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Welcome to the Thrive Membership

To get you started on the right foot, there are a few things you need to know...

Getting Help

Want to know how to do something? Having technical issues? Here's how to choose the best support avenue for what you need:

Technical Issues

If something's just not working, our support team are on hand to find a solution. Click on Forums in the top menu of the Thrive Themes site. From here you can search previous tickets (issues) to see if someone has had the same problem as you (including the solution), or just open your own ticket to ask our support team directly.

How to Use a Particular Function or Feature

How on earth do I add a drop shadow?! --> You need the Knowledge Base! It's basically a giant searchable instruction manual for the Thrive Themes products. You can find a link to the Knowledge Base under the MEMBER NAVIGATION menu (top right of this page) in your Member Dashboard.

Marketing, Conversion and Website Building Help

For more practical, holistic learning on topics like 'How to Build a List Building Funnel' and 'How to Build a Powerful About Page', jump onto Thrive University. The comprehensive courses will teach you everything you need to know about building and optimizing a conversion focused website. Members have exclusive access to the higher level courses.

Another great resource is the Thrive Themes Blog. Here you'll get tips on how to use our tools, web design best practices, online marketing principles, case studies, A/B testing results and much more. Again, make sure to use the search function for more relevant results.

What Next?

Sweet, you just got access to a Smorgasbord of kick-a** marketing tools. Now what?

First we need to know where you're at. Click on the most relevant button for you and we'll get you where you where you need to go. Ps. Don't forget to tell us what you want to achieve with the membership in the comments below!

Choose One!

Choose the most relevant option for you - so we can send you exactly what you need to get going with the Membership!

What Do You Want to Achieve with the Thrive Membership?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Orsolya B says:

    I want to create landing pages for product launch πŸ˜‰

  • Joe C says:

    Building an agency for SMB and I have a site started that I’m sure I can greatly enhance with Thrive Themes. Without even a look, I know instinctively to Thank You All for your hard work and attention to the details! I can’t wait to jump into TU, Ciao for now!

  • Jason S says:

    So far, there are smooth instructions that walk me through what I should do next, but no mention of steps to take to actually install and use the software. What did I miss? “Getting started” should help me get started – from the start.

  • Duane says:

    I’m excited to help clients amplify their voice and create a connection that makes an impact on their audience through automating their marketing platform. This tool makes it all the more FUN to be a Marketing geek

  • Margaret B says:

    Lead generation using the quiz plugin

  • Jonah J says:

    Just become a member and i’m like a kid in a sweet shop. Very excited to get started with all your tools. I want the suite of Thrive Theme products to help me to grow the largest online community of cat, dog and pet owners so that i can showcase their stories. So i can see a use for each and every product that you offer to your members. And to keep everything playing nicely am opting to use one of your themes – Ignition – . Not sure if it’s suitable for an animal related website/blog but i’ve got Thrive Architect to plat with.

    Any suggestions on which of your themes would be best suited to a pet/animal related website/blog that features owners pets and offers my readers the opportunity to submit their own posts?

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Jonah,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the membership (and that other people get as excited about this stuff as we do πŸ˜‰

      As for the Theme, I think most of the Thrive Themes would be suitable for that purpose. Storied and Ignition have a bit more of a blog focus, so one of those two might be your best bet.

      All the best putting it together and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Rosemburg Netto says:

    I want to build a website, a blog and sales funnels for products and services.
    But I never made pages.
    I hope to learn and have the support of you !! πŸ™‚

  • Frank Z says:

    I want to build a stream of customers by autopilot

  • John C says:

    Revamp two websites – effectively starting from scratch and then integrate some existing sales funnels (using email marketing) into the websites.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Sounds like you know what you’re doing John! I’d recommend taking a look at this Thrive Architect Website from Scratch post for a good rundown of what Architect can do.

      For the funnel part, Thrive University has a number of courses on putting together different types of funnels. Just click the ‘Create a Funnel’ filter and you’ll see all the different funnel related courses.

  • Marilyn W says:

    Make my blog and web site more appealing

  • Alistair P says:

    I’m building a non-profit website and need through traffic and membership mailing list. There will be blogs etc but I need interest, easy marketing and SEO to get traffic and convert visitors to a mailing list. Also just making the bl**dy thing would be nice if it were easier! %^&*()_ WordPress!!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Alistair,

      Gotta love to hate WordPress πŸ˜‰ Well make sure to start on the list building training series after you’ve built your site, and if there’s anything you need help on let us know!

  • jbledsoejr says:

    I’m building a new website from scratch and redesigning my current one. I want both to be highly optimized for conversion.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Great! I hope it’s going well πŸ™‚ How have you found the ‘build a website’ training series? Is there anything we could improve to make it more helpful?

  • Phil Z says:

    I want to increase conversions both in opt-ins and sales.

  • John Lewis says:

    I want to beginning “Let Me Hear Your Body Talk Blog”,
    sell my new book ” The Non-Exercisers Guide to Nourishing Your Soul’s Journey”

    Teach Fitness Life Skills and introduce the counter balance to obesity The fitness savings account – the new 401-k for the body

  • Tony Rush says:

    I want to not hate WordPress. I left WordPress and went to Clickfunnels a few years ago.

    I saw some good reviews of Thrive Themes and thought it was worth trying to see if it makes WordPress any easier than I’ve experienced.

  • Raleigh L says:

    I want to drive traffic to my website, primarily from Facebook. My target market is Baby Boomers, and many of them might not be Internet savvy. I need conversion strategies that meet the needs of an older generation and opt-in techniques that will be effective with them.

  • Shaun P says:

    Get more leads

  • April Q says:

    landing pages and lead gen — thanks!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi April,

      Check out the ‘List Building’ and ‘Landing Pages’ tutorial pages above (click on ‘I already a website’ button and it will give you a few options).

      Let me know if you’re still in the dark about anything after going through both of those pages!

  • Duilly C says:

    Hi! I want to use services like chatbot resource to catch information of our prospects without the need to talk to us in fist instance. I’m thinking the quiz tool can to it for us. So, it’s possible to put a specific value when a prospect is answering a question? Like: How much do you spend monthly in average with your mobile phone? And calculate the final proposal using the value sum of values for each question? We’ll need to integrate all this quiz information on our Mautic, it’s possible either? I’m specting a great experience using Thrive Themes. So thank you guys!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Duilly,

      Exciting, sounds like you’ve got a detailed plan.

      Thrive Quiz Builder is built as a lead generation tool, and doesn’t include any text inputs or the ability to input formulas.

      You can achieve a similar result with Thrive Quiz Builder by using answers within ranges. So for the question ‘How much do you spend monthly on average on your mobile phone’ you could have the answers in ranges, eg. ‘between 0-$20’, ‘$21 to $50’, ‘$50 to $100’, ‘$100 to $500’ and ‘$500+’

      If you choose a ‘Number’ quiz type, you can assign each of those answers a value. Say the prospect is worth 10 points to you if they spend ‘$500+’ and only 2 points if their answer is ‘$21 to $50’, you can set that up within the quiz.

