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Welcome to the Thrive Membership

To get you started on the right foot, there are a few things you need to know...

Getting Help

Want to know how to do something? Having technical issues? Here's how to choose the best support avenue for what you need:

Technical Issues

If something's just not working, our support team are on hand to find a solution. Click on Forums in the top menu of the Thrive Themes site. From here you can search previous tickets (issues) to see if someone has had the same problem as you (including the solution), or just open your own ticket to ask our support team directly.

How to Use a Particular Function or Feature

How on earth do I add a drop shadow?! --> You need the Knowledge Base! It's basically a giant searchable instruction manual for the Thrive Themes products. You can find a link to the Knowledge Base under the MEMBER NAVIGATION menu (top right of this page) in your Member Dashboard.

Marketing, Conversion and Website Building Help

For more practical, holistic learning on topics like 'How to Build a List Building Funnel' and 'How to Build a Powerful About Page', jump onto Thrive University. The comprehensive courses will teach you everything you need to know about building and optimizing a conversion focused website. Members have exclusive access to the higher level courses.

Another great resource is the Thrive Themes Blog. Here you'll get tips on how to use our tools, web design best practices, online marketing principles, case studies, A/B testing results and much more. Again, make sure to use the search function for more relevant results.

What Next?

Sweet, you just got access to a Smorgasbord of kick-a** marketing tools. Now what?

First we need to know where you're at. Click on the most relevant button for you and we'll get you where you where you need to go. Ps. Don't forget to tell us what you want to achieve with the membership in the comments below!

Choose One!

Choose the most relevant option for you - so we can send you exactly what you need to get going with the Membership!

What Do You Want to Achieve with the Thrive Membership?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Orsolya B says:

    I want to create landing pages for product launch ;-)

  • Joe C says:

    Building an agency for SMB and I have a site started that I’m sure I can greatly enhance with Thrive Themes. Without even a look, I know instinctively to Thank You All for your hard work and attention to the details! I can’t wait to jump into TU, Ciao for now!

  • Jason S says:

    So far, there are smooth instructions that walk me through what I should do next, but no mention of steps to take to actually install and use the software. What did I miss? “Getting started” should help me get started – from the start.

  • Duane says:

    I’m excited to help clients amplify their voice and create a connection that makes an impact on their audience through automating their marketing platform. This tool makes it all the more FUN to be a Marketing geek

  • Margaret B says:

    Lead generation using the quiz plugin

  • Jonah J says:

    Just become a member and i’m like a kid in a sweet shop. Very excited to get started with all your tools. I want the suite of Thrive Theme products to help me to grow the largest online community of cat, dog and pet owners so that i can showcase their stories. So i can see a use for each and every product that you offer to your members. And to keep everything playing nicely am opting to use one of your themes – Ignition – . Not sure if it’s suitable for an animal related website/blog but i’ve got Thrive Architect to plat with.

    Any suggestions on which of your themes would be best suited to a pet/animal related website/blog that features owners pets and offers my readers the opportunity to submit their own posts?

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Jonah,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the membership (and that other people get as excited about this stuff as we do ;)

      As for the Theme, I think most of the Thrive Themes would be suitable for that purpose. Storied and Ignition have a bit more of a blog focus, so one of those two might be your best bet.

      All the best putting it together and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Rosemburg Netto says:

    I want to build a website, a blog and sales funnels for products and services.
    But I never made pages.
    I hope to learn and have the support of you !! :)

  • Frank Z says:

    I want to build a stream of customers by autopilot

  • John C says:

    Revamp two websites – effectively starting from scratch and then integrate some existing sales funnels (using email marketing) into the websites.

  • Marilyn W says:

    Make my blog and web site more appealing

  • Alistair P says:

    I’m building a non-profit website and need through traffic and membership mailing list. There will be blogs etc but I need interest, easy marketing and SEO to get traffic and convert visitors to a mailing list. Also just making the bl**dy thing would be nice if it were easier! %^&*()_ WordPress!!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Alistair,

      Gotta love to hate WordPress ;) Well make sure to start on the list building training series after you’ve built your site, and if there’s anything you need help on let us know!

