Font Setup for Landing Pages

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The Thrive Themes team is constantly working on ways to improve our products. Both to make them more useful for you and to make them easier to use.

Today's update is one of my favorite improvements in a long time (maybe it's because I'm a font nerd, but I'll let you be the judge). Setting up and customizing fonts on your landing pages in Thrive Architect just got a whole lot easier and in today's video, I'll show you how it works.


In summary, there are two advantages to the new setup:

1) It's more visual. You can set up fonts for headings and text elements, even if those elements aren't on the page yet.

2) It follows the outside-in approach. As described in this post about how to make your content mobile friendly, it's best to work from the outside in. That is: define the general style rules first and then move on to more specific details.

We are looking to bring this simpler, more visual approach to other areas of Thrive Architect where font customization takes place. To help us do so, please leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions below!


P.S.: with a recent update, you can now also load any custom fonts and apply them to your landing pages.

by Shane Melaugh  January 16, 2018


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  • Brilliant, I was only thinking how much I needed this for my site revamp and whether I should pop in a support request for this!

  • This is wonderful!! It would effeminately save me a lot of time going back and forth trying to make each heading look the same on a long page.
    It would be awesome to have something similar for the whole theme, unless there already is and I overlooked.

      • Hello Shane, an additional idea pop up in my mind. Edit saved Content Templates and this savings adjust all Sites with this Content Template.

        I use a content Template on 10 different Sites. And i have to change something, i have to change it one time and save a new template and switch it on all 9 other sites.

        Could be nice to change a template or create a new one and have the option that the changes automatically are done on all other sites or i have the option to switch one template with a other one and all sites change automatically.

        I hope i discripted it well enough.

      • That’s wonderful to hear, Shane. It would be great to have this work on other pages and blog posts, just like the sales page. In fact, I think this will be even more useful for the blog posts. Thanks for the awesomeness in everything you do!

  • I am hankering for global changes for pages.

    Maybe even on the templates, having a switch that goes back and forth “start with landing page settings/ use global settings”

    In any case, the iteration pace is heartening. Looking forward to parallax (don’t pull a Steve Jobs and say it doesn’t matter) and looking forward to explicit Typekit support).

    My hope is that you’ll be a little more open in the future and allow third party innovators to widedn your lead.

    • Thanks for your comment, Chris.

      I’m definitely of the opinion that parallax doesn’t matter. It’s the very embodiment of frivolous eye candy. If you have evidence or data that suggests otherwise, I’d love to see it.

      • Agreed, Shane. Parallax is a meaningless feature – especially considering the cost of page load speed and fluidity when scrolling. Plus, it rarely works as intended on mobile devices.

        Thank you for being conscious about what to include – and not include – in Thrive Architect, and sticking to your guns on it. Be all the Steve Jobs you can:)

  • Is there any way to “copy” the settings on one landing page easily to all other pages? ie to create a “template” from the set of font settings to use on all pages on a site? I can’t see there’s an option to do that on the page I just created

      • I’m really looking forward to the “theme” as I honestly believe it will be the missing part to taking Architect to another level still. I’ve long felt that a theme in the traditional sense isn’t really required IF you have a builder as capable as TCB (originally) /Architect with styles that can be applied to a more or less blank canvas. Can’t wait to see what you have planned

      • Thank you for your comment, Mark! I can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on with the new theme. πŸ™‚

  • This is so cool..

    I wish you could define it as :

    Theme / Page / inline style

    So you could define a global font for all your pages, which is another higher level of font definition.

    Thrive Architect is getting so cool. But I use Toolset from, and because of that I use Beaver Builder, for my overall site layout.

    But for individual landing pages / lead generation I use Thrive Architect.

    I wish one day you will open up Architect for third parties, so an integration with toolset will become possible.

    But so far this is great.. Much like a DTP tool. You define your typography first.

    Great work.

    • Thank you for your comment, Henrik.

      What you describe is one of the things we’re working on for the new Thrive Theme. Giving you an easy way to apply styles on the sitewide, page and individual element level is the ultimate goal.

  • Great time-saver! You mentioned you’re working on new theme. I use Rise and can’t wait to change it. πŸ™‚ Can you tell us when the new theme will be available?

  • Thank you Shane for this new function πŸ™‚

    Question: Why can I not change the Text-alignment and Style (bold…) for mobile or tablet seperatly?

    That would be great!!!

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for your suggestion, David! We’re trying out some UI ideas for how we could add mobile responsiveness to this. I hope we can add this in a future update.

  • This is really a great change, Shane! Usually, whenever I add paragraphs in landing pages, I have to keep changing the text in individual paragraphs.
    This will ensure consistency and be a wonderful time saver!

  • This is fabulous and simple to understand. Is it possible to inherit page fonts (as opposed to theme fonts – as I love your other new feature to remove theme CSS). If I had that, then I could go through an existing page marking headings and paragraph typography as inherited, and then gain page control of it all. Does that make sense? Thanks Shane. Awesome work as always.

  • Happy to see this master font option. I was wondering / hoping this option would be made available and now it is. You read my mind!

  • Love the global style editing, Shane, thank you! Please consider another way to get to it. Based on the walkthrough, it looks like 4 clicks just to get to the editor, and then you have to close the modal box to see the effect in page. (one of the prime features of TA is the ability to edit in place) Can the modal be moved aside while working on it? Or could there be a way to edit/see changes on the page as normal with a choice to “apply style to all h2, etc”?