      Then you can choose what to tag a prospect depending on their final score, or add them to completely different email list.

      For a complete overview of quizzes, how they work and how you can use them for your business, check out this Thrive University Course.

  • Sem v says:

    build websites for a blog and conversion to the high priced guitar teaching courses I teach at Teachable.com. And then build websites as a home for the songwriting and musiclicensing services I’m gonna sell.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Sem,

      Let us know how the ‘I’m Building My Website’ getting started course goes for you (the button above). This will walk you through building the websites and starting with blog content.

  • Anthony F says:

    Build a high converting website from scratch for me and clients
    Build and grow a mailing list
    Create specific landing pages and funnels
    Offer Facebook Marketing Services
    Create Membership Website with monthly subscription

    • Stephanie K says:

      So basically you should go through every page of our getting started tutorials above πŸ™‚ Seems like you have big plans Anthony, best of luck and let me know if you get stuck on anything.

      • Anthony F says:

        Thank you for the reply. Just seeing this now.

        Yes big plans. Just trying to figure out how to put a good project plan together for my clients.

  • Jeremy says:

    Our “web guy” quit a few weeks ago and we hired a company to pick up the pieces, but after about 3 months all I’ve done is wasted money. I’m wanting to get our website rebuilt into a wordpress theme (as opposed to HTML) that anyone can edit and work with and my outcome is to no longer be held hostage by web programmers who keep building sites that only they can edit and work with! So I guess you could say my outcome is autonomy?

    I need everything Thrive promises. Ease of use, business owner/marketer friendly. The ability to QUICKLY crank out landing pages and test stuff. We need to crush the barrier of technology once and for all, and do it without spending a fortune.

    If Thrive delivers everything promised this is going to be a great solution for us.

    • Stephanie K says:

      That’s pretty much our M.O. Jeremy! You’ll want to go through the tutorials under ‘I’m building my website’ in the options above. Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with along the way.

  • Renato P says:

    Build a high converting website from scratch, to my small digital marketing consultancy agency. I sell Inbound Marketing, Social Media and Automation Marketing services. The website should have blog, forms, call to actions, chatbot, etc.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Make sure you click on the ‘I’m building my website’ button above Renato, it will take you to a whole list of relevant tutorials!

  • Alex H says:

    Hi, i am getting to start my business from scratch. The topic is to inform people why it is so important to drink healthy water. Of course i need informations about the leads. So blogging with a good sales funnel is the focus.
    I have already watched the whole university courses without membership. Now i am exited, if i have understand everything and get it working like expected.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Great to hear Alex. Some of our Thrive University courses are only available to members, so make sure you check those out too now that you have the full membership πŸ™‚

  • John D says:

    We want to learn to design professional grade websites for our companies and our customers. Also be able to follow best practices when creating websites.

  • alla.kos2007 says:

    I just moved from only Thrive Architect (September) to full membership. At the moment I have a basic WP theme (Twenty Sixteen) installed, homepage-sandwich built with Thrive Architect & your tutorial, blog page (set up as a separate page following your tutorial, to have a blog roll) with 3 blog titles/pictures (no content yet) and contact page.

    My immediate goal is to launch website by Dec 10 (even if with little content – Rome was not built in a day, right?) to coincide with one global campaign. I will probably start using one of the Thrive Themes but I really liked the sandwich-homepage – it’s perfect to get started, when you want to put your face out there but talk about the needs of your audience. I have two questions: 1) is it possible to get access to your template of sandwich homepage (I’ve read somewhere that members have access to additional templates from tutorials on building pages from scratch) and 2) did I get it right that new theme is coming soon and it will substitute all current themes (and will be smth like Thrive Architect)? – Thanks for your support! Alla

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Alla,

      Welcome to the membership. We don’t have the sandwich homepage as a template but I’m check with Shane to see if he still has it somewhere. If he does we’ll load it onto the Landing Page Templates cloud for you. Take a look in a week or so to see if it’s there πŸ™‚

      The new theme will not automatically substitute old themes, you’ll have to install the theme builder as a new theme.

      I hope the launch goes well!

  • Debbie says:

    Upload plug-ins and 1 theme. So far, not working. Not impressed.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I’m sorry to hear that. Have you opened a support ticket on our support forum? They will help sort out any issues you’re having. (the support forum details are in the instructions below the video)

  • Douglas K says:

    Build the new business, including landing pages, updated website, and integration with my Infusionsoft campaigns. And, quizzes too!

  • Juan F says:

    I’m an Independent Distributor of Herbalafie, and I want to get to work from home, and that’s why my first project is to create a website where I can get clients and be able to serve them; get people like me who want to work from home; and give them what I learned and teach them how to work.
    If this goes well I want to make sales websites.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Juan,

      I wish you the best of luck with this. We are all work-from-home here at the Thrive Themes marketing team so I understand the draw! I hope it all works out πŸ™‚

  • Avraham V says:

    Hi! I want to Build and grow a very profitable mailing list for the long term.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Great we have plenty of tutorials on that Avraham. Head over to Thrive University if you’re done with the getting started tutorials.

  • deana says:

    Hello! I want to update my current wordpress website and then start building a killer marketing plan to grow my online business. I am also excited to build my first online course with your help!

  • Shay D says:

    I am an author, life coach, and self-awareness expert. Self-awareness is the most important aspect in building the most important relationship, the relationship with oneself, and this is what I am the best in the world at. In order to enact my self-awareness talents, I have to thoroughly get to know the visitors to my site; so, I am enabled to understand their goals and talents with the essential goal to build a valuable and deeper relationship with them in my Strive Membership Program. I want to accomplish two major goals:
    Three Main Focuses:
    1) Inform visitors of the great value I offer them so they sign up for my Strive membership program, if they are someone who wants to reach their full potential.
    2) Sell my iSin Audiobook, which is by far the #1 product I will push all over my site. It will be completed within the week.
    3) Build my Intellectual Rebel Podcast following and make it super easy for visitors to leave reviews on iTunes Podcasts, Soundcloud, or wherever they are listening to my Podcast.
    *I would like customers to have to take an action via either paying monetarily or by leaving a review on my podcast in order to receive access to my membership program for a time period. (I would like your feedback regarding what you guys feel would be my best option with this. I was thinking they leave a review, screenshot a picture of the review, and email it to me. Then, I send them an access code to access the membership area. Again, I would like your feedback regarding this.)

    Secondary Objectives:
    4) Sell my previously published books, iSin & “The Good News Book”
    5) Build my Author following on Amazon by making it easier for visitors to leave reviews for my books on Amazon
    6) Be able to easily create and sell niche focused e-courses in the future

    I would like to know what theme you feel would be best to accomplish all of this. I’ve over communicated to give you guys as much information as possible. Personally, I love “HOT (Honest, Open, & Thorough) Communication” because it enables both parties to THRIVE!