  • jbledsoejr says:

    I’m building a new website from scratch and redesigning my current one. I want both to be highly optimized for conversion.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Great! I hope it’s going well :) How have you found the ‘build a website’ training series? Is there anything we could improve to make it more helpful?

  • Phil Z says:

    I want to increase conversions both in opt-ins and sales.

  • John Lewis says:

    I want to beginning “Let Me Hear Your Body Talk Blog”,
    sell my new book ” The Non-Exercisers Guide to Nourishing Your Soul’s Journey”

    Teach Fitness Life Skills and introduce the counter balance to obesity The fitness savings account – the new 401-k for the body

  • Tony Rush says:

    I want to not hate WordPress. I left WordPress and went to Clickfunnels a few years ago.

    I saw some good reviews of Thrive Themes and thought it was worth trying to see if it makes WordPress any easier than I’ve experienced.

  • Raleigh L says:

    I want to drive traffic to my website, primarily from Facebook. My target market is Baby Boomers, and many of them might not be Internet savvy. I need conversion strategies that meet the needs of an older generation and opt-in techniques that will be effective with them.

  • Shaun P says:

    Get more leads

  • April Q says:

    landing pages and lead gen — thanks!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi April,

      Check out the ‘List Building’ and ‘Landing Pages’ tutorial pages above (click on ‘I already a website’ button and it will give you a few options).

      Let me know if you’re still in the dark about anything after going through both of those pages!

  • Duilly C says:

    Hi! I want to use services like chatbot resource to catch information of our prospects without the need to talk to us in fist instance. I’m thinking the quiz tool can to it for us. So, it’s possible to put a specific value when a prospect is answering a question? Like: How much do you spend monthly in average with your mobile phone? And calculate the final proposal using the value sum of values for each question? We’ll need to integrate all this quiz information on our Mautic, it’s possible either? I’m specting a great experience using Thrive Themes. So thank you guys!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Duilly,

      Exciting, sounds like you’ve got a detailed plan.

      Thrive Quiz Builder is built as a lead generation tool, and doesn’t include any text inputs or the ability to input formulas.

      You can achieve a similar result with Thrive Quiz Builder by using answers within ranges. So for the question ‘How much do you spend monthly on average on your mobile phone’ you could have the answers in ranges, eg. ‘between 0-$20’, ‘$21 to $50’, ‘$50 to $100’, ‘$100 to $500’ and ‘$500+’

      If you choose a ‘Number’ quiz type, you can assign each of those answers a value. Say the prospect is worth 10 points to you if they spend ‘$500+’ and only 2 points if their answer is ‘$21 to $50’, you can set that up within the quiz.

      Then you can choose what to tag a prospect depending on their final score, or add them to completely different email list.

      For a complete overview of quizzes, how they work and how you can use them for your business, check out this Thrive University Course.

  • Sem v says:

    build websites for a blog and conversion to the high priced guitar teaching courses I teach at Teachable.com. And then build websites as a home for the songwriting and musiclicensing services I’m gonna sell.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Sem,

      Let us know how the ‘I’m Building My Website’ getting started course goes for you (the button above). This will walk you through building the websites and starting with blog content.

  • Anthony F says:

    Build a high converting website from scratch for me and clients
    Build and grow a mailing list
    Create specific landing pages and funnels
    Offer Facebook Marketing Services
    Create Membership Website with monthly subscription

    • Stephanie K says:

      So basically you should go through every page of our getting started tutorials above :) Seems like you have big plans Anthony, best of luck and let me know if you get stuck on anything.