  • This is great Shane. I had this wish in my mind but never spoke it out but I am so glad it is a reality now.

    One thing that keeps bothering me is styled lists. The current list of options is quite limited and I have not been able to change the spacing on my lists. Is this something you guys are working on?

    Thank you so much for wonderful improvements.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Felix. I agree that styled lists are a pain in the ass right now. I was just testing a new UI for them this morning and I’m happy to say that we’re getting close to a good solution for them. πŸ™‚

  • Awesome! I love these recent seemingly small but really useful improvements. It seems you are taking the road of making TAR more and more similar to Keynote, Pages and such in that it now has β€œstyles” that you can easily set globally before you start working on a document. That’s great.

    1) Does it work on POSTS edited with TAR as well as on static pages? That wuld be great for, say, having the links aways bold for clarity.

    2) I hope you will make the various headings customizable in the same way in the new theme, it was one of the major issues for me in the old ones.

    • Hi Lorenzo,

      1) No, because posts and post styles are governed by the theme. When we release our new theme, these kinds of customization options will be applicable to the entire website.

      2) Yes, we will. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Alvern,

      We don’t have any way to import custom fonts yet. We are planning to introduce some font importing feature, but I have no ETA for this yet.

  • Hei Shane,

    I watched you live on facebook yesterday.. I don’t look the same as I have a fat cat on my facebook profile.. Anyway..

    I have a suggestion and also made an example for you to watch. This makes everything so responsive. It could be a feature on your new themes. And part of TA. It’s so great I don’t understand why I don’t see it around more often. And it is SO SIMPLE to add.

    Take a look:

    Just resize the window and you will see how the fonts scale along with the window.

    You guys just need to add the option to set a font-size on the html element using calc and a combo of some units (I like vw+em)

    And after that you add the “rem” option to headings, p, a, etc.. and you have a fully responsive fonts.

    rem option is like em but it doesn’t pay attention to the parent element, it pays attention to the html element only.

    This is so cool.

    And congrats for all the new features you guys are making. I’m waiting for the ones you told us yesterday also.


    • Thank you for the suggestion, Raul! I’ll discuss this with the team and consider adding it to our roadmap.

  • Love it! Just a few needed improvements:
    1. Make the background change color if the font color is white.
    2. Currently, the only way to return to editing in Thrive Architect is to save and exit out entirely from the Fonts Editor. The back arrow doesn’t work.

  • This is a fantastic update! I have same question as Viqar – is there a way of doing this for the whole theme?

  • I think this is a great addition to Thrive Architect. An additional thing I would like to see is the ability to make my own styles and have rhem added to the dropdown menu.

    I would like to have a specific style for quotes and for scripture references.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Hello Terry,

      For the button element, this is already the case. Where else would you like to see this applied?

  • This is a great tool that will save me a lot of time. I’m not a skilled webpage designer, but each improvement you make is an improvement for my site. Thank you!

  • Sorry a bit off-topic. Is there a tutorial for setting up the Performag theme? I’m looking everywhere and can only find the intro video. Thanks.

  • Really Awesome! I love the idea of Global Changes. I was recently editing a Clients Website on Vista Print where everything is Global, Backgrounds, buttons, text etc. It was very easy to change the look and feel of the site.

    • Thanks for your comment, Doug. We are working on making such global changes possible for other elements, aside from fonts.

  • Looks like an awesome enhancement Shane. Look forward to roll out across all Thrive Products esp Architect and themes. Great start to 18

  • Hello Shane,

    this Feature is very nice and simplify the work with TA.

    I have to say, that i work with TA since Novermber and i am really a newbie with design Stuff, but i saw that your Team work hard on a Software to make Website/Landingpage building more easier.

    I am really fascinated how many improvements we users got in this short timeframe.

    Thanks for your work, thanks to see that you and your team work with passion on this hole super duper Stuff we get from you.

    (sorry, my english is not the best)

  • Thanks for the continuous improvements. If I may suggest, it would be nice to integrate a sticky menu (or content box) feature in Thrive Architect.

  • Daaang Bro… I LUB Me Some Thrive! – Been With You From The Beginning and It Gets Better & Better all the time and it was AWESOME from the get-go!

  • I was just thinking last week “Why can’t I set default fonts?” And then Shane and the team give me what I want.

    Next I would like to see a Thrive Architect Theme that allows the flexibility that I have for landing pages to be applied to an entire website. Or is there a theme or method that currently works best?

    Currently I am creating a homepage on a blank landing page, turning that into a template, then using that template for every new page I create. Not sure this is the most efficient method, but it works for now.

  • This is awesome! Saved us so much time when exploring the feature over last 2 days! Thanks for bringing this to life!
    Probably not on your list, but what about a few simple contact forms for Thrive Architect? Would be a valuable edition πŸ™‚ Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your comment, Frank. And good suggestion! We do plan to release a contact form feature for Thrive Architect this year.

  • this is nice but quite honestly, it is such a huge pain, that you completely disregard, where WP is coming from. All these options are ONLY available in pages and not in posts. This is totally NOT up to date. These days, everyone and their mother speaks about outreach which requires high quality content (not only landing pages). Why not make all these nice functions available to bloggers as well? I could use TA in the posts settings but there is no cascade or anything like this which really makes it a huge PIA.

    • That’s because Thrive Architect is for building landing pages, primarily. For sitewide stuff, it’s up to your theme. We will of course make such options available in our new theme as well.

  • Hi thanks for this Shane but I’m in landing page settings and I don’t see the text option. I can only see background settings?

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