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Shay,

      Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on and some big plans ahead. Thanks for sharing!

      I’m excited about what you could build with all the Thrive Themes tools. Judging by your plans it sounds like a great fit.

      I’m going to bulk throw some resources at you now for all the points you mentioned…

      – “I have to thoroughly get to know the visitors to my site” Thrive Quiz Builder and answer based tagging is going to be your best friend here. You can get some tremendous audience insights through the reporting, and tag your visitors based on their answers in the quizzes to send them highly targeted information via email – to get that ‘you just read my mind’ effect. You can ever run a ‘getting to know you’ quiz in a lightbox after a visitor leaves a comment.

      – “1) Inform visitors of the great value I offer” Take a look at some of the copywriting courses in Thrive University, they should be very helpful for this.

      – “2) Sell my iSin Audiobook” How to create a high converting sales funnel is a Thrive University course that’s quite relevant to selling an book through a funnel (you can adapt for audiobook). It should be helpful for you.

      – ‘3) Build my Intellectual Rebel Podcast following” – How to create a marketing funnel for your podcast – Thrive University course.

      – As for the free access for reviewers – sounds like it may work. It does sound a little complex and process/time heavy on your side – but if you are sure your listeners will value the offer enough to go to the effort of sending you a screencast, then it seems like a great way to get reviews and nurture fans.

      As for the rest of it, the resources above should help with that. Jump into those and if you have any other questions after implementing everything let us know!

      Best of luck Shay πŸ™‚

      • Shay Dawkins says:

        Hi Stephanie! Thank you for the great feedback. I’ve decided my #1 Goal will be selling my Audiobook on my site via a Sales Funnel. Do you have any advice on how I can presale the Audiobook in this Sales Funnel? How I can provide the ability for the customer to listed to a 5 min clip on the site? Lastly, the Audiobook is going to be around 7 hours. How do I go about uploading it to WordPress and make it easy for customers who purchase to download it, since the Audiobook file is going to be rather large? Thank you!

      • Stephanie K says:

        Hi Shay,

        I’d say everything in the high converting sales funnel tutorial I linked above would still be very valid for you. You can add the 5 minute audio preview either to SoundCloud and use an embed code to show it on the page (using a HTML element in Thrive Architect) or upload it as a video to YouTube and set it to unlisted. Use the Video Element in Thrive Architect to show it on the page.

        Ask for delivering the whole audio file – that’s a little out of the Thrive Themes suite of expertise, but I’m sure there are plenty of solutions for delivering audiobooks out there. I’d suggest looking into SendOwl, they host the file and provide secure access after payment.

  • Li Mei A says:

    To showcase my Feng Shui services effectively so those whom I can serve really well decide to work with me!

    • Stephanie K says:

      I love this view Li Mei A – “so those whom I can serve really well decide to work with me!”

      I feel like if you keep this in mind you are bound to be successful. I see marketing as finding ways of getting in front of people who would really benefit from your service / the value you offer. Hopefully your website helps you do that πŸ™‚

  • klaus M says:

    Hallo ich habe folgendes Problem
    Beim Installieren von einigen Pluins wie der Architekt kommt folgende Meldung.
    Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Dem Theme fehlt das Stylesheet style.css. Theme-Installation fehlgeschlagen.

    Wie kann ich das Problem lΓΆsen ???

  • As a Boxing, Fitness, Personal Coach the opportunities are endless if you Brainstorm the tools.

    So I’m aiming at been Inovative with my tools here and see how I can capture their attention and educate, and grip them and create a following.

    And maybe also because I want to give this game of health and fitness a touch of flair and my own style. I want to come in with a new tool-bag, and give my own work a different feel. Again Innovate, make Capture to fit a much easier journey

    • Stephanie K says:

      Oh you could have a lot of fun with the Thrive Suite or tools Karl. Make sure you jump onto Thrive University for a collection of tutorials on how to use Thrive for your business creatively.

  • Bibhash R says:

    Just as mentioned in thrivethemes email:
    ==> Build a high converting website from scratch
    ==> Build and grow a mailing list
    ==> Create specific landing pages and funnels

    • Stephanie K says:

      Hi Bibhash, sounds like you’ll be needing all the tutorials above! Let me know if you have any questions after going through them.

  • Clayton K says:

    I am wanting to upgrade the appearance and appeal to customer needs aspect of my website plus I want to build landing pages for my offers and ads. I am also interested in many of the other capabilities of Thrive Membership.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Sounds like you need the ‘beautify my website’ tutorial page Clayton. You can get there by clicking on the ‘I already have a website’ button above.

  • Alyssandra Skerrett says:

    Awesome! I am excited about using Thrive and Kinsta together. Both, I have been researching and taken a while to jump.

    I want an awesome website, that has easy employed marketing plugins that will help me buzz my website and make my competition irrelevant.

    I have listened to the about page information and it resonated with me and if everything is that well laid out … then I can start to grow and reach the moon with my website.

    I want to use the plugins and I am going to review the themes. And soon, I am wanting to get a group of people following for information before they get married, host a few webinars and get those followers to become my clients – happy and understand the value I have to offer.

    So far, Thrive support and information has been fabulous! Thank you.

    • Stephanie K says:

      Great Alyssandra, sounds like the perfect business to take advantage of the Thrive Themes suite of tools. Best of luck with it all!

  • Susanne Helgesen says:

    First off, to build my website. Which will be about mindset, personal development, health-related topics. The goal being to build an audience and my email-list to market to (also an online affiliate marketer). Have had this website up earlier but never liked it, so deleted everything and am now starting over from scratch. Probably need to clear a lot of “stuff” in there. Not very knowledgeable, but this seems to be THE place to be to learn and get everything up with ease

  • Petra S says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I want to build up my own website from scratch, create funnels / landing pages and collect leads.
    Kind regards from Petra

  • Elizabeth R says:

    I have been a member for one year and I have not been able to keep up with all of the changes Thrive Membership are making. Not been very experience in building websites. I will continue being a member because I feel your company offers one of the best programs with very informative directions on the web today. I work very slow but I am willing to continue until I accomplish my goal of improving my website. I checked today trying to upgrade my membership without success. Checked my membership area to upgrade my membership without success. Where would I go to upgrade my new membership?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Great to hear and happy to have you as a member! If all goes well, your membership should renew automatically πŸ™‚

  • Katie W says:

    I can’t wait to start building our landing page and website to reach our personal branding photography session clients. We’ll demonstrate how we can help our clients connect with their audience by using authentic images of them in action, we’ll do A/B testing, and use all your powerful tools.

  • andrei.cretu79 says:

    Awesome piece of software πŸ™‚

  • Elizabeth G says:

    I’d like to update my WordPress blog site to a ThriveThemes site. Then I want to create content, grow my list, create landing pages and create a funnel… basically, everything all your other users have entered in their notes. πŸ™‚

    • Stephanie K says:

      All the things!! Hopefully the lesson pages above get you all the information we need. If not let us know and I can refer some Thrive University courses.

