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The fonts you choose to use in your content contribute to the character of your website in a big way. Because of this, we've always provided great freedom of choice when it comes to typography (see some creative examples here).

In a recent update, we've expanded that freedom of choice even further - and we've added a convenience factor while we were at it.

Watch the video to see this new feature addition in action!​


Update Notice

The custom font manager shown in the video has been discontinued and replaced with our Custom Fonts plugin integration.

The web standard fonts are still available to use, directly from within Thrive Architect.

The feature shown in the video is available right now in the Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads plugins.

If you have any questions or feedback to share, please let us know by leaving a comment below!


by Shane Melaugh  November 17, 2015


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  • Quick question: Why don’t you include Font Awesome icons into the Thrive Content Builder. Support could be added with one line of code and it would be so much easier to add icons. It’s really complicated to choose fonts on Icomoon, then upload them and if you want to add one single icon you have to upload all icons including the one added again. Here is the link:

    • Hi Simon,

      We don’t include the whole font set because that would mean loading a lot of data. I know many themes do this or something like it, but it basically means that they’re loading 200+ icons even if you only use two or three of them. Since we like speed, we aren’t going to do that to your site’s performance.

      • Question: If I upload 200 + icons from iconmoon on thrive leads in icon manager, and use just 3 of them on the page it will be loaded all 200+icons or just the 3 icons?

      • It only loads the custom Icomoon font that you’ve created rather than loading the full batch of 600 + icons that are at your disposal. That’s the purpose of the Icomoon integration – so that you have access to a really wide range of fonts, but you don’t have to load them all. I’ll investigate how we can make this better, though – the feedback is quite clear that our icon integration isn’t good enough right now.

      • If you upload 200+ icons, it will load all of them, yes. Just like with a regular (type) font, it won’t just load the letters and characters that are present on a page, it loads the entire font.

  • You guys are killing it. I’m very impressed with all the updates, the themes, and content you are putting out. You’re so far ahead of any other WordPress framework / theme / whatever out there.

    Keep up the great work

  • Hi Shane,
    this is what I was waiting for since last year! Great addition.
    Have I understood it right that any additional loaded font makes the site a bit slower?
    Thanks for cranking out one goodie after the other 🙂

  • All these little additions add up to make Thrive so awsome to use. Always look forward to your updates – it’s the only ones I read! 🙂

    • Thank you, Miguel. I agree that it’s a really useful addition. One of the things I’ve been using frequently myself, ever since it was added.

  • LOVE being able to use web standard fonts – we have had issues with google fonts and speed. Not always, but on occasion the google font load added (on mobile devices) 1 to 3 seconds to page loads, because google was doing God knows what.

    I’d like to see a global option to use only web standard fonts in the entire theme.

    This option though, will be helpful on long pages where every second counts. Thanks! 🙂

    • Thank you, Joe! I’ve got great news for you: the web standard fonts are also available as a choice in the theme customizer if you use a Thrive Theme. 🙂

  • Great feature as always, Shane. I’d like to add my vote re making it easier to add icons.

    Sadly, I’ve always had to give up in frustration, because I just can’t seem to get how to do it. Then, after I’ve cooled down, I use images instead.

    When so much else is a dream to use, I get on a roll, but just every once in a while, like with icons, it feels like I’m stuck in some ‘normal’ WP tech nightmare…

    • Thank you for your feedback, Matthew! We’ll have another go at the icon fonts option to try and make it easier, at some point.

  • I used to buy so many web themes and now I don’t need to as your themes seem to do everything these new landing pages software do. I am still learning how to use your themes, one of my last purchases was profitbuilder and there is no comparison with thrive themes. Your video tips are very helpful

    • Thank you very much for your comment, David! It’s great to see that our products compare favorably to others you’ve tried before.

  • Hi Shane,

    We use (and love!) your Thrive Content Builder!
    Could you share what tool you used to create your video – specifically the effect of having the video of you minimized to a circle in the bottom-right of the screen, then enlarged to a larger circle in the middle, etc.?

    • Hello David,

      The effect in the video is completely custom made by our video editor. I don’t know of any tool that does something like that out-of-the-box.

    • Thank you, Stephen! We always try to keep the updates concise and useful, so it’s good to see this kind of feedback.

  • Thank you very much for your outstanding presentation. Your tutorial videos are excellent. Many thanks to all staff for further developping.

  • If said before sorry: no time to read all comments. However, If I understand what you just did in the video, we would need to choose the font per post or page. I would also like to see that option to select the font on a theme basis. Then only change it, per post or page. Hope that makes sense. And maybe that already happens?!?

    • Hello Tom,

      Thanks for your comment! You can set theme-wide fonts (if you’re using a Thrive Theme) in the theme customizer. And you can pick the web standard fonts there, as well. 🙂

  • Former Optimize Press 2 user here. I thought OP2 was fantastic, but after trying out Thrive Content Builder, I soon realized it does everything that OP does (and more), plus much easier to use.

    Thrive Themes devotee

  • Shane, love the updates not only for the new information but I always learn a little more about just how things work in general.

    • I’m glad to hear that, William. I always try to make the updates as useful as possible, so that they are more than just a bit of news.

  • THANK YOU! I’ve always wanted this. I’ve worked with MANY of these platforms and IMHO you guys are THE best.

    Please keep up the EXCELLENT work and never let us down.

  • Hi Shane

    I really like the thrivethemes plugins, really cool stuff.

    I’m glad to see that you are working hard to improve and make it even better, and releasing new features like this or the typefocus… its a good way to stay on the top of the industry, and making your custumers happy.

    thriveleads its really the best option there is out there when it comes to lead generation solutions.

    It would be cool to see an improvement on the landing page builder; It would be usefull a dashboard like the one on thriveleads but for the pages; that way it’ll be easy to clone a landing page, make some tweaks and make split test betwen 2 similar landing pages.

    It’s just an idea, but I think it ‘ll be nice to have that. Let me know what you think.

    Ok, Thats it. Thank you for all the awesome products.

  • Shane, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the work you and your team are doing and have done to Thrive Content Builder since I purchased it’s first release over a year ago. The additions that you continually make additions and improvements to the functionality that are absolutely mind numbing.
    The original plug-in was fantastic to begin with, and since then you have brought it to a level that completely defies description.
    There is absolutely nothing out there that can even come close to the beauty and simplicity of this plug-in, and for the amount I paid for it, well it’s far more than generous.
    I just love working with WordPress, but only because you have made it a joy with the addition of TCB.
    Again, I have tried many other plugins and builders in the past and recently, and every single one of them pale miserably compared with your product.
    In my opinion, you are a very honourable, sincere and generous person who is truly interested in providing first class service and support to your clientele.
    Thank you seems so inadequate to express my appreciation for your contribution to this industry. However, I do sincerely Thank You.
    Jim Bond
    Miramichi, NB., Canada

    • Thank you very much, Jim!

      I especially like the part about other products paling miserably by comparison. 🙂

      And trust me when I say that we’re nowhere near done yet. The future of TCB will exceed the present version by leaps and bounds.

  • Love your tips and the fun inner action with your clients when they ask you a really odd question like on this post “what would you do if you were the only one on Mars?”

  • Is there a way to turn off custom fonts (particularly in templates) in Thrive Leads?

    As a web designer / developer, your content builder is incredibly frustrating.

    I already have select Google font’s loaded via my theme so I’m forced to either use a (different) font used in your templates (and ruin my branding) or load the font I use in my theme for a second time using your custom font manager (and create unnecessary code bloat).

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