  • Jeremy says:

    Our “web guy” quit a few weeks ago and we hired a company to pick up the pieces, but after about 3 months all I’ve done is wasted money. I’m wanting to get our website rebuilt into a wordpress theme (as opposed to HTML) that anyone can edit and work with and my outcome is to no longer be held hostage by web programmers who keep building sites that only they can edit and work with! So I guess you could say my outcome is autonomy?

    I need everything Thrive promises. Ease of use, business owner/marketer friendly. The ability to QUICKLY crank out landing pages and test stuff. We need to crush the barrier of technology once and for all, and do it without spending a fortune.

    If Thrive delivers everything promised this is going to be a great solution for us.

    • Stephanie K says:

      That’s pretty much our M.O. Jeremy! You’ll want to go through the tutorials under ‘I’m building my website’ in the options above. Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with along the way.

  • Renato P says:

    Build a high converting website from scratch, to my small digital marketing consultancy agency. I sell Inbound Marketing, Social Media and Automation Marketing services. The website should have blog, forms, call to actions, chatbot, etc.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Make sure you click on the ‘I’m building my website’ button above Renato, it will take you to a whole list of relevant tutorials!

  • Alex H says:

    Hi, i am getting to start my business from scratch. The topic is to inform people why it is so important to drink healthy water. Of course i need informations about the leads. So blogging with a good sales funnel is the focus.
    I have already watched the whole university courses without membership. Now i am exited, if i have understand everything and get it working like expected.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Great to hear Alex. Some of our Thrive University courses are only available to members, so make sure you check those out too now that you have the full membership :)

  • John D says:

    We want to learn to design professional grade websites for our companies and our customers. Also be able to follow best practices when creating websites.

  • alla.kos2007 says:

    I just moved from only Thrive Architect (September) to full membership. At the moment I have a basic WP theme (Twenty Sixteen) installed, homepage-sandwich built with Thrive Architect & your tutorial, blog page (set up as a separate page following your tutorial, to have a blog roll) with 3 blog titles/pictures (no content yet) and contact page.

    My immediate goal is to launch website by Dec 10 (even if with little content – Rome was not built in a day, right?) to coincide with one global campaign. I will probably start using one of the Thrive Themes but I really liked the sandwich-homepage – it’s perfect to get started, when you want to put your face out there but talk about the needs of your audience. I have two questions: 1) is it possible to get access to your template of sandwich homepage (I’ve read somewhere that members have access to additional templates from tutorials on building pages from scratch) and 2) did I get it right that new theme is coming soon and it will substitute all current themes (and will be smth like Thrive Architect)? – Thanks for your support! Alla

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Alla,

      Welcome to the membership. We don’t have the sandwich homepage as a template but I’m check with Shane to see if he still has it somewhere. If he does we’ll load it onto the Landing Page Templates cloud for you. Take a look in a week or so to see if it’s there :)

      The new theme will not automatically substitute old themes, you’ll have to install the theme builder as a new theme.

      I hope the launch goes well!

  • Debbie says:

    Upload plug-ins and 1 theme. So far, not working. Not impressed.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Have you opened a support ticket on our support forum? They will help sort out any issues you’re having. (the support forum details are in the instructions below the video)

  • Douglas K says:

    Build the new business, including landing pages, updated website, and integration with my Infusionsoft campaigns. And, quizzes too!

  • Juan F says:

    I’m an Independent Distributor of Herbalafie, and I want to get to work from home, and that’s why my first project is to create a website where I can get clients and be able to serve them; get people like me who want to work from home; and give them what I learned and teach them how to work.
    If this goes well I want to make sales websites.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Juan,

      I wish you the best of luck with this. We are all work-from-home here at the Thrive Themes marketing team so I understand the draw! I hope it all works out :)

  • Avraham V says:

    Hi! I want to Build and grow a very profitable mailing list for the long term.

  • deana says:

    Hello! I want to update my current wordpress website and then start building a killer marketing plan to grow my online business. I am also excited to build my first online course with your help!

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