  • Anselmo M says:

    Start a blog from scratch, and grow into a course platform.

  • Carl Hauser says:

    download and install…

  • nickomil says:

    I’m looking to create an online guitar tuition course…. as a professional musician of 20 years experience, and more importantly for this course, 10 years teaching experience…. I’m looking to build a sales funnel for this course and Thrive products have impressed me so far through the podcasts, videos and testimonials. I have become quite skilled at using Facebook advertising to drive traffic, but have a lot to learn in other areas. There will be 6 modules in the course, 2 of them are just about ready with the video editing and PDF modules nearing completion. So I will be looking at using Thrive Apprentice, Thrive leads and Thrive Architect to start with…. and exploring the other plugins too as I am a full member. Looking forward to diving in and learning more

    • Stephanie K says:

      This sounds great Nick! You’ll get a lot of use out of the suite of plugins. Thrive University should have a lot of useful courses for you.

  • Christiaan B says:

    I’m looking to build a webshop with many products. I’m using woocommerce and like to use the thrive themes. What themes can be used to set up my products pages? At the moment I have made sub-domains for LP, Shop and training site. I’m going to build the whole automated marketing behind so I’m excited since I have never done this before.
    I’m impressed so far with the marketing functionality and ease of page building.
    Cheers Christiaan

  • mmakewell says:

    All of the above, so where do I start?

  • Tracee C says:

    Hi.. I have wordpress Edin theme and I would like to use your ‘rise’ theme please how do I do this?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Tracee,
      You can see how to upload a new theme here. Please note that when you change themes you might have to correct certain things such as featured images if the size does not match the new theme. Make sure to check all content on your site after switching themes!
      Good luck

  • Sim says:

    I’m building an information-rich site for people looking to move to my city. I want to attract local advertisers with relevant niche products that will interest these people

  • blbpublishing says:

    New to my membership. Am trying to install the Squared theme and then some of the plugins to update my current web site to maximize user experience and optins/conversions.

  • Melinda T says:

    Hello! I’m looking forward to building out my first sales funnel and updating my website to enhance the customer experience.

  • Hi,

    I want all the online mkt gurus theory to be easily applied in my website in order to get prospects, great conversions and easy analytics. Thx

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Carlos,
      With our tools you’ll be able to apply the best marketing techniques easily πŸ™‚

  • Matthew Morales says:

    ok if thrive themes is really a ‘business in a box’.. whats the best CRM for thrive? looking for a plugin like AgileCRM or ZERO BS CRM.. need something to track multiple channel campaigns for optimization like facebook/adwords/bing campaigns.

  • Carla K says:

    I am a StudioPress user but the landing page capability there sucks. So I came to you because of that and was sold using the ThriveArchitect plugin. I want high-converting pages, landing pages, listbuilding, blogging, maybe some online classes. Thanks!

  • Jason D says:

    ==> Create specific landing pages and funnels

  • Pam McCall says:

    New to building a list. So I need to get this site built and grab an audience.

  • Jamie M says:

    I want to upgrade my current website but most importantly I want to create a funnel to generate leads into my flagship program that’s already created. Enhancing the look of the flagship program is also something I’m excited to do with the thrive membership.

  • Allison M says:

    We’re launching our website on June first so I’m needing to set up a wordpress website with a kick ass landing page!

  • Tony S says:

    I have a website, but want to change it completely so I went with the ‘I’m building my website’ option above. I chose the Performag theme and am going through the tutorials. However the tutorials are for a different theme and I’m suddenly getting no-where. Is there any step-by-step tutorial for Perfomag? Thanks

  • levine.rachel says:

    Opt-in, list building, redesign my website and blog, landing pages

  • Lynton R says:

    I want to sell something … anything, just need to take small steps because I have not really got a clue what I am doing, I am not ready to make an email list yet, I just want to find a product, work out how to actually sell it and then move on up from there… so I’m here to learn as much about internet marketing as possible, then I’ll get more into blogging about things that are about adding value to peoples lives etc and exploring and monetising the many interests I have.. yes … bla bla bla …sounds like a dating site profile lol.

  • Sonya B says:

    Can someone please point me in the right direction. I already have a website and have become a Thrive member to make the website look better and create conversion pages. Do I download and install one of the Themes? If so, will I lose the content I have on my website? What is the best way to convert your website to one using thrive?
    I also want to add a members area so I can sell membership. I have also bought Memberpress.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Sonya,

      If you have a theme that you’re happy with, no need to install a new one.
      Your content will stay, but switching themes is not an easy task, many things might have to be updated (like featured images etc.) to make them look good on a new theme.
      For now, you can just install Thrive Architect, which will allow you to use the drag&drop editor on any page or post and you’ll have access to all of the landing page templates too!

  • Erik J says:

    Create a contemporary and classy web site from which to post blogs, sell books, and display my art (cartooning and caricatures). Also, to make available to subscribers a small library of free papers related to emotional and relational heath (I’m a retired therapist). I’m excited to be working with Thrive. My launch date is in 7 weeks so lots of web building to do between now and then. Thanks for asking.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Erik,

      Good luck with the launch.
      Thrive Apprentice might be a good way to create an online library for your free papers!

  • Jamie M says:

    I already have a website up and running but I want to make it better with Thrive Architect. However, I don’t know if this is possible..If I’ve already built my website with wordpress, can I use Thrive Architect on it, or would I have to start from scratch?

  • Teresa P says:

    Build courses to sell on my website with Thrive Apprentice. I’ve watched the free ecourse module in Thrive University. How do we set this up to be a paid course so that when users login they don’t have access to everything?

    • Hanne says:

      Hey Teresa,

      Thrive Apprentice is not a membership plugin, which means that you will need another plugin to take care of the payment and restriction of the courses.
      We currently have a close integration with Membermouse, Memberpress and Wishlistmember.

  • Galina says:

    Hi! I want to build a high converting website in WP.

  • Christian H says:

    I want to turn my organic niche traffic into email subscribers; then I want to turn email subscribers into paying infoproduct and online training customers. I have some systems in place already, use a couple Thrive products already, but need additional refinement and support to improve conversion percents and sales automation

  • Mohammad S says:

    Hi! I want to build a high converting websites in WP , build an academy for learning MLM .

  • chetan m says:

    To fill up all ten seats at all my retreats and events.

  • manuela g says:

    sorry but where can I find the video tutorials for thrive leads and so on?

  • Salvador F says:

    I would like to build a “thank you landing page” for delivering the lead magnet. I will send leads from Facebook Lead Ads. I pretend to deliver a demo software so customers can evaluate it and later, purchase it. I will also connect ARP REACH automation emails so I can build authority, confidence and pushing sales. I will build later some online courses and sell them through my website.

  • Glen says:

    Hello, My #1 goal is to build and grow a mailing list. Building a list has really been a struggle.

  • Diana S says:

    I’m a dating coach and I want women who are looking for love and to have their best life ever find me easily. I’m not quite sure which one of all your wonderful themes would be the best one to accomplish this.

