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Getting Help

Want to know how to do something? Having technical issues? Here's how to choose the best support avenue for what you need:

Technical Issues

If something's just not working, our support team are on hand to find a solution. Click on Forums in the top menu of the Thrive Themes site. From here you can search previous tickets (issues) to see if someone has had the same problem as you (including the solution), or just open your own ticket to ask our support team directly.

How to Use a Particular Function or Feature

How on earth do I add a drop shadow?! --> You need the Knowledge Base! It's basically a giant searchable instruction manual for the Thrive Themes products. You can find a link to the Knowledge Base under the MEMBER NAVIGATION menu (top right of this page) in your Member Dashboard.

Marketing, Conversion and Website Building Help

For more practical, holistic learning on topics like 'How to Build a List Building Funnel' and 'How to Build a Powerful About Page', jump onto Thrive University. The comprehensive courses will teach you everything you need to know about building and optimizing a conversion focused website. Members have exclusive access to the higher level courses.

Another great resource is the Thrive Themes Blog. Here you'll get tips on how to use our tools, web design best practices, online marketing principles, case studies, A/B testing results and much more. Again, make sure to use the search function for more relevant results.

What Next?

Sweet, you just got access to a Smorgasbord of kick-a** marketing tools. Now what?

First we need to know where you're at. Click on the most relevant button for you and we'll get you where you where you need to go. Ps. Don't forget to tell us what you want to achieve with the membership in the comments below!

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