  • Marco L says:

    Hello! I want to construct the best conversion focused website for selling a Clickbank product.

  • Colin D says:

    I want to update some old websites several are 10+ years old and create some great landing pages for lead generation using the latest tech for new clients that I have not found yet.

  • Christine W says:

    have an up to date, fast website!

  • Hi There, I have updated my thrive package twice in the last couple of days. I am trying to design a landing page and every time I go to save it, it goes blank and the page doesn’t save

  • Jennifer S says:

    I am in the process of rebranding my website and will be launching my first ecourse soon. The combination of the different Thrive Theme plugins will make this process so much easier.

  • jmdainty says:

    I am working on my website and want it to be mostly about reclaiming and maintaining your health. I want to also add affiliates and pinterest button for making some money. I’m having trouble getting my name on the front page. Also I need to know the best way for search engines to find my page. I’m also considering offering health consultation since I am a health coach.

  • I currently am using Divi on WordPress and while it has helped me get my website up and running there are still bugs that take a novice like me a lot of wasted time trying to fix it.

    I’m hoping that Thrive Themes will change that with my Opt-In needs and my campaigns for my services.

  • John H says:

    Be able to upload theme and plug-ins to GoDaddy WP site? Seems to be an issue that continues to give me the message; “link expired”???

  • Tomasz G says:

    Take care of my website and hypnotherapy business. I have been struggling with my wordpress website for the past few months and I recently encountered Thrive Membership, so I decided to give it a try.
    I want to create a perfect website offering my hypnotherapy services and combine it with a podcast, which I hope will skyrocket here in Poland.

    Excited to become part of Thrive community. Hope to learn a lot here πŸ™‚

  • karen says:

    hi i did the wrong box and said i wanted to be a promotor which i dont want to be ! i just want to be a customer ! i dont no how to change it so i can buy your products please help Thanks

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Karen not sure what box you’re talking about…

      You can just buy our products from the sales pages. But seems like now you have an account already so make sure to be logged in πŸ™‚

  • I want to be able to build (revise) my websites fast and efficiently. I am so sick of being stuck with themes that do not really meet all my needs and with zillions of plugins that need to be installed to get all the functionality I want. This is such a waste of time and energy.

    I am now rebuilding my two websites from (near)scratch with Shanes wonderful tutorial serious. I am not even half-way through, but they already look great and I am impatient to see the final results!

  • Dave Elzner says:

    I’ve been using another theme builder for WordPress and it failed to meet my needs. I’m here because I want to:

    1) Re-build my website and blog.
    2) Grow niche focused audience with social media, youtube and blogging.
    3) Continue building my email list using Lead Magnets and the ThriveApprentice plugin.
    4) Fully develop my course and have a beta-launch by October.

    Lots to do.

    Looking forward to working with the community here to accomplish my goals. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • Olajide Theophilus says:

    The optin light box is not coming up on my webpage after I set it up. Is there a link to click to activate this? The start up tutorial did not mention how to activate the pop up light box.

    Thanks for your support

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Olajide,

      Are you using Thrive Leads? If so, make sure you follow the right order of lead groups (if you want a lightbox on a specific page but you have a leadgroup with opt-in forms on all your site you need to put the first one ABOVE the catch all one) and yes you have to activate it on desktop or mobile (switch on the toggle).
      If you did that, please ask on our support forum to have a look!

  • Jay Cameron says:

    I want to write and publish books for children, youth and adults that inspire and motivate. To successfully market and sell my books I need to learn how to create a website that has a conversion focus, which has effective landing pages and is integrated with an email marketing service and with Amazon. To achieve excellent outcomes I need to be able to follow a step by step series of courses.

  • Peter F says:

    I have a few objectives:
    1. Promote a site I had built for me but I now need to market it. I have all the elements to sell using the funnel approach and upsells but need to do the marketing. The site is http://www.buy-to-let-mortgages.org.uk
    2. I would like to build a ‘shopfront’ site to help start up a lettings agency where we need to look professional. I also want to target new landlords. I have the branding done, but no site.
    3. I would then like to use this knowledge to work on other sites that can generate on-line income. I have some ideas for things that would need more like a database system so maybe I need to find another developer for that one!

  • Peter W says:

    I want to build a really good band/musician website which is visually very appealing to my fan base and also is conversion focused to convert visitors into subscribers and then ‘superfans’. It needs all the usual band website features (design/brand heavy) with an effective funnel that isn’t at all salesy but still prominent and effective. Looking at ‘storied’ and ‘pressive’ themes to start with although need a big branded header.

    There is a whole IM niche popping up to cater for DIY bands/artists/musicians who are ditching labels, building social media followings then monetizing on the back end through music streaming, merchandise, live events, crowdfunding, patreon etc. List building + email marketing for bands is the new music industry.

    • Michelle says:

      I’m interested in learning more about what you’re doing and about the whole IM niche catering to DIY musicians. My daughter jyst graduated from college with a Music Business Industry degree and Social Marketing concentration. She’s looking for a job and I think it would be good to go the alternate route to help musicians.

  • Ivan H says:

    Hello all….. Maybe I started incorrectly. I set up a wordpress.com account, and was expecting to to use the Thrive membership tools to manage the site I created there. All I have so far is the site created with the default template, and DNS configured.

    Is there a tutorial or documentation anywhere to get started from a basic wordpress.com account?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Ivan,

      Our tools (and most plugins available) will only work when you have a selfhosted WordPress website.
      This means you buy a domain name on your own hosting and then you install WordPress on it (from WordPress.org or from your hosting if they offer a 1-click install).

      For hosting we recommend WPX hosting (or on a budget SiteGround)

      Once you have this installed, you can use our tools on your site.

      You can read more about the difference here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

  • Rick M says:

    I just switched over to Thrive from Divi b/c of the conversion vs pretty focus to building a site. I’m not a designer and became frustrated with some elements of Divi, even the pre-templated themes were cumbersome for me to edit. My hope was to dive into the templated theme skins to work from but realize these are not currently available. Bummer. It appears I’ll need to wait for the Theme Builder release.

  • deana says:

    I have an old wordpress website that I am upgrading and now want to include Thrive apprentice to my site. I have changed my website to a template version but my apprentice seems to be still in pressive theme. I am trying to make them more alike visually and functionally but really don’t know how to do that.

  • stoddartsuzanne says:

    I’m always impressed with the look of your plugins on other websites, so wanted this for myself. I’d like to start an email list and create a more convertible site.
    Cheers, Suzanne

  • Michael C says:

    I’m looking to supercharge my current website with ‘best practice’ tools to take it from a fledging personal brand website to a high converting lead and e-commerce portal.

  • Koen says:

    Landing pages and sales funnel

  • Marc C says:

    Hi all,

    I want to

    Redo my wife’s website, http://www.yanniset.com.

    Find ways for (potential) customers to think of her, keep her on their minds when in need of a professional makeup service; e.g. generate an e-mail list to send product offers, services and value content (blogs).

    Work the SEO and/or any other tools at my disposal through ThriveThemes by driving traffic from her social networks (FB, IG) to the website and boost her monthly unique visitors to at least 1,000 in the Dominican Republic, before the year ends.

    Have her become sought after not just locally, but nationwide.

    Sell physical and digital products through her website (makeup products, makeup courses, online makeup courses,…).

    Manage lead conversion to a point that her calendar becomes filled to the brim with makeup service assignments.

  • Ken V says:

    Generate leads, build a list, and create a monthly recurring income.

  • Don C says:

    I subscribed to your membership plan to get the tools I need to build a landing page that converts visitors to paying customers for my online training program. After starting to use your tools to build the landing page, I’m now getting excited about using them on my other websites.

  • Larry Rampulla says:

    Hello: It seems I have two (license keys) Thrive Content Builder & Landing Pages – Unlimited Sites Personal License; and Thrive Themes Membership – Yearly. Which key would I use to build a site? Also, the account is in my name personally, but my web domains will be changed so they are listed as a business entity. Is there a change I need to make? Thank you, Larry Rampulla

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Larry,

      I would use the membership license key so you don’t have to put a new key when using other plugins than Thrive Architect.
      And you should be fine for the business website.

  • Mark says:

    Get more warm leads for my service based offering.

  • Julianna M says:

    I love that I can create a simple, quick and effective site by myself (hopefully!!) and not have to hire a web developer. This way, I can afford to tests different ideas for landing pages, that will attract lots of people to try our MVP. Being able to build a site without struggling gives me more energy for content creation. Thanks!

  • I am building a business online. I need thrive theme to get my business going!

  • Hi,
    I am new here, following the Thrive University course To create a conversion based homepage from scratch.
    I have now come to the point where I am about to install the rise theme,
    problem is though that I get the message that “The link you followed has expired”. I need help to get past this.

    Regards Anders

  • Hasbi H says:

    Hello. I want to upgrade my current blogspot blog into a money machine marketing funnels so I can grow my online and affiliate marketing.

    • Hanne says:

      I can’t promise you a money making machine πŸ˜‰ But you’ll be able to set up funnels and grow your business for sure!

  • Helene M says:

    Exactly this … how do I get the comments section like this showing up on my blog and pages.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Helene,

      These comments are from our Thrive Comments plugin. You can activate it to replace the regular WordPress comments. πŸ™‚

  • Ellie Strand says:

    I want to achieve an income of approximately $1,000/month. That’s all hubby and I need to make our disabled retirement easier on us both.

    I just finished a lead magnet and will be using my membership to develop a high-converting lead page. I currently have multiple websites focusing on different readers. I’m using my Thrive membership to put new themes, plugins, and pages on all of them for a reasonable price. That price gets even lower when the great training videos and classes are included.

  • Paolo Cima says:

    Hello Guys!
    I want to achieve all of 3 mentioned goals.
    I already have my websites, but the process is literally from A to Z.
    So I will rebuilt them with Thrive and use all the most effectives tactics to grow my list, my sales and my revenue.
    I wish Thrive will help me to finally accomplish this πŸ™‚


  • Richard L says:

    Hi I have just purchased the thrive membership and downloaded the first step. However I am not sure how the lady in the video go to step two where she selects plug and transfer her stuff from the hard drive to start the process. This is the first time building my own site and never built a site before but want to try so can you tell me, what I need to do.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Richard,

      In the video, she drags the file onto the uploader, but you can accomplish exactly the same thing by clicking on the “upload” button and selecting the product manager file you just downloaded (it should be in your download folder).

  • Kevin Kroeker says:

    Hi, I’ve went through thrive university, lots of good stuff, but I’m trying to see if I could use thrive on my existing website for making sales funnels, or if I would make a separate WordPress site for my funnels. Could I purchase thrive and load plugging to my existing WordPress site, and be able to set up sales funnels for my products, or would I set up a separate WordPress site for thrive sales funnels? Could you please answer this as either way I’m interested, I just want to know which route I would need to do, thanks!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Kevin,

      You can use our landing page templates to create one or several funnels on your existing WordPress website.

      • Kevin Kroeker says:

        Thanks Shane, how would it work with shopping cart as I understand thrive doesn’t have one, would I use the one on my existing website?

  • Roderick Harter says:

    I have a thrive membership membership. does it allow me to have 3 sites under my quarterly fee?

  • Tracee C says:

    I have an existing theme and want to change home page to thrive home page

  • DAVID S says:

    I want to build my email list.

  • Phill W says:

    hey, already have funnels and lead gen set up, and the next phase is to test our Apprentice for my new Challenge Launch Toolkit course.

    Can’t wait to start tonight.

  • John R says:

    We have an existing website on WordPress. We want to redesign the site using one of your templates and not use any of the current page design. I installed your plugin. I don’t want to build the site from scratch. I want to see your templates and apply one to the home page and then use the design for our additional pages.

    I cannot find the templates so I can review them to make a selection. Also, can I build the pages and then replace the current pages when they’re complete.

    Can you guide me here as our first step is to pick an existing template design for our Home page?

    Thank you

  • David Wadler says:

    I want to take back control of our website. Currently, we have to think about engaging a designer for making changes. We also host landing pages and our blog elsewhere, which we plan to change.

  • R.J. Scherba says:

    My top goals are exactly as stated in the welcome email: build a highly converting website from scratch, grow a large email list, and created targeted landing pages and funnels.

  • Ward C says:

    I am creating a new website that I will use help people connect with and care for orphans in a remote Island of India. It will be to communicate, cast vision and raise funds. Once I do that I have other informational and teaching related sites I hope to develop to train pastors and leaders in areas of the world in Bible related topics.

  • William J says:

    I built my first website 30+ years ago. Everything was done with a text editor … no such thing as WYSIWYG site editing back then. I’ve done quite a few web sites since but with nothing as fancy/versatile as Thrive Architect. I’ve been retired from the web scene for a few years and am now wanting to start a new on-line business, using Thrive Architect and the various other Thrive resources.

    So my goal for the time being is to “master” Thrive Architect … and then put it to work for the on-line business I’m planning to start. Frankly, I’ve procrastinated for nearly a year because Thrive Architect is so intimidating to look at … and because Shane teaches waaaaay too fast. But now I’m working hard at learning Thrive Architect and then putting it to use.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Wiliam,
      Good to have you on board! I’m sure you’ll manage to figure it out (also you can slow down videos by using the settings in the video πŸ˜€ )

  • tmolsen66 says:

    I am starting a new blog and business and excited to create my brand with the help of thrive themes membership. So, I am starting at the bottom, right now. I have plenty of experience with wordpress from a previous blog, but using a pagebuilder is new to me. Since I was a photographer, I think it will be a welcome change from my past experience.

  • pam says:

    I want landing pages that convert. I can get traffic to them but I’m having a hard time using templated landing pages from Infusionsoft and LeadPages to get any conversions.

  • Sarah H says:

    I am building a membership for my current blog.

  • Nina F says:

    I need to build a sub-webpage to my current site and would like to use Thrive Themes as well. Do I need to pay for a second license and do I see correctly that it’s $30 a year more?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Nina,

      As a member, you have 25 licences available which means you can install any and all Thrive Products on 25 of your websites πŸ™‚

  • makeminechocolate says:

    I want to take my word of mouth business and push it to the next level so that it can grow and become my full time income producer.

  • Felicia Offei says:

    Hi, The demo theme for ”BLOG FOCUS” has an online store, but I can’t find any step by step video tutorial showing how to actually create the online /eCommerce store im confused.

  • ruthmccrackin says:

    I would like to training in building my course content to Thrive Courses. What training can provide guidance for this?

  • Jack Rued says:

    I have several websites that need to be upgraded from a conversion perspective. Thrive seemed to be the best choice to make that happen. After that, I’ll dive into building the infrastructure for a couple of training programs I have in mind – and Thrive will definitely help to make that task more efficient.

  • mabrouksalah says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m running an online summit and I’m so excited to see how Thrive Themes can help me make my event successful πŸ™‚

  • mabrouksalah says:

    Hello, I’m running an online summit and I need your help to make it successful. I made a tour on your website but couldn’t find where to start building my summit different pages. Is thrive themes to be combined with wordpress? Can’t I use it alone? beside this I’ve found that I have to pay for any product I want is this a joke?

    • Hanne says:


      Our products are all WordPress products, yes. So you need a WordPress website in order to use them.
      If you are a member, all products are included in your membership. If not, you can purchase individual products.

  • ALYCE BISHOP says:

    I have a large international professional speaking business. Really tired of all the travel hassles. I’m exploring converting to an online business instead. Staff created an SBI site 6 years ago and hated it so are reluctant now. I’m hoping Thrive Themes is a better experience as I’m not getting on another airplane!

  • Chandra says:

    My life partner wants to market and sell the (currently 16) books he has available on Amazon via print, ebook, and audible. He wants to be able to make the sell right from his website and not just link buyers to Amazon for purchase.

    I am tasked with creating his website because we do not have the budget to pay someone else for web design and maintenance. I was previous set up on the JOOMLA platform (until I accidentally deleted the databases and crashed the site). Have been looking at WordPress and Thrive Themes as an alternative to JOOMLA.

    Can your product line / service help me accomplish our goals for Ken’s website? Can we accomplish it without constantly needing to purchase additional extensions and plug-ins?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Chandra,
      As a member you have access to all our tools so there literally is nothing else you can buy from us πŸ˜‰
      If your books are currently on Amazon or Audible you won’t be able to bypass Amazon though (no matter what tool you’re using) you’ll always have to send people to Amazon for the final purchase.
      Unless you are planning on selling and fulfilling the books yourself.

  • Sean says:

    I want to run Facebook ads for realtors and other niches. I first need to build a website for my company to create trust. I then need to build landing pages that would take readers from the Facebook ad to the info. page, contact page and thank you page or something like that.

    I’m ready and anxious to grow my knowledge and I hope Thrive Themes can help me get there!

  • crazeedeal.us says:

    I want to start few blogs and try to get as much traffic I can.

  • philip.hinds says:

    To build an accessible blog on occupational medicine. Mainly for doctors but also to be accessible for anyone with an interest in the link between work and health.

  • logical711 says:

    all of the above

  • logical711 says:

    I want to get rid of my other theme.

  • Sam K says:

    My first site will be an ecommerce/author site designed to support as many foodservice people as possible during this virus outbreak. This book will hopefully be a huge hit and save some folks that have lost their job.

    I have used numerous other site building systems and this by far looks to be the best of the bunch.

    Thank you

  • Gabriele says:

    I want to enhance my offline business to embrace online execution and improve conversion on my website for both offline and online. To do this I also need to grow my list to be able to find a big enough audience for my offers. For the new online part of my business I need the functionality to integrate courses or one-on-one calls within the website and with the respective backend processes.

  • tech says:

    I’d like to grow up my online business doing courses. I’d like achieve my goal using your tools like landing pages ad thrive leads form my email marketing connected with active campaign.I don’t know if i have to implement also a crm. I Will decide in the feature.

  • Derek T says:

    I would like to build a professional website, using WP, to help people to better understand affiliate marketing, including how to make money and showing them the products in which I, and a lot of others, believe.

  • Michal says:

    Hello, your products and videos are great. I love it all. Can you navigate me for this: Homepage, Opt-in page, Landing page… What is the best combination and how organize this? Examples of combination of these pages? Many many thanks! Michal

  • Robert says:

    I want to build some sales funnels and a mailing list to help my team be successful.

  • Drew says:

    I’m using Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads and thoroughly impressed, especially with all the updates you’ve been doing recently. Support is always quick to answer when I need them as well.

  • niels.bach9 says:

    Hello, my goals are pretty much the same as mentioned in your welcome email.

    Build a high converting website from scratch
    Build and grow a mailing list
    Create specific landing pages and funnels

    The website I am going to build is a webshop including a blog.

    Br Niels Bach

  • Jim P says:

    I am a Thrive Themes Member –
    Member Since: Oct 27, 2015 9:03 pm
    Membership Level: Thrive Themes Member
    I thought that included unlimited use of all products then and everything new you develop in the future. Is that true? Doesn’t that also include Thrive Theme Builder?

  • steveshoemaker345 says:

    I want to create a highly converting blog and have branded squeeze pages to capture leads and build my list. I think thrive is the perfect tool!!

  • Leon says:

    Membership site

  • tanderson says:

    We want to establish our own multiple Sales Funnel/Landing pages utilizing our ‘free offer’ lead magnets or “free offer plus shipping’ printed manuals. Our purpose is to drive our prospect lists through these funnels to ‘warm, sort, sift, and sell’ our products/services.

  • lynnek says:

    I have an existing site but I want to rebuild a new site with conversion in mind. I have to consider my existing business while I scale to online platform with courses, and membership and community. Is it possible to try out the shapeshifter theme – and then if that doesn’t work try a different one?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Lynnek,

      Switching WP themes is no small endeavour, but off course you can try out the theme on a staging site and see how it looks and feels.

  • xvrreynolds says:

    Rapid growth for my Web development business

  • gaylethorsen says:

    Hi! I want to build a high converting website from scratch.

  • mystkevinj says:

    I have noticed that Thrive has deep integration with SendOwl, for among other things VAT. However, I live in the USA and I am concerned with US sales tax. How are other members handling this?

  • Steve says:

    I want to build a course and market it.

  • Farai says:

    Build a few conversion focused life insurance websites using quizzes and landing pages. Where and how do I start? Also want to build my blog. Am completely new to websites and landing pages and fortunately came across Thrive Themes

  • mannersformutts says:

    Learn how to create and use Landing pages.

  • simone says:

    High conversion rate and more sales

  • dave says:

    I want my website to attract customers, not be a hidden secret. I’ve been following Thrive Themes for a while and wanted to see how it works for my new website business.

  • Eric says:

    Build a website that converts visitors to a highly engaged audience.

  • bnicomettepro says:

    I want to sell guitar and piano lessons online on two different sites.
    I am a Thrivecart user and am very happy to integrate with Thrive apprentice.
    I place a lot of hope in the upcoming updates of Thrive apprentice especially:
    – on the aesthetic side
    – and on the development of LMS functionality
    I also place a lot of hope on Thrive quiz buider.
    I would love to see it approach learndash’s quiz abilities and integrate more deeply with Thrive apprentice,
    in particular the possibility of testing the knowledge of my students thanks to the quiz integrated into Thrive apprentice and to send them specific content according to the success of the quiz or to release the following course according to the success or not.
    Thank you

    • Hanne says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the suggestions. You go ahead and work on creating those courses, we have the Thrive Apprentice improvements lined up πŸ™‚

  • Cindy says:

    I am looking forward to getting my business growth coaching website created, building my list, marketing my site via SEO and content marketing, and start creating group coaching programs as well as courses to sell!! To say that I am so excited to be here, is a complete understatement!!!! Thanks for such an awesome product Team Thrive Themes!!

  • Christina H says:

    Is there a way to leave a feature request? For example, it’d be really helpful to be able to pin open the add elements bar when we’re building out pages or posts and want to drop in the elements and then add the content. https://prnt.sc/uqryam

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Christina,
      If you post feature requests in the comments, we always log them πŸ™‚ I transmitted you request to the product team.

  • luganopizza says:

    thank you

  • steveshoemaker345 says:

    Want to build some great content websites with the intent of sharing value and selling related affiliate products to become a full time online entrepreneur.

  • mktsw says:

    Build high converting Landing Page.

  • elizahspcoach says:

    Build a quiz

  • I just want an easy to set up and manage website! I’m praying that with Thrive Membership, I can accomplish this. It’s about 30 minutes in since I installed into my new WP site, and things are looking good. I’m excited to dive in, and encouraged that support is so…supportive!

    I would LOVE to know if you guys have a plan for creating a booking calendar for your clients. That would be a slam dunk, and so helpful for many people. Where can I suggest this or other ideas that may crop up as I plug along? A way to maximize your offerings and have as many products in one spot is really ideal. Too. Many. Logins. I’d love to have Thrive be a one stop shop for as many digital needs as possible. Would make life and the pocketbook so much easier.

    • Hanne says:

      Hi and welcome!
      We do not have the plan on making our own booking solution at the moment, but we’re always listening to our customers’ suggestions πŸ™‚ (in the comments, via our support and in the Facebook group)

  • martina.rick says:

    I want to update my existing wordpress website and start selling more. I run a small acting school and the pandemic has hit us pretty hard. I’m all the more motivated to get our new online program out there and known and want to see people sign up.

  • maria says:

    I want to create high converting landing pages to build my email list. I am really excited to learn how to do that using ThriveTheme.

  • Alexis R says:

    Hello, with the thrive membership I want to improve my company’s website.
    Once this is done, I want to start my personal website to share my knowledge that I learned all these years.

  • Alexis R says:

    I would also like to see the Thrive University videos with subtitles. They help me understand English better. Is this possible?

  • Ruby says:

    Hi Thrive Team,

    With the Thrive Membership, I am shooting to build high converting sales pages, lead magnets, and much more for my products and services. Plus, building a course page with Thrive apprentice. I’ve just been on it for a couple of days and I am really happy with the ease of creating the pages. Additionally, the customer service is excellent.

  • vremilora says:

    I want to add landing pages and product purchase pages

  • luckylane27 says:

    I want to create a few sites to eventually flip but in the mean time I will be looking for affiliate commissions on the sites as I ramp them up with traffic and content. Looks like thrive is the easiest and best option to make beautiful WP sites to me, thank you for all the support!

  • thunderclap.armour.uk says:

    Hi. My aim is to optimise my mail listing. I have been using ConvertKit for 1 month but still no subscriber. I hope with Thrive Leads, I can see results. – Daniel

  • Colleen says:

    I want a clear, straightforward button where people can sign up for my lead magnet and get on my email list. Also, I want more control of things like font sizes and layout without going into code. And I have trouble keeping track of ALL the plug-ins.

    That’s 3 things.

    The prominent, clear spot to share lead magnets and build a tidy funnel is my top goal!

  • info says:

    Thank you for your welcome! Happy to be here πŸ™‚
    I have two main goals with Thrive Themes:
    1) convert / update my current website
    2) easily build highly converting landing pages

  • evanworldwind says:

    I want to connect with my ideal coaching clients and also market an online product I have in mind.

  • josh says:

    Build a site that converts

  • Arthur Melo says:

    I am planning to build 2 online stores immediatly for selling physical products using the dropshipping model;
    In addition, in a second phase, I want to build:
    1- Lead generation websites for selling leads for local businesses;
    2- To start blogs, with shop features, agregating businesses from the same sector ex: co-working, golf,…
    Many thanks & Kind Regards,

  • jdhoareau.etresoi says:

    Bonjour, je souhaite crΓ©er des landings pages, et entonnoir de vente adapter pour faire connaitre et proposer des produits dans le bien-Γͺtre et santΓ© via mon site internet. De mΓͺme qu’un accompagnement pour les personnes qui se posent des questions sur leur doute dans la situation actuelle.

  • Dave Hayes says:

    Ultimately, I want to convert my existing blog into a high converting website which attracts others to it and I then want to turn Thrive Themes into a Full Time Income, which having looked at every aspect of it and there seems to be new ones at every turn!, seems realistically achieveable

  • David L says:

    what advantage does thrive suite have over my thrive themes membership?

  • cnappleton says:

    I have been a Thrive Member for a while now. I haven’t use the program in a year or so. I want to catch up on all updates and new tools. I want to rebuild my current site with the new site builder. Later adding online courses.

    • Hanne says:

      Great time to get started aain πŸ™‚ A lot has changed and improved. Make sure to check out Thrive University and our knowledgebase over at help.thrivethemes.com

  • dontbehurting says:

    Hello Hanne and thanks for the welcome. I want support to install my first WP website, afterwards develop a scalable marketing plan to build my email list and grow my prepper blog into a F/T income by selling affiliate products.

  • ja says:

    My goal is optimize my website for speed and for search and to encourage email inquires or phone calls for quotes.

  • Pepe M says:

    hi, I have a question: If my client clone his site, can he install with another domain and have two or three sites?

    • Hanne says:

      If you set up a website for a client, it would be your account. This means that if they clone the site, they would need to know your account information in order to activate the new websites.

  • frank4 says:

    I want to convert my HTML website, to one that I can quickly and easily edit and make optimized for lead conversion!